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Elvis: Miracle of the Rosary

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This email is only for those that are religious, and although I do not pray the rosary, God hears all prayers. We just need to hear Him. I know there are those that don’t believe, so you may not want to read this, but it was an extraordinary miracle from my childhood.
It was March 28, 1957. Elvis was playing at Chicago International Ampitheatre. Sister Rose got tickets for $2.50 each. (that was a miracle in itself since we had no money for food, somehow the money came for the tickets.)
Elvis had flopped in Vegas when playing the Frontier Casino, but he went to see Liberace and I have on an old video in black n white where Liberace is motioning to Elvis that he was “Square,” in his clothes. LIberace talked Elvis into buying a Nudie designed suit: The Gold Lame. I saw it at Graceland and it is all gold, tie, shirt, socks, shoes, suit, and the jacket is trimmed in fine Austrian crystals, several rows down.
Well, I was only 9 years old and going through my I want to be a cloistered nun when I grow up that never talks but prays in a nunnery to God silently for the rest of her life. I had already taken a “vow of silence” when 7, and judging my life today, I should have kept that vow.
We were sitting up high in the seats, and when Elvis came out for the next hour, it was 12,500 girls screaming at the top of their lungs, non-stop. Since I was not a fan of his or anybody else (except God) I whipped out my aura borealis reflective rosary beads and prayed for Elvis. I thought he was evil then, or at least the Jew media had him made out to be. Now I think differently and perhaps have Elvis canonized as the Patron Saint of Rock N Roll. I’m sure that would attract people to the Catholic Church.
It was tragic what happened afterwards. We went home by bus and found my Mama beating my Daddy cruelly and he was bloody. My sister Rose was hysterical and weeping and threatening to run away if Mama didn’t stop. (I did the same with my first suicide attempt which was right about this time also, for I was 9 when that happened.)
Rose did run away. Many gals were running away to see Elvis. Even Elvis’ mother’ Gladys Love Presley got on TV begging the girls not to run away to Graceland for Elvis didn’t see them and the girls would get in trouble.
On the way to Memphis, Rose hitchhiked. It is said that she was raped by 17 men in a truck in a parking lot at a diner. When she was picked up the guy probably offered to buy her a hamburger, and as skinny as she was, she believed him. The men were White. I doubt if White men would rape if we had White tax dollars to solve our White sex problems, for if I talk about it, it is worse than talking about Jews and it shouldn’t be if we are to create children the Normal way instead of the Jews’ doctor’s way of using a turkey baster and artificial womb. It’s all about $$$ for them, and screw the White people and their offspring who see these doctors as gods.
Well, fastforward about 25 years. In the 16 books I read, I found out that Elvis read about 1,000 books, including Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, and also the Mormon book. Elvis finally wanted to devote his entire life to God. He had enough of movies, Las Vegas, show business, and believe it or not……… Elvis was going to become a…… “cloistered” monk that goes away to monkery and never talks but prays silently to God.
The cloistered saint I mentioned above, was St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus, and her Mother Superior asked her to write an autobiography for she was always doing little deeds of kindness the likes of which had never been seen before. You know, I bet that would help the White Race. To focus on being kind to one another and not spend all or time worshipping Jews or watching blacks, supporting browns, and buying yellow products.

Eddie Funeral, Wife and Family

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Here is what I wrote a Polish male friend of the family, also studied for priest. He went to the wake but I was delayed and didn’t get to see him. He is a retired French Teacher.
I was distraught worse of all when my brother’s eldest son went to step on my mother’s grave, intentionally, as the other things they did to me and mine.
Will God reward her and the kids with all these riches my brother left and leave me broken hearted until I die? What kind of God is that? No wonder people flock to the Jews and their religion for they are living the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and it gets brighter each day for them.
Here’s the email. There’s a 3 day Elvis festival and want to attend some activities. Glad he was a metaphysician and healer like I became right after his death in late summer 1977, and I became a Christian Scientist.
Thank you for your words and kind insights. I did know that Eddie had a girlfriend, with very blonde hair, that he was madly in love with. But she didn’t love him. Eddie was heartbroken, and I’m not sure if this was the same one. Peggy was crazy about Eddie. Eddie told me that she dressed badly also. As I said, there were 13 kids, and farmers, and probably hand me downs.
I would have liked to be friends with Peggy, but was beneath her. I even thought of that when I called her, to “pretend” we were sisters or friends. I had absolutely no animosity…… but she hated me. I mean “hate” and only God will forgive that, I’m a mortal and can’t. As you will read below I have forgiven much of both Peggy and Eddie but it is not right that a “good” woman like me should suffer.
I wanted to mention something you wrote about about how they were dressed in flip flops while you had a tie on out of respect. John also wore a White shirt and nice tie and had Rose dressed nicely for she can’t take care of herself. (she was once the most beautiful of all of us girls, but the changing neighborhood of South Chicago did a number on her, but that for another email.) I dressed in a dress, and even Peg was in slacks or there were some in shorts. It might seem as if I were “overdressed,” yet I always try to look nice without being overdressed.
I was talking with a TSA agent at the airport scanners and commented that he was “Polish” his last name “Kulka.” He said he was 1/2 Danish and 1/2 Polish. It seemed Claude that he was “ashamed” of his Polish side and “proud” of being Danish or Scandinavian as if they are better than us. He then said to me, “I don’t know about those Polish men always dressing up. Don’t they know they are in “America?” What does it mean to be “in America” is that the same as being “In Sane?” Just cause one dresses up, the other men “hate” that person that does. He said that at family functions the Polish men come dressed up in suits and ties. I was aghast for I asked him if he had any single Polish relatives that “dressed” up for I’m totally sick to the point of vomiting of seeing men in raggedy jeans, dirty jeans, smelling jeans, crushed up tee shirts, hair uncombed and hid under a baseball hat. What has happened to our men? These Germans are rich and could have afforded the best suits of all with 4 buttons on the wrist, ultra-bright White shirts, even a vest if it wasn’t hot, polished shoes, smiling with confidence and strength. Yet this Polish “Kulka” man knocked down the Poles. It seems to be “fashionable” to knock down Poles, but never ever knock down any other nationality or race or they’d take one to prison.
Anyway, I’m glad you dressed nice, and wish I could have seen you. I surely would have taken pictures. But even perhaps I would have overlooked your sincere appreciation of dressing right, and might have overlooked it in my grief.
I was also upset at the graveyard. My mother’s grave was covered with dirt. Daddy’s wasn’t and Eddie was going in the next open grave. So my sister Mary Ann said “Where’s Mama’s grave?” And I said “they buried it with dirt!” I didn’t think it was done deliberately but thought when the excavated the coffin it fell on it. So I bent down with a stick and took off some of the dirt so that no one would step on it for that was Eddie’s mother who above all odds of anything I’ve ever seen in life, gave this world what she believed God wanted her to: 12 babies in abject poverty. But Peg must have nudged him for me to stop, which I did. I didn’t think anything of it, until Chris her grown son, deliberately went up to my mother’s grave, positioned himself with is feet as if ready to step on it. In fact, he had to split his shoes to the side to avoid stepping on it. It was the worse slap in the face I’ve ever seen for the Nowak family, whose Daddy worked for a man they will canonize as a saint soon, waiting the 3rd miracle, Fr. Nelson Monsignor Baker! Kris actually moved from his place which was several feet away to position himself there. Hadn’t I removed the dirt he would have stepped on it “unknowingly” but he end up coming right up to the flat tombstone and his toes actually touching it. It was unbelievable. But in essence, they treated me, at least, as if stepping on me, and I wonder if God will give her all those riches over Eddie’s tears. It doesn’t seem fair or just. To preach having babies and poverty is wonderful, but not to get stepped on for one’s extreme goodness. As I said, only Josephine would have been to see Eddie, and I really think they wanted it that way. When I showed up, I brought John, Rose, Mary Ann, cousin Debbie and her friend agreed to come, you lovingly and unselfishly came, and I showed up. With all of us there, we were bound to compare notes on what was going on in Eddie’s life and death, and hopefully through our prayers, resurrection.
I don’t know if I wrote this before, but I have been working on our ancestry from Poland. I spent several years rounding up death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, Census Reports from 1910, 1920, and 1930. (Ancestry study is the #2 passtime in USA.) I assembled pictures and made phone calls to distant relatives. My brother, John, is also one to “bring the family together.” I think in my fantasies, that I would be like “Joseph” in the Bible. The one his 11 brothers threw in the pit for they hated him,he was sold to slavery, then end up co-ruling Egypt. He then was able to give his brothers all the food they needed for the famine for they accidentally had to go to him for “grains” that were controlled by the government. (We may see that here someday if the history of Poland repeats itself in America, which is what I’m seeing.)
Anyway, I’ve always bent over backwards for my family, but have never gotten that love in return. Even until the funeral, if I didn’t show up, probably Josephine would have been the only one there for “Eddie,” and the crowd there was very “hostile” towards Eddie. I’m going to try to get the passages that were read from the Bible, but it sounded something like the “dead” are punished (Eddie?) while those living will get the riches and the gold. I almost fainted when I heard that. And no one else was paying attention. These were passages that Peg’s relatives were reading, and I already told you I heard from her male relative telling a younger son “not to cry” for Eddie was not well-liked.
Well, given the fact, that I wanted to bring out family together, for we are all split apart like atoms. Each sibling lives with the immediate family, and has nothing to do with the rest. It isn’t just my family, it is getting to be epidemic. It is called “divide and conquer,” strategy. I’m sure the problem built in with male/female relationships is part of that. I read in my book, “How to Succeed with Men” that there is a World War III going on between the male and female here, and I believe it is “intentional.” When one can destroy the most primitive of entities like that, it is unlike anything in my garden species. Males and females are needed. Even in tree pollinating, fruit etc.
So as an act of “kindness” and after all, I wanted to become a nun like St. Therese the Little Flower, cloistered non-speaking nun, whose Mother Superior told her to write her autobiography for she was always doing ‘acts of kindness’…… I made 12 copies of an entire album for each of my family, and sons. Eddie and I were getting close, and Eddie told me he was moving to Vegas, which surely would have upset Peggy. I really played it cool, for I did not want to be the cause of Eddie’s breakup, and even though Peg hates me, I do not hate, and didn’t encourage Eddie to move here. There are cheap or even free trailers here if one wants to fix them up, and I did give Eddie the number.
But when I sent the box with the album of ancestry for him and the kinds, something strange happened. First of all, Eddie was pleased as punch to get the ancestry. He even said that he would start paying 1/2 of all my expenses and that he wanted to study the tombstones of Lackawanna New York where my Daddy and Fr. Baker are from.
I included a letter. In that I mentioned this: Nicky told me that he had to go to the boy’s bathroom for the 1st class. Nicky said the boys at the school were in the bathroom first thing in the morning vomiting from drunkenness, overdrugged on illegal drugs, and even robbing their mother’s many prescriptions. How do you ‘teach’ a boy like that, especially Veteran’s boys who are imitating their father from Viet Nam and the drug addictions they acquired there.” I wrote that in the letter.
Somehow, Peg turned it around and said it was “their” kids. Eddie called me at work and cursed me out so bad, I thought I would get fired for I couldn’t hold the receiver next to my ear. He never allowed me to correct their thought, for I only speak truth. I then realized Peg had pumped him up. She has never spoken a word to me even though I longed to be her friend. She had her many sisters, and the Germans stick together like glue.
Peg then called me right after Eddie screamed at me, and she then screamed at me on the phone even double. Eddie had no touch with our family or friends, so his reality was Peg and the kids and he said for many years they were verbally abusing him.
It took a lot to forgive Eddie, but when I heard he had the CD I wanted to again … do an act of kindness and see if he needed my help. He was happy I called for he needed computer work done since he didn’t work them. So I found many songs that he wanted to sing. Both the original and karaoke music which is background music without the voice. I suggested that we have a duet and sing at Warsaw Inn by you (love their Polish food, especially Czarnina, Duck’s Blood Soup, as Mama made, good for “iron” for breastfeeding mothers, and women carrying babies. It would take 75 servings of spinach to get the iron needed for this kind of woman, but only a few portions of these high iron meals. Men and women are different.
So I burned all the songs and had to buy them. Even though I am living in poverty, I never asked nor wanted the money.
I thought it would be great. I would sing in costume, go change for the next songs, and Eddie would with his great talent, keep the crowd entertained.
I told Eddie 2 things about this: 1) that I was doing it as a ‘favor for him.’ He was desperate for places to play, even for free, where he might sell his CD… I would not be returning to Chicago, so I thought his kind of music was perfect for Warsaw. 2) I told Eddie, “Eddie, My Love” which is a song. Here I will send it to you, to show you how a sister can love, even after abuse. Eddie used to really beat me up as a little girl to the point of unconsciousness. He had a bad temper …. but ‘only for me’ the only really good woman in his life. The family even mentioned in their eulogy that Peg loved Eddie, not for being talented, an excellent provider, a fun personality, but she loved him because they both worked and Eddie did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, baking, gardening, and Peg didn’t have to do anything. Quite a gem he was I’d say. Anyway, I told Eddie, “Ed, the most important thing about us performing together is not the Warsaw Inn, or even the CD, the crowd, etc. The most important thing is if we can do this and get along. That is all I wanted to get from this performance. The ability to get along with my brother. But I knew we were dealing with entrenched negative feelings that I believe Claude were intentionally put on us. Divide in Conquer. Although all of us got along very well at the wake. It wasn’t long before Eddie called me again and cursed me out saying that if I come out I better not ask him for lifts or anything else for he wouldn’t help me.
It’s bizarre, but this isn’t even just in me and my family. In Christianity, we are always looking to help the forlorn and helpless. Hence my entire family helps my sister Rose who I have to admit is very disturbed. In a large family there is always a “slave” who doesn’t finish 8th grade but is always supposed to be a helper to the Mother. That was Rose, and I thank her for that, for I was able to put all my attention to St. Mary Magdalene School and get A’s, even though we were too poor for a paper and pencil. It will be in my memoirs coming up. But at the same time, the ones that are doing really well or trying hard, for I had problems too, the family not only “ignores” that person, but literally beats them up. Father Witmanski, Pastor from St. Mary Magdalene got up in his sermon to say that I would be the next saint in the Catholic Church for I was always praying, church etc. It really was to heal the arguments of my folks and the fighting between the men and women. But while I’m being so “good,” Mama beat me until 22, Eddie beat me unconscious in my stomach, even Buni slapped me, but please don’t bring it up as my main concern for him is to survive there on his own. Mama once cursed out the church, nuns and priests for being “hypocrites” and “spiritually dead.” It must have hurt Mama deeply to have all those children sacredly for “God” and then see the Catholic Church abandon us while helping all the blacks and browns. We got no freebies or even a basket of food when the refrigerator was empty for days. Nor could we complain for we had to be “strong.” That being the case, I failed 1st grade for I had no shoes in the cold, freezing Chicago winters. When I did go to school, wearing shoes that were unbearably tight and hurting even bleeding my feet, the nun would have exercises of math at the board. I had missed so much school I didn’t know what was going on. So she would ask us to go to the blackboard and figure out problems, like 2 + 3 = 6…. (ha ha ha, I mean =5 just trying to see if you are still with me, which if you aren’t I don’t blame you at all.) When I went to the blackboard she was smart enough to know I was off too much and when I wrote the wrong answer she beat me in front of the whole class. I think when one is a “good’ woman the other women resent that. You know the book “Men Love Bitches: Stop Being a Doormat and Get the Man of Your Dreams.” I’m the “opposite” of a bitch and have suffered and still suffer today. Where my siblings should be doing everything to support me in jobs, relationships, even entertaining, they distance themselves from me and help Rose. Rose has gotten help from hospitals her entire life, and from the family who always go to see her, buy her presents, take her to lunch. If you see John, you will see how wonderful he treats her. I’ve never been treated well like that in my life.
I’m just glad that all of us are functioning and doing well. My son Paul was taught at Christian Science boarding schools and they literally saved his life. At that same school, Rickover in Sauk Village, there were German Shepherd dogs patrolling the halls for all the drugs that were flowing thru, and that would have hurt my son. It hurt my older son who had no choice to stay there. My first son had 98.7% highest PSI results for his tests on mentality, and especially for Math. But he end up dropping out of school. He works now though as a milkman, and I see that our country was so busy helping minority and their Civil Rights that they let our boys rot. It is said here in Vegas when I talked to a former nun married to a former priest, that her White son is the ‘only’ boy in a certain fine school in advanced math and science. The other 29 were girls, Jews, Chinese, Hindus, Blacks and Browns who get special attention and mentors. Her son could not keep up his good grades for the other kids’ mothers could stay home and help with homework, activities, sports and she had to work long hours just to keep him there. She even said he was fantastic at tennis, had to pay $90.00 for lessons, while the others got grants, breaks, mentors for being minorities. Oh was she hot and even though we worked at a Jewish firm, she voiced her dismay about how badly the future looked for the white boys, especially her own. Paul owns a Condo right by the White House and does computer programming for the Commodities. As I wrote before, he was dating a gal from that school whose father worked directly for George Bush, Candoleeza Rice, and was 5th highest in command in the USA. (she drank and smoked and I guess thought that was bad for babies if they wanted them and rightfully so, although I don’t influence my son. In today’s world, the TV, radio, schools mold the minds of our youth, not the parents, who are usually overworked and only to happy to drop them off at a government run school.
Anyway, I better get cutting I need to go to a 3 day Elvis festival and wanted to sing and check out some of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia, friends, family. I’ve already read 16 biographies, although biographies and non-fiction are the only books I read anyway. I always have one standing up while I eat my meals.
Just one more thing. DID YOU GET A COPY OF EDDIE’S CD? IF NOT I WILL SEND IT TO YOU? He made the most beautiful song called “Goodnite Sweet Jesus, Goodnite, It’s the end of a long hard day.” I wanted to have that played before the coffin was closed, while we all passed and even kissed Eddie and Josephine and I did. Doesn’t that sound perfect? It would be like Eddie going into heaven to Jesus, God. He would be “going to sleep” for the last time. My older sister called up and she said the same thing and we didn’t even compare notes until then. As I said, Eddie’s music could hardly be heard. Peg and the kids were not fond of it. I asked them if they had a CD player so we could play that. Being that I’m karaoking big time for 12 years one gets an “instinct.” But when the time came for the closing of the coffin, they indeed put a song on, for they probably hadn’t thought of it up until then. But to show their superiority over us, for the Reckamps are all successful and rich, she had a song played dedicated to herself, not to God, not to Jesus, or to Eddie, who this was really about. This was his last and final show. Instead she played a song of his I have never heard as if Eddie were singing to her, “You’re wonderful, you’re so kind, you are always doing sweet things for me.” I was crying for I thought he was singing it to me and then I stopped crying for I realized she picked that song for herself. What “sweet” things did she do for Eddie when he did the cooking, Eddie did the cleaning, Eddie did the laundry, Eddie took care of the house, Eddie had to go himself on a train when he was dying downtown to see the Jewish psychiatrist, (who my sister said was giving him too many anti-depressants and overmedicating him for Eddie was on 3 different pills from him, in addition to the pills.) When Eddie was dying and couldn’t get up, she yelled at him and she told me so. He couldn’t get up to wash himself. Eddie complained for when he was sick and lying there needing his medication to stay alive he’d ask his daughter to run to the drug store and she refuses and I guess mouths off to him.
Eddie wasn’t that good to me. But I also see that like many White men who are being intentionally brought down, he took it out on the one that cared about him.
Well. I never dreamed Christianity would be about the rich Christians against the poor Whites. But that is how it seemed. It was good that I went though, for hadn’t I gone, I wouldn’t have all the stories from the rest of my family for I rarely talk to them and if Josephine went, she wouldn’t have gathered all these things.
You know, I think part of it stems from a false idea of Christianity and Jesus. We have these pictures of him having been beaten and bloody and “doesn’t say a word” and even suffers the abandonment of all his disciples who left him when it got “hot” for Jesus. We get the false notion that one should be “strong and alone and endure” and suffer. I believe God wants us happy. I once read in the J.B. Phillips New Testament Bible that if we were to sum up in 2 words the entire life it would be Christ Jesus saying to us with a smile, “Enjoy Life!” I never got that from my study or those that taught me before. It was then that I embraced karaoke with a full heart of love for God, myself, and my fellow human beings. And I have literally helped millions around the world to “Enjoy Life’ from Jenny Jones (she’s Polish) which started American Idol, to parades where millions would assemble of all races, and even going out of my way to put other races ahead of my own, which I now see is wrong for my mental health.
Although I went up to Peggy, I didn’t hug her goodbye. So many things went on that were anti-Polish Nowak and pro-German Reckamp her last name, it was humiliating. Also, Mary Ann wrote a beautiful long poem and got to read it. But surely when she asked Peggy, it was right before the closing of the casket and Peggy couldn’t say no in front of the crowd. If you would like a copy I will ask my sister to mail it to you. Her poetry is sweet and she used to go on Chicago Radio as “Mary the Mystery” on the Midnight talk show and read her original poetry. She has boxes of it. There was a woman in Vegas who did the same on KDNR when I used to go on talk radio for politics. Mary Ann got to read it, but again, we were not invited nor welcomed as we weren’t invited to the $25,000.00 wedding they had recently. The only invited was Gloria from Florida, & she wouldn’t go. John got up before the coffin went underground and said he’d like to share a good thought about Eddie in that he loved, loved the space program, and the space program ended the same week he died. He did “not” ask Peggy he just spoke it as one of her relative men got up and asked to say a prayer at the meal at the Italian Restaurant, Bellagios.
I wanted to sing the #1 Funeral Song, “My Heart Will Go On.” I not only “sing” I “study” music making it a very intelligent exercise which no one really understands at my level, but I have to do things and think things of the “Highest” and to me the “Highest is Love and Justice.” I left our table and went to ask if I could sing as they have at restaurants. People are coming back to Vegas to take their vacations just to see my performances. Many have said I’m the best talent here and they never thought they would find this high level of entertainment in Vegas. Peggy made the dirtiest face and said “No!” again loud in front of the members of her table.
It’s beserk! When I worked for rich Jews downtown Chicago in the Neiman Marcus building, and although they were Satanic, and that isn’t “my” words but the woman and other co-workers there who hired and fired so many employees one could fill a forest preserve and there were only about 9 people! But we had our Christmas Party at the fancy Drake Hotel. They hired a piano player but no singer. They knew I sung, but at that time in 1995, very little. The rich Jewish owner came up to me personally and begged me to sing for the crowd. Jews know that for an entertainer to make it the entertainer needs opportunities like this to get practice of singing in public. And I did and they wanted more.
It’s just like the Jenny Jones Tape of me as the Queen of Karaoke which turned into American Idol, the White Christians all had access and seen that tape. They knocked me down, and I was crying. I think I mentioned I was at Cheesecake Factory sitting next to a female song writer who struck up a conversation. When I meant that it was difficult to be this “Queen of Karaoke,” she end up writing a song bout it which is now being requested at her concerts all over the world, more than any other song she wrote! I don’t get profits from any of this, I make nothing and do it out of love, which people call “crazy.” Anyone could have watched that Jenny Jones Show and “looked for the good,” as the Jewish man did that I gave the tape to. While White Christians were knocking me down, Jews transformed the tape into American Idol and the rest is history, the most watched show in history.
Anyway, here is the song “Eddie My Love,” as I hope he rests in God’s arms. Either that or inspires me to pick up his political activism for he was very angry about what was happening to the USA. It is why he made the song “We the People,” copyrighted.
You’ll see some fine pix and Vintage Video here. Although I don’t see Eddie like a lover. Matter of fact, of the 27 books I read on sex, the one entitled “The Scent of Eros: the Mystery of Odor in Human Sexuality,” by James Vaughn Kohl and Robert T. Francoeur, they write plainly that in a family, there is an “invisible odor” that a human emits. In a family of parents and children, this “scent” or “odor” makes the members “not want to have sex with one another.” It is Nature’s way of preventing parents of having sex with their children or siblings with each other even though they might sleep in the same bed. Those that commit incest as some nationalities and religions have done, like Jews in Poland, really are breaking the highest of Nature’s laws.
I love these halter dresses from the past, and have designed some of my costumes as their gowns! I like to finish on a positive note. Have a wonderful day, Claudie!

White Brother’s Funeral

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Here’s what I requested to sing at Eddie Funeral. His wife and their German family and their German family didn’t want me his sister there nor my poor family there, because of  our poverty and our idiosyncrasies we suffer from it. She certainly didn’t want me singing.  Do you think God will reward her with all the riches she inherited from my brother?
The song truly sings that as long as I’m alive, Eddie lives, for I’m doing something just like I’m doing now, paying tribute to his memory.
I picked out this youtube for it has lyrics and I’m using the “snip it tool,” to cut pix from video to emphasize my words.
I have a costume of “Rose” when she gets out of her old 1900’s car. She wears a big hat and I made my bigger and my long skirt fancier.
Here’s is similar to what I sewed myself: imageI bought a striped jacket and added the black velvet sewn by hand. (American women sewing; what an odd idea.) Here’s a better pix: I even decorated an umbrella and added gloves.
Here’s from the youtube below: Jack is trying to save Rose from suicide. I also had my struggles but have been healed of that.
Here Rose has jumped overboard for she doesn’t want to marry the man she is engaged to. Jack pulls her out of the water which symbolizes the suffering she is going thru and probably oceans of tears.
They are dancing below the deck for Jack is a stowaway I thin and she brings out the utter exuberance for Jack and Jack for Rose.
image image (The fun begins as they soar into the ocean breezes.)
Rose is older and thinking back: image
I made this locket: image

TSA Agents: White Suicide

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I have added media emails to relay my story of my protest against the illegals and why are TSA agents at Chicago Ohare but not on the borders of Mexico, since our worse danger is from them. This information will also reach Europe, and hopefully will be forwarded to other White countries since statistics at Census Bureau shows the White Race to be going extinct and all the laws against Whites. My husband knew this and experienced this on the streets of Chicago homeless in 2004.
Here’s a tribute I did for US Marine Purple Heart Veterans in Chicago: 
I’ve written 20,000 pages of research on what I’m going to tell you about below. My entire autobiography, with emails just like this, spilled out to media, and it is the “First time in history.” It is said there “are no more new ideas,” just the rehashing of old ones. My story, my life, is “new.”
If you want to contact me about this: 702-878-4333, or reply, but put TSA or White Suicide in the subject as I put a lock on my emails like advertising and people who just want to gab about silly things. I have a White Race and Christianity to save.
Although some of you have read this, the media hasn’t, so I will repeat what NBC News in Chicago, the female that answered the phone for the editor’s desk for news told me.
I asked her politely for their email address, and prefaced my words with “I’m the widow of a US Marine, Purple Heart, who commit suicide: last words were there is no help for the White man in this country.” She showed no interest and wouldn’t give me the email address. She wanted to know more though even though she told me she wasn’t going to forward my message. I asked her if she knew about the Complaint of Genocide Against the White Race that was submitted to the United Nations.
She harshly replied to me and I have it written: “You don’t have to worry about a genocide against the White Race. You have to worry about the Revolution that is already in progress against them.” She laughed harshly and sardonically at me and slammed the phone in my White Widow’s ear. I guess my Viet Vet also went through this when the Veteran’s hospital kicked him out homeless knowing he was suicidal.
We already know that thru my writings since 2002 I have changed history for Viet Nam Veterans and all Veterans although it will not help me or my children, but will perhaps help some of the White Veteran’s still alive.
For the media just a recap of the historical changes I’ve helped make by writing emails, blog, performances as Queen of Karaoke in military costumes, going to Sen. Reid, head of the Senate, and faxing, phoning, Congress etc.
I’ve seen the scorn taken from Viet Vets. For the first time in history Viet Vets had a parade and I marched in it. The government did a study into bad treatment of Veterans at Walter Reed hospital and I had written of the horrible treatment my husband got before his White Suicide. The government further studied the suicides of the Veterans. They then did a special study for almost if not all the suicides were related as a “White man’s disease.” The government stated that these (White) wounded Veterans who commit suicide as a result of the wars would now be considered as having died in battle and not suicide for the injuries, addictions, trauma, was from the war not weakness on the White man’s part. President Obama was the one that came on news and declared the above… and added that even the widows and children of the White Veteran Suicide men would be getting letters of condolences on the loss of their War Hero husbands. Also, being in Las Vegas, I’ve taken my pleadings for their rights to media etc. and now in Vegas there are no homeless Veterans and it is spreading across the country. It was said in news that there were 3,000,000 Veteran’s in Viet Nam, mostly White, 179,000 are left today, and they are all about my age, 63!
I’m only saying this to prove my character and establish honesty. You can also look on this youtube to show you that I was on Jenny Jones in Chicago in 1999, gave the tape to a friend of a friend, who was a marketing agent. He called me up later and let me know that there was a new show called “American Idol,” and it had my name, Barbara Ann written all over it. Also, in the video at 6:26, you can see my nipple fall out when I shimmy. This same man had the account of Telemundo TV and the Superbowl, so surely that is how the “malfunction” of the black Janet Jackson happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qABWy10zCUw
Now I can relate my incident of protesting at the TSA scanner agents. And read to the end for you will find how NBC news in Chicago, the black female editor that answered the phone, practically cursed me out for being a White woman, let alone widow of US Marine Purple Heart that commit suicide.
Since there is a Complaint of Genocide Against the White Race issued by Terry Graham sitting and collecting dust if not shredded so no one can see at the United Nations, I will insert a copy. See attached. It was first issued when President Clinton joked that the Whites will be the minority in front of College students and they all laughed. As I worked for the US Census, I researched that the Whites will be a minority by 2042. A letter was sent out by the Census 2 years ago, that the Hispanics are now the majority children in USA, and Dr. Duke states from prognostications that Whites will not dead here in 2111. Even Michael Savage the radio announcer wrote a book  years ago that I own “The Death of the White Male,” it is deliberate and intentional to “replace” Whites in our own country.
That being said, I went to O’Hare airport and wanted to protest the TSA scanners. So I made a mental note of everything I had to go through. Buying the ticket, they can check my identity to see if I’m a good citizen. At the airlines desk, they again check ID and just as one applies for credit, one surely can check the identity of the passenger. I was shocked that the plane I left Vegas on had a broken starter and I had to sleep on the floor for 6 hours (or try and the carpets are so filthy, with all the people on unemployment why do we have to live with such filth. Being Polish American I have pride on cleanliness but now that Whites are being replaced, we’ve lost that in our public places. China for sure has all new manufacturing, and they are all so clean. All 1.3 billion of them. They also have replaced us in manufacturing as the Hindus have replaced us in Customer Service, computer techs, doctors, etc.
Then I had to go thru another man who checks my ID carefully. Since I have been a pro-White Civil Rights activist, every time I go into the airport they declare a Code Orange. It happens to other pro-Whites. Also, for those from the media that I have cc’s on this, every White peaceful conference that I have tried to attend has been shut down. The FBI shut down the White People’s Party in Vegas after our protest against illegals, while 85,000 illegals were marching here. The government shut down the David Duke European American conference, another peaceful assembly to protect and preserve our White heritage, culture, just as the blacks say, “Say it Loud I’m White and I’m Proud,” Whites are prohibited from saying, singing or even thinking that. There are been shut downs of other White peaceful assemblies, and it was even blacks that called in and would pull their contracts from the hotel for church services if we were allowed to meet. David Duke was raised by a Black nanny in the South, so there is no prejudice in him. Just statistics of black on White crime. 37,462 blacks rape White women each year alone. And there are “0” rapes of White men against blacks. Even Jacque Hollander of Chicago was raped by James Brown the Godfather of soul as he pointed a loaded gun to her head. Her info is on the internet.
(sorry for rambling but I type fast to keep up with thoughts.)
As I go thru the airport, I have to remove my shoes, put my computer in a bucket, remove any metal, put my purse in there.
I was headed for the scanner which takes nude photos of me and gives off deadly radiation as I found out microwaves do, and even though the Germans Whites invented the microwave they refuse to use it.
I told them I was the widow of an US Marine Purple Heart and would like to see the manager of the entire TSA system before I go on.
A man named “Kulka” came up to me and was very professional. I then told him of my husband’s White suicide and that as he fought for me, I wanted to fight for him now that he is gone and all the laws, such as Affirmative Action against “all” White males. The White women have laws protecting them thru feminist movement so perhaps I should call up Gloria Steinem and they can help me. White Children have protective custody
I told him all the inconveniences I had to go thru from the time I bought the ticket until perched in front of the scanner. I told him I would not refuse to go thru for I would either miss my flight or be arrested or sent to insane asylum. I only asked for some time with him.
I clearly specified that I wanted him to do 2 things: 1) tell the media of this incident and 2) tell his boss and 3) make sure there are TSA scanners from one end of the border to the other.
I believe that since there is so much surveillance cameras around the airport that this conversation was all filmed and recorded and you can play it for it happened exactly as I’m writing.
If he didn’t do any of the above I will take it on myself to forward this to you. And it really got bad at the end, not from the TSA, but from NBC Chicago News editor that practically cursed me out on the phone when I asked for email address of the news department.
How is the world going to know the White race is an endangered species unless the News tells it. When I took my son, Paul, who is in the Jenny Jones video with me, to the zoos in Chicago when he was a child, he only wanted to visit the “Endangered Species” animals and I even bought him a book on them. Now it is the White Race that is the endangered species and all I get is a slammed phone by black woman in my ear.
I told TSA Supervisor, Kulka (Polish American like myself), that it was discriminating against me a good White woman to be treated like a criminal or terrorist as well as for all these other people. If we are worried about terrorists and bombers, which we should have protection, even military, but “what about the borders?”
I confided to him that my Veteran couldn’t find a job in Chicago after being released from the hospital and was homeless. Howbeit that 80% of Post Office Jobs are black and Chicago now has more Mexicans in the USA, second only to Los Angeles. All Mexicans brought in intentionally to help rebuild Chicago, the buildings, the gardens, parks, demolition, etc. The White Polish immigrants are fleeing back to Europe for there is no work for them and they said and I quote “The Mexican Mafia here treats them so badly, they can’t work under those circumstances.”
He would tell me that his job was only to protect the airport. But if terrorists are going to come here from other countries, they are dodging the USA airports and flying to Mexico and coming in with the illegals. I know that for the Mexican woman that used to live next door saw my irrigation pipe bursting with water up into the air. Living on Veteran’s widow’s pension and having worked myself in Chicago 50 years in many jobs such as legal secretary, I cannot make ends meet and I live in an old section, double-wide trailer. She said she would send 2 men to fix it. I thought they were Mexican and when the arrived they looked like Mexican. But they didn’t talk English, and they didn’t talk Spanish, but were Arabs, for they could say just a few words. So it seemed they could come over the border and sneak in with Mex’s and we would never know it. Not only the Communists from Cuba and Chile who swore to take over America, could easily walk over the border.
I told the TSA agent that I had to take off my shoes. I’m a good woman, grieving, but very good. These Mexicans could have illegal drugs like cocaine, heroine, yet there is no TSA agent to stop them. My deceased husband’s and my son fell to drugs and his counselor at Our Lady of Mercy near Chicago said there is an “intentional plot” to bring down the “cream of the crop” in the USA. They get the straight A students, or Sunday School students, or paper route boys, that all the students look up to, and get them addicted and the rest will follow. He took me on the rehab ward: it was all White. Whites that should be healthy and having healthy babies strung out on drugs. I know a teacher who taught at a school in Hawaii. Her students were crack cocaine babies, and yes even Whites. The students were monsters, with one eye on the forehead and one on the chin, bodies deformed, intelligence “0”,” yet we pay $100,000.00 to teach them and leave our borders open for more drugs and there are no TSA agents, or scanners there.
I had to put my purse into the bucket at the airport, yet when the illegal Mexicans come here they come with empty purses and wallets and take all our tax money. Whites do not need any more buildings, houses, even products. Our youth can inherit the homes, land, furniture, etc. that we have now, so no more building has to be done. China is already shrinking their population and within a 100 years will probably only have less people than America has today. But then China is “thinking” and “assembling” and Whites can’t. China even has a computer program in place that “all” the 1.3 billion, even the old people, are on computers. China’s government is furnishing them and even going to the homes of older people to “teach them” for the Chinese want “all” their people united. Whites can’t even assemble in groups of 8, without the FBI shutting us down. Even if Whites have severe problems, from addictions, or joblessness, or the fact that there is only 1 – 12 year White boy in a class of 30 for advanced math and science and we have to “import” Arabs, Hindus, Israelis, Muslims to be our doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers. I took that Complaint above to Sen. Reid head of the Senate when they wanted to pass the law giving immigrants citizenship who have been already trained here in schools. I asked his assistant, “If Whites are not being Genocided or brought down, why isn’t our $$$ going into teaching White boys to be doctors, lawyers, architects etc? There is “$0.00” going into the White Race’s survival.
Since this agent was White, he listened but made few comments, nor do I want you to fire him as you do other Whites that even “listen” to the truth. That is why I put several media groups on the blind cc. This White man should be rewarded and stop punishing the White men for what was and is being done intentionally.
I then told him why do “I” have to go thru the scanner, I’m a good woman. I believe in “saving” not bombing or terrorizing. One cannot be both creative and destructive. One will master the other.
Then I asked him to put these machines all along the border so that these pregnant, conniving Mexican woman, who want to have their babies on our soil for citizenship and more blackmail of taking or Tax Dollars, that these machines could detect these women and their babies and send them back to Mexico. My Polish grandfather, a Russian Polish General came here legally in 1904 before the Communist Revolution destroyed Russia, and my ancestors worked their fingers to the bone here, as my husband’s ancestors who came from the first ship to America; The Mayflower. See the book, “Here Shall I Die Ashore” by Caleb Johnson. It is about Stephen Hopkins, my husband’s ancestor from 1620 and is adventures in a very cruel North America, and how they had to overcome obstacles. It should be a text book in every school in America and many of those ideas could be adopted to save our White Race today.
Kulka, the Polish-Danish American listened and then said, “Lady, if you were running for office, I’d vote for you. You make absolute sense.” I smiled, and then walked through, having my integrity wounded by the radar and x-rays, while the Mexican women, children and men, do not get subjected to this. It makes me feel bad while they just walk over and multiply to replace Whites.
So I’m back in Vegas, and getting ready to go to Elvis festival. Please do not tell anyone about this as I will be banned for even writing you. I’m a female Elvis and was so from 2000-2001 at Ed Debevic’s 50 and 60 restaurant in Chicago. I also sing karaoke in costume and the only one in the world that has 211 self-made sewn or designed costumes from Lady Gaga, Lady Leprechaun, Tina Turner, Selena, Cher. I sing in 8 languages, English, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, German, Italian, French and Latin, about 7,000 songs. It is just my karaoke hobby and was given the name “Queen of Karaoke” at Jilly’s on Rush Street before I moved here in 2004. I don’t want my writing the truth to affect my ability to sing karaoke and have that freedom. If Whites have to die, we should at least be able to have a little fun and not all the worry of $32,000.00 that our unborn White babies have to make before they come out of the womb! I do not want to be discriminated against in entertaining or any other avenue.
My poor son with genius mentality, highest in math, in Chicago suburb schools, was discriminated against, and end up living like a ferule animal in the forests of Texas, for the laws were against him, and his rights transferred to the other races. It’s sad since we are now begging for White boys even in England, South Africa, Australia, Canada, South America to have natural math genius ability, and we are not breeding them anymore. We are in deep trouble. Not talking about it or publishing it, doesn’t seem to have helped.
Also, I have written extensively about breastfeeding, and my cleavage is a symbol of how tragic it was for me to breastfeed back in 1973 a pioneer. I have changed society with my cleavage for mother’s milk is the only perfect food for humans, and God only knows with women having Caesarian sections babies only 5 pounds, they are going to have White midgets and White dwarfs! Baby formula is sugar followed by 22 drugs. I have 20,000 pages like this so if you like further info, let me know. When I tried to breastfeed, the doctor literally threw me out of his office back then. All of this writing hasn’t benefited me at all but for the “future” Veterans, the women of America being convinced to breastfeed etc. To me, I sometimes think I’m wasting my time. If you think I am, please let me know.
Even the head of the English Department here at Vegas college told me to “forget the White man; he’s worthless.” Yet the man was White. I was talking with him as to why the 25 essays I had to read in college were all about diversity, the only one about the White man suggested he was impotent, and I was supposed to feel sorry for Japanese, Mexicans, Chinese, Jews, blacks, Hindus. Why aren’t they just teaching plain old English so we can begin to start writing, reading, communicating? We already know that all these races will still be here in 2042 and their populations will explode at the expense of our White Tax dollars. Why force this down our throats and leave us incapable of even talking about it.
Now it gets really bad if you don’t think any of the above isn’t bad enough. You do not “feel bad” for as Whites we are taught to “feel sorry” for others. They manipulate us thru our “feelings.” But I still believe that Whites have an inner instinct to survive and this will touch you right there.
My object is to unite 700,000,000 Whites around the world, (mostly old and ready to die as my husband) so that we can have computers, a spread sheet like the Census with all our White names and addresses, and if the Whites are being victimized in any way shape or form it is recorded, especially with $$$ that is being swindled from us thru taxes going to non-White problems and none for us.
So I call NBC News Chicago and get the woman at the Editor’s desk. I tell her I’m widow of US Marine, who Commit suicide and his last words were “There is no help for the White man.” I continued that I had a protest of sorts, more of a discussion, at the TSA agents. And also told her of the Complaint of Genocide against the White Race.
I was horrified to think that after all the welfare and aid that Whites had given blacks of Africa from 1600’s up until the White House that she would make the next shrill, comment, so much so, I was and am shaking like a leaf.
She told me in a manner not to worry about the White Race dying in genocide. But to worry about the Revolution against us! How is it that the blacks know something I don’t. That there is already a Revolution going on and Whites the victims. She refused to give me their email and slammed the phone against my ear, as she laughed sardonically.
Are you going to also treat this as NBC did? Shred it? Delete it? Pass it on and let it die like the White Race? This is for “your” children, not mine.
I will relay another true story that happened to me thru McDonald’s Hamburger’s, although this is just a side story. I used to go for a hamburger or coffee to McDonald’s here in Vegas. I live in a mobile Home park and am surrounded by Mexicans. It is like the reverse where the Indians were on reservations, it is now Whites on reservations and Mexicans control Las Vegas.
After 4 visits of being treated badly, I called Corporate. Most people know that thru blockbusting of White neighborhoods the Mexicans and black gangs will drive Whites to terror and Whites will run. It is intentional to build new homes. But Whites don’t need any new building. We have to focus on saving our race, educating our young so that we are not 26 out of 26 countries in education, and mortality for our babies is last, and all the other categories that show us in decline as not being #1 anymore. I would be satisfied with being 165 as long as I know the White Race is still alive. I will also attach my essay at college from 2006 even before Obama was even thinking about running for President where I talked of “Saving the White Race.”
It is said in a book I read that if we don’t save our White male this is going to be a 3rd world country for it took that mentality. So I write this not only to save the White Race, but the USA.
If you would like to talk with me, or want info from my blog and 20,000 pages, let me know. Again 702-878-4333 or 702-419-4333, or queenofkaraoke@cox.net. I am on Facebook and have many costumes on there as Barbara Ann Nowak, or myspace.com/singbabs. Again, don’t let the cleavage shock you, for breast milk came out of them for 3 1/2 years each son and that is my “badge of honor,” and the most important thing I have ever accomplished.
I have been leader trained at what used to be the #1 Trucking Company, Roadway Express, and as a leader in the Quality Movement I learned at seminars that if we didn’t change, in 10 years the prognostications showed Roadway would go under because of “competition.” Look at our White or even USA competition today, all running away with all the manufacturing, computer and customer service, construction, union jobs, auto industry, computer manufacturing etc.
Here is a letter I wrote to the McDonald’s CEO as the Mexicans here in Vegas, who are already the majority are discriminating against Whites and treating us badly here as Senior White Citizens. (Believe me, it is going to get worse for Whites as they approach nursing homes for there are no Whites to take care of us only to have us replaced.)
You will see how the black Customer Service agent screamed at me and told me to “go back to Europe” where I came from for they don’t want us here in America. You will see from the video which the airlines surely has that I’m meek and mild, while these people even women are aggressive, loud as can be.
In all these cases I have not discriminated against anyone. I only write the Truth. I was a straight A student at Chicago Vocational and graduated and went on stage to pick up the award for the highest honors for Business in 1967. I have worked as many as 8 jobs in Chicago, a full time legal secretary, and 7 part time jobs, for there was no help for me or my White sons as family of War Hero victim from the government.
I will post this on my blog, for surely as no one wanted my White deceased Veteran’s husband’s story to be revealed, no one wants this to be revealed. I have also probably been responsible for the New Purple Heart Museum, as I was already writing about it in 2002 getting recognition for Purple Heart’s.
If you want to bury this information as my deceased husband is buried in Abraham Lincoln Cemetery in Joliet, I leave it in your hands.I would hope that the non-Whites will be as merciful, kind, generous, caring, loving towards Whites at this critical moment in history, as we have been towards them. Look at how good the blacks have it here compared to Africa. Look at a black in Kenya today and the black President Obama with Kenyan father is doing at the “top” of the USA. Same with Mexicans.
I hope for the safety of my life also, as there has been attempts on my life here in Vegas with a black man and a loaded gun that the police took out of my tool shed about 4 years ago. There are what seems to be powerful forces against our White Survival.
Very Truly Yours,
Barbara Ann Nowak, 702-878-4333, 702-419-4333, queenofkaraoke@cox.net

“Watch You Bleed” Jewish words to Whites on Tee Shirt

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As if the last tee shirt I sent you that the Jews use to “torture” us, here is one that says “Watch you Bleed.”
And yes, Jews are not only watching us on their private TV, but they are “watching us as they suck every drop of blood from us both in labor and $$$ and their rape of our White women and boys)… but they are watching us bleed to death thru our suicides, our decline and degeneration, and our military deaths.
When I see veteran’s with burned deformed faces, or limbs off and only a metal leg that a Jewish doctor put on, (yes Jew doctors make trillions off of wars thru these metal legs and Jewish pharmacy) I can’t help but wonder that all Jews I have ever seen have their legs, eyes, ears, nose, their faces haven’t been burned off, they have skulls and not metal helmets for skulls as the Viet Vet I dated from my church. These Jews are not addicted after the Viet Nam war, in fact, every White woman I know would give her body, mind, heart, soul, her children, parents, God, just to even have sex with a rich Jew in hopes of marrying him. But the Jews just screw them and use them for sewers for their sperm. Jews only marry “good breeders.” “If” they race break at all. For their blood line is everything. Jews only conned us Whites into “equality” which really means this: Jews stay Supremacists. Yellow Chinese and yellows stay as Supremacists #2. Hindus, Supremacists #3. Blacks and browns Supremacists 4 & 5. 1/2 Breeds like our White House, Supremacists #1 under Jew control. Where do Whites fit in? Under “equality” it means “only laws and rules for Whites.” The rest of them can do as they damn well please even kill us or genocide us, victimize us thru constant crime, $$$ schemes, etc. And equality also means to “bring down the Whites” to the level of blacks and browns, and then leave us in the gutter as dead when the blacks and browns go up higher as black women make twice as much as I can as a Good, Smart and Intelligent, White woman. Mama always taught me “You’re Smart and You’re Intelligent.” What good does it do? The Evil Jewess rules. One cannot blame the White guys, for even my brother said he would do anything the Jews wanted just to get his CD’s across. His CD consisted of songs that were, spiritual, romantic and yes political with a song called “We the People.” He has them copyrighted.
It’s hard to believe how the Jews got away with this and still do and they laugh until today for it is as if they have us tied to a chair and ready to drench us with boiling water as the black female of the Black Panther’s Chicago gang did to other blacks. Someday, perhaps soon, it won’t be a black man in that chair tied up, but a White man, woman or even child.
Enlarge it so that you see exactly how the Jews brought the Whites down to our knees and replaced us as their slaves in our own country. Or at least we thought it was ours. It never was. We were always their slaves as they brought the niggers here and conned us into supporting them for 400 years when we should have fired them long time ago.


Jew Jesus Tee Shirt Axl Rose Guns n Roses

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I was sent this video on my new website: queenofkaraoke1 ……… I already have subscribers and am getting emails. If the Whites knew that I started American Idol, perhaps I would get one or two more. But Jews get 400,000,000 with their Lady Gaga creation.
It made me cry, which I’m glad to have my tears, for I do not have the gold as my German sister-in-law or the Jewish women who all came from Poland and collect $11,000,000.00 an hour thru their Jew husband. And the Jews can be rotten, bitchy, like my German sister-in-law and the world lays a bed of flowers and roses for them who do nothing, and good White women suffer, suffer, and suffer some more.
But it was the tee shirt Axl Rose had on. The one of Jesus with the crown of thorns. This is similar to the one the Jewess wore when they found at at the Vegas karaoke pub that I was going to be there as Mrs. Hitler. Over this suffering, agonizing Jesus, the face was replaced with Mel Gibson, and there was blood on his face. There was a large red “X” over his face and the word “Shmuck” under Gibson’s bleeding countenance. There were large TV cameras, but obviously the White media never saw this, for I guess Jews have a separate media to take movies of events like this for them to roar with laughter against us. I refused to take pix, and I’ve never done that. She kept hounding me, but I stayed away. They kept hounding me for “film” and then they asked me to sing with them to poke fun of me and Hitler. So I got on stage, borrowed a lighter off the table and said on the microphone…. “Let’s light the ovens.” Obviously, there were no ovens that the Germans were putting Jews in burning them alive. There were only crematoriums, and certainly no gas chambers. But as badly as the Germans treated me at the funeral just recently, it hurts my fingers, mind, and heart to even stick up for them. I really do not want to spend the rest of my life saving them or my German sister-in-law’s kids when they were so mean to me and my family. And they stepped on my mother’s grave. I cannot forgive.
Here’s the Tee Shirt Axl is wearing:
image It says “…….. your idol,” but can’t make out the rest. (At least it doesn’t say schmuck like the Jewess wore for the big TV private Jewish cameras under the face of Mel Gibson with thorns.”
If you read any of my writings recently, I have written continuously that this Bible picture of the Jews getting the Whites to beat and bloody and crucify Jesus (as my Mama did to my white Daddy) is “not” the message of God. For Jesus to take all that quietly is exactly how we Christians fell and stay in Jewish hands. This is “abuse,” with a capital A.
Jews want to get Whites psyched up in our minds, and above all, it is Jewish Mind control, and the only way we are going to break this hold on us is through mind, then actions. Jews have us wearing raggedy jeans, wrinkled up tee shirts, where I couldn’t tell some of the rich Whites at Neiman Marcus, or the poor homeless. (Jews don’t shop at Jew Neiman Marcus, they just gouge White $$$ there. Just as Jews don’t take drugs or booze or cigarettes or even gamble. They just make us do it.
Here’s guitar player stomping his leg. It is anger. I stomp often often stage. I was told that when one of my aunt’s died, (we poor Nowaks were not invited to funeral, or Mama was too angry to attend since they wouldn’t loan her $5.00 for food for my starving family and would tell me “You’re (White) parents “played” now “they” have to pay.” But this cousin was so badly grieving at her mother’s death who voiced these words, that she pounded the closed coffin with her fist so badly and continuously they couldn’t lower it.
image You also will see in Video that one of the band has the sticking out of the tongue tee shirt, which the Jews, as Jew Gene Simpson of Rock Group “Kiss,” sticks his tongue out constantly at the White Race and we can’t get enough of their abuse.
At this point, let’s all think up one of the Jewish jingles that somehow justify this bizarre, and cruel Jewish behavior, such as “It’s all right, tomorrow will be a better day.” Or. Whites “choose” this abuse and even genocide. Start listening, for when you start to complain our fellow Whites will recite a thousand of these Jews one liners to justify our pain as we die. But not one of these 1 liners will change our White history. Just Jewish salve and ointment on our bloody heads with thorns. Perhaps your life hasn’t been that bad. Perhaps your children’s will. I hope not. Otherwise I wouldn’t write, I’d leave them to suffer my fate.
Here’s the video “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” I get the feeling that perhaps this get up is for the “homosexual” that we should feel sorry for. Axl is wearing just his underwear, and the shirt covering him exposes only his groin. Someday Whites will have to interview all the rock stars alive to compare stories and sew them together as I sewed my divided and conquered siblings’ stories about the German funeral of my White Polish brother.
I can’t make out the first word, but will email England who sells these Tee Shirts. It seems like the phrase on the tee shirt under Jesus’ scorned with rose thorns head reads “Kill Your Idol,” but I doubt that. I hope the shirts says “Love Your Idol.” I don’t have to email, I just found this tee shirt on Ebay and here’s what it reads:

Axl Rose Guns N Roses Kill Your Idol T Shirt RRP£19.99

Why do Jews want us to “KILL” and why does the world hate Whites so much for all the “Killing” we have done thru wars and continue to do. I’m astounded that the Jews got away with replacing all the leaders in the Middle East. I know the Jews have killed Presidents, Kings, Jesus or “incited to riot” the Whites so we killed our own. But for Jews to get away with the murder and murder by protests which brought down the entire Arab and Muslim leadership is beyond comprehension. Our only hope is that this new leadership puts their Jewish brother of Israel in his place, for certainly Whites can’t do it.
You see how Jews get whites to kill others, each other, themselves, and allow brown Mex’s to kill our air, water and land. It’s so easy for them.

Pt. 1 German Sister-in-law

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She is more of a White “Outlaw” than a White “Inlaw.”

Male Cat Likes Flamboyance more than Female Cat

There’s much to write about my brother’s funeral, and my sorrow and loss. But I was the only one crying. At first. Later others did, but not before I dropped at his casket and wept. Most were “laughing.” Is “this” what the Jews have done to us to “laugh at our own White death?” Is our dying, one big world-wide joke where the 92% non-Whites led by Jews are just laughing as they walk away with our gold, whether mental gold, physical gold, spiritual gold, etc?
Also, I begged her not to pull the plug on him when he was only in the hospital for 12 hours and my brother-in-law who also had the same stroke, recovered and wanted to live for 2 years afterwards. It seemed that neither she nor the kids wanted to take care of him when he was sick and sassed him back and even left him to die. What a White German woman, mother and kids. I doubt this is what Hitler wanted, but who knows. Jews took over Germany and USA, so that is our reality.
Before I go into any lengthy explanations, for I know it is a burden to read especially since we have been taught to appreciate distractions more than reading, writing, science, math, religion, I will put the most important ideas first.
As the subject says, “German Sister-in-law Inherits the Gold!” And she does.
Not only will she get his collection and vault of gold coins, but my brother told me she had a gambling habit and was $100,000.00 in debt. That was in 2004. My sisters told me at the funeral, where united my family could “compare” notes, and they said that she re-mortgaged the home 3 times. Really sounds like Whites are the ruling class of the world. Ruling in debt, and Jews ready to pull the carpet from under us.
From what I could reason, and believe me I don’t spend time figuring out her bank account. But here is what she gets off the top of my head, and this is probably only a small portion for my German sister-in-law saw to it that she came between me and Eddie. If only we could have saved my brother, maybe he would be alive, but there were so many other things that went on, and my brother was no saint, with quite a temper. But did she “pump” his temper up against us to him. If my brother’s only reality was her and the kids that didn’t want him, that is the only way he could judge his thoughts and actions. Jew marriages don’t have to go thru this for they have a business arrangement not marriage. I mean, come on, a sexless marriage especially for young, has to be a business arrangement.
Here’s what German wife inherits, so she can freely gamble away everything my brother saved, pinched pennies, did without dinners, vacations, even nice clothes for himself. His only “extravagance”….. was…. a Jewish psychiatrist, Dr. Shletsky. (sky at the end is Jew, ski at the end is Polish White Christian, the Jew’s slaves for 900 years.)
  1. Inherits a vault of gold coins
  2. Eddie just took his pension at April, and oddly it seems that is when he got sick. Although he took his teaching pension at 62.
  3. She inherits his teaching pension.
  4. His insurance policies, but no one knows how much those are, but hopefully enough to pay her gambling debts.
  5. Eddie had many, many collectibles. Such as an entire room full of slot machines. He had many vintage toys and gadgets.
  6. He had a vintage radio for more than anything, my dead brother wanted to be a “radio announcer.” I guess that is why I like radio today and my first emails naturally went to a radio DJ.
  7. Eddie had musical instruments as he played the accordion, guitar, harmonica.
  8. The German woman will inherit all the rights to his original CD, which includes original lyrics, melodies. He only recorded perhaps 20, but he wrote about 200. He didn’t have enough money to pay for recording studios so he would pay with original song lyrics. Odd, that he didn’t have enough money to pay for recording studios, when his wife was wrapping up $100,000.00 periodically for gambling debts.
  9. My brother didn’t have clothes and once told me he had one outfit for school and another for working on his garden. I was the first in the family to start a veggie and fruit garden in 1970, and afterwards many of my siblings followed. I know that the Veteran’s Hospital said my husband would have been dead within a few years after he came back from Viet Nam if it wasn’t for me and how I was feeding him well from the garden and then adopting a more nutritious diet. It’s “odd” that (I’m tired of using “odd” I got to check thesaurus.com for more words, and really think the Whites need to either develop another language which all Whites talk but no one else understands as Elvis and his Mama had, or expand it for there are not words to describe these events we are living thru today……… It’s “freakish” to think Eddie didn’t have decent clothes, but his wife had hundreds of thousands of dollars for her gambling. The Kids wanted new cars and Eddie bought them cars. His son played a live recording on a tape that Eddie did saying he bought his son a big screen TV. He paid for his girls schooling, college, clothes, make-up, and wedding. ($25,000.00…. and did I mention not one of my relatives was invited to attend. Don’t worry. What the Jews did to my big family is coming your White way, sooner than you think. And I’m getting more reluctant by the day to even try to save the White race.)
  10. The wife and kids did dress Eddie all in “black.” Black was his favorite color for his baseball hat. (Eddie didn’t need a baseball hat. He had the thickest, wavy, full head of hair one could imagine. But Jews have “kinky” hair and cut their hair short so we don’t know they are related directly to blacks, hence Jews abnormal love of blacks.) Eddie was dressed in black in the coffin. Daddy Cat on White fur, sequins, feathers Yet here is my male “cat” Daddy, sitting on my cape I sewed which has sequins, fur, and feathers. It is “Not’ the female that loves these flamboyant things, but the “male.” Yet haven’t Jews and homos taught the white man to dress in “rags” to get ready for male homelessness as my dead husband, my living son, and my dead father’s ancestors. Scrub board Since my white brother did “all” the cooking and they even mentioned that in his eulogy and was the “only” good thing they said about him, was that his German wife loved him for he did all the cooking and when she came home from teaching, he had a hot meal for her and fresh veggies from garden. She didn’t have to use a scrub board and wash costumes as I have to by hand for I can’t afford dry cleaners. Jew speaker and guitar player at Chicago Tea Party Although my brother could barely sell a CD, and was so multi-talented including a super father, here is a pix from Chgo Tea Party where the speaker is also the guitar player for the band…. and Jew Sheenie with the Beanie. I know for he came up to me when I was dressed as Wonder Woman and gave me his last name. He said he had Polish ancestry, and I bluntly asked him “Polish Christian or Polish Jew.” He nearly fainted and collapsed like the 3 World Trade Centers with 2 planes. Just 5 words: Polish Christian or Polish Jew. He admitted Polish Jew from Lithuania. I knew for I asked him to spell his last name, but wanted him to admit he was Jewish so I could come out of the closet and hiding and admit I was Polish Christian (White) (and not a dumb Polak.) p_00011Here’s an old pick of a DJ. It’s idiosyncratic that of all the CD’s he is playing, it will never be my White brother’s. It is all Jewish music. Charles Manson the serial killer knew that as did the Beatles. The only CD’s played are those who sell their souls to the Jewish devils on earth. Van Gogh's Paintings Here’s my original paintings which will never be sold for Jews also control the art market 80%. Only after they strip Whites of all their talents and then they did do Jews gang up to reap the $$$ off of Whites, leaving the Whites like my brother and myself… “starving artists.” I’m going to send another email for there might be too much memory with these pix.
It’s odd, especially since he was trying to divorce her for at least 9 years. He agreed to stay with her until kids were raised. He said, “She has turned my own children against me and they all stick together….. against me.” It was very obvious during the funeral ceremony for they stuck together against me. German Sister-in-law even said when I went to give my sincere condolences, “No one told me “you” were coming!” That “you” meant more than just “me.” For of my large family siblings, only my one quiet sister was really “invited” to attend. But she spread the word. I wasn’t going to go, but when I wrote my son Paul of my brother’s death, he said, “You “should” go; that is your brother, no matter how badly your family gets along.” (Eddie’s Jew psychiatrist would teach him to throw his “shoulds” out the window, yet Christians and Whites “should” live by “shoulds.” Whites “should” love one another. Jews love each other. Just look at their business and Satanic monopoly they have over the globe. If Whites would pay other Whites 3 times the rate, as Jews triple the price they pay other Jews for nursing home supplies which is another Jew monopoly, we might be closer too. Especially if we “gouge” the other races as Jews do. Jews surely gouge the yellows and Hindus also, while extracting trillions from them.
By my showing up at funeral, 6 other siblings that lived locally showed up. The German White Sister-in-law and the children she turned against my brother, her husband, never dreamed she would have 7 Nowaks to deal with. Especially since by “uniting” even for this short time, we were all able to compare notes about Eddie’s life, how she was abusing him, mistreating him even until his death and even thru the scriptures read at the service. If only my sister went, my sister does not see or talk about anything that might be going on that needs healing or protection. It is only since I “write and reason” that I was able to “listen” to all their snip it stories and tie them together. Jews have divided and conquered my Polish White family not just since Chicago, but since 1096, when Jews took over Poland.
Deceased brother Eddie Nowak collected “gold coins.” So he probably started when gold was cheaper. Surely it is the Jews who control the gold market, as they do the diamond market, ruby market. I think that is where the word “Jew-el” came from. Somewhere, Eddie left a vault of gold.
When I wanted to move to Vegas, but really wanted to use my brand new passport in 2004 to exit the USA….. for good. I thought of Poland, but my nephew that teaches there said there is no work for the (White) Poles. (Someday I will be able to speak and write the word White without ( ) for no one uses that word, as if White was a curse word and Jew was a sacred word reserved for the god ones on earth to worship 24/7. Jews have terrified us so deeply, that we cannot even “think” of any criticism of them, but boy can we criticize each other as Whites and judge. I was also going to move to Japan, for they are “crazy” about karaoke, and even crazier about Elvis where 2,500 meet every Saturday according to my son’s former girlfriend he met at Christian college who grew up at American Embassy in Japan. My son would have married her, but she grew up in Japan and I guess there is a lot of smoking and drinking there. So I opted for Vegas. And it proved to be a wise choice.
Eddie encouraged me to move here. He said that he brought my Dad as a friend to Vegas and each of them partied separately. Although Las Vegas preaches gambling, they also have signs and commercials for those that fall into addiction.
My brother advised me to move to Vegas. He told me he would join me after he retired. He again asserted he was only staying with wife and kids till they were raised, and he was gone. Truthfully, my Daddy did the same. He left Mama the husband beater the day after I married my husband. His job and suffering were thru. He probably stayed for he knew that perhaps he could stop her from beating me also, although she only did that rarely.
Eddie wanted to move to the west to “pan for gold.” He couldn’t wait, it was his life’s dream. The lonely life of a gold prospector. You know, I know a man here in Vegas that actually retired from his job and goes out panning for gold throughout the west. He wrote a screenplay and left me the master copy in case I put my autobiography into a book or a mini series for TV. (I know, Jewish Freud would say “delusions of grandeur,” and all the while Whites “do not have delusions” of grandeur as White only pay Jews “grandeur” tribute, but worship them 24/7. Jews have instilled it is “wrong” for us to think big, for it is the only way of life for Jews.
Right after brother Eddie Nowak’s stroke, I called the hospital. I talked to his German wife, (who by the way he wanted divorce from for Eddie said his house was a crazy house, and not only the wife, but the kids were treating him badly, especially since he was sick.
Even though the stroke happened perhaps 12 hours before, the German sister-in-law “refused” to give him a chance on life support. Perhaps there is truth to this, but it was her screaming “NO!” that made it so horrendous. Eddie had an autopsy on his baby back in 1975 when it died of suspicious causes. Anytime a baby dies and they don’t know “why” at least back then, they called “Crib death.” Hence, with many of the bad things I was hearing about before the death, I wish I could have gotten autopsy, but I have “no” rights as his White sister. Nor did he treat me well, so I should not be the one taking this up, anymore than I should have helped the White Veterans when my deceased husband treated me so badly, even having a murder contract on my life. But I’ve grown to understand. Someone has to grow to understand my pain now.
My brother’s inlaws were sure that none of my family would be there. Even though we have had problems, each of us is functioning, no drinking, drugging, no smoking, gambling, which we have been healed of over the years. Our appearance was just as adequate as the rich Germans.
That is why when I showed up it was a nightmare for them. The Germans had the funeral planned with passages etc. from the Bible, and they were not very complimentary about my brother.

No Jewish Hairdresser for Elvis

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Here is Elvis’ best friend from his God-loving gospel group that clearly and adamantly confirms that Elvis had “no hairdresser.” As you know the Jew Larry Geller, which J D Sumner calls “Gallagher” was “not” Elvis’ hairdresser, but more like a Jewish spy to relay to Jews everything Elvis was doing to have Jews “sell White Southern Male Heterosexual Elvis ideas” for $$$$. I sent this already, but it appears at the beginning. Jews act like barnacles to attach themselves to their White hosts, but more than barnacles which squeeze every ounce of blood and $$$ and White Tax Dollars for Jewish profit and their intention of bringing in more non-Whites to “persecute, punish and victimize” White race till we are dead.

Kosher Killer Krimes

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While Jews invented the myth of the horrors of the KKK for trying to maintain law and order in the South after Jews and their imps gouged the Southerners, the true monsters are the Jews. Remember what the Jews reduced Poland to, “a land without laws,” and a “land of how they enslaved the entire nation: The nobility into debt, and the rest of the entire population into White Polish slavery, then starvation, then death, while Jews robbed their corpses in golden glittery robes.
The Kosher Killer Krimes. Here is just 2 stories I came across, the one my sister called me for I am trying to get to writing. So even my family that hates me for saying the word “Jew” without genuflecting 24/7 relayed this to me. These stories should be mandatory reading for the religions that worship Jews as God on earth, for it is blasphemy and a slap in the face to God Almighty to worship criminals who take away His Glory!
In the video the Jewess says that God is crying with these Jews. Is God crying for the White race, that has developed Christianity and has given away everything, including land, capital women, and our very minds for the Jews, blacks, etc? Is God crying for the 66,000,000 God Loving people killed by Jew Commies, the 22,000 of my fellow White men of Poland, died by the Commies in Katyn Poland, and intentional extinction of our White man, the Jewish man’s competition? I do not think God would want to die, nor his Jesus Christ. I believe to kill God would be to kill the planet, for it is based on “good” laws of survival.
Also below is research to this Hassidic Jew Religion, and from Wiki it states that most Jews called Poland their home, and Poland is the birthplace of Hassidic religion, which is what this Kosher Killer was. This killing reminds me of the 5 part Eternal Jew movie that I sent to you recently, where the ending showed how they killed their cattle, drenched in blood, and then slaughtered and put into freezer! It’s uncanny, that this same process was done to a human Jew boy, for I wish no evil on them, but surely there are forces that are bringing these crimes to our attention where they were hidden for a thousand years. And yet Jews drove Whites to crimes, and even have America filled with criminals so that more crime and violence can be inflicted on White women and children, and Jewish wars for White men lying bloody and dead.
Here is of another recent Jew crime of raping a 12 year old girl:


By Rev. Ted Pike
16 Jun 11

Continuing a wave of child abuse indictments, another Orthodox rabbi has been arrested in Israel this week. Rabbi David Hafuta, age 64, is charged with forcing intercourse on a 12-year-old girl multiple times over a 10-month period. Hafuta is known as a “neighborhood rabbi and a familiar figure with a reputation in the field,” who abused the girl’s trust.
In an Orthodox culture in which rabbis are held in superstitious awe, the girl approached Hafuta with sincere religious questions. The rabbi then used religious pressures suffused with Kabbalistic/Messianic superstition and pedophile grooming techniques to molest his victim. Hafuta drove the girl to the beach and told her she must “atone for all the bad deeds that she has done so far” by allowing him to rape her. Using manipulation techniques shared by other pedophiles, the rabbi conducted a pretend marriage ceremony and described intercourse as possessing magical power to control destructive forces in the girl and even save her mother. The rabbi also sought access to other girls by asking his victim to bring her friends to his office, where some of his assaults had taken place.
As I have documented in previous articles (See, Child Sex Indictments Plague Orthodox Judaism and Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret) the Talmud could not be more explicit that Jewish men have the right to “marry” three-year-old girls via sexual penetration and Jewish women have the right to sexually assault nine-year-old boys. In the dozens of child abuse cases emerging against Orthodox rabbis, we find them evidently feeling justified by the Talmud to abuse minors, both male and female. The Talmud says sexual assault by an adult Jew upon a minor is not like sexual contact with an adult. Under certain circumstances it may be indulged in with no moral consequences. The child is not a “man” and is thus outside the Mosaic command against illicit sexual intercourse.
The sexual neutrality of minors is laid down in Sanhedrin 52b. This tractate, of all in the vast Babylonian Talmud, is considered by Orthodox authorities to be most definitive concerning legal matters.

GEMARA. Our Rabbis taught [and the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committed adultery…shall surely be put to death.] ‘The Man’ excludes a minor; that committeth adultery with another man’s wife ‘excludes the wife of a minor;’ even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife ‘excludes the wife of a heathen.’ (1)

Because the Pharisees gave two meanings to the word “man,” pedophile rabbis today may be rationalizing that sex is permitted, not just between a minor and a minor but, by inference, between a rabbi and a minor, with the wife of a minor and the wife of a heathen (gentile), who is not a “man” according to Kerithoth 6b.
In my article “Judaism and Homosexuality: a Marriage Made in Hell,” I present a number of further examples of the dictum that minors can’t throw guilt on the adult who rapes them. Suffice to say, this latest case of child rape by an Orthodox rabbi in Israel combines the worst theological and moral perversions of the Talmud. This evil “sacred” literature undoubtedly helped another perverse rabbi justify his despicable choice to do what Christ said we must never, never do: betray the trust of a child wanting to learn about God (Luke 17:2).

George Wallace and Elvis

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image As I said in last email, Wallace, gunned down for Jewish propaganda showing him a monster for not wanting separate schools for Whites. Today, we desperately need separate schools for White boys, not even both boys and girls, for it is the White boy that is in danger. White women, thanks to Jewess High Priestess, Gloria Steinem, have “Feminine Rights,” which gives White women the power to become worse white female slaves than they used to be. Now, White women have to take care of themselves, children, husband, work 40 hours a week, drive 20 hours a week, for Jewish Block Buster real estate agents pushed us into terror in the suburbs, “plus” White women have to give all the sex for free to their Jewish bosses, for Jewesses push them into doing so. This way Jewess can pursue doctorates, play cards and shop all day long and be always available for homework and $$$ for their offspring who are eternal, while ours rot.
Elvis in turn, as another Southern White male wanted to “stop illegal drugs,” for he saw the degeneration of his White audience right in front of his eyes of what the drugs were doing. The doctors enslaved him as a White person, as they did Hitler, as they did me on 23 pills a day under Jewish doctor’s care, or ‘hatred’ is a better word for Jews try not to take pills or the illegal international drug smuggling rings they operate.
At 2:51 you can see Elvis bending over George Wallace who tried to stop the destruction of our school system by replacing the Whites with Jews our best universities, and blacks in our schools, bringing down the White intellect… which after all… was the chief aim of the Jews’ intention of World War I and II and the Jewish competition: The smartest Whites, Germans. It is an awful way of doing business, and if “this” is American business and capitalism, then it must die for there is no God in it at all.
I cry when I watch this for I see why the Jews wanted to bring down the Southern White man, so opposite of what Jews stand for. And I think of the Confederacy, full of men like this. I do not approve of the churches in the South who have their White people still in slavery believing the dumb Polak Jews of Israel are “Chosen,” of God and the rest of us miserable sinners deserving “punishment.” In the book, “Nuremberg” by David Irving, the day the trials were set to “punish” the White Germans, and reveal many stories of Jewish lies, 2 days later the atom bombs went off in Japan. It was as if the Jews were saying, “We are not only going to bring into full submission our competition the White man, but also the yellow man. Hence Jews have enslaved both races to their Mastership. Today, Jews blackmail us with these Jew bombs and science, and probably is why our Whites cannot think…. I never realized the full meaning of the words… “the ‘people’ did not speak for FEAR OF THE JEWS!” Those “people” surely were either Whites that lived there, our ancestors who fled, or Palestinians, but “not Jews.” For many races lived in Jerusalem, which all our White major cities are patterned after today. Our White cities should be patterned after White heritage, not Jews running the show, all different raced slaves, and since we won’t be needed, left to die.
And here is the “Why Me Lord?” You can see why the jealousy of the Jews and their imps wanted to bring down the Southern White Male. These same men in the videos were probably typical of the KKK, but again, Jewish Hollywood nuts had to make “monsters” out of them for trying to defend White women and children. Now, it says our White women have to change if we are to save the White race and that is cause the Jewess our Mastress deformed our consciousness and molded us into White Freaks of nature, that is “against” our White species and not for it. (I have never found a species like that in my garden, even of the deadliest bugs or worms. It is always to “preserve” one’s species that rules in the garden. Have Jews smashed our minds even “lower” than bugs and worms? I think so.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck5gPQxgfyw&playnext=1&list=PL4EB99A574AADCAA6 I cry when I hear these words, for I too feel so humbly grateful for the goodness that I’ve experienced, although mine was thru acres and acres of pain. Also, when I pray it is for God, whom is really the one we worship. But no matter who or what you worship, whether God, Jesus, the Saints, it is all what one considers the highest in life. It is these things that have driven us into 38,000 different denominations. And Christianity should never be about splitting us apart like Jewish atoms and their atom bombs, which is probably hanging over our heads today, if we don’t worship the Jews, Jewesses, and Kyke Kids 24/7.