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Jews and “Sympathy for the Devil” Rolling Stones

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Note the words in the Rolling stones song reflect much of what I’ve been writing about the “Jews,” with their names, not an “invisible” devil or evil force but humans that are genociding us and White Christianity.
As you know, I have found the Jews all over all the lyrics, music, entertainers in the songs I sing. Remember what the Beatles said, “To be part of the entertainment field is to be part of the Jewish “religion.” But Christians never looked on the Jews in “business” “crime” a “religion.” To kill us, bring down the World Trade Centers, destroy Jesus “again” is a “religion.”
I was doing some sewing and put some music on, when this song popped up by the Rolling Stones. “Sympathy for the Devil.” I started to hear words that reflect the things I have been writing and exposing the Jews on. Or at least, the very minimum, start debating and sorting out. And hopefully give me credit for the “right” things I have discovered not a few things I reasoned that might have been wrong. So we ask ourselves is there a devil with horns that is “Invisible” causing destruction etc. or are there humans, as the Jews, holding us in bondage because of misguided “Beliefs,” and using the ideas of prayer and the “mind” techniques against us in “actions.” They keep hurting us and we don’t understand why, and go to God to pray, like a revolving door, and watching our race get worse.
My comments on the side in ( )
Sympathy For The Devil lyrics
Songwriters: Jagger, Mick; Richards, Keith;

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste

(Jews are wealthy & adopt “Culture)
I’ve been around for a long, long year
(Jews have been around for thousands of yrs)
Stole many a man’s soul and fate
(Jews have stole many White Christian man’s business, money, wives, sons for sex, government, land, gold, pride.)

I was ’round when Jesus Christ

(This one needs no comment, but we know who killed Jesus)
Had his moments of doubt and pain
(Jews capitalize on the doubt and pain Jesus suffered. The Muslims who we have fought for 10 years, trillions of dollars and White lives, some of our toughest, bravest men, think good of Jesus, not so Jews who commit “hate” crimes against Jesus and Christians.)
Made damn sure that Pilate
(Jews influenced Pilate with their shouting, lying about loving Caesar the White Roman Emperor-very aggressive savage mind tricks, which frighten us. Like the African bees that kill off gentle European honey bees, we tremble.)
Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
(Whites have never guessed what the Jews have done for these thousands of years living off us, to slave to bring them food, sex, $$$. We called our suffering “The devil,” but not the human Jews (or their imps today which could be any race)
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game
(Whites haven’t understood the Jew’s treacherous “game,” where they always win and Whites and White Christians seem to lose… only now it is our White Life of our species.)

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change

(Who was around St Petersburg Russia that took over the government after the Jews kidnapped the White Christian Czar, Czarina and his “ministers,” family, spiritual healer? I’ve been writing this until my finger pads are falling off)
Killed the Czar and his ministers
(This one should get you:Who but the Jewish assassins, 7 of them, like Building 7, killed the “CZAR & his MINISTERS?…
Anastasia screamed in vain
(Here is from Wiki on “Anastasia”

The best known Anastasia is the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, youngest daughter of the last Czar of imperial Russia. Legends about her have been the subject of numerous books and films.

Anastasia is currently the most popular name for baby girls in Moscow, Russia, Here’s more from Wiki:


Here’s your White Russian baby to sacrifice for Jews control.
(While the Jews who were involved in the French Revolution used advertising saying that Queen Marie Antoinette was a spendthrift & framed and beheaded her (Not one billionaire Jew in France then lose their heads or even a hair of their head but “gained,” while we lost. Here Wiki says that the Czar, Czarina raised their children very frugally. The Tsar’s children were raised as simply as possible. They slept on hard camp cots without pillows, except when they were ill, took cold baths in the morning, and were expected to tidy their rooms and do needlework to be sold at various charity events when they were not otherwise occupied.
Does this look like an “evil” Russian child?
(Here shows that the Russian Royalty had an “estate” in Poland. Once, during a snowball fight at the family’s Polish estate, Anastasia rolled a rock into a snowball and threw it at her older sister Tatiana, knocking her to the ground.
The article says that she was an “evil” girl, and Jews own Wikipedia. Jewish children have been “chosen”, never suffering the horrible effects of alcoholism, drug addiction, wars and having been blown apart and then try to survive. So naturally like the other races children they are not damaged good as many White Christians are.
On Anastasia’s Relationship with Rasputan the Royal Spiritual Healer where Royalty treated the poverty stricken man with “respect.”
Her mother relied on the counsel of Grigori Rasputin, a Russian peasant and wandering starets or “holy man,” and credited his prayers with saving the ailing Tsarevich on numerous occasions. Anastasia and her siblings were taught to view Rasputin as “Our Friend” and to share confidences with him.
“All the children seemed to like him,” Olga Alexandrovna recalled. “They were completely at ease with him.”[21] Rasputin’s friendship with the Imperial children was evident in some of the messages he sent to them. In February 1909, Rasputin sent the imperial children a telegram, advising them to “Love the whole of God’s nature, the whole of His creation in particular this earth. The Mother of God was always occupied with flowers and needlework.”
People were calling the healer, Rasputan a saint, and others were knocking him down horribly.
The Wiki article then says of “rumors” of Rasputan and the “Czarina” having sex, porn, and it was being “circulated” throughout Russia. Sounds exactly what they did to Queen Marie Antoinette, or even Hitler. These publications were done on wood in France as well as paper with porn images to make “hate” against the Christian Royalty who are now saints as a “family.” Jewish “hate” crimes against Christians or the anti-Christ. Forget the word “anti-Semetic.” Either that or say it 5 times until the fear of it wears off. Rasputan was teaching the children “heavy” spiritual courses. Do our White Christian children understand what that is? Or will we remain the 3rd smartest forever, even descending below browns and blacks who will at least be still alive because of their “numbers” and Jews still need slaves, but not White ones.
Rasputan the healer was Murdered. When the children were viciously murdered by Jews, and even Anastasia was sort of crippled on her foot, as her brother was a hemophiliac, the girls were wearing his picture along with a prayer. His teaching helped improve their suffering, pain, and bad temper for the young girl (if she had one, one has to be careful with Jewish Wiki)
(you know this part) Alexander “Keren’sky’ below was Jew.

During World War I Anastasia, along with her sister Maria, visited wounded soldiers at a private hospital on the grounds at Tsarskoye Selo. The two teenagers, too young to become Red Cross nurses like their mother and elder sisters, played games of checkers and billiards with the soldiers and tried to uplift their spirits. Felix Dassel, who was treated at the hospital and knew Anastasia, recalled that the grand duchess had a “laugh like a squirrel,” and walked rapidly “as though she tripped along.”[35]

In February 1917, Nicholas II abdicated the throne and Anastasia and her family were placed under house arrest at the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo during the Russian Revolution. As the Bolsheviks approached, Alexander Kerensky of the Provisional Government had them moved to Tobolsk, Siberia.[36] After the Bolsheviks seized majority control of Russia, Anastasia and her family were moved to the Ipatiev House, or House of Special Purpose, at Yekaterinburg.

About the jewels found on the children’s dead bodies. I would very concerned about Jews leaving off with gold and jewels and not paying for them. If 9/11 is pinned on the Jews, World War II, Russian and French Revolution, 900 years of Polish White Christian enslavement, Germany’s 2 horrific wars and the suffering and lost of 21,000,000 in World War II alone of Germans. I wouldn’t look for guns on Jews, but gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, rubies, etc.

At Tobolsk, she and her sisters sewed jewels into their clothing in hopes of hiding them from their captors, since Alexandra had written to warn them that she, Nicholas and Maria had been searched upon arriving in Ekaterinburg, and had items confiscated. Their mother used predetermined code words “medicines” and “Sednev’s belongings” for the jewels.

Although there is writing of joy & laughter, when the priest went for services:

On July 14, 1918, local priests at Yekaterinburg conducted a private church service for the family. They reported that Anastasia and her family, contrary to custom, fell on their knees during the prayer for the dead, and that the girls had become despondent, hopeless, and no longer sang the replies in his service. Noticing this dramatic change in their demeanor since his last visit, one priest told the other, “Something has happened to them in there.” [46] But the next day, on July 15, 1918, Anastasia and her sisters appeared in good spirits as they joked and helped move the beds in their shared bedroom so that cleaning women could clean the floors. They helped the women scrub the floors and whispered to them when the guards weren’t watching. Anastasia stuck her tongue out at Yakov Yurovsky, the head of the detachment, when he momentarily turned his back and left the room.

She stuck her tongue out at “Jew” Yakov “Yurov-sky,” what a smart girl? The Jew Gene Simmons from the group Kiss painted his face White-White and is famous for sticking out his tongue at the White Christian species who farmed for Jews, gave them land, homes, as much sex as Jews could handle…. free sex…. not even prostitution.

Anastasia was executed along with her family in the early morning of July 17, 1918. The execution was carried out by forces of the Bolshevik secret police under the command of Yurovsky.

Again, Jew “Yurovsky,” and his Jewish Assassination squad.

It was then the country went into Civil War, as the Jews did to the South in USA.

As the Whites (loyalists still faithful to the Tsar and the principles of autocracy) advanced toward Yekaterinburg the Reds were in a precarious situation.

It is interesting that those that supported the Christian Czars were called “White Army” or “Whites.” Surely Jews were telling us right out in the open, that the Commies were “not White,” nor Christians, but Jews.

The “Yurovsky Note,” an account of the event filed by Yurovsky to his Bolshevik superiors following the murders, was found in 1989 and detailed in Edvard Radzinsky’s 1992 book The Last Tsar. According to the note, on the night of the murders the family was awakened and told to dress. They were told they were being moved to a new location to ensure their safety in anticipation of the violence that might ensue when the White Army reached Yekaterinburg. Once dressed, the family and the small circle of servants who had remained with them were herded into a small room in the house’s sub-basement and told to wait. Alexandra and Alexei sat in chairs provided by guards at the empress’ request. After several minutes, the executioners entered the room, led by Yurovsky. Yurovsky quickly informed the Tsar and his family that they were to be executed. The Tsar had time to say only “What?” and turn to his family before he was killed by several bullets to the chest (not, as is commonly stated, to the head; his skull, recovered in 1991, bears no bullet wounds). The Tsar, the empress and two menservants were killed in the first episode of gunfire; Marie, Dr Botkin and the empress’ maid Demidova were wounded. Thick smoke had filled the room from so many weapons being fired at close quarters, as well as from plaster dust released from the walls by bullets. To allow the haze to clear, the gunmen left the room for some minutes, leaving all the victims behind. When the gunman returned, Dr Botkin was shot and the Tsarevich Alexei was killed, one gunman repeatedly trying to shoot or stab the boy in the torso. The jewels sewn in his clothes protected him, and finally another gunman fired two shots into his head. Tatiana and Olga were then killed by single bullets to the head.

Grand Duchesses Tatiana and Anastasia and the dog Ortino in captivity at Tsarskoe Selo in the spring of 1917.

The last victims, Maria, Anastasia and the maid Demidova, were on the floor beneath the room’s one window. As the gunman approached, Maria stood and struggled with Ermakov as he tried to stab her. The jewels in her clothing shielded her, and Ermakov claimed that he killed her with a shot to the head. Ermakov then struggled with Anastasia, failed to stab her, and said he killed her, too, with a shot to the head. Maria’s skull shows no trace of bullet wounds and it is unclear how she died. Ermakov was quite drunk during the murders and possibly his shot only creased Maria’s scalp, knocking her unconscious and producing considerable blood flow, but not killing her. Then, as the bodies were taken out of the cellar room, two of the grand duchesses showed signs of life. One sat up and screamed, throwing her arm over her head, while the other, bleeding from the mouth, moaned and moved slightly. Since the head wounds inflicted on Olga and Tatiana were instantly fatal, it is likely that Maria, perhaps only unconscious, was the sister who screamed, while Anastasia may still have been able to move and moan. Although Ermakov’s archived statement does not say so, he told his wife that Anastasia was finished off with bayonets, while Yurovsky wrote that as the bodies were carried out, one or more of the girls cried out and were clubbed on the back of the head. But again, the back of Maria’s skull shows no traces of violence, and Anastasia’s burned and fragmented remains, identified in 2009, offer no clues to the cause of her death

(All from the pen of the Jewish chief Assassin.)

I rode a tank
Held a General’s rank
When the Blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank
It would seem to me that once the Jews got control of Russia as Commies, it was easy to turn them into alcoholics for war as we do in Communist America now. The song by the Rolling Stones talks of the (White) bodies stinking from war, blood, decomposition, open limbless, eyeless, testicleless bodies, as our White American Veterans fighting for Jews, black rights, Muslim Rights, yellow Chinese rights (Viet nam).

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
What’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

I watched the glee
While your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades
For the Gods they made

(I have written this of the Jews bringing down White Royalty for their Big Takeover. “The Death of Kings and Queens,” to be replaced by Jewish Kings, Queens, Jewish princes and princesses on a pedestal which is what Polish people called Jewish women.) The song makes fun of “God” as if our Christian God is a joke to make $$$ off of. Note how the Devil is in “glee” as I have written the Jews are entertained by our suffering, and our White slavery, while the other races relax, collect welfare, rob, steal, cheat us, just like the Jews have done to us.

I shouted out
“Who killed the Kennedys?”
Well after all
It was you and me

(This also I have written about, the Jews killing Kennedy. One would think that the Jews wouldn’t be so bold, but Jews are the music publishers. Michael Collins Piper wrote the book over 700 pages of evidence that the Jews killed Kennedy. That set up the Jewish Revolution and takeover. Just as the Czar and Czarina were murdered and their children. Jack, John, and probably Robert may have all been murdered thru Jewish tactics. Who knows? and the song says it was “you and me” so there are probably Whites involved in this also, but that is what we must research and study.)

Let me please introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/r/rolling-stones-lyrics/sympathy-for-the-devil-lyrics.html%5D
And I laid traps for troubadours
Who get killed before they reached Bombay

(Who laid traps for troubadours that were killed before reaching capital of India? I just pulled this off internet from a chat: The “Troubadours who got killed before they reached Bombay” refers to the hippies who traveled the “Hippie Trail” by road. Many on them were killed and ripped off by drug peddlers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Those shady deals were probably the “traps.”
It seems like this worldwide drug connection is very powerful since the “hippie days” of the ‘60.s’ I am surprised that I didn’t become a dope addict for the Mexicans had my sister, friend and cousins on dope when mere teens, my husband was drugged up in Viet Nam to kill yellow Chinese Commies. By God’s grace am I still here and I don’t ever forget that.)
Below talks of every cop as a criminal. Today’s cops are now black and brown and will certainly round up Whites to incarcerate us . The phrase “all the sinners” are now called “saints…” like the Chosen Polish Jews of Israel????
The words “as heads is tails,” Jews have made “good” evil and weak like Christians, and “evil” is good, a “good” Jewish doctor or lawyer (robs us royally and keep us sick, addicted, suffering from war, bankruptcy Jewish banks. How about a “good” Jewish agent. No one can write a book or sell art, real estate, TV, radio, and even computers run by “good” Jews who use it for World Domination. And rightfully the song calls the Jews by the same idea Jesus used “Lucifer.” But Michael the archangel, as my deceased Viet Vet was called, fought Lucifer and his devils and won.
Jews are saying and knowing “They need restraint.” They steamrolled over us for centuries now and nothing has stopped them, if anything, we now “love” or genociders, as in domestic violence the children side with the abuser like my husband and turn against the mother, me.

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails just call me Lucifer
I’m in need of some restraint

Now we should have “sympathy” with the Devil as the song’s title. What did World War II teach us? One lesson and one lesson alone: Feel sorry for the Jews… or else. And treat the Jews with courtesy. We must “use our well learned politics,” as we do today, just to put faces on newspapers, while Jews and their imps pull all the strings. The Jewish Devil then threatens to ‘lay your soul to waste,’

So if you meet me, have some courtesy
Have some sympathy and some taste
Use all your well learned politics
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mmm yeah

Tell me, baby, what’s my name?
Tell me, honey, baby guess my name
Tell me, baby, what’s my name?
I’ll ya one time you’re to blame

What’s my name?
Tell me, baby, what’s my name?

(I and others have guessed the name: the Jew, a name that we cannot even think, let alone speak.)

French Revolution: Terror is the Order of the Day

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Book: Jew Family Dies

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Well, you know this is “fiction” when an entire Jew family dies. It is “fiction” if their Jewish experience is anything less than “Paradise” “Golden Age,” and “Kingdom of Heaven.”
But in the novel about the French Revolution I get to the point that says that the reason the Jew boy was killed along with his family as they were fleeing French was not because they were “Jews,” who were responsible for all the debt and credit of the Royal Family of France, but because the Jew boy had in his luggage the white silk hanky with the Queen’s initials that he got from Madame Tussaud as a present to him.
Now it gets worse, this author Michelle Moran, goes into this sympathy, sorrow, deeper grief than for her 3 brothers combined, over this Jew assistant and his “poor, poor, poor,” did I say “poor” Jew family.  Jews have me trained well like a black seal. And I also make sure I clap like a seal every time the Jews say something, do something, kill somebody, rob or steal or even rape someone.  Although they turned this reality upside down, nonetheless if I am to be “like others,” which Jews instill in the thing called “peer pressure,” I must do what the Jews want.    Or at least that is how I used to be.
Now listen to the authors description of how bad she feels for this Jew boy:
“My heart is breaking.  A handkerchief! The death of an entire (Jew) family for a scrap of silk.  My throat is burning and my eyes blur.”  And not only that her sister-in-law puts her arms around her and says “I know,” to comfort and console her.
I mean the author actually has the main character having symptoms of pain in the throat and eyes….. and all for the Jewish family.
I wonder if our White pain, even physical suffering is linked to our relationship to Jews and the reality they imposed on us. 

Song Lyric: Carnage and Terror

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Got many notes on book of Madame Tussaud, a novel of the French Revolution around 1790. Even though it is a novel, there are many true facts and even thoughts that really pertain to what we are going through today as Whites.
This song lyric could apply to America as she is today!
Can you watch, without shuddering in horror
As crime unfurls its banners of carnage and terror?
Yes, Crime unfurls its banner. And that is only the stuff Jews tell us about. They “hide” stories like this that only local news talks about. They “Hide” their own “explosions” as “Acts of God,” when it is “Acts of G-D,” as Jews call themselves. If our Whites are doing it, I can forget about saving them for it is of no use. Nature has no use for Evil, and Whites have to break that umbilical cord that Whites have attached to Jews. They are “not my mother nor my father,” and I was never in their womb. My folks were Christians and good and honest.
How I shudder in horror as I witnessed the crime not only against me, my deceased husband, friends, but even strangers as we try to maneuver in this snake pit which is what the Jews have turned this place into.
Since Jews are criminals at the top, they not only “allow” crime but they import illegal criminals to further their goal of genociding White race.
Look at the carnage, black thugs and murderers killing white women and then boiling them up and eating them right in front of the police!
Or several black men raping a white woman, stuffing their penis in her mouth and ejaculating in it and then pouring bleach down her white throat so no evidence could be found. Later she was chopped up and put in a garbage can.  And then we wonder “why” blacks were being hung on trees.
Even my Christian Science teacher’s husband was living in Boston, and he was so meek, gentle and mild. And a black thug (not a man for “real men,” don’t act like that)… but the black thug went to assault him, put loaded gun to head and robbed his car. Another black thug pushed down a Christian Science woman who was a teacher in Florida for “blacks” for she wanted to “save” them and “feel sorry.”  She was a cripple and needed a brace to walk with. And a black father walked in the Principal’s office at school and pushed her down so hard she flung across the room practically. A white woman, cripple, saintly and bent on helping blacks. That wasn’t bad enough for blacks wanted to terrorize her and one young child brought a gun to school and cocked the trigger right against her head!
How do we as Whites develop and excel so that we have the intelligence to understand spirituality, when we live in carnage and terror? It is sickening.  And Whites are the victims of it, and in order for us to thrive especially now with China as the #1 World Power, and us as the worse “debtors,” of all time. And I’ve sent much, much, much about Jews and debt, what they did to Poland, France, Russia, and now here.
Can we just watch?  Watch another Jew TV show of entertainment reading about all these crimes “worse” than a 3rd world nation.
Anyway, I have a lot of work to do for the next week, and don’t think I can write much.  I would like to write the notes on this book for there are so many I think breaking it up might help.
And what irks me is that this country treats “me” like a criminal. And other whites, taking shoes off at airport, checking our belongings, scanning our bodies. And it is Polish Jews in Israel that have not only concocted this hoax, but like used car salesmen sold us thousands of spy scanners and we with White Tax dollars paid for them to terrorize us.

French Revolution and Haiti

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As I wrote in other emails that it is no mere coincidence that USA gets Constitution 1787, then Poland (of all places where Jews called “home,” Paradise, and “Kingdom of heaven” for 900 years, gets 1st European Constitution 1791. Then in 1793, the King Louis, and Queen Marie Antoinette are sent to the guillotine and had their heads chopped off for trumped up reasons.
I checked also to see when the French were massacred in Haiti, and yes it was at the …. same time.  Apparently no one was suspect of the Jews Mafia Organizations and Plots.
Here is from Wiki on Haiti and the French Massacre by Black “workers” not “slaves.”
It speaks of the fact that Haiti became a haven for “pirates!”  Such corruption and we Whites have funded Haiti for so long.
By about 1790, Saint-Domingue had greatly overshadowed its eastern counterpart in terms of wealth and population. It quickly became the richest French colony in the New World due to the immense profits from the sugar, coffee and indigo industries.”


Main article: Haitian Revolution

Jean Jacques Dessalines, leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti

Inspired by the French Revolution and principles of the rights of men, free people of colour and slaves in Saint-Domingue and the French and West Indies pressed for freedom and more civil rights. Most important was the revolution of the slaves in Saint-Domingue, starting in the heavily African-majority northern plains in 1791. In 1792, the French government sent three commissioners with troops to reestablish control.

Those “key” years that globally set the Whites as victims in “Revolutions” by Jews.

Now oddly enough we have “Polish” troops fighting for France, (Poles were the bodybags the Jews provided for Europe. And until today, in Afghanistan there are probably more White Polish, (Iraq,etc) then any other nationality outside Americans. Poland is stuck in a 900 year Jewish time warp that they can’t break loose from.) Only now we Whites and Americans are in the same time warp.

Battle between Polish troops in French service and the Haitian rebels. Some Polish soldiers ultimately fought with the Haitian rebels for reasons that are historically disputable

“Haiti is the only nation born of a slave revolt. Haiti’s perseverance and successful resistance against colonial forces would influence the future of the United States Civil War.[18] Historians have estimated the slave rebellion resulted in the death of 100,000 blacks and 24,000 of the 40,000 white colonists.[25] In February 2010, the eight-page document containing the official Declaration of Independence, which was believed to have been destroyed or thrown out, was found by a Canadian graduate student from Duke University in Britain’s National Archives. Coming as it did soon after the 2010 devastating earthquake, the discovery is seen by many to be providential.”

I still don’t get it. If in business one “hires” a worker, (in this case black servant) one is not obligated for “eternity” to be responsible for that worker. Also, if a boss doesn’t like the performance of the workers or behavior, (Had to beat them to get them to work) one fires them. And yet we didn’t. We just keep “taking it and taking it and taking it,” and keep making bigger excuses the worse things get towards our White Genocide.)

Well, we now know why New Orleans is so black, and just as I think the earthquake might have been created in Haiti, since Haitians doubled the population of New Orleans, perhaps Katrina Hurricane also orchestrated by jamming levis or breaking them so that White tax dollars could help all these black people.

Dessalines was proclaimed “Emperor for Life” by his troops.[30] He exiled or killed the remaining whites and ruled as a despot.[31] In the continuing competition for power, he was assassinated on 17 October 1806.[24] The country was then divided between a kingdom in the north directed by Henri I; and a republic in the south directed by Alexandre Pétion, an homme de couleur. Henri I is best known for constructing the Citadelle Laferrière, the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, to defend the island against the French.

(Oddly enough England maintained and still maintains Queens, (no Kings. I suppose the Jews consider themselves Kings of the World.)

Cité Soleil, Haiti’s largest slum in the capital of Port-au-Prince, has been called “the most dangerous place on Earth” by the United Nations.”

More: Queen Marie Antoinette, Jews, Gold, French Revolution

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I had written on my blog the names of the 2 Jews who were Masterminds of the conspiracy of the “necklace” that brought down Marie Antoinette, #15 of 16 Austrian children of Empress, and Emperor. I didn’t come across it yet. But in searching I came across this article. I’m reading the entire thing for we in the USA are repeating this process of what happened to 1. Rome, 2. France, and now the USA. Only we are in the middle of it, hence we don’t realize it is happening.
I wrote before of my husband’s Lithuanian ancestry. His cousin clearly told me when I went to study “his” side for my White sons, that my husband’s grandmother was a “princess’ in Lithuania, with castle, jewels, the works. But she married an “artist,” and he gambled away everything, so this “royal couple,” was sent to “beg” to be able to live in the servant quarters and then become the “cleaning woman” and “janitor” for the castle, now owned by the entity that “won” it in a gambling game.
But here is an exact replica of the same thing that happened in France.  (Website: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/nameless/2.shtml for reference and if you want to compare today in USA and world to France it is a carbon copy. Surely the same happened to Rome.  I’m studying this entire page. It is priceless.) The “creditors” are the Jews of France.  Look how the “palace” was turned into a “propaganda machine” and as you will read at the website above, it was important to bring down the morals, as well as inflaming the country with phony debt. “This” is why the Jews are loaded in America. Yes, they made trillions on Whites in America, but they enslaved White Europeans like this and all that loot they raped from our kingdoms, treasuries, private individuals, just keeps collecting “interest.”

“By 1780 d’Orleans’ entire income of 800,000 livres, thanks to his reckless gambling and extravagance, was mortgaged to the moneylenders.

In 1781, in return for accommodation, he signed papers handing over his palace, estates, and house the Palais Royal, to his creditors, with powers to form there a centre of politics, printing, pamphleteering, gambling, lectures, brothels, wine-shops, theatres, art galleries, athletics, and any other uses, which subsequently took the form of every variety of public debauchery.

In fact, Egalite’s financial masters used his name and property to install a colossal organism for publicity and corruption, which appealed to every lowest instinct in human nature; and deluged the enormous crowds so gathered with the filthy, defamatory and revolutionary output of its printing presses and debating clubs.”

(Debating clubs. Isn’t it odd that Jews would install “debating” clubs and “freedom of speech,” equal rights, and freedom to “assemble” and once the Jews accomplished their horrific acts of deception, robbery, rape, and occult to Satan, these “rights” somehow disappeared. Jews did that in America to give themselves an unlimited checkbook, plant non-Whites throughout every county and city, especially thugs, to threaten us if we make one wrong move, or say one word.)

Also took notes that for Jews to instill Revolution, they “inflict” paralysis.  That is exactly what has happened to our White Race.  Totally paralyzed.

And the “paralysis” state consists of:

1. Secrecy

2. Debt, loss of “publicity” control. (totally what we have now)

3. Existence of alien influence in a “doomed” state.  “Aliens” run America, from Jew aliens and their Polish Israeli Mafia, to “Illegal Aliens,” to Black Aliens, and especially now yellow “Chinese aliens.” It is odd that yellow Chinese were also “banned” from this country. What did our forefathers of White descent know, as China now practically owns this country and the minds that use their products, like Jap cars.

I read that in 1780 Jews owned most gold and silver stock.  Wealth ceased to be “wealth” and this “wealth” turned into “debt.”

Jews “thrive” on our White chaos and the crime inflicted on us. That is why it will never stop but continually to snowball. They have already managed this in France, so they are “immune” to our suffering. Perhaps like the Marquis de Sade, they are sadists and enjoy torturing, terrorizing, and confusing us, even driving us mad or insane. Even if there was a cure for insanity, they surely would withhold it to keep up the confusion and chaos as we run in circles unable to get help anywhere.

Here’s more from the above website on Marie Antoinette. She didn’t see a “danger” in Free Masonry for in France all was “open,” as the Jews have deluded us to believe.

The name “Mendelssohn” below is Jewish and the name of the most sinister and wicked company I ever worked for. Even the girl whose place I took warned me that the bosses were “Satanic.” I sort of laughed inside, thinking she just meant a “mean” boss, but as the Swedish CFO told me, “This company is only 10 people yet we have hired and fired or forced to quit, so many really top notch girls, we could have filled a forest preserve.” And my immediate supervisor literally apologized to me right before I moved to Vegas saying that she had to be mean to keep her job there, but what she did to me was unforgiveable and wanted my forgiveness before I left Chicago.”  Donco Paper Supply Company, 737 N. Michigan Avenue.  The other name must be the other Jew I couldn’t find from earlier writings.

“Marie Antoinette herself was one of the chief targets for this typically Jewish form of attack. No lie or abuse was too vile to level at her. More intelligent, alert, and vigorous than the weak and indolent Louis, Marie Antoinette presented a considerable obstacle to the revolution. She had, more-over, received many warnings regarding freemasonry from her sister in Austria; and no doubt was by this time more awake to its significance than when she had written to her sister some years previously:

“I believe that as far as France is concerned, you worry too much about freemasonry. Here it is far from having the significance that it may have elsewhere in Europe. Here everything is open and one knows all. Then where could the danger be? One might well be worried if it were a question of a political secret society. But on the contrary the government lets it spread, and it is only that which it seems, an association the objects of which are union and charity.

One dines, one sings, one talks, which has given the King occasion to say that people who drink and sing are not suspect of organizing plots. Nor is it a society of atheists, for we are told God is on the lips of all. They are very charitable. They bring up the children of their poor and dead members. They endow their daughters. What harm is there in all that?”

What harm indeed if these blameless pretensions masked no darker designs? Doubtless the agents of Weishaupt and Mendelssohn reported on to them the contents of the Queen’s letter; and we can imagine them shaking with laughter, and rubbing their hands in satisfaction; hands that were itching to destroy the very life of France and her Queen; and which at the appropriate hour would give the signal that would convert secret conspiracy into the “massacres of September” and the blood baths of the guillotine.”

(Isn’t this odd that the prices of grain are going up in USA? Jews know that they are suspect and have to work fast. They will “never” relinquish the World Power they have achieved for it would be death for them to live without it.)

In order to further the campaign of calumny against the Queen, an elaborate hoax was arranged at the time, when the financiers and grain speculators were deliberately creating conditions of poverty and hunger in Paris.  (Yes, “deliberately creating poverty and hunger as my Daddy’s ancestors died in Poland, 50,000 a year, while Jews walked in golden glittery robes.)

A diamond necklace valued at nearly a quarter of a million was ordered at the Court jewellers in the Queen’s name by an agent of the Jacobins. The unfortunate Queen knew nothing of this affair until the necklace was brought round to her for acceptance, when she naturally disclaimed anything to do with the matter, pointing out that she would consider it wrong to order such a thing when France was in so bad a financial way.

The printing presses of the Palais Royal, (remember how the Jews “won” this from the royalty and turned it into a propaganda machine to destroy France) however, turned full blast on to the subject; and every kind of criticism leveled at the Queen.

“A further scandal was then engineered for the presses. (We can see clearly as I have written endlessly how Jews “create and engineer” news, they do “Not” report it!) Some prostitute from the Palais Royal was engaged to disguise herself as the Queen; and by the forged letter the Cardinal Prince de Rohan was induced to meet the supposed Queen about midnight at the Palais Royal, supposing he was being asked for advice and help by the Queen on the subject of the necklace.

This event, needless to say, was immediately reported to the printing presses and pamphleteers, who started a further campaign containing the foulest innuendoes that could be imagined concerning the whole affair. The moving spirit behind the scene was Cagliostro, alias Joseph Balsamo, a Jew from Palermo, a doctor of the cabalistic art, and a member of the Illuminati, into which he was initiated at Frankfurt by Weishaupt in 1774.

(I keep shaking my head in disbelief. This is too much for a human mind unacquainted with crime to handle this.)

“When the necklace had finally served its purpose, it was sent over to London, where most of the stones were retained by the Jew Eliason. Attacks of a similar nature were directed against many other decent people, who resisted the influence of the Jacobin clubs. After eight years of this work the process of paralysis by mastery of publicity was complete.”

“In every respect therefore by 1789, when the financiers forced the King to summon the Estates General, the first portion of their plans for revolution (i.e. paralysis) were accomplished. It now only remained to strike the blow or series of blows, which were to rob France of her throne, her church, her constitution, her nobles, her clergy, her gentry, her bourgeoisie, her traditions, and her culture; leaving in their place, when the guillotine’s work was done, citizen hewers of wood and drawers of water under an alien financial dictatorship.”  (yet, they forgot to add “robbing and raping” their French White women of refinement, culture, and good upbringing and good breeding.)

(I remember clearly when I worked for the Jew I mentioned above his manager told me when “someone in a different state made a mistake, but erroneously blamed me, “I will have your head on a platter!” This is not a joke or poor choice of words.  This is what the did to poor Marie Antoinette.  Can you imagine being her and your day to day life gets crazier and crazier until the Jews wanted her pretty head on a platter or one of these “sticks!”)

It mentioned “Versailles” and that was where the Germans got such a horrendous raw deal after World War I that set them up for Jews to buy up Germany, pennies on a dollar.  Treaty of Versailles.

And Jews talk about an exaggerated Holocaust, look at the mental and physical cruelty, and chopping off White King and Queen’s head. Hitler “never” was cruel to Jews like this. Never.

Phillipe Egalite, Duc d’Orleans, was used to prepare the ground for the revolution; to protect with his name and influence the infancy of the revolutionary club; to popularize freemasonry and the Palais Royal; and to sponsor such acts as the march of the women to Versailles.

The “women” on this occasion were mostly men in disguise. d’Orleans was under the impression that the King and Queen would be assassinated by this mob, and himself proclaimed a democratic King. The real planners of the march, however, had other schemes in view.

One main objective was to secure the removal of the royal family to Paris, where they would be clear of protection from the army, and under the power of the Commune or Paris County Council in which the Jacobins were supreme.

They continued to make use of Egalite right up to the time of the vote on the King’s life, when he crowned his sordid career by leading the open vote in voting for the death of his cousin. His masters thereafter had no further use for his services; and he very shortly followed his cousin to the guillotine amidst the execrations of all classes.

So the Jews not only guillotined the elite people of France, but probably “poisoned” also:

Mirabeau played a similar role to that of Egalite. He had intended that the revolution should cease with the setting up of Louis as a democratic monarch with himself as chief adviser. He had no desire to see violence done to the King. On the contrary, in the last days before he died mysteriously by poison, he exerted all his efforts to get the King removed from Paris, and placed in charge of loyal generals still commanding his army.”

He was the last of the moderates and monarchists to dominate the Jacobin club of Paris; that bloodthirsty focus of revolution, which had materialized out of the secret clubs of the Orient Masons and Illuminati. It was Mirabeau’s voice, loud and resonant, that kept in check the growing rage of the murderous fanatics who swarmed therein.

There is no doubt that he perceived at last the true nature and strength of the beast, which he had worked so long and so industriously to unchain. In his last attempt to save the royal family by getting them out of Paris, he actually succeeded in shouting down all opposition in the Jacobin club. That evening he died by a sudden and violent illness; and, as the author of The Diamond Necklace writes:

“Louis was not ignorant that Mirabeau had been poisoned.”

Thus, like Phillipe Egalite, and later Danton and Robes Pierre, Mirabeau too was removed from the stage when his role had been played. We are reminded of the passage in Number 15 of the Protocols of Zion:

“We execute masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it.”

And again:

“In this way we shall proceed with those goy masons who know too much.”

As Mr E. Scudder writes in his Life of Mirabeau:

“He died at a moment when the revolution might still have been checked.”

The wild figures of Danton, Marat, Robes Pierre, and the fanatics of the Jacobin club now dominated the scene.

In September of 1792 were perpetrated the terrible “September massacres”; 8,000 persons being murdered in the prisons of Paris alone, and many more over the country.

It should be noted here, that these victims were arrested and held till the time of the massacre in the prisons by one Manuel, Procurer of the Commune. Sir Walter Scott evidently understood much concerning the influences which were at work behind the scenes. In his Life of Napoleon, Vol. 2, he writes on page 30:

“The demand of the Communaute de Paris,* now the Sanhedrin of the Jacobins, was, of course, for blood.”

[*The Paris County Council, equivalent to the L.C.C. in London.] Again, on page 56 he writes:

“The power of the Jacobins was irresistible in Paris, where Robes Pierre, Danton and Marat shared the high places in the synagogue.”

Writing of the Commune, Sir Walter Scott states in the same work:

“The principal leaders of the Commune seem to have been foreigners.”

Some of the names of these “foreigners” are worthy of note:

There was Chlodero de Laclos, manager of the Palais Royal, said to be of Spanish origin. There was Manuel, the Procurer of the Commune, already mentioned. He it was who started the attack upon royalty in the Convention, which culminated with the execution of Louis and Marie Antoinette.

There was David the painter, a leading member of the Committee of Public Security, which “tried” the victims. His voice was always raised calling for death. Sir Walter Scott writes that this fiend used to preface his “bloody work of the day with the professional phrase, ‘let us grind enough of the Red’.” David it was who inaugurated the Cult of the Supreme being; and organized

“the conducting of this heathen mummery, which was substituted for every external sign of rational devotion.” (Sir Walter Scott, Life of Napoleon, Vol. 2.)

There were Reubel and Gohir, two of the five “Directors,” who with a Council of Elders became the government after the fall of Robes Pierre, being known as the Directoire.

The terms “Directors” and “Elders” are, of course, characteristically Jewish.

(Note the “Cult of the Supreme Being” whereby Jews became “Jewish Supremacists” as they are today.

One other observation should be made here; it is that this important work by Sir Walter Scott in 9 volumes, revealing so much of the real truth, is practically unknown, is never reprinted with his other works, and is almost unobtainable.

Those familiar with Jewish technique will appreciate the full significance of this fact; and the added importance it lends to Sir Walter Scott’s evidence regarding the powers behind the French Revolution.

To return to the scene in Paris. Robes Pierre now remains alone, and apparently master of the scenes; but this again was only appearance. Let us turn to the Life of Robes Pierre, by one G. Renier, who writes as though Jewish secrets were at his disposal. He writes:

“From April to July 1794 (the fall of Robes Pierre) the terror was at its height. It was never the dictatorship of a single man, least of all Robes Pierre. Some 20 men (the Committees of Public Safety and of General Security) shared the power.”
(Note how the JEWS ARE THE TERRORISTS, even though we keep hearing, Muslim terrorists, perhaps 100,000 times. We are not only “our” thoughts, but the “general” thought.)

To quote Mr. Renier again:

“On the 28th July, 1794,” “Robes Pierre made a long speech before the Convention . . . a philippic against ultra-terrorists. . . uttering vague general accusations.

‘I dare not name them at this moment and in this place. I cannot bring myself entirely to tear asunder the veil that covers this profound mystery of iniquity. But I can affirm most positively that among the authors of this plot are the agents of that system of corruption and extravagance, the most powerful of all the means invented by foreigners for the undoing of the Republic; I mean the impure apostles of atheism, and the immorality that is at its base’.”

Mr Renier continues with all a Jew’s satisfaction:

“Had he not spoken these words he might still have triumphed!”

In this smug sentence Mr Renier unwittingly dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, which Robes Pierre had left uncompleted. Robes Pierre’s allusion to the “corrupting and secret foreigners” was getting altogether too near the mark; a little more and the full truth would be out.

At 2 a.m. that night Robes Pierre was shot in the jaw and early on the following day dragged to the guillotine.

Again let us recall Protocol 15:

“In this way we shall proceed with goy masons who know too much.”
“Note: In a somewhat similar manner Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed by the Jew Booth on the evening of his pronouncement to his cabinet that he intended in future to finance U.S. loans on a debt free basis similar to the debt free money known as “Greenbacks,” with which he had financed the Civil War.” Well, there is more in Chapter 3, but my eyes are watering and can barely see, I’m tired.
The next chapter goes into the “Russian Revolution.” I’m going to sleep and will read in a.m. I may not comment, but just send you this.