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7/11/11 No More Emails?

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Today’s date: 7/11/11.
Kind of a cute number, but I’m not superstitious, just amused.
My deceased husband’s and my anniversary is 7/26/69, which happens to be the first date that Elvis played in Las Vegas. While I was taking vows and having a Polish whoop it up wedding, Elvis was performing live at the Hilton for the first time! Odd isn’t it?
I’m taking the next few months to pay special attention to my husband’s admission to the Purple Heart Museum.
Also, I want to try to assemble my book pages and put it in a way that will be truthful, honest, but above all healing.
When I was healed in Christian Science, the practitioner healed my depression and suicidal tendencies, and also the litany of self-help gurus I was constantly chasing, like Jew psychiatrists, doctors, Primal Scream Therapy, regular doctors who reigned over my 23 pills a day, Gestalt Therapy, Transcendental Meditation, Recovery, Inc., with the study around the table of their book, “Mental Health Thru Will Training” by Dr. Lowe, Vitamin Therapy, Group Therapy, Women’s Assertive Training, Lithium Group Therapy, Rape Therapy, Art and Music Therapy, (if I forgot any, consider it included.) I was able to become as stable as possible considering what I’m handling. … but one of the things that happened when I talked to healer was that I had to scream at the (Jew) boss that was demanding sex from me. She didn’t even know about the Jew psychiatrist who attempted to rape me a second time, and again have a conspiracy against me to put me in insane asylum. She wanted to work and pray to save my Viet Nam Veteran and not to divorce him and marry Jew boss. She also told me to get rid of his heroine friends from the service or work, as their thought was affecting his thinking and behavior. Since he improved so drastically, I never argued the advice, which truthfully gave him a new lease on life, although the 17 year old at work stole him, and again brought him down. A white young woman.
So, how do I write these things? I can’t say “Jew” for my entire audience worships them, and even most Whites do not see eye to eye with me about no smoking, drinking, drugging for our youth. My audience, the White Race and USA “worships” Jews and hates, hates, hates Muslims, worse than they hated Nazis.
When Jews were leading NAACP, they must have been guiding black writers to use “2” forms of writing. 1. writing that the White women would understand, especially rich White women who perhaps control society, and 2., to write for their fellow “niggers” as I will quote them, as there are White Niggers called “whiggers” and that along with “dumb Polak” as I’m still called and “dumb blonde’ which I am still called gives me that freedom to talk back in the same language the Kyke Jews have used on me.
But it gets too wordy and confusing for me to have to justify all my life experiences. Somehow, the world should know these things so I can condense 20,000 pages, into a 300 page book. Although the English Department head at college recently told me to publish the emails for they are historical, and since almost everything today is just the same thing over and over, they really seek something “new.” And we know a lot of the “new” is Jew News, which is created: just like 9/11.
I will keep in touch, and may send you my youtube videos which I now have downloaded on facebook. I will send the Jenny Jones one separately as it is the tape given to Owen Robbins the Jew who got the account for American Idol.
Here is a cool, Whitesnake song about being gone, both from karaoke and writing blog.
It’s so cool. He drops his pants, but David was nude in the statue here at the Caesar’s Palace Casino. But what I question is why the nurse injected the White Rock singer in the butt and what was in that injection vial? Also, the sad fact that the Jews turned these guys into either homos or bi-sexual for Jewish perversion and self-destruction of the White Race. I have to use methods that we all are familiar with to reach you and others. I enjoy music, so this seems natural and invigorating and fun. So we need to be alert to the evil in them, but to take out good so that our life, even if White Life is only for 100 years it is good, constructive and enjoyable. It should be the “Kingdom of Heaven” for Whites not our dying anthem.
I will keep a pad of ideas, that I’ll email once everything is done. Or if an emergency, will send that one. I will send more of my youtubes, when I finish downloading all of them. Don’t forget when I started about 12 years ago, I never sang, or danced, or especially sewed for I failed at high school being too poor for fabric and supplies. That is why I should be the “last” person that is carrying a given name Queen of Karaoke. But if it makes people happy, I have to swallow my uneasiness at the attention it brings for the sake of the majority!
If all goes well, I will be back on 9/15/11 when I go back to karaoke, but won’t give a date for either. Also, my website for now is kkkaraoke.wordpress.com. They are put in their half-hazzardly, as I got so much and just wanted them out there in case something happened to me. The newer ones at beginning, and the later ones are in “archives.” You can scroll the titles, you can see how it happening from email 1 to the one today. I think it is something like 1111 blog letters I’ve written just since a year.
Please don’t read the sex emails, as I was trying to “heal the damage of the ignorance that was kept from me about sex, the celibacy, of wanting to become a nun, and the rapes. Believe me a Jew’s pill can’t heal any of that. Since I’m celibate now, and have been most of my life, I think it is cute. Although I think it is for “Whites” and a husband but we are so confused about sex, giving homosexuality and lesbians more rights than we. And if we don’t claim sexuality for Whites as normal and good, and not the obsessive, perversions Jews use to “get plenty of free sex from Whites,” we are deceiving ourselves, for we need sex for White babies, and women should enjoy them.
I may try to put these in order. I’d like to have the DJ’s approval that I sent my first autobiographical email to in 10/10/02, but he is in Canada and terrified of what my emails have changed into. Guess what? So am I! Canada has the harshest of Jews, and it was ok for Canada to accept all kinds of draft dodgers and their hatred comments of America in the 1960s but tell the truth about Jews and Whites and they will confine you to prison and confiscate your computer as the Math teacher, Brad Love just for wondering where his White Tax Dollars are going to. He and I have a lot in common. He had 10,000 pages of emails, but the Jews shut him down.
If anything happens to me, that the Jews have me arrested, or put in hospital or insane asylum, I will somehow try to notify you, except without a computer, there is no way I can. Especially if they confiscate this.
Much love to you. I will still try to keep up with urgent emails, but I really need to buckle down and focus. I mean if China is going to drop an anti-matter bomb on us, please alert me so I can get to safety or something. I’m not depressed or suicidal, just grieved and rightfully so at what Jews and their imps have done to White Race, especially White male, my Polish White Mama and Daddy, my deceased US Marine’ husband White Suicide, the 3 attempts of suicide by my son, grieving for his Daddy, and my own life, which is already recorded in these 20,000 pages, give or take a few. All are “not” on the internet. Probably the first 7 years are not. Some are on my computer still. Some are in big, big binders and I will have to scan them, and some I deleted when I got made and though no one cared or that my writings didn’t make a difference. Now that I saw they have changed history, I have a little more confidence that they were used for good. And although the changes for Veteran’s started under President Bush, Republican, most changes came under Obama and Hillary securing $$$ for Purple Heart Museum. I think the Republicans had better start coming on a little stronger if they want my vote!
My website: kkkaraoke.wordpress.com

7/11/11 No More Emails?

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I mentioned in other email today about how I was getting married on 7/26/11 and Elvis did his first Las Vegas performance at the Hilton.
So I looked up “Polish Wedding” a movie done by Jews, and I bet if you watched it, you might get ideas of how Jews fit into Polish Weddings. Perhaps Jews were the father of the baby in question of the pregnant bride. It would be nothing for Jews to make a movie on that and then have you all “laugh at the White Poles!” Only now the Jews no longer use “just the Poles as objects of ridicule for TV, movies,” but the entire White Race.

Healthy B12 foods

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We know from studying about Hitler that he was a Vegan, (that is ‘not’ someone who comes from Vegas like me.) We also know that Hitler’s Dr. Morrell, gave H injections of B12, for it is only found in animal products. I know the doctors years ago would give B12 shots to those who felt weak. I do not take vitamins, so I try to eat healthy, without obsessing.
Here is a great website for finding B12. Odd, but “liver” which I was discussing with the Jewess head of nutrition, at Whole Foods, says she eats “liver and onions” all the time, but this article decries liver even liverwurst, one of my favorite things. (Perhaps that is why I bought heart and tongue.) I do not want to be “afraid” of food, but want to eat “intelligently.”
The one thing that is really high in B12….. Tah – Rah! The eggs or pre-babies of “White Fish.” Not certainly where one finds these, unless one catches them with the eggs inside. But it is one way to remember to eat well.
Also, it says that “chuck” steak is “higher than rib-eye,” my favorite. Although I “love” chuck steak. It is cheap, and I make in micro thin slices for Chinese Pepper Steak, the “only” recipe I’ve cooked over and over and don’t need a recipe for! I will have to stock up on chuck steak when it goes on sale, but do not have a lot of beef in my diet.
Again, as the microwave article I sent, I can’t lack foods or destroy the vitamins in foods as microwaves, and have them “destroy my nerves.” I must “help and heal” my nerves from the damage done to them when I was an egg in my Grandma’s womb and she was brewing White Lightening during the Roaring 20’s. Although hopefully most of the damages is reversed or healed, but I still have to be wise and use my mind, not let the Jews become my mind, or their imps.

Jews and the Folding of our Flag?

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I studied this for my deceased US Marine husband had both a 21 gun salute at his funeral and the draped flag.
Odd, but coming from the Mayflower Ship, you would have thought he desired to be the CEO of MGM Movies like the Jewish Kings of the USA, or the President of the USA, like Black Obama. But all he wanted was a “21” Gun Salute when he died. He was proud to be a Marine, and he didn’t want to die when he was with me. Matter of fact, Frito Lay wanted to promote him to travel around the country, instead of managing in Chicago Suburbs. He tried it out for 2 weeks, and came back home, and said, “I missed you, the boys, the dogs, the garden. I love my home, and don’t want to be away from you!” If I accomplished anything for the military it was taking just “1” White man, and making him so happy he never wanted to leave me, or the home. That kind of “happiness” is the opposite of “depression” that leads to White suicide! I get no credit in life for that, and I can’t put that on my resume, for business is heartless and cold, like the Jew Masters that outline what business should and shouldn’t be.
But if you read what the “folds” mean you will find that on #11 it talks of the Seal of Solomon and the Seal of David. I found that “odd.” So I actually looked up what this “hidden” seal means: You will be shocked! Just as the US Marine real sword I bought off ebay, has a Star of David inside a globe, or world, our flag folding has reference to Jews??? Not only that but the flag folding numbers shows this “Seal of Solomon,” right after motherhood and fatherhood that should be respected, even putting motherhood first. It is a shame my sons don’t even know me let alone respect me. They respect their American Mother: the Jewess! Even though my White sons didn’t come from her womb, she is their “mother,” for “she controls them, and has since they left my breast and started school, etc. But “right after” the parents, is given this “Seal of Solomon” respect. Jews have been using this symbol about 200 years so it would fit in as one of their “magical religious” symbols they would sneak in.
File:Seal of Solomon (Simple Version).svg
Seal_of_Solomon_(Simple_Version).svg‎ (SVG file, nominally 200 × 200 pixels, file size: 764 B)
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 3:37 PM
Just in case you did not know……….



“The Meaning of the Flag Draped Coffin”

Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin
All Americans should be given this lesson. Those who think that America is an arrogant nation should really reconsider that thought. Our founding fathers used GOD’s word and teachings to establish our Great Nation and I think it’s high time Americans get re-educated about this Nation’s history.
Pass it along and be proud of the country we live in and even more proud of those who serve to protect our ‘GOD GIVEN’ rights and freedoms.
I hope you take the time to read this … To understand what the flag draped coffin really means …. Here is how to understand the flag that laid upon it and is surrendered to so many widows and widowers.
Do you know that at military funerals, the 21-gun salute stands for the sum of the numbers in the year 1776?
Have you ever noticed the honor guard pays meticulous attention to correctly folding the United States of America Flag 13 times? You probably thought it was to symbolize the original 13 colonies, but we learn something new every day!
The 1st fold of the flag is a symbol of life.
The 2nd fold is a symbol of the belief in eternal life.
The 3rd fold is made in honor and remembrance of the veterans departing the ranks who gave a portion of their lives for the defense of the country to attain peace throughout the world.
The 4th fold represents the weaker nature, for as American citizens trusting in God, it is to Him we turn in times of peace as well as in time of war for His divine guidance.
The 5th fold is a tribute to the country, for in the words of Stephen Decatur, ‘Our Country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right; but it is still our country, right or wrong.’
The 6th fold is for where people’s hearts lie. It is with their heart that they pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America , and the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
The 7th fold is a tribute to its Armed Forces, for it is through the Armed Forces that they protect their country and their flag against all her enemies, whether they be found within or without the boundaries of their republic.
The 8th fold is a tribute to the one who entered into the valley of the shadow of death, that we might see the light of day.
The 9th fold is a tribute to womanhood, and Mothers. For it has been through their faith, their love, loyalty and devotion that the character of the men and women who have made this country great has been molded.
The 10th fold is a tribute to the father, for he, too, has given his sons and daughters for the defense of their country since they were first born.
The 11th fold represents the lower portion of the seal of King David and King Solomon and glorifies in the Hebrews eyes, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
The 12th fold represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in the Christians eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
The 13th fold, or when the flag is completely folded, the stars are uppermost reminding them of their Nations motto, ‘In God We Trust.’
After the flag is completely folded and tucked in, it takes on the appearance of a cocked hat, ever reminding us of the soldiers who served under General George Washington, and the Sailors and Marines who served under Captain John Paul Jones, who were followed by their comrades and shipmates in the Armed Forces of the United States, preserving for them the rights, privileges and freedoms they enjoy today.
There are some traditions and ways of doing things that have deep meaning.
In the future, you’ll see flags folded and now you will know why.
Share this with the children you love and all others who love what is referred to, the symbol of ‘ Liberty and Freedom.’





If you agree, Pass it along to others…… ………. …

If not, hit delete…… ……… …

Our Soldiers have preserved your right to make this choice!

White Movie: The Eternal Jew which really means The Jews Genocide White Race!

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  1. Here’s movie: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6229070629122885245
  2. Rothschild tells his 5 sons to start banks in the biggest cities: Frankfurt, Paris, London, Vienna, etc. He predicted there would be “wars,” and this way they could fund the wars by “note” rather than transporting gold. In reading about the Rothschild in Frankfurt, he was sentenced to prison for 1 year, and his assets were taken away. But later in 1999, Bennita Rothschild was able to get back all the Jewis’t Rothschild’s paintings which were now kept in museums (of White art treasures) and given to the Jewess worth $100,000,000.00! Can you imagine all our White Art in Jew hands and Jews take up 80% of art industry!
  3. Going back to all my writings on the French Revolution, where 2 Jew jewelers devised a scheme to bring down both the religious Catholic Church, and the Royalty, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. But as I figured out: If this Revolution was about $$$$, saying royalty and religious had “too” much while people were starving, why didn’t anyone challenge the Jews who by today’s standards were “billionaires!” Surely the richest of all of them. It says in the movie that the Rothschild in France was able to get “citizenship” during the French Revolution. You don’t suppose, that Jews caused that, so the Jews could bring in Civil Rights for themselves and their black brothers. Jew Sarkozy now heads France, and there are 4,000,000 blacks. How many of them work? How many on the Dole?
  4. Now in the movie we find that the Jews have “blood” relations in all the Courts of Europe. And Jews stick together like “family.” Now, my own White family has been blown apart like the atoms of a Jewish mad scientist’s atom bomb, yet Jews can command that “family” like structure all around the globe, not just brothers, or fathers and son.
  5. Jews now have international power thru not just Rothschild’s but Jew Cohen, Jew Stern, etc. image
  6. The man says that Jews terrorize world exchanges, world opinion, and world politics. How does that affect us today? Jews control Wall Street and the banking collapse that White Tax $$$ bailed out, bailed out rich Jews. World Opinion: is controlled by Jew mass media, which is almost all of doctors, hospitals, insurances, lawyers, Supreme Court, TV, movies, entertainment, advertising, banking, art (White art) education, book publishing, news, and now the major internet sites: yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Bill Gate’s 43 billion dollar fortune, paypal, ebay, the virus protection people, Wikipedia, google. “All” these together like the net above make our “reality,” or our White minds.
  7. New York rules the world in banking, and Jews rule New York, complete with a New York Mayor.
  8. He mentions that Jews “play behind the scenes” and out of the “limelight” which is what I wrote their Jewish mothers teach them when they are young. Then Jews are an “invisible” force that is like a “mind” not a collective body of men.
  9. He gives a list of the Jewish New York bankers and stresses that one is a (White) German hater.
  10. Jew was head of the military of Britain when this film was made, which accounts for the historical fact that no matter what the Germans did by telling England they didn’t want war, Churchill just laughed at Germany. A Polish Jew gave Churchill $2.5 million dollars to stir up “hate campaign” against Germans as we today in USA on 7/9/11 have a hate campaign against Muslims, and not a word is said about the Death of the White Male and Race by genocidal Jews.
  11. Speaker reflects back to November 1918, World War I, when Germany lie helpless. It is no coincidence that in March 1918, the Jews assassinated Russian Czar and Czarina and took control with a Communis’t government.
  12. I do not know enough about World War I, but if we revised it as we are doing to World War II, we will find the Jews there also. I do know that most deaths were from “typhus” and Jew doctors could have spread that thru injections, while giving themselves a vaccine that it wouldn’t kill them. Just spread it thru soldiers, etc.
  13. The list of Jews includes the Jew who wrote up the German Constitution. This whole idea of “Constitution” for freedom and equality, was a Jewish takeover scheme. America got hers 1787, then 5 years later the next one pops up, the 1st in Europe, in “Poland” of all places which was not considered a powerhouse like France, Germany. At the same time, the Jewish $$$ probably brought down the French Government, and we then find that Germany gets a Constitution and it is “written” by a Jew for laws that will break the White Race and Jews can take over the White fortunes, and people enslaving them to 94 hour work weeks, so that 1/2 of that money goes to government for Jews, blacks, browns. An any business a Jew works in, the people at the bottom get pennies, while the Jews at the top get millions. It is true in entertaining. It is true in marketing. It is true in advertising where my sister worked. It is true of bankers. The bankers at the window get pennies, while Jews at the top get millions. Same of insurance, or my Daddy working for Jewish publishing company, for minimum wage for 40 years in Skokie Illinois. Worse yet, Jews steal ideas for “free” and give the person nothing, while making billions as the Jew that used my tape on the Jenny Jones Show for “American Idol.”
  14. The speaker says that Jews made the line ‘against’ law and order. I also told you in my Poland, under Jewish rule for 900 years, there was “no law and order.” Look at America today with Whites suffering crimes when blacks murder then, 37,462 blacks rape their women, homosexuals and lezzies prey on young children and the Jew laws protect the perverts “not” our young White helpless innocent children. The defrauding of bank cards. The recklessness of divorce courts. The suing of greedy lawyers. The doctors performing tests that are not needed and prescribing pills that are not needed and in my case the Jew doctor raping me. The lawlessness in elections, where we have no idea who is “counting.” The lawlessness in banking where Jews controlled our White $$$ since 1913, Fed Reserve. The browns illegals invading our borders, while Whites from Europe have to wait on a list for citizenship. The arson and burnings that we have endured by black thugs and their riots. The black and brown gang wars which surely will affect Whites as targets soon, since Jews have already taken away from us everything they wanted, including our women. The gangs beating up Whites. Gangs threatening whites, robbing them. The crime in schools such as Atlanta where even the teachers and principals commit criminal acts to forge grades. The list of crimes is “endless” and growing rapidly, and will get even worse, once the Whites try to assert their identity.
  15. He lists what the Jews were “pumping” up the Germans to riot and revolt against: that which is sacred, law and order, that which is good.
  16. He says to “incite” the young to “class warfare” and “terrorism,” and today, all that one hears 24/7 if one listens to Jew media is: terrorism, terrorism, terrorist, Muslim, Muslim. What if I shouted: “Terrorism, Terrorism, Terroist, Jewist, Jewist, Jewist! The Jews have Whites so trained and obedient, that my own Whites would probably kill me or turn on me so bad I would wish I were dead.
  17. imageThis is Carl Marx who is a son of a bitch, son of a Jewess bitch, son of a rabbi, the “father of Communism,” which took the lives of 66,000,000 God Loving people and was gaining a stronghold to take over Germany, “before” the Nazi Party was elected. Had the Commie’s won in Germany, the Jews would have made the Germans slaves and soldiers as they did to Russia, Poland, using their men for war, around the world.
  18. Here’s Rosa the Jewess Luxemberg with her 10 horns on her head as the bible warns us about in Revelations: image
  19. Rosa was a notorious Communist agitator, just as the Jew agitator in Vegas who heckled our White Peoples’ Party when 8 of us Whites counterprotested 85,000 brown Mex’s when the browns demanded rights, White Tax $$$, for their illegal brothers and sisters of Mexico.
  20. He talks of how the “Polish Jew” murdered the Germans.
  21. “Although they were a small minority, they (the Jews) knew how to terrorize a “great nation.” And these words hold true exactly for us Whites today, being held hostage in our very own home of USA.
  22. Hmmm! The speaker states that for every 1,000 DIS-UNIFIED (WHITE) Germans that ‘fought among themselves’ there were 10 Jews, who despite business competition… all the Jews had the same goal…… exploiting the (White) Germans.
  23. Statistics on Jews in Germany: 100 judges, 23 Jews. Of every 100 lawyers, 49 were Jews! And I’ve reported on this before: of every 100 doctors… 52 were Jews! But Jewish population was only “.01%” and technically for all these fields there would have been only “1” Jew if there were ‘equality’ but the Jew commie Marxist equality was to bring down the Whites to be “equal” with browns, blacks, and Jews would float to the top through schemes. Of every 100 merchants in Germany, 60 were Jews!
  24. The average income for a (White) German (male since most women took care of babies,) was 810 marks. The average for a Jew was 10,000 marks or 1,000 times higher. See the same in USA today, where Whites are at the bottom of the ladder, making pennies, and Jews are super-super rich at the top spending half their days screwing your White women! image
  25. German White families fell into unemployment and poverty (as we are facing today) Jews became even “richer” not thru honest work but leeching on their White German poverty by usury, banksters, swindling and fraud. (I have seen this in the Jewish companies that I worked for.)
  26. Watch for the word “”Inflation” which might be heading us next. image Jews have jacked up the price of oil from $.28 in 1970, to almost $4.00 in 2011. Where a stamp was a penny, for a hundred years when Whites ruled the land, and then another penny, for the next hundred years, when Jews came and ruled our economy, White people enslaved, and government, the stamp went from $.03 around 1960, to $.44 today, with horrible mail delivery, overload of black workers on government high salaries and benefits, while I sit and live in minimum wage and no benefits after 93 years of working between me and my dead husband.
  27. The man then lists all the Jews who ‘robbed’ the European Treasuries. The Jews have been robbing ours since Fed Reserve 1913, and we have yet to challenge them or is their anyone smart enough with numbers to do so. My son, Mikey had 98.% highest aptitude in nation for “math” yet was kept down, and singled out by drug dealers to bring him down “intentionally.” What an invisible force is the devil, that uses Jews and these people to destroy the lives, minds, hearts and souls of our White youth! The “cream of our crop.” This way Jews know there is “No competition” for no one can understand their complicated math, and even if we could read it, Jews could have other sets of books. There should be 100 spies on each Jew man woman and child, and their $$$ traced back for 1000 years! Jews wanted attention and pity thru the Holocaust, we will give them “all” our attention for the last 100 years of our White existence for if we “die” we die with honour and dignity, and not roll over and let them bulldoze us as Jewish Polish Israeli bulldozed the young 23 year old woman from America, Rachel Corrie! Are we going to just stand there and block the bulldozer, knowing the man is going to kill us. Do we run away? Or do we get him off the bulldozer and make him accountable for “all” his crime with “no statue of limitations for Jewish lawyers “invented” that law.
  28. The speaker talks of this man “Mendolsohn” cheating the government out of $35,000,000.00. This “Mendolsohn” was the name of the owner of “Donco Paper Supply in Chicago which picked up scrap paper at paper cup plants etc. When I was hired to be his “Sales Assistant” the woman, Wanda, that trained me from Georgia said that the woman I would be working for under him was “Satanic,” and tried to warn me not to take the job. The Swedish CFO woman, Sandy Johnson, told me that Donco Paper and Mr. Mendolsohn had hired and fired or drove to quit so many people they could fill a forest preserve. The blonde White older woman that was Mr. Mendolsohn’s assistant and surely his lover since she was showgirl beauty, was so mean, she told me “I can treat or mistreat you any way I want. As long as we keep the company under 70 employees, the government (filled with blacks and browns ready to replace us) we can treat you any way we want and get away with it.” She then snarled, “And there is nothing you can do.” She would drag me into her office to holler at me for a mistake that was made by Wisconsin office, and when that was pointed out to her that “she” made the mistake, she said, “I will still have ‘YOUR HEAD ON A PLATTER!” I saw one of the employees’ friends hired and was treated so badly, she ran out screaming. I saw this company take valedictorians and put them thru a meat grinder. When I quit, the manager, Teresa Ali came up to me on 737 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago where this company was and apologized for she told me she “had to be mean” for she was supporting her (White) husband who didn’t have a job, but what she did to me was so cruel, she felt terrible and asked for me to forgive her before I moved to Vegas. This same “Mendolsohn” had a Jewess wife who wanted to live in the Gold Coast but in the building she wanted there were no more units. So this “Mendolsohn” with the money he earned from White Sweat, mental beatings of his employees, and ways to get around government laws, which Jews know for they make laws for “freedom for themselves’ and “straightjacket White people especially their $$$.” … Anyway, Mr. Mendolsohn, loved his Jewess wife so much, who does nothing for him not even give him sex, he took the $$$ to building an entire floor on the top of the building just to make her happy. It was White blood money. And the only ones that stayed there were a White girl living with a black guy, a Jew salesman, a black receptionist, a lesbian computer room woman, and their Jewish son. If one was good, White, heterosexual, they “terrorized” them as they “terrorized” me. Just check all the “unemployment” claims filed against Donco Paper. That is why they tried to “drive” their white workers mad to run out and quit, rather than for them to fire them. Although I begged them to fire me and told them that no matter what they did I wasn’t leaving so they better fire me now if they want me out. And they did! It was Hell” and if there is a Satan it was Mr. Mendolsohn, who always appeared as a “Nice gent.” Just masterminding this cruel snake pit that devoured not developed their White employees! imageHere’s the Mr. Mendolsohn that swindled $35,000,000.00 in Germany, and his descendants were deported here by Germans and now “We White Americans” are in the same boat that Germany was when this movie was made.
  29. Speaker says that “Jews are most dangerous when they are allowed to meddle in a country’s religion, culture and art. Jews certainly destroyed the Catholic Religion, linking religion to Jew’s as businessmen and the “only” ones that White Polish could do business with. Jews have destroyed White culture so that today, even brown Mexican Mafioso in Vegas will snarl at me that “Whites have no culture; only Mexicans do. I hate my White 1/2” He was a 1/2 breed! And we pay for his schooling forj the “freedom” to insult the very people who built Vegas, whose White tax dollars pay for his tuition!
  30. Beautiful White Art either hidden as in the case of the Pope, or destroyed in wars for Jews and their bombs, or Jews denying $$$ to the artist, hence the Jews invented the status of the “starving artist” so when the artist dies, Jews can make a killing in the art market 80% of Jew art dealers, agents, owners of White art are Jewish. The Jews didn’t paint the pictures but they economically devise devilish ways to “rob White art,” then set the price and rake in the art money$$$$. image
  31. The concept of beauty to the White nature is not understood by Jews and will always be so. Jews are not “visual.” They are morons when it comes to their visual IQ which is only 75, where their word IQ is 130! 75 is lower than the brown Mex’s and perhaps we will see the Jew descend into a level lower than their brown favored Mexican slaves.
  32. imageimageThis is just like the painting I have hanging in my bedroom, a watercolor done by teacher, Claire Wiest She gave me 2 more, and I have 3.
  33. In Hitler’s day they took the taboo off nudity, for they rounded up the Jews. There was no “sin” for nudity among Whites nor sins for sex, when White babies, especially healthy ones with parents who didn’t drink, smoke or take drugs and ate vegetables were desperately needed.
  34. Above all was Hitler and the Nazis’ favorite and protected entity: The White mother and child. While my Mama of 12 was treated like dirt in South Chicago, I was treated so badly I Had to hide and breastfeed and be assaulted by doctors for breastfeeding, and even having the nurse bring me after birth a black baby to discourage me.
  35. Here’s the Jew concept of a White woman: imageAnd believe me, when a Jew doctor rapes you, one begins to actually “feel” like that inside, and one thinks they are “crazy” for having these feelings, but this is what Jews have reduced good white women to!
  36. Jews “have no feeling!” No matter what tactics we use, or forgiveness, they have no feelings. Their brains are like cash registers, which can’t tell the difference where the $$$ is coming from or what lawless tactics are getting the $$$ in there.
  37. The speaker talks of the Jews “deteriorating nerves” and as I told you, the Jews might be having a nervous breakdown and since we imitate them we will go down with them.
  38. Their art must have the “stench of disease” and that is why Jews make up as most of the doctors for their minds “see disease” and not health and make trillions on it for the #1 business in America is the “medical” doctors, pills hospitals.
  39. The German White mind, said to once be the smartest in the world for the White German men figured it out where Poland tolerated it and even died for Jewish causes for 900 yrs… says that “Jews have hopelessly sick minds.” And we as Whites go to Jews for $$$, advice, doctors, lawyers, art, entertainment, pills, real estate. And then we suffer in silence when they gouge us.
  40. German Culture was “Niggardized and bastardized.” Literature and music suffered as well. (The only books that can be published are Jew books or Jew publishing houses. Music is dictated by Jews who as the Beatles said “Entertainment is a Jewish ‘religion’ not a business. Jew business today is a “RELIGION!”
  41. Jews dictated to our White minds which music would be played. Today, Whites can only go into orgasm and ecstasy over Black entertainers. The first talkie movie was a Jew, Al Jolson, painted with black paint, singing “Mammy” used as a Jewish mind tool of the devil to program us to “racebreak” and “prefer Jews and blacks” to even their own White kin!
  42. The Jew Porn King of Germany said “Treason is honorable; and the “heroic ideal” is the “stupidist idea.” That is why my deceased US Marine, Purple Heart, even though a war hero that fought Jew Commies who had already killed and starved to death 66,000,000, was a bum and not a hero in Chicago when he was forced into homelessness for all the charitable agencies were helping browns and blacks and Jews were skimming 80% of those donations for the Jews headed them for their own Jewess wife and Jew kids pockets, education, and to be “Eternal,” while we die.
  43. He explains how even in the early 1900’s the Jews were promoting homosexuality until today in America the “homosexual” has the rights and the innocent victim or boy or his mother has no rights or education to protect and warn this child about homosexuality, AIDS.
  44. The speaker says that Jews take “man’s healthy urges” down paths of perversion. And I have advocated that we Whites gain a sense of “healthy” sex to replace taboos, oversex, or homo-lezzie sex.
  45. Even Jew Einstein has been raised to “god level” as a “genius” but the Jew used his scientific success to hide his “hatred of White Germans.” imageNow I see this Jew’s picture in so many places, where Jesus’ picture once was. And instead of “White heroes” we have Jews like this blanketing our reality, and black heroes so many they are countless and these blacks give most of what they make back to Jews who “handle” their $$$ affairs for a people that have a low Black IQ. Can you imagine the $$$ Jews make off black singers, black sports figures, etc? White women have already come forward detailing their stories of woes about Jews bankrupting White stars etc. Someday, we will have “all” these stories in volumes, as Jews have volumes and make up even more mental illness definitions to cover their own Jew neurosis and Jew psychosis.
  46. The Jews El Dolorado was the German stage where Jews “ruled unchecked.
  47. One Jew had a “monopoly” in Berlin, just as I sent the binder and DVD’s to the FCC and discovered their Jewish monopoly of the media on my own. This Jewis’t skips out while leaving his company millions in debt! As the Jews did at Production Tool when I worked for them in Chicago. He says, “The Jewish stage dictator, Max Reinhart. While we Whites were calling Hitler a “dictator” for wanting breastmilk for babies instead of booze or baby formula, we elevated Jews to godship.
  48. One of Hitler’s main goals was to make a media that was the direct “opposite” of what the Jews were filling White minds and emotions with: trash!
  49. As you watch these Jewish entertainers and their names, please note that Hitler’s doctor, Dr. Morrell, was the “doctor for these jewish entertainers.” And probably the reason Hitler and the Nazis lost the war was that no one suspected that Hitler’s doctor who refused to leave Hitler’s side even for a moment, was probably spying on Hitler at secret meetings, secret talks, etc., and giving that info to Jews in America and around the world, and probably even feeding Jew ideas in the work camps mislabeled “death camps.”
  50. He explains how Jews abused comedy in Germany. Jews taking us back 50,000 years as far as their perversion, race-breaking, immorality, where the Beatitudes form a code of proper behavior, which Whites live by, and Jews abuse us as weak for doing so.
  51. The Jew is instinctively interested in everything “abnormal” and “depraved.” He is obsessed by perversion, crime, homosexuality, preying, assassination, genocide, rape.
  52. Jew, Peter Lorre, as a child murderer. image Also horrible for our White children is the fact that the Jewish Talmud says it is ok for a Jew man to have sex with a little girl under 3 for even though it breaks that skin, the hymen, it will grow back after 3 years of age! One can only wonder how many little girls the Jews of Poland abused! I’m one of them, although I wasn’t 3 years old, I had the emotions of a child, and he ruthlessly raped me and threatened me for life.
  53. “Normal judgment” is twisted by saying the “child” is guilty, as I thought “I” was guilty when the Jew doctor raped me and lived in silence for 40 years before I started to write. And from the comments I hear on my youtube telling about this Jews have twisted the minds of our fellow Whites who will fight for Jews, especially in Israel.
  54. These Jewish madmen were “deported” and became your White filmmakers, TV producers, stars like Jew Jerry Springer who would feed straight shots to White men at 7 a.m. to get these White people to fight and then call them “Trailer Trash!” who are being gouged at high association rates also by probably Jew owners who live in another state of California.
  55. Here in this Peter Lorrie scene one should “feel sorry” for the Jew criminal and not the White German Christian child that he murdered. Today, it is the same in America, as our prisons fill over with black and brown criminals usurping all our White tax dollars that should be used in “helping” White criminals, reforming them, and their addictions brought on by Jewish International Drug Dealers, like Meyer Lansky the Jew’s Murder Inc.!
  56. Jews have arranged for Whites to view 21,000 murders a year, between the news, wars, murders and crimes. Jews “love” to hear crime so they can report it, create it, or exaggerate it. And Whites have no choice except to be Jewish victims for Whites have been sort of hypnotized by Jews. I have not had TV, movies, radio, even newspapers, so now when I hear the news, I’m aghast at the high crime tolerance level Whites have been conditioned and brainwashed by Jewish media to accept as “normal” or “there is nothing we can do about it!”
  57. Jews brainwashed Germany about the “importance of Jews,” just as we Whites have been subject. And the worse place: the American School which is nothing more than a “Mental Institution” with open doors, and the nurses and doctors are the teachers and principals.
  58. All these Jews moved to America, and these prominent crooks, “never died in German work camps” for probably only the low life Jews were sent there that had no $$$ to get away to America to bomb us with their Jew propaganda!
  59. Jews are honored for writing, and have taken over book, magazine, news, internet publishing, so even White authors have to write in a Jewish style or will not get published. imageimage This Jew lies, for even Hitler read the newspapers of America and wondered where the Americans were getting such wild and trashy ideas about him that were made up. Even Hitler and this movie, didn’t realize the extent of damage the Jews had done on a White Race of people.
  60. The Jew Charlie Chaplain Comedian was thronged in Berlin.
  61. The phony dogma of equality had tricked the nation, as the Jews did in the 1300’s in Bavaria when the White Bavarians kicked them out for Jews Civil Rights riots!
  62. Christian religions taught people to see Jews as “fellow founders,” when Christianity was the opposite or antipode of the Jewish religion, which is a business, syndicate or Mafia disguised as a Jewish religion. If Moses killed an Egyptian guard, he is not a magical god, he is a human and we should only believe the “good” that he did. When David wanted a Gentile woman and desired her sexually, he put her husband on the front lines to be killed. He shouldn’t be worshipped for that. Only God should be worshipped and if they did anything good, that should be pondered, as if Whites write or do anything good today, should be pondered. When Joshua killed so many Gentiles, he not only killed the men, the women, children, but burned the crops and plants to starve any that were hiding, and Joshua had the people burned in clay ovens, which is what Jews say the Germans did to them.But Jews use “reverse” psychology or “tricks of the mind” on White minds. image
  63. The movie shows the celebration of “Purim” which is the slaughter of 75,000 Persians who are the German ancestors. Since the population of the world was so small, that 75,000 would be like 7,500,000 if not more in that movie’s time. And don’t forget the Jews tricked the Babylonian’s who Jews were working for, not slaves, by getting the Babylonians drugged, drunk, and over fed on buffets, so that the Persian army just walked into Babylonia and took it over with no resistance, which is what would happen in America today. Then the Persians saw the Jews as brilliant and devising war and $$$ and Jews moved there. But it wasn’t long that the Persians were rotting away under Jewish influence and Persia would attempt to kick them out too!
  64. This is how Jews celebrate the White Civil War of Whites being driven to killing Whites, how Jews celebrate French Revolution War, American Revolution, World War I, and World War II, and even now all the crazy wars that Whites are involved with around the world for the Rights of strangers, while Whites rot and have no rights at home in America. Jews have convinced us to pick up machine guns to fight for Jewish Polish Rights of Israel, and to turn them on each other if we disagree with these White people who seem “crazed” to me over Muslims and hatred of them and anyone that would try to stop their Wars for Israelis and Wars for Jews. Whites are so pumped up for a World War III that I doubt if I wrote another 100,000 pages it wouldn’t change their minds for Whites are illiterate for the purpose of saving themselves of their children as “Whites” Not just Americans!
  65. Jews celebrate and party now at their Jewish genocide of us, and the destruction of Christianity to where we worship “only” Jews 24/7 and their words as gospel, and their Jews and Jewesses and Jew kids as “saints” on earth in a human form instead of worshipping God, good.
  66. The Jewish teachers of children are not theological teachers but…. POLITICAL EDUCATORS! This sure seems true today, unless I haven’t had enough Jewish training in schools, TV, movies, news, to deny this movie’s truths.
  67. A parasite race must be carried on in secret. Doctors, lawyers, government, media, art, news. We Whites naively assume Jews think like us and we therefore run to their rescue thinking “The Jews would never do anything like that.” That is because we can’t comprehend. Even the Jew radio talk show host Michael Savage once said that the Jews in government use cruel techniques that White Europeans don’t even have “words” for! Hence we don’t think Jewish crime exists.
  68. Jewish
  69. Talmud teaches “always be cunning when afraid,” “answer softly to the stranger so that you will be loved” “allied yourself with him who fate smiles on at the moment,” Canaan taught his sons, “love one another, love pillage, love excess, hate your masters and never tell the truth,” in other words Jews lie, lie, lie, lie.
  70. Conducting business during a temple service is not considered an act of disrespect to their G-d, as they write it. It was this that Jesus whipped them for. For Jesus saw clearly that Jews were not a “religion” but a “business” as they are in America, Europe, and around the world.
  71. Does their Jewis’t G-d teach them to rape our women, use them as sewers, rape our boys and children, to indebt our children for 200 years to come, assuring that the Whites will never get on their feet and become the slaves of Jews as we White Poles were for 900 years. Does their G-d teach Jews to degenerate us, credit us, starve us to death and rob our corpses as Jews did in Poland, Galicia, Daddy’s ancestor’s town. That is when Jews threw away their kaftans, and their business uniform suit, and donned their golden glittery robes while Jews robbed our Polish dead corpses for the survival and thriving of the Jewess female and her species and offspring to the point of our extinction, or Jewish genocide.
  72. The Jews kiss the pulpit to ask forgiveness. How could a White woman kiss a Jew knowing those lips are treasonous against her own White womb and future of her children!
  73. No matter if she is a secretary, nurse, housekeeper, or mistress of a Jew, she is a traitor to her White race, herself, her children, her country! And that is why Jews call her the “Dumb blonde,” etc. making “fools” out of women that should be the “smartest” in the world, not the “dumbest!” As the Jews dumbed down the White mother and father, the White child is automatically dumbed down and putty for Jewish crime and slavery!
  74. The Torah of the Bible teaches Jews to ‘wipe out Jews’ enemies,” as Whites were wiped off the map of the earth for Jewish $$$. Their G-d says “even the best of the non-Jews will I kill,” and that is why Jew Commies killed 22,000 of White Poland’s best at Katyn Forest. So Jews use their G-d for their basis to be the “rulers of the world” which Jews are today, no doubt about it. If Jews tell White Politicians to “jump” the Whites say “how high, how far.” Their Jew book says their “G-d “humbles” the non-Jew and wipes them out.
  75. I love the way this speaker says “This is not a “religion” it is a “conspiracy” against the White Race for Jews are sick and poison our race, just as I said on the radio that they Poison our minds in school on White Tax $$$$ and White slave labor for the last 100 years. (you have 800 more years to be where the Poles are today under Jewish rule.)
  76. Just as the Jews slaughter their animals and leave them to bleed to death, the Jews bash us over our intellectual and spiritual head and leave us bleed to death, which will be over in about 100 years. Their Jewess wives and children are guaranteed to survive “Eternally.” I can’t watch how the Jews torture animals and call it “kosher killing!”
  77. People voted to ban in in Switzerland 1892. Hitler loved animals so much he didn’t eat meat and the wild animals of the forest loved and walked up to Hitler on his daily walks! Jews see whites as nothing more than cattle, hence their hatred and defiance against us, as they bleed us to death… $$$$$$$$$
  78. Jewish Press, which dominated America, dominated the White German minds also. I think it is why most of my knives, and mandolins, and cutting objects are from Germany for Germans must eat a lot of vegetables and fruit as Hitler did and as Hitler wanted us to.
  79. Jews are bloodthirsty, hence their craving for wars of White blood to satisfy their G-d.
  80. Hitler clearly tells his White male Germans who Hitler wanted to save there is plenty of space in the world for Jews, but that Jews as the Chosen of God is “crazy,” yet 94% of Americans of “all” races believe that today! Hitler states that for Jews to live off the productivity will have to go. And today in America Whites are living in a dangerous time for we are also living off the productivity of brown Mex farm workers, off yellow manufacturing… and as I said, Jews are thru with both us and the blacks who they will set at war against each other to kill each other, and Jews and yellows and browns will reign over our graves.
  81. Jews will have to get used to the idea of doing “respectable work.” Hmmm???? What about Whites today now that Jew business religious have shipped all our jobs overseas and we are at the mercy of not only Jews who are smarter than us, but yellows who have population of 1.3 who desperately need more farm land!
  82. Hitler explains clearly how Jews “push” White people into war, (instigate is another word as Jews “instigated” the White Italians to kill Jesus, even when they didn’t want to.” Jews have had that power over us and still do to this very minute.
  83. Look at ourselves, our very own ancestors who succumbed to Jews, their wars, and worse of all, the future of our White children whose only place in society is to be a female sewer for Jews and black sperm, and our sons continue to degenerate or to become body bags for Jewish Banksters. I think Hitler meant the destruction of Jewish finance and influence and to make them “work” in camps or be deported.
  84. Well, we live under Jewish rule 24/7 and at some point the Whites may wake up, but Jews have the Whites so drugged and doped both on legal and illegal drugs which Jews don’t take, just sell, and Jews doped our White minds thru hypnotic TV images, movie images, TV voices that act like jingles in our head which we believe our own White voices or minds.
  85. It ends with the Eternal Law of Nature to keep one’s Race pure. I discovered that in 1970’s when I was breeding mutts and gave it up to have at least 1 pedigreed breeding for my German Shepard Queenie. Jews have literal bombs and mines around Israel Polish Jew descendants to keep them “pure,” and won’t let their women mix with the browns, although I think the Jewish influence there is fading. So when the Jew is bred out, all that will be left are their horrible actions in business, government, schools and those that are left inhabiting the earth… the Eternal Jew and their religious followers.
  86. From the Nuremberg book I’m reading David Irving states that Jew Morgenthau advisor to Presidents in World War II wanted to stop “German uniforms and White German marching. Isn’t that nutty? Perhaps that is why God had led me to march in “costume” in parades.

Gene Sperling: Jew

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I have presented to you tidbits of $$$ info about Jews in business, but Jews “hide” their money dealings as you will see the Jews in the “Eternal Jew” movie literally hiding it under the boards of his home.
But if you don’t believe that, take Obama’s 1st choice, the Jew Raum Emmanuel from Chicago, who was probably by the head Jewish devil, whatever his or her name is, to take that High profile Job, so that Emmanuel could become mayor of Chicago. Jews wanted the Irish mayor out, the Jews used the poor Irish to give Chicago to non-Whites and Jews, and our White history is over there, especially since so many illegals were brought in for the many rebuilding projects, skyscrapers, and especially the parks and gardens.
I had recalled another crooked Jew in my life. I used to clean his house after the divorce when I was cleaning 11 big homes. His was a “dome home” in the forest of an elite community and had a swimming pool. This Jew even used me to clean his swimming pool scum. Eventually, thru miraculous intervention, I found a good Union Job for transportation. But when that ended after 10 years, I was looking for any kind of work, not welfare, when I was living in the Skyscraper full of Jews and mice, rats, bugs, and gren snots coming out of the ceiling transit. I called him for extra work and went to meet him for interview. He had changed and was obese, and was startled when he saw I had changed and was no more the Polish scrub woman with the babuscka on my head, but a grown up woman. He then said he would rather date me for he was single.
We dated several times, and he even took me to my son’s Christian college where they were having a big graduation party, pot luck, and I cooked enough of the Osso Bucco, from my chef school recipe, which my chef said would be $350.00 for two to eat at the restaurant the recipe came from. I made enough for 100, plus my karaoke equipment.
But on the trip his Jewish mask started to come off when our destination was a “Christian college.” Matter of fact, our relationship was over.
Suddenly, on the long trip there, I asked about owning his big dome home, swimming pool, for I had never seen anything like it. He then said he is “not” the millionaire he appeared to be. What he did was he started out “using credit.” He already had good credit established, having a bookkeeping business, (Jews can always outsmart us at numbers, that is why there are “0” White boys in advanced math and science in top Las Vegas school.
He then started to intentionally take out credit cards, and had so many, he would use one credit card to pay the balance on the other ones. He totaled up over a $1,000,000.00 worth of credit! I dumped him for I thought he was the most dishonest, crooked, criminal man I’d ever seen. Other women probably lived with him for the Jew was smiling, nice, suit, and super fine home and indoor pool, and were also sucking the credit along with him. I’ve never written about him before but his name came up and I looked up his name on the internet and was shocked to see that he…. coming from Illinois… with the name of Gene Sperling (the Jew) ….. has the same Jewish name as one of Obama’s head men for the US Treasury! Does it get any worse?
Also, when reading this on Wiki I see now why the Jews took down the WORLD –Trade Centers. For in 2001, yellow Commie Jew led China, was being admitted into the WTO: “Also in 1999, together with United States Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky, Sperling successfully negotiated and concluded the China-World Trade Organization agreement in Beijing, paving the way for China to enter the WTO in 2001.” (Barshef’sky’) also Jewish.
By the Jews and their imps, demolishing the “World” Trade Centers they were also sending a message that the “World Trade” would be demolished as we know it, the Whites forever robbed of their manufacturing technology, secrets, and Jews had “given all that to Yellow Communist China,” for “free.”
Gene B. Sperling (born December 24, 1958) is an Americanlawyer and political figure,[1] currently serving as a Counselor to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. He is also on the staff of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he serves as Senior Fellow for Economic Policy and Director of the Center on Universal Education.
Here is the link to President Clinton’s Jewish cabinet: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/clilist.htm and Gene Sperling’s name is on there.

Is this picture White Polish or Jews from World War II?

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Jews are liars.


In Chicago, the latest World War II teachings by professors in colleges are saying that the White Polish lost many, many more in the work camps, than the Jews. And the Jews have to stop blackmailing the poor White Poles who were their slaves for 900 years. Can you imagine the blacks paying us “restitution” money? They should. 400 years of teaching and supporting them is enough.
So here is a pix from Carolyn Yeager’s site, the “Heretic’s Hour,” where she truths the Holocaust and World War II, especially the Nobel Peace Prize winner like the black Obama, Elie Weasel. Spelled Wiesel, who is seen here with “No” tattoo yet has a fancy no work job with high pay. Commands big bucks for talks, yet what he does is he is capable of flowery talking, (Jews IQ 130 in words, 75 in pictures.) I think Jews use the Bible kind of talk, and White Christians mistake that as if they are gods. I bet the yellow Chinese are “Not” impressed with the Jews at all, since yellows haven’t been programmed to see Jews as the “Chosen People,” as most Protestants do.
First of all, Jews interbred with White Polish and both have big noses. This naked guy is not hairy, so he could very well be Polish. I’ve seen men in my Polish neighborhood that look exactly like this, with perhaps 5 extra pounds. So since I am going to stick up for my White Polish people first, I’m going to assume these are White Polish men. When the Allieds (allied means ‘friends’ so we will call the Allieds friends of the Jews, certainly not ‘friends of the Polish people,’ who Jews wanted exterminated, and that is why Jew Commies killed 22,000 of White Poles most elite and intelligent men at Katyn Forest. Jews wanted their 900 year history there covered up or make them look like saints, or persecuted. When in fact a Jew man assassinated and stabbed the Polish king only 100 years after arriving in Poland. Kind of like the Jews arriving in 1863, and then 100 years later killing White Irish President Kennedy, whose father talked the truth of Jews saying “The Jews were the only winners of World War II.” That made Russia, White America, England, and all of Europe. losers big time, and Jews have gotten Whites used to the idea of being “losers” at wars. We shouldn’t even be in war; it is a disgrace to the White Race for our men to be treated worse than insects or bugs. But that is what the Jews reduced us to.
So I’m saying these are White Polish men? How can the Jews prove they are Jews? When both were in camps together, and more Poles died, many, many more. But Jews have cut out the tongue of White Polish and silenced them as the director of the movie Katyn says in the extra footage on the movie. So if these are White Poles, all the $$$ collected so far since 1945, from all of Whites, who Jews conned and gouged, Jews must, must, must now return all that money to Polish Whites, the former Communist Jew countries who were intentionally “kept” down, while elevating blacks and bringing in brown slaves to further our genocide. And White Poles and myself including, should be getting a bundle from Jews with compounded interest, for taking all that $$$ on a false pretense. We also know that the Allieds bombed all the railways, and avenues for food, as Germans were starving to death also. These pictures were taken at the end of the war, I assume. Also, I read that Jewish doctors administered typhus to Jews with injections. All the rich Jews, who looted the White Polish Treasury, had already emigrated to America or Europe. It was only the lower class Jews left in the camps. Perhaps 300,000 total. If that number is correct then White Polish lost 600,000 or double in the camps and it is a secret we must never talk about. What would the world and the smarter yellow Chinese say if they knew the Jews invented and exaggerated this story to extract blackmail money and slave labor from White Germans, the Jew’s business competition? I bet the Hindus who are a gentler people, no drinking, no drugging, no smoking, and eating healthy, must really think the Jews are nuts, and crooks. If those people were smart they would guard their borders as we leave our borders open for any and all criminals to park in America and call it home. It gives the Jewish criminals “company” to see more criminals live here to terrorize and victimize White men, women, White boys and girls, and our future generations are going to have it so much worse compared to the progress of the other races.
A picture is worth a thousand words, how about $1,000.00 to White Poles for restitution for what the world did to them. If you talk to Poles today, they have the same pat stories about World War II as we have for Jews control all the White books for schools, and all the fake stories have to match, including faked photos insisting these are Jews, when no one has said for certain… except… Jews who lie like rugs and cannot be believed.

Gourmet White Cooking: Beef Tongue

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When the Jewess today who runs Whole Foods nutrition department told me we (were like sisters practically) for we both came from Poland and her Jewess Mama cooked liver and onions, as my Mama made me eat it. Her mother never made Duck’s Blood Soup with fresh blood, for it takes so much work and nerve to grab a live duck, slice the back of the neck, let the blood drip into the pot, add prunes, onions, cream, and the duck parts, and 3 extra cups of blood. (The yellow Chinese throw away the blood for their Peking duck so their food is not as nourishing, especially for women. So “are the yellows and Jews REALLY SMARTER,” THAN WHITES, and are they even smarter than what the Jewish comedians dubbed my people: dumb Polaks, which is about 1,000 times worse than the word nigger. It makes the blacks “smart” and my White Polish people like me “dumb” and that is the worse insult one can do to insult your mind.
So I like to eat organ meats and happened to be at the Food 4 Less, where they are always friendly and nice. Can you believe in Vegas, once the capital of rudeness, is now “Nice” especially since the collapse since we “Have to be nice” to bring people here. I mean after all people are walking out on the Jewess Bette Midler entertainment and find my military costumes so much more fun not just “watch” but participate and enjoy. Yet I’m an outcast.
I fed my son Mikey many of the organ meats, pressured cooked, and then in blender like baby food, no salt, no sugar, no vitamins, no chemicals. You can see why my son has a hard time fitting in just as I do.
Polish Auntie Josie that had $$$ and boarders, used to make tongue for the men. So I bought one. I have to admit handling it and looking at it was sort of freakish, as if I didn’t want to touch it. But I pressure cooked it for 1 hour (not) the time below. Let it cool and sliced. I used some of my few delicious home grown organic tomatoes, and the recipe calls for pineapple, but it is not on the list. Even though these recipes say “Philipines,” or whatever, these other cultures “stole” ours and call it “theirs.” Then when I went to school and was in a study group with a 1/2 Mexican 1/2 White, he shouted, “I hate my white half, you people have no culture.” Can you imagine if I stood up in a school funded with White Mormon tax dollars, and said “I hate Mexicans, they are filthy, lazy, thieves, and murderers, and drug dealers that addicted my sister, cousin, and best friend in South Chicago, and raping them after they administered the Spanish Fly drug to them! But no, I keep silent, for these other people seem to be in a fast lane, and they have more freedom of speech than I do.
I have to admit after cooking the tongue with just a few spices, and I will put that recipe below, the meat is absolutely delicious and surely can be used for cold cut sandwiches instead of hamburger.
Here’s the way I cooked it first before adding the gourmet sauce below. I served with mashed potatoes with the skins on just the way Hitler liked them. Also, grated yellow zucchini for color contrast with the red pineapple sauce. I may have a couple of WASA crackers with basil pesto, and some water.


It’s expensive, but there are no bones – it’s all meat.
1 (2-3 lb.) beef tongue
1/4 tsp. oregano
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. marjoram
1/4 tsp. summer savory
Rinse tongue. Place in pressure cooker. Add water to cover. Add the remaining ingredients. Pressure cook 1 hour at 10 or 15 pounds. Remove from pan and allow to cool enough to handle. Remove connective tissues and skin. The skin should come off easily. Cut into 1/4-inch slices across it’s length. At this point, the meat can be used as you desire. It makes excellent “cold cut” sandwiches, fried like “Canadian bacon”, or with various sauces.

White German Movie: The Eternal Jew Part 1

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm
I have to dig back to pre-1928 or German movies to find what “Whites” have to say or think, rather than the steady diet of Jewish crap we have gotten since they united and collectively stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s sound and talkie machine. Jews wait until Whites work out all the glitches, build their company, and then with $$ and loans that come from Jew doctors, Jew lawyers, Jew monopolists in whatever field they are in, they can “buy up anything.” It is why the Jews destroyed White Germans “after” World War I, with the “Versailles Treaty” the worse in history for the defeated Whites. It accomplished what the Jews wanted of their “competition.” Think of the White and Jew question, as not one of emotion, but of business. And, in business, Jews are cut throats, literally “cutting the throats of White men and their women and children.”
Jews ruined their White Germany economy and if you want to “break” your competitor, that is what you do first. And along with it, devour and degenerate the men. Leave the women, though, for Jews to screw and breed with, for Jews like to breed their features out. For example, their hairy fur-like bodies, breeding with White women, will make their Jew offspring less hairy, etc. That is why “all” races break their necks to breed with us, and like White fools, we fall for it. I’d rather go celibate or masturbate than to even go near the body of a non-White and all White women should feel that way. The yellow Chinese women, smarter than us, have always felt like that. But now that Jews control China, Jews are breaking them down too.
As a Good White woman, my object would be to preserve my species and have them thrive. And perhaps, that is what these emails are all about. Changing the doom and gloom picture for my White boys. I’d rather leave them an inheritance of “hope” then one of debt, starvation, and genocide.
Female animals will do “everything” to preserve herself and her womb which is sacred for the preservation of her species. Take my cat, Mama. She never came out for 6 years practically, and still won’t see any other humans than myself. She “Hides” anywhere in the house. And why? It is hardwired into her to “Stay Alive,” and if she is pregnant, to save her kitty embryos, and if kittens, to preserve them. I remember when Queenie my German Shepherd pedigreed had her puppies. She barely let my husband get near her, her puppies or the food. And she “definitely” would “not” allow the male dog near her or the puppies. It is why female dogs are called “bitches.” They will get so mean to preserve their species, they will do anything, and get quite mean. Once the puppies are of age and weaned, her bitchiness leaves.
White women would do well to become bitches to “preserve” their husbands and offspring and not “turn their bitchiness on them.” They should turn their bitchiness on the Jewess, and anyone that is going to harm her, her womb, her mate, her offspring. Instead, the Jew has turned her bitchiness against her own for her destruction of her own species. I don’t think in history there has every been such a species, for if there were, the species is now “extinct.”
Jewesses used their husbands to make sure that “she” the Jewess on the pedestal, will survive and be “worshipped.” She is the “Eternal Jewess,” making sure that she is well taken care of, living in the lap of luxury, united and networked more than the biting ants in my garden that are all gone now, thanks to the poison cups I laid for them with lids and holes and Boric Acid, sugar, cotton balls. Their queen ant of the hill is gone too. But somehow, even if I think I got them all, they will spring up next year, and I have to do the same thing again, for apparently a male and female get away, or they travel here from another country, (neighbor’s yard.)
Jewess women are eternal, and make sure their Jewish kids are extremely well cared for. Jews have never hit or beat their kids that I know of but are spoiled. The only time a Jewish parent would discipline their young is when their son or daughter wanted to marry a White Gentile. Now, jobs are so plentiful for Jews, that Jews are “interbreeding” preying on the White Cream of the Crop women for either marriage or sex. Although Jews love black sex, and one should really interview the Jackson family entertainers, under Truth Serum, to find out how the Jews manipulated and raped them also, both sexually and $$$ wise.
Jewess’ children have their education paid for entirely by age 2! That $$$ multiplies and by college time there are ‘no’ or ‘little’ debts. Also, all the $$$ Jews makes they keep, whereas Whites are losing their $$$ tremendously, with collapsed economy, 401K loss, home foreclosure of the elderly, land loss, elders selling their valuables and jewels and gold, reverse home mortgages, so that everything that couple has worked for has disappeared, and 55% government taxes are taking away their $$ so White children are left nothing. Jews are the law makers & build in loop holes in their 1,000 page bills that no one can read or write except them.
Now that we have established that the Jewish species, their Jewish men fighting their competition for them to the death, and their children are eternal, white the White species is an “endangered” species. I will comment on this movie, or just watch it. It is just an hour, and when you look back at your mind and consciousness and all the Jew movies you watched in your entire life, you really need to balance it with some White ideas at least for debate. If you ever again go pay $$$ for a Jew movie, I will question your sanity, unless it is to examine and point how how they are killing us through visual images on the screen, very powerful on the mind.
Movie starts out that the White Germans who are desperate and struggling to overcome the noose the Jews have put on the White German man’s neck, by war, murder, robbing them, raping their women, buying up Germany for pennies on a dollar when the German dollar was so inflated it took a wheelbarrow full to buy a loaf of bread. But Jews “did” have $$$, from their world wide trade, even gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, jewels, and White USA “credit, credit, credit.”
So the producer of the movie starts out by saying that they wanted to show the Jews as “camouflaged,” just as some species camouflage themselves to survive.
Note the German Title has the word “Jude” in it, and think of the Beatle’s song, “Hey Jude,” take a “bad” song, and make it better. That “bad” song was the White song, who were bent on being united and strong. For Jews to make the world song “better” meant to break down first, then destroy the White Race. If Jewesses were as “poor” as White me, I would say they were “philanthropic,” but since Jews for an example “cause” disease, and then come as gods to “cure” it, it makes them “villains,” not “saints or gods” as the are worshipped today. Whites need only to look at their White children of their species, and know they are not going to survive, to see how cruel the Jews have been and are and “eternally” will be.
Here are some of my thoughts:
    1. He notes that the Jews of today’s civilization (back in the 1930’s) do not “reveal” their true RACIAL character. When Hitler thought of “eugenics” an idea from California schools in the 1900’s, Jews smashed his name all over the USA and World, when Jews were practicing it in the open. Look at California now, to see how Jews destroyed our most beautiful state which is but an extension of the pollution and filth and crime of Mexico. Whites do not need brown labor. America is already built. We have everything we need. To build more, just makes homes and parks for browns, and they did not come out of our womb. I mean if we want to die sooner, we can keep living this Jewish White enslavement nightmare. The only “expansion” that is going on is Jewish and non-Whites in America and their takeover. Harvard is probably only 9% White male and they have to pay thru the White nose, while Jews that run it after they stole it are the gods that determine who gets grants, who gets awards, who gets favored courses, how Jews make higher grades, and how the block teaching from Whites, especially White males their Jewish business competition.
    2. Movie take you on a trip to the Polish ghetto. If you ever wonder why USA has so many ghettos, it is because the Jews have thrived there along with the “Eternal Cockroach” on their dining room walls. One of the main things I’ve learned in my writings, is the fact that Jews invaded then enslaved their hosts for 900 years of Poland. And that the ‘work camps’ NOT ‘death camps’ were in Poland and not Germany. And that 85 % of Jews of the world lived in Poland, although Jews instigated wars so that Jews living on the Polish / Russian border, became Russian citizens as Russia acquired Polish land and territory. Jews were duping both sides. Jews finally got a permanent foothold in my country of Poland, after being kicked out 83 times in Europe. Jews didn’t have to worry about getting kicked out from Poland, once they enslaved the nobility and royalty and Catholic Church with debts, and then enslaved the White people as physical slaves. These same Jews emigrated here in America and have taken over with the $$$, treasuries, gold and jewels, they confiscated, also paintings, etc.
    3. The director wants to show us how Jews really look. Nothing in this movie, could show you how awful, ugly, and sinful and illegal they really are. When you come face to face with a Jewish rapist, that nice Dr. Wellby mask comes off, and the most hideous creature appears. I think Jews enjoy seeing the “fright and terror” in our White faces, and that is why we have a steady stream of it in our news. Jews create it.
    4. Here’s a cartoon where the German fist was going to stop the Jews from teaching Whites insane things: Now, Jews teach us only “diversity” to break us down, while they stay as 1 whole unit: image Having spent 2 courses recently in a college, it was so anti-White, pro-Jewish and non-Whites the courses were like cyanide to our White minds, hearts, souls, and spirits. Schools are “Mental Institutions” and everything they teach a straightjacket for Whites so they can continue their conquering. That won’t end for 100 years, while we die a very slow and painful White death.
    5. How about this cartoon of Jew hiding behind a religion, when it is really a World Wide Banking system, and they get tax deductions as they indebt us, enslave us, then kill us and rape our White women while doing so and our young boys for homosexuality, or girls for lesbianism.
    6. image Don’t these jew bankers look nice, friendly as they rob us? Picture a robber coming up to you, with such a nice face, even looking White since the Jews have inbred with so many Whites to get rid of their ape-like looks. And we like our robber so much, when they put a gun to our heads to give them our wallet, we smile back and say “No,” I love you and worship you so much and “feel sorry” for you, come home with me. You can screw my wife, mother, daughters, sisters, all you want. Don’t use a rubber. Give them diseases and ejaculate in them. I the White man will pay for your babies, just so long as “your” Jewess survives and her offspring monsters. I the White man will then give you all my valuables in my safety deposit box, I will round up all my White wives jewels for “your” Jewess needs them for her offsprings’ college education. Also, I will take every penny out of my White bank account and give to you, and even more so, I will take out a trillion dollar loan both thru my name and my fellow White tax payers, just so that your Jewess womb and offspring can survive, and you can “use” this money to genocide me, and my White Race. That is what had happened in Germany, Poland, Russia, and now America, only it is at the speed of light, even faster.
    7. How’s this one: image How Jews use soldiers thru USA to create the “Lion, Jewish King of the Jungle.” For the preservation of his Jewess wife, and species, and offspring, so it is an “Eternal Jew,” that can never die.
    8. I had a cartoon of a Jewish doctor, who had that “nice” face, but then the patient stripped it off, and there was a Jewish monster behind the mask, robbing the patients pocketbook. It has been taken off google, but perhaps it is somewhere in my computer archives. I was sending my emails to Jewish media, although much of it went to a family owned radio station where I was calling in, so Whites got to see and read many of my emails. But most had gone to Jewish enemies.
    9. The speaker says that 4 million Jews live in Poland. And since over 4 million emigrated to both Israel, USA and all around the world, where are the 6 million killed? It’s an inflated Jewish feverish mathematical imagination, just as Jewish Bernancke, with his feverish inflationary Federal Reserve bank…. “privately” owned by Jews to loan Whites their own $$$ the Whites put in for 100 years. 2013, will be the 100th anniversary of how long Jews have been doing this to us $$$ financially. And that is only “1” aspect.
    10. (breakfast, WASA Crackers with basil pesto. Yogurt strawberry, peach, orange juice shake, with whipped cream on top! Neighbor was kind to give me 3 bags of dated food he gets from Fresh n Easy, and I cook up right away. He gave me the basil pesto. I told him yesterday, if anyone came with 3 bags of free groceries when I grew up in South Chicago and starving I would have kissed their feet. Instead today, Jews convince the White women to lick and kiss black smelly feet as in Madonna’s video of “Like a Prayer.” In video, it starts with KKK burning cross, to show the Whites as mad White Supremacists, cruel, and rapists, which is what the Jews are doing to us but “concealed.” If “Whites are committing crimes, then we must unite to stop what has been “intentionally induced on us.” image Madonna, (jewish Kaball victim) is playing a dark haired woman, even Mexican, but the one brown race symbol, that the International Barbie doll represents, when there will be only 1 race, the brown one. With Jews pedigreed at the top. And perhaps Jews will breed with Whites so much, they will become White, and Jewish White masters, and destroy the rest of us. They can then have their “perfect” race, while we interbreed like mutts Evil man in video is a White man, like a Nazi or KKK, as Jews have made “them” to look like monsters while concealing their only monstrous looks and deeds worse yet. image At end of video, these three White rapists are on their knees, and White Madonna is along side black man holding his black hand and fist up while he towers over the White men. Madonna goes into a church, and there somehow God tells her it is “good’ to screw Jews, love them, worship them, and hate her White self, demean her vagina by allowing Jews and non-Whites to use her as a sewer for their sperm, and secure the genocide of her species, while the Eternal Jewess is secured for eternity. Naturally Jewish entertainer moguls who control 97% of what we see, make sure the Jews are crying, the blacks and Muslims, and browns are crying, and when Whites cry, like my White Polish Mama and Daddy, me and my son who cries all the time, are banned, shunned, excluded, while Whites worship the Jews and non-Whites. Southern Whites treated blacks like kings and queens and their black blues is fake: image (note how Jews use “contrast” as an emotional and mental knife to stab in our hearts as they rob our White pockets. Madonna is worshiping the Catholic Statue of St. Martin de Porres. If you ever try to talk to a Catholic about the White problem, they will right away tell you the name of the one black saint. They do “not” know a “White” saint, even though there are thousands of White saintly people canonized before us. Whites only worship “blacks’ and will fight and even die and argue for this one Black saint. According to Wiki, this man was the son of a black slave, and even though his “kind” works in South America were done in 1539, the Catholics automatically canonized him in “1962,” right before the assassination of John Kennedy, and right before the Jews made us so grieved and emotional, the Jews passed the Civil Rights law, with Jewish free lawyers, power and $$$ to have Jews takeover South, America, and now White House. There is no doubt the Jews are controlling the Catholic Church, as proof of Jews controlling them in Poland. Jews got the Catholics by the balls literally with all the priest’s rape, and perhaps the Jews in the year 300 when vows of celibacy were introduced to Christianity, were actually ideas of Jews to have homosexuality with White men. It was around the same time that “mental healing” was lost in Christianity, until recently. Note Madonna kissing the black statue or man’s feet with reverence that could only be compared to Mary Magdalene kissing Jesus’ feet. Now the black man is “Jesus” for us to worship. I saw girls at Madonna’s concert in Chicago as young as 7 devouring all these images, then you wonder why it is said if the White race is to survive, the White women must change. image And the White women are even worse screwing the hell out of Jews who give them nothing in return, except seeds of hatred towards their White male partner.
    11. The movie talks of the Jews “not” working on farms, nor have the Jews suffered from wars, as the (White) native Polish, who Jews used as nothing more than White man bodybags for their $$$ wars-banking.
    12. Jews were back in business just one hour after German occupation. One can’t keep the Jews down, even in war, where the prosper, while we give our White lives and are “best” men for them. It’s a Jewish business practice to eliminate their competition, whether a newspaper, or an internet site, or a White Race. It is all the same to them.
    13. Germans talk of how 25 years of viewing the Jews have made a difference and how their pain at the hands and feet of Jews who use their Jew foot to kick us like pigskin footballs into genocide, making our death a speedy process. Living under Jewish rule has “sharpened” their experience. Poles could not “see” that for over the years the Jews broke down the White Poles so badly, they were just glad to be alive, for they had nothing to live for, while the rest of Europe prospered. This secured the Eternal Jewess not only a home for her womb and offspring, but a “Kingdom of Heaven.”
    14. The speaker says that this Jewish Plague started in 1914. What also started in 1914? The Jewish Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank. The Jews passed it on Christmas Eve, 1913, when the Jews knew all the Whites would be celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus, at mass, eating, distributing gifts. The newspaper read on Christmas Day that the “gift” to the (Whites) would be the Federal Reserve where Whites would be giving their $$$ to Jews and non-Whites and enslaving Whites to work 94 hours a week to their ‘non-White’ offspring to be “Eternal” while we Whites die. Hence in 1914, the Jews had the Federal Reserve in full swing. These White Germans didn’t have the internet, so could only compare what they knew that was going on in Germany because of “language barrier” between all Whites. And perhaps the Jews were responsible for that too while they talked 1 language.
    15. He talks of how the Jews are actually threatening the “Health of the Aryan (White) people,” and Jews do that today, from the conception of our children, to the coffin as we rest in a Jewish cemetery, taking our last $$$ they can suck from us, now that they have taken our breath away.
    16. Jew is the demon behind the corruption of mankind, he say… In other words, just as Jesus was God’s idea made flesh, the “collective” Jew is the ‘demon in the flesh.’ And wouldn’t the devil be sly enough to “conceal” himself thru ‘niceties?’
    17. Even the White Germans had no idea of the extent of the evilness of Jews, but were “sharp” enough to see what Jews were doing to them and especially their raping of their women. Polish Jews were probably just starting to migrate to Germany in numbers after World War I, so White Germans were astounded at Jewish behavior, whereas Poles got used to it by drops as American Whites have over the years that we didn’t realize the Jews put a tube on our White race to suck out our blood as a Jew doctor does for blood samples.
    18. image The wallpaper of Jewish kitchens: the Eternal Cockroach, fitting for the Eternal Jew, just as the Eternal lice-bug, producing typhus which killed most in World War I and most Jews in World War II and “Not” the White Germans killed them. Biography of Anne Frank lesbian dying from lice-induced filled typhus, is proof of that. White Nazis did “not” kill her.
    19. The German man speaks that Jewish homes are filthy and neglected, and my Mama who cleaned for even Jewish doctors who you would think would be the cleanest, like Dr. Goldberg and his Jewess and family, were the worse. I worked for a rich young Jew who just had a baby and she left the dog poop on the floor all day for me to clean up, even though her baby was crawling on the floor ready to play with the poop, even eat it!
    20. Note the Jews are not “poor” in Poland, but “horde” their belongings and $$$, while getting “White Christian Sympathy.” I knew a Jewish male professor who horded the plastic bags we get from groceries and Wal-Mart, a Jew-Chinese venture now that Waltons are dead and Jewish bankers run it for the yellows and whites. This Jew would stash plastic bags in the roof rafters, under the sink, in the closets, hidden in shoes, etc. His Jewess wife liked me and said if I wasn’t her “slave” (worker) she would like me for a friend. But then she robbed Poland as a Jew and came here rich and chosen, while I came here as a White Christian slave for Jews and the reason why Mama and Daddy had 12 babies was more free slaves for Jews, as the Jews do with the brown Mex’s and their sex’s who are allowed to breed like insanity.
    21. Today America is infested with rats, cockroaches, bugs in food cabinets, mice, walls filled with such horrible dust and dirt, one can’t breath it, thanks to Jews and their worshipers, the 92% of the population eager to please the Jews… the non-Whites.
    22. One wonders the book the rabbi has in his hand and the prayers that call for the genocide of the White Race the Christianly kind people who gave them a home for 1,000 years instead of exterminating them as the yellow Chinese massacred them.
    23. The “bobbing” motion the man describes is probably what the brown Muslims do when they bow to the ground but Jews shorten the process.
    24. Jews don’t care about “Homes” as we do. They “live” in the streets, banks, schools, in our White woman’s or White boys’ bedrooms. They are world-wide and have no use for walls since their wives don’t cook, clean, have sex with Jews for Jewesses hate them and only want their $$$ and power over all the people in the world, as only God should have.
    25. Observing the Jews in Poland, one can see first hand how Jews used their unity in the name of God to preserve their race, offspring, and a religion, which is really a “business,” and We Whites their competitors.
    26. Where Jews caused us to “war” to divide Whites and instill Whites hating Whites, such as Civil War, Napolean’s wars, World War I and II, and all because Jews “knew” ahead of time who was going to win and what stocks and companies to buy up or invest it. Wall Street scheming where 90% of $$$ is given to those at the top, the Jews and their imps.
    27. Jews are not used to working for a living, only standing around, doing nothing, scheming, screwing White women cause the Jews are getting paid so much for doing nothing, the Jew men have plenty of time on their hands, while Whites are kept so busy 24/7, we can’t even think or sleep, let alone pray or try to figure how to White Unite.
    28. The man speaks that this Jewish “helplessness” should not be pitied, for Jews don’t want to work, but barter (and scheme.)
    29. Today for just “one” example, and multiply that by about 500,000, we find that Jews own or run nursing homes, and pay their fellow Jews 3 times the price for supplies, but if they “have” to buy from Whites, the Jews will “Jew” the White man down, and if the White man is “starving” as we will soon be, now that they want us in World War III, we will take “anything” the Jews offer. Even pennies on a dollar. And surely Jews are buying up America as Jews are selling Vegas to Arabs and Yellow Chinese. Probably taking away 80% for themselves and 20% for the Arabs and Yellows. Since Arabs and Yellows know the scorn and pain of poverty, and the mental straightjacket the Jews have put the non-Whites in, we bow down and kiss the Jewish and Jewess smelly feet.
    30. I came across something yesterday, while surfing, that Jews use “Old Oriental” business practices, which really don’t fit in our Civilization, and that is why we are somehow “enchanted” by it like Whites are enchanted by old Yoga, or old meditation. Whites are transfixed by Jews words, words, words, and seeing Jewish lawyers so successful at winning (not knowing the entire legal system all the way up to the Supreme and World Courts are fixed by Jews who make or change the laws for their collective benefit.)
    31. The movie sounds out “Jews deal in Trade.” And above all the biggest kept secret of White humanity: Jews were responsible for the trade of Black slaves from African Kings and Queens to the world, and the last 400 years taking advantage of unsuspected Christian Whites who see the good in every one.
    32. Here the Jewess shows her true colors when going to “hit” someone who has given her a bad deal. We have yet to see the Jewess nature, for I’m one of the few that talks about it, while most focus has been on the Jewish man. image 6:13 on the movie.
    33. Remember that Jews turned White Poland not only into slavery, but complete “lawlessness” and “chaos.” Sound familiar in America today or worse yet our Southern Neighbor South America who Jews turned into a 3rd World Country.
    34. This violent Jewess is constantly turning her palm out for $$$ for the fact she has never worked a day in her life and doesn’t even give sex to her Jew husband who has to prey on innocent White Polish women. But Hitler and the Nazis fixed their Jewish clock by deporting all these rapists.
    35. These Jews’ constant wheeling and dealing on the streets of Ghetto Poland, are just typical of what is going on in Jewish banks, from World Bank, to IMF, to US Treasury as the Jew man that headed our White USA treasury under President Roosevelt… until today, where Jews are not only usurping our banks and White $$$ but indebted Whites to a very dangerous enemy…. the Yellow God-less Communist, who the Jews own, lock stock and barrel.
    36. imageHere the Jew man will bargain for pennies and even take your White pennies, as when my girlfriend from childhood who grew up in Poland Hitler work camp, went with Jew who did purchasing for Chicago Nursing home. When passing a bubble gum machine, he offered to buy her one and she looked forward to it. But when Jew saw it was a $.05 instead of a $.01, he greedily refused. The Jew knew all the time the gum was $.05 for he passed it by 500 times before, but he wanted to use that as a “psychological” tool against her to always beat her down mentally, even though he never laid a hand on her. That is why Jews get away with it. It is Jewish Mental Cruelty, but it is considered “legal” as “illegal criminal” Brown mex’s and the other races who are consuming our top jobs in USA as doctors, lawyers, bankers, architects, engineers, which White men used to hold.
    37. It was Venice Italy, or the Venetians, not Poland, who coined the word “Jewish Ghetto,” for the Italians were the ones kicking them out thru Catholics most of their history. If Whites or Protestants were the ones kicking Jews out, please correct me. From Wiki: “Dictionaries list a number of possible origins for the term, including “gheto” or “ghet”, which means slag in Venetian, and was used in this sense in a reference to a foundry where slag was stored located on the same island as the area of Jewish confinement (the Venetian Ghetto).” Here’s how USA White America has formed ghettos because of Jews who live off of minorities and illegals their “Jew slaves.” And Whites Tax $$ pay for these ghettos, & Jews get rich on “gouged” prices, and Jews use these non-Whites to bring in drugs to drug up White children and babies thru pregnant mothers and fathers.

A ghetto is formed in four distinct ways:[4]

    • As ports of illegal entry for racial minorities, and immigrant racial minorities.
    • When the majority uses compulsion (typically violence, hostility, or legal barriers) to force minorities into particular areas.
    • When economic conditions make it too difficult for minority members to live in non-minority areas.
    • When the minority actively chooses to segregate itself physically and socially from the majority.
  1. imageYou can see the Jew carrying away the most prized possession of Poland: The White Duck, just as symbolic that White Poles were sitting ducks and targets for Jews for 900 years and their assaults against us. Jews “learn” from their hosts what foods are “nutritious” and “tasty.” Mama’s favorite meal: Duck’s Blood Soup, for as White Polish Slaves for Jews we always had to till the Jews’ land, as browns till ours today and take over our richest most valuable and fertile land, California and the South. Mexicans first make their way to these lands, but Mex’s know that it is too hot and not fertile and travel northwards to get our best lands as browns replace us. And I was laughed at for liking and making Duck’s Blood Soup. Matter of fact, or Jewish comedian masters, the 3 stooges, made a movie, “Duck’s Soup,” and that is what the USA has turned into a melting pot of the “worse” of humanities qualities.
  2. Here are your Jewish Masters weasling their way as comedians as far back as the early 1930’s: image All that fighting that was going on between the 3 stooges or beating up on “Larry” was really 2 Jews united to beat up on the White Gentile man. Only now it is 20,000,000 Jews beating up on the White man. Today Whites would fight me to preserve these Jewish icons, but the truth is “we have no other White icons” to take their place. Our culture is entirely Jewish.
  3. The website calls this a “Marxist Communist (they don’t know Jewist, for I think it only proper we change Jewis’h to Jewis’t, like the Communis’t, and Marxis’t they are. ..And on the page of characters it has an “agitator,” whose name is: Agitator – Leonid Kinsky (“sky” at the end is Jew, “ski” is White Christian Pole.) I told you the “agitators’ agaisnt the White Peoples’ Party in Vegas counterprotesting 85,000 illegal browns, was a Jew for he is so bold he identified himself. Just as the Jews identified themselves as street hucksters in America in this Jewish movie.
  4. The White Germans very intelligently and wisely point out that (We Whites in USA) were being programmed that these poor Jewish children hagglers should be “felt sorry” for, when in fact, they are just as deadly as their Jewist parents. My deceased husband would beat up a Jew after school every day, for my husband’s worse problem was “not” Viet Nam and the yellows, but the all Jewist school he went to. The Jews must have collectively harassed him, and he was tough. But today, the Jewist is considered a King now that Jews killed off all our White kings, and replaced them, but reduced my White husband to confusion, guilt, suicide. His Jewist friend alive today, my husband’s dead. Jewest man is wealthy and sons are doing magnificently around the world, White husband homeless and poverty with no friends but other White bums who are Jew victims also. This Jew boy used tactics to win over my dead husbands’ fathers love by joining the Little League Team my husband’s father was head of. And until the day, my husband’s father died, he preferred the Jew instead of his own war hero suffering White son, flesh and blood. And this same Jewist from my husband’s school, not only stole my husband’s father’s affection, but my husband’s White Polish girlfriend who sent my husband a “Dear John” letter in Viet Nam, and I was told she was screwing my husband’s friend, and the only other friend he had was this Jew, so the Jew must have persuaded her after he screwed the hell out of her, to send that nasty Dear John letter. And “no” one can write you these things, except me, for I’ve connecting the Jewis’t dots enslaving, torturing, robbing our White Tax $$$ and genociding our White Race.
  5. The movie firmly states that Jews believe that every Jewish egosim is “divine law,” or Law from God. If this “Law” is what Christianity is based on, no wonder we are dying for its intent is for the “Eternality of the Jew,’ Not the preservation of God, or even the White Race who suffered and founded and funded it. But surely the Jews stripped the Catholic White Treasury in Rome, 500 years ago and they are now indebted to the Jews who force Catholics to use that $$$ for brown Mex Power, like La Raza. And the Protestant churches like Mormons to bring in blacks. I saw a bunch of Mormons at Wal-mart grocers. Their baskets had water and good pure food like eggs, fruit, etc. Yet in their bunch, was a big tall black Mormon, towering over all the small midget White Mormons. Why are White Mormons having such tiny men? Cute, but tiny. And then when I said I wanted to date a Mormon, they ask me to give my number to the black man for what? Race-breaking in the name of God and Jesus Christ. Jesus’ church was supposed to be for Jews and racist Jews only, and services were held right in the synagogue, until St. Paul came along. But all the disciples who were the only ones listening to Jesus, living with him, and preserving his church for Jews only. Whites need to remember that when they realize how much Jews have infiltrated our Churches, just as Jews took over all of business in America. One is either or Jew or does the work like Jews to “get ahead,” in Jew-S.A.
  6. Jewish “religion” makes “cheating” and “usury” a “duty” of their god. (sounds like their god is satan doesn’t it or should we start cheating and using usury, and become “just like them,” which is really what Whites have turned into. That is why I really doubt about saving the White race for in doing so I just spread Jewis’t Usury and destruction.
  7. Just as I reasoned above from my “own mind” and never hearing it before, Jewis’ts doing business is “holy” or a “religion.” Anyway one with a brain can figure that one out and we still have many college graduated Whites although every bit of what they learned was so Jewis’t, that they are White bodies with Jewis’t minds as in the song, “Nightmare on Elm St.” where the (Jewis’t) monster sings “You’ve got the (White) body and I’ve got the (Jewis’t) brain.
  8. White men and women can’t even conceive this for Jews wiped out even our will to eat and feed ourselves in Poland where Jews ruled for 900 years. How could a tribe of Jews wipe out our inherent instincts in so many ways, it boggles the mind. I probably was given this knowledge for coming from Poland it is close to my heart the survival of my White people and White self and White offspring and friends. But then I have no White friends, so I always doubt why I am doing this.
  9. “Whites want to create something worthwhile, food or housing, clothing or machines.” But Jews have stripped Whites of that setting us up for slavery. Our Food is grown in other countries, as Jews did to Poland. Our housing is already built for the existing White people. The “only” housing going up is from Mex’s and their children. the clothing comes from Yellow China and most Whites are in tattered Jew owned Levi Strauss jeans, getting us ready for our homeless White status as my husband, and “machines” have all gone to brown Mex’s, yellow Viet Namese our enemy, China our Communis’t enemy, and other non-White countries. We have been so drugged up by Jews we can’t even operate machinery, let alone cars which Jewis’t insurance car insurance companies get rich on.
  10. Where the Whites are ruled by “values” such as art, Jews have no concept of art for their IQ is only 75 when it comes to visual which is lower than the black natives of Africa. And Whites let Jews rule, and buy up our White art, or steal it as Jews did in Germany which the Nazis objected to, but which we are giving to Jews today who “lie and claim” it is theirs when Jews got it by ruthless war practices. “All is “not” fair in love and “Jew wars for Israel’s Polish Chosen Ones.”
  11. You see all this heavy, hot, sweaty labor, at 9:13, Jews conned the Germans after World War II ‘Using and abusing” White German men for their White industry, and Whtie slave labor to build “Israel,” and to blackmail Germans until today for Jews are trillionaires off of White German labor today. Don’t forget Jews declared an “economic” war against Germany, and Jews “won” World War II, not Whites.
  12. For the Jew there is only one thing of value: Money. Jesus knew that. I read that Jesus went to India to learn many of the ancient secrets of the Universe, and hence it ws easy for him to see and compare Jewish crimes of $$$.
  13. “How Jews get their money makes no difference,” the movie man recites with White German Authority. It was White German authority that Jews wanted to and succeeding in destroying for Jews want and have “no competition.” It is a Jewish monopoly in the form of religion as the big binder I sent to the FCC complaining of Jewish monopoly in just TV alone, not counting all the other businesses they are involved in, with even cutting up our women who are having childbirth and calling it “Caesarian Section” for babies and mothers. It gets the newborn “addicted” to Jewish doctors and surgeons, even before that White baby ever breathed one breathe of formerly White US air!
  14. The German man wisely says Jews start out with worthless trash and makes it appear “desirable.” The monster Jews I worked for at Donco Paper Recyling, would pick up trash paper from paper plate plants, and then bale it and sell it and turn it into McDonald hamburger wrappers. When in fact, Whites don’t need paper plates, and don’t need McDonald’s hamburgers, but Jews “convinced” us we need them as the Jewish doctors, their non-White nurses, and Jewish hospitals convinced Whites our babies need the poison called baby formula, sugar followed by 22 drugs, or 23 drugs in all, just as the 23 pills the Jewish doctor had me addicted on.
  15. As you watch, Jews sell from trash objects in trays, the Jews have skills to sell White rich, trash from Jewish Neiman Marcus who “control” what Whites consider “valuable and good.” Otherwise, Whites would see that my costumes and garb made with my own White hands is more valuable than all the yellow Chinese merchandise that fills all the Jewis’t Neiman Marcuses all over the world ‘combined.’ But the Jews have made Whites live in delusions and hallucinations, seeing Jews’ images as “good” when the are “evil.”
  16. Jews start from small businesses, then move to giant warehouses, then banks, where Jew banksters rule White Treasury with names like “Silver-stein” the Jew man who bought the 3 World Trade Centers and had them insured for ‘terrorism,’ just one year before the Jewish demolished the 3 buildings with 2 planes…..????? And Jews rule with “Gold-berg” as the greedy Jew ‘doctor’ in Chicago who used my Polish White mama as a slave for pennies to take care of their “Jew” children and offspring, while I rotted in South Chicago. Then you wonder why a White Polish little girl would try suicide as the age of 9. Did Black slaves ever have it that bad? Yet we are still in “overawe” of them as the KKK movie pointed out in “Birth of a Nation.”
  17. While Whites roam the urban streets divided into millions, the same streets will have 500 Jews walking around all united as one “Jewish Monstrous…. MIND!” A mental influence so deadly, worse than all the physical plagues combined.
  18. “Jews try to escape to “rich lands” with “rich people.” See Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, Europe, Poland, and now America. The “extract” our wealth we spent thousands of years building up, by drugging us, turning us into body bags, where even the weakest people could overrule us, as Obama the Black son of black natives is doing now. Not even an “American” black, but a black Kenyan. As you know, Jews want all of Africa for Jews want “no middle men,” for their Jew African gold, African diamonds, and especially the farm land Jews stole from Whites while Whites farmed it for 400 years, for Jews plan on making Africa, the next “world breadbasket, which will feed the 92% of non-Whites while Jews have us starve to death. Our D-Day or Death-day is sooner than we think.
  19. Jews need to become the obnoxious “middle” men to do their business. Truthfully speaking, we DO NOT NEED JEWS. THEY ARE ‘DISPENSABLE.’ I learned in the Quality Movement that the middle managers could be fired, but the workers need to stay. Also, the upper level management, the Jews, who have 20,000,000.00 salaries, are really “not” needed for commerce to survive. Whites now have “all” they need for eternity practically. We have enough products, and we can will whatever we have to our young. Our young can live with us, and do not need houses, but since the Jews broke the White parent – child relationship with an innocent even sweet named TV show called “HAPPY Days,” where the most imitated and cool character was the Jew Fonzi, while the White guy was a “square,” who studied, had morals, responsible. It taught Whites to “hate” the older folk, as our White children hate today.
  20. Whites no longer have “products” and Jews no longer need us, as Jews no longer need blacks. Jews have yellows who are more intelligent thanks to Jews killing off our most elite and smart men, drugging us intentionally, as the Catholic hospital told me about my White son in rehab, and Jews will finish us off with getting us Whites involved in World War III for “Muslim Rights,” while we die even faster for the “Eternal Jew wars.”
  21. The Jews used our precious White farmers for products, and now surely Jews own all White farmland who use our products “Not for White consumption” but Yellow, brown, Jew appetites. For Jews or their followers “own” the land for “business food conglomerates” being bought and sold like penny candy for Jews to make a profit, fire and degrade White businessmen who Jews replace with their own Jewish slave men of Yellow extraction.
  22. Jews a race of parasites, living off Poland’s White slavery, even exterminating White Poles their hosts for 900 years, who were nothing more than dumb White mice caught in Jewish traps, where Jewish fed us spoiled cheese for bait in the mousetraps. A very painful death as the little mouse trap guillotine chopped off our white heads or white intelligence and replaced White Poles in their universities.
  23. “Wherever the nation’s wound is bleeding, the Jews gather together and “anchor” on that wound to feed off the blood.” So White wars were perfect for Jews to gouge our very White wounds as Jews are doing while we Whites suffer today. What a powerful and insightful White German statement! Poles were dumbed down and replaced. Whites have been dumbed down and replaced and Whites survive in Wealth as White prostitutes for Jews in business, otherwise Whites would be homeless or living on minimum wage as I am today.
  24. The man says that Jews live off of (White) sickness of nations, hence Whites are sick and are addicted to Jew doctors who make Whites even sicker. Whites slave at work away leaving even White newborns baby formula fed so even White women can run back to work and brown Mex’ or Jew nursery schools filled with Jewish propaganda can keep ruining the minds of White children.
  25. Jews lived off “all sicknesses.” The man then continues… “that is how it was in Poland, and that is how it was in Germany.” Don’t forget most doctors were Jewish in those countries as I have written about and “is” today in America and we worship Jews as “doctors’ even having them have a Dr. the “only” people who get such worship. Oh priests have “Fr.” and nuns have “Sr.” in front of their names, uniting Catholics and Jews replacing White protestant Heterosexual males even as high as the Supreme Court. Although Jews started at the bottom and skyrocketed to the top, binding Whites with inhuman laws to replace us.
  26. The Jew faces bear the mark of the eternal “sponger” the Eternal Jew, but now today, since Whites killed our own German brothers in World War II, the Jews are not the only spongers on American White Blood, but the blacks have sponged off us for 400 years, the browns have sponged us and destroyed California, the non-Whites are sponging off us making us dependent on them for services and products we don’t even need, but thru Jew jingles and repetition make us beliee we need and want.
  27. At 12:39 a Jew lights up a cigarette, but when Jew doctors learn they cause cancer, their Jew marketing agents really use cigarettes to infect our men, our women thru Jew Bernays, nephew of Jew psyche leader of religion called psychiatry, and our White babies born to these victim mothers which are not “white humans’ but “white consumers for Jewish needless services, and these Jews are ‘dispensable.’ as We try to recover as Whites who have been bankrupted, our White treasury robbed in America for 100 years, Poland for 900.
  28. “There’s no difference between these Jews of Poland and Jews of Palestine. (That is quite a statement for as Rachel Corrie gave up her life for a Palestinian “doctor”, are we being “duped” into feeling sorry for Palestinians when Jesus beat them with a cat and nine tails? Whites need to focus on “whites” period. Leave the Middle East and their nutty wars immediately. Not leaving 10,000 White troops and White $$ and White $$$ supporting these crooks and Polish Jew con artists of Israel. It is an “insult” to our intelligence, whatever the Jews didn’t smash away so we can still try to think a little under Jewish rule and occupation of USA.
  29. The invisible German speaker continues that “even though Jews of Poland and Palestine are “geographically” separated.
  30. image This clip that I drew a Star of David is taken from movie at the point where the White voice says that “Palestine” is the home of “International” Jewry, and this was made “before” Polish Jews moved and took over the land we now worship as “Israel,” today. I wrote before over and over that the Jews and Arabs are united today, just as Arabs are buying up Las Vegas with $$$ called outrageous and gouging OIL $$$ that Whites pay, worse than White Tax Dollars. Forget Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Arab Iran, and Arab countries. They are Oriental Bankers and hoodlums ganged up to genocide White Race, while we pray for Jesus to save us. Jesus was “smart” and whipped them out of the synagogue, until they murdered him, as they are murdering us. If Jesus left us any example it was that for if we are dead as Whites, all our Christian churches don’t mean a thing except to be bought up for pennies on a dollar by Jew Rabbis or Jew Rabbies, as Jews foam at the mouth in madness, and their Arab brothers, from Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham.
  31. Jews were mourning at the Wailing Wall, and now have all White politicians wailing there wearing the black Yalulke on their White heads as well as circumcised Jewish white peters showing the Jew devil occult own White men as slaves whether body bags or White business partners.
  32. An Odd phrase “Jewish homelessness” for I thought only poor White men like my husband were homeless and beggars. Jews do not consider White America home, but live on us as vultures live off carcasses, and Jews live off our White dead bodies, from cancer, auto accidents of Illegal Mex drivers, dead White abortion fetuses, (for I don’t care bout abortions of blacks, jewesses, browns or Arabs. I care only about the white sperm/egg, white embryo, white relationships and white health, “their non-Whites and Jew babies are their Jew gods to worry about not us.
  33. When the Egyptians rose up against Jewish usurers and speculators, the Jews wandered once more. as Jews will do turning USA rich culture, into ashes and melted steel as Jews turned the skyscraper steel into chunks sent to ships already parked on New York Shores on the 9/11 Jewish Tragedy against Whites.
  34. The Jews settled in Jerusalem “mercilessly” looting the rich inhabitants, as Jews mercilessly loot American Whites today, leaving a trail of wounded White and emasculated White men and raping their women, and ruining their soil and minds of their children. Look at Egypt today, amidst all their wealth, unmatched in history, now in Brown arab revolution, poor, plundered, broke, illiterate, raped by Jews and “all races” . Just as the American Whites, European Whites, and Whites around the world are suffering today and in is being done in the name of God, or G-d, as Jews use for this mythical character.
  35. I’m going to brake for a rest, as this gets to be overwhelming and drains me so much I have to leave for a while. It is too deep and too heartbreaking for one little wounded white good woman.

Utah, White Mormons, Amnesty

In Uncategorized on July 7, 2011 at 5:31 pm
ALIPAC asked us to call Utah when they passed the bill giving illegal browns more rights than Whites. I not only called the Utah Congress but called the head of the Mormons and told them that they were stepping into my Polish White ancestry’s shoes, of becoming White slave for “an unknown” power I can’t talk about…. (whisper, whisper in the quietest even silent tone…. the Jewish Masters.) I told them they will need all their guns and canned foods they are accumulating in case of “catastrophe. Jews do “not” need Mormons any more with their large families. Jews want yellows, and have had yellow buy up even Vegas the home that Mormon Whites founded. If you read the letter, you will see that the “Mormons” got together, united, and are helping to “repeal” that bill. It is for their “own” churches good as well as the White Race.
After all, Mormons call themselves the “Latter Day Saints.” Meaning, they don’t drink, drug, caffeinate, or nicotine themselves to death. But I go steps further with no pills, no vitamins, no chemicals in processed foods, and try to eat organic when possible for my $16.00 a month food stamp budget. (Ask the Jewesses to live on $16.00 a month total for “all” their needs.) See how hearty and long they will laugh at Whites worse than Jews laughing at Whites since the first talkie movie Jews made: “The Jazz Singer.”
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 8:17 AM
Subject: Big American Victory Against Amnesty Bill in Utah

If you are having trouble viewing this message, see it in your browser.

ALIPAC Update: Great thanks to everyone who donated in the last 48 hours to help us meet our operational costs. We raised $7,000 in two days and need to raise another $3,000 by this Sunday. If you have not made a recent donation to ALIPAC, please visit our secure online donations page today to contribute by mail, credit card, or Paypal at…


This past week we reported to you the wonderful news out of Maryland that patriotic Americans like you have won an important round against the invaders. Maryland is now well on the way to repealing the in-state tuition for illegal aliens legislation there.

Now, we are pleased to announce that American patriots have won an important battle in Utah, where the state legislature passed HB 116 this year which establishes a tricky form of guest worker amnesty for illegal aliens. This Amnesty legislation was supported by and signed by Utah Governor John Huntsman who is now running for President.

Due to the intense efforts of American patriots, many of whom are Mormon and taking a lot of heat from the church administrators, state GOP convention delegates in Utah have voted by a narrow margin to call for the repeal of the Amnesty bill HB 116!

The mission is not complete yet, but these wins for our side in Utah and Maryland are major blows to the invaders and their supporters!

Americans are rising up in reaction, fighting back appropriately, and winning!

Today, we are releasing an ALIPAC Exclusive which details how the battle is being won in Utah.

Please take the following important volunteer steps.

Step 1: Read and understand this article and look for ways to utilize this information in your activism efforts.

Step 2: Share this important ‘How To’ article with other activists and lawmakers in your area for them to benefit.

Step 3: Post links to this article and copies of this article with links back to alipac.us across the web to share this important info with more Americans.

Let us move together swiftly to inform more American patriots of our win in Utah and the strategies that have prevailed there!

ALIPAC Exclusive

Utaha’s Fight Against Amnesty: Another David and Goliath Story

Thank you for your support and efforts!