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Pt 7… con’d

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Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington

1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people.

1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, as Jews did to Vegas, New York Times, and all the businesses they own today. For every White man’s business, there are 2 Jews to steal it! I wrote that earlier in my research.

1993: 65 member United Nations resolutions… against Polish Jew owned state of Israel. Not Christians, but Jews, who now own land where Jew ancestors murdered Jesus Christ. These 65 resolutions against Israel are more than “all” the other nearly 200 countries combined!!!! And how many passed against Jew’s whore… the USA…. who Jews enslaved as they did my ancestors in Poland.

“ADL” Jewish Anti-Defamation League which persecutes and prosecutes only Whites who “de-FAME” jews from their so called god-hood….. Spying on “White Wing” Christians who want Constitution rights.

1993: More civilians in Mideast killed

1993. Jew Steven Spielberg gets award for his faked movie “Schindler’s List” about World War II Jews. But it is a “fiction” book, not truth. Just as he wrote fiction ET, for Extra Terrestials, the next Jewish hoax on Whites if we can bear it. Jew controlled Holly-wood, since they robbed White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine after he slaved on 10,000 inventions to perfect it, Jews fled to Hollywood with it around 1925, totally gouging the White man and robbing his business. All $$$ gotten from Whites for those movies, but be returned to a White Treasury, soon to start hopefully.

In Jewish Talmud: “If you save even one Jewish life it is as if you saved the entire world (of 7 billion non-Jews who in Jew devil eyes are nothing but cattle for them to devour, especially White species, Christians, the “opposite” of Jews.

On a Jew holiday, Jew enters in to Mosque of Arabs their neighbors and murders many of them while praying to their God. He is beaten to death by Arabs. Gold-stein didn’t act alone and didn’t match gun that was used on Jew’s victims. Now Jews go to his grave as a Christian would go to Israel for pilgrimage to Israel to view Jesus’ relics. Now Jews have 100% control of land where Jesus lived and Jews are Jesus’ murderers and killers as well as his disciples.

On his gravestone says “Here lies the Jewish saint (? meaning devil)… may “their lord” get revenge on his blood.” meaning Jews to keep killing more Arab Muslims and White Christians the “other” two major religions with Jewish religion (Mafia) as third.

1994: Poland demands the extradition of Jew Solomon for “crimes against humanity.” After World War II the Polish camp had women and children of German descent and had property seized by Jewish “Communist” authorities. Poles accused Jew of:

1. He murdered babies by bashing their heads against stone walls

2. He bludgeoned to death with stones and clubs

3. Committed torture on inmates his preferred methods was sticking objects up White German man’s anus!!! (Jewish obsession with the butt and poop, which is a species of insanity Jew doctors haven’t told us of yet.)

4. Jew Solomon forced White German women and children to walk around naked in sub-zero temperatures. (Remember Germans did none of these things to Jews, not even Anne Frank the Lesbian filled with Lice bugs and died of Lice bugs infested Typhus disease.

5. Jew made White Christians Germans to eat feces. Who makes the Jewish men, women and children to eat feces or poop! Why? aren’t they “equal” to Whites and shouldn’t they suffer as they made us suffer.

6. Jew Solomon starved inmates to death 2:20 in movie. Just as they starved each year 50,000 of my Daddy’s ancestors in Galicia Poland.

Jew flees to Israel, Jewish Empire of Crime Capital of World and all charges… dismissed… he gets off scot free, as all the rest of the Jews.

His last name is “Morrell,” and it was just a guess on my part that Dr. Morrell, man who never let Hitler out of his sight, was a Jewish agent, just as this Morrell.

Israel refuses to “extradite” their criminals back for punishment by White or Arab country, for Jews never get punished. Only Whites as Jews had me beaten, a senior woman, in Las Vegas and crippled me.

Israel is a “Racist” state and is “above” all other countries.

Book “Eye for an Eye” states: Stalin deliberately picked Jews as commandants for Jews show “no mercy” to inmates.

1994: Another book by Jew Israel Mossad former agent “Other Side of Deception,” “What is Jew racist Israel giving aid to Blacks in…..” Jews used Blacks to test medicine for they never test medicine on their own “privileged” Jewish people that Whites support as Whites have supported Blacks for 400 years and Red Indians, and not browns, while leaving Whites to die and starve.

1994: Black Mandella served in prison, 103 accounts of Terrorism. (Sounds like Jews are really good evil teachers.) He’s elected as President over Whites in South Africa for “terrorizing” White South Africans.

Mandella writes…. “How to be a good Communist!” Remember Jews will die if Communism isn’t completed. Now USA has Black Jew-led Communist President, Obama and his wife.

Jew Rothschild’s wanted control of Africa: Diamond and gold mines! And they stole them from both Whites and blacks too dumbed down to challenge or even think Jews crime like this against them.

Jew Harry Oppenheimer (same last name as Oppenheimer who invented and dropped atom bombs on Japan and Oppenheimer whose TV show “I Love Lucy” about a redhead with a “Latin” husband, getting Whites adapted to the Brown takeover of USA. Although Cubans are White, it was a ploy that worked for Jews. Jew Harry Oppenheimer owns 95% of Africa’s gold. Not a bad heist would you say? Jew media, tv, radio, didn’t tell anyone. All wealth of South African Whites stolen by Jews as Jews stole all of Russia, USA, France, Germany, Poland, etc…. All White countries. I would call those hate crimes and the entire world must know about this.

Karl Marx, Jew, Father of Communism, flooded Africa, and guided an entire nation by a mere 2 Jews ! That is quite powerful over our kinsman White farmers of Africa.

Communism in Africa was designed to concentrate all the wealth (Whites) for the few Jews at the top. (That they got away with this is quite astonishing.)

Jews incite Blacks to murder, pillage, rape the South African White farmers from Europe. I was told by a South African woman, Blacks massacred 40,000 Whites a year. Not a word in Jewish world wide controlled media!

Crime levels soar after Whites lost their country to Jews, just as after Civil War, the Jews freed blacks to commit horrendous crimes against Whites to “punish” Whites, Jew’s favorite entertainment past time.

Blacks rape 1 woman every 26 seconds. How else would these Black women have 15 babies each for White Shiploads of grain to support. Blacks rape babies less than 6 months old, and Jews gloat in that for their Talmud also lets them rape little babies up to 3 years old!!!!!!

1995: Jew former Mossad spy agent, Ostrovsky, appears on Canada show with Jew Israeli head of TV. (author) Jew wants Ostrovsky killed for writing 2 books against Jews of Israel.

Jew Publisher tells Ostrovsky “Sue us,” for Jews “never” lose a case. They created our illegal legal system and Whites and truth tellers just suffer, on and on and on.

The Jew Mossad agent’s daughter, denied her job in Canada. Seems like Jews burned his home to the ground as book on Jews “1888” which I wrote about on facebook and website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, where Jews of New York would over insure old places, put old furniture in them, burn them to ground and collect big insurance $$$ from White insurance companies, perhaps bankrupting them.

Jew Banksters Rothschilds control 80% of uranium supply giving them monopoly for Nuclear Power.

Current President of Jewish Israel regarding USA: “Once we squeeze all we can out of United States (Whites) it can dry up and blow away. Benjamin Netanyahu. And when he came to USA he got 29 standing ovations from our White Congress, who need to be rescued from this hypnotic devilish voo doo trance.

1996: Jews conduct the worse and most aggressive spying operation against USA. Again, they refer to Jew Jonathan Pollard, arrested, rightfully convicted by US law, sentenced to life in prison, not gas chamber for treason or hanging as Benedict Arnold probably got, and Jew-led Communist Black President Obama let him go free… free… free.. What abuse against White species, Christianity, and our sanity, is beyond comprehension. Jews use it as “shock treatments” constantly against Whites so we actually look forward to their next attack on us. It’s Jewish entertainment.

1996: Several more Polish Jews of Israel, caught in USA, stealing secret documents.

(surely those secrets given to Communist China, Jew Communists partners in crime against Whites as in Vietnam War against my White husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, who commit suicide.

1996: Jews launch rocket attack against “ambulance” (how cruel can a human or devil get) killing 6.

On April 18, commit another tragedy, just one week later at compound, killing 106 Lebanese. Their first apology “meant nothing” but “deceit” to get White Christians and Muslims to “love and adore them.”

Jews said it was a “mistake” just as their bombing, murders of 34 and injuring 276 White men on USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Just a “mistake” by smartest people in world? I’m not that dumb Polak for them anymore.

Jews have memorized litany of excuses which we buy each and every time!

Jew Amsel Rothschild strangled with his own rope of his robe. French leader calls to “close” investigation. Cover up! Jews have to have insane image “Jews can do no wrong; and made White man look “evil.” Entire world today believes White man evil, including White women and children. Jewish damage to our minds thru Jew mind control.

1996: Jewess Secretary of State of USA reports on TV, (Madelyn Albright) Broadcaster: “We have heard 1/2 million children have died.” Albright (again a Jewish play on their name as positive “all bright,” she exclaims the “price was worth it.” No conscience whatsoever. It sends chills up my spine to think I live in country controlled by cutthroat Jewesses and their kin and I’m as in Poland still a slave for Jews for 1000 years.

Holocaust of 1/2 million children “admired” by USA, for White Southern Bill Clinton appoints her to Secy of State. Where is his Southern heritage and character? He should be totally ashamed and spend rest of his life in restitution to White species and prosecuting Jews.

1996: Paper “A Clean Break,” (wrote about this before.) Removing Sadam Hussein of Iraq from power, even before 9/11 ever happened! All Jews behind this paper.

1996: Actor Marlon Brando states on Larry King live: Hollywood is run by Jews, owned by Jews, and should have a greater sensitivity about people who are suffering (perhaps as me and family not just Red people) Jews demand his star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1997: Army mechanical engineer, gave classified secret information to Jewish Israeli officials.

1997: Conversation recorded between 2 more Jews spying against White USA.

1997: Tap on Jewess: Monica Lewin-sky (sky at end Jew, ski at end Polish Royalty) at Watergate, same hotel, Jew Hammer, framed President Nixon, now frame President Clinton (both White) I mean don’t these Jewish shysters and criminals even have enough imagination to pick another location making so Whites don’t suspect. No, Whites never suspect, only each other, themselves, or people like me who would like to help them.

The major prosecutor is named “Ken Starr” a good character in this Jewish induced fiasco and hoax. Remember how Jews use names to brand our minds with their hot branding irons. 9/11, USS Liberty, Ken Starr, Showtime (Waco tragedy against White Christians and Jew run government holding our White men in hostage to them)

Jew Ed Bronfman extracts $1 1/2 billion for more Holocaust lies and Swiss pay it!!! Look at this woman screaming. Odd even this wouldn’t show a blonde woman who we now don’t trust thanks to Jews. It will be end of White blonde Aryans soon. Bronfman (liquor King Jew and President Clinton’s biggest backer. See how Jews get $$ they use… deception pitting one White country against another and we have never communicated to each other to know this. Jews blocked all forms of White Communication perhaps 2000 years ago, when even in Jesus’ time, Whites did not talk… “for fear of the Jews.”

Bronfman Jew gives none of that $$$, 99% overpaid by White Swiss, to “alleged” Holocaust Jews. He gouged his own like Jew Bernie Madoff!!!

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s tennis partner…. Jew.. who funded his campaign. Treasonous White Traitor. Both should be held accountable.

Jews make these White-Jew connections which is causing our bankruptcies not only of White people but White nations.

White Tony Blair makes these Jew donors…. “Lords,” which is unfit for Devils.

Death of Jew founder of Church of Satan and reveals “Protocols of Zion” for Jewish Satanic takeover of White world, Christianity, destruction of God, Jesus Christ.

I’ve written about this extensively website and even David Duke will now have book coming out about this.

Black/Jewess Rothschild marriage.

1997: Arrest “The Promised Land of Organized Crime.” Jew Miami, Jew Las Vegas, Jew Canada, Jew Israel. Drug Lords of world, cocaine, ecstasy, for and against our White people!! Jews don’t take it, just force it down our throats as they did baby formula.

1997: Jew White collar and computer credit card fraud. I was defrauded 6 times in Vegas, beaten and sent to hospital. 3 dead bodies dropped at different times 4 mobile homes down at front entrance.

1997: AMDOCS in Israel, telephone records of all of 11 leading industrialized nations including USA. Works closely with Israeli Jewish government.

1998: Michael Spector: (Jew) published article about White Sex Slaves in Jewish Polish Israel.





Blacks and Jews Raping White Women Around the World!

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Blacks Raping White Women, 37,000 a year in Jew-S-A alone, not counting South Africa, Finland, where Blacks are not only raping Finnish women but cutting off their clitoris as the Somalians do in their own country!!!! And Henri Hollappa from Finland wrote a letter objecting to this to the editor of news and “he” the White man arrested, banned from USA, and an outcast for sticking up for the purity of race and the rights of White women. Why doesn’t Jewess Gloria Steinem head of the Feminist Jewish Mafia against White women “object” to this. When do you see “Jewess'” raped?! Never! They sig their Jewish men on us White women and now every race in the world has carte blanche to rape us including lesbians!

There was story of Jew Woody Allen, the ugliest Jew on earth, and his raping his own daughter, and now Black Bill Crosby, White America’s “Father Figure,” (do you think the Whites will come out of our come to realize they do NOT want blacks to father their children, nor rich filthy Jews, etc? It’s against the Bible to race-break, as Phineas put a javelin thru the White man and a colored woman right while they were having sex!!! Where are all these Bible people and who are they really worshipping? Mortal thugs who call themselves “Jews” in Israel? I thought I could impersonate people but at least everyone knows it is not truth. Whites truly believe Jews in Israel are gods and goddesses sent by God to be worshipped. How much crazier does it get.

Here’s on the filth Black Bill Cosby committed and like Jews “paid off,” and of course the case had Jewish lawyers on both sides like all the cases. (Any White lawyer is Jewish also. They are treasonous against White Race.)

Bear in mind, Jacque Hollander from near Chicago where Jew doctor raped me in 1967, she was also raped and assaulted by Black James Brown, who Jews branded on our White minds as if they used hot branding irons on cattle, the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business!?” Because the Jews gave him “salt tablet drug” to make him sweat they forever ruined the White minds with this image and lie.

“Brown,” (Jews like to slap our White face with words like “Brown” to make sure Whites know we are now “inferior” race of the planet, below the level of even frogs…. Brown took Hollander his worker into his van for an errand and then pulled off deserted road and raped her at the point of a “shotgun.” Remember the Black song “Shotgun,” well it was their way of saying how they would treat us, and perhaps if a race war, they would easily use on us Whites for Jews got the blacks all drugged up as they did the White Russian Communists to not only “war” against Whites but to rape, kill, torture us and then take over all our possessions!.

She was experiencing “White Fright” as I did and couldn’t tell anyone for 20 years. Tried to take him to court and believe it or not there was one lawyer in the entire world who would take her case. But Jews control all the legal field not just in USA but in their Jewish Empire in Poland for 900 years. Even our Supreme Court! She took him to Supreme Court where she lost but they changed the laws in Illinois that if a rapist uses force as with the Shotgun, or threatens as Dr. Rejtman, Jew doctor, threatened me with insane asylum for wife for he said it would ruin his career…. thee would be “no statute of limitations.” The Jewish Empire today around the world collect blackmail $$$ from USA, Germany, Poland, Russia for “Holohoax” Jews, when even Jews know it didn’t happen the way they lied to us about including the Lesbian pig, Anne Frank and her made up faked diary Jews published in 80 languages. I thought having “Monopolies” was illegal? Jews used that law to bust up all the White owned large companies, but we can’t use it “back” at them because they are secretly using it as weapon to destroy us. Churchill said the next war would not be guns but the “mind,” and apparently Whites have no mind left so they just take us over. 


Jew Pervert David Katz “finds” his “friend?” dead with heroin needle. Katz also found a white woman dead in his own hot tub.

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Jew Pervert “finds” dead White Christian Philip Seymour Hoffman with heroin needs. It was also a Jew Morenthau who “found” White Christian President Roosevelt after World War II in a secluded cabin. Murder or death? Roosevelt the cripple President for Whites to “feel sorry” for was surrounded by mostly Jews included Jew Morgenthau who after World War II not only wanted to “punish” the White Germans who they supremely hated and bring down by made them suffer and killed 1.5 million White Germans (after) the war which is uncalled for the winning countries to do. We Whites have to “bear” that shame of killing our own brothers and then paying for it and still paying Jewish tricksters in Israel until today.

It’s odd but I was on internet radio saying that the Jews should get back with compounded interest for all the addictions they have put on us since 1492 the Jew known as the “Father of Alcohol.” “They” don’t use it, they push it on us and we fall over dead for them… literally. Jews did same to I Dream of Jeannie only white son when she found him as a heroin addict!!!! High Price to pay to be part of Jewish controlled monopoly entertainment.  “Katz” also found a white woman dead in his hot tub.


White Biker Buried on his Motorcycle

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Pastor Eli and Christian Identity: the Letter of Pontius Pilate to Caesar regarding the goodness of Jesus and the nastiness of the Jews who killed him.

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Here’s the link to download or share for Pastor Eli’s audio-radio version of White Pontius Pilate’s letter to White Italian Roman Caesar regarding the goodness of Jesus and the nastiness of the Jews who had him killed. Below link is for the actual letter from Pilate which was found hidden from us in the Vatican’s archives.

It was soo moving that I had to pray for myself for I felt that God and Jesus were so near with these truthful words. As it came to the part of how the nasty and filthy Jews killed Jesus I began to weep as did Pastor Eli it seemed or he was just so moved. It seemed like my entire life, writing, biography, somehow found it’s home in the reading of this one letter an unbiased Pontius Pilate writing this long, long letter about the (White) man Jesus.



International Jew: Henry Ford, Just Some of the Integral Businesses Jews Control

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White USA business & Henry Ford founder of Ford Motors, 1920: “The International Jew,.” Con’d.

Note that even as far back as 1920, and even I’m surprised, Jews controlled all these businesses and all we were were their slaves. We thought they just controlled the banks since 1913 and beyond. We can add to the businesses below:
Jews control:

Government, Medical, Pharmacy, Tobacco
Book Publishing
Berlin (other countries)
Comic Books (all forms of “communication” where the word or picture is imprinted.)
International Illegal Drugs
Doctors, Hospitals, Pills, Medical Universities and textbooks
Legal Field
Supreme Court
President, House and Senate
Fed Reserve Bank
United Nations
Russia Communism
All forms of Entertainment, Broadway, Movies, TV, radio, Magazines, Music, Internet, Google, PayPal, Ebay, Microsoft, (some virus software, if they can cure a virus they can make them!) AOL, Youtube, Wikipedia.
World Bank
US Treasury
Fort Knox with our gold (if they didn’t ship it to China)
International Monetary Fund

From Book: 50% per cent or more of the meat packing in dustry.
Upward of 60 per cent of the shoemaking in dustry.
Men’s and women’s ready-made clothing.
Most of the musical purveying done in the coun try.
More recently, cotton.
The Colorado smelting industry.
Magazine authorship.
News distribution.
The liquor business.
The loan business.
These, only to name the industries with national and international sweep, are in control of the Jews of the United States, either alone or in association with Jews overseas. The American people would be vastly surprised if they could see a line-up of some of the “American business men” who hold up our commercial prestige overseas. They are mostly Jews. They have a keen sense of the value of the American name, and when in a foreign port you stroll up to the office which bears the sign, “American Importing Company,” or “Amer ican Commercial Company,” or other similarly non committal names, hoping to find a countryman, an American, you usually find a Jew whose sojourn in America appears to have been all too brief. This may throw a sidelight on the regard in which “American business methods” are held in some parts of the world. When 30 or 40 different races of people can carry on business under the name “American,” and do it le gally, too, it is not surprising that Americans do not recognize some of the descriptions of American meth ods which appear in the foreign press. The Germans long ago complained that the rest of the world was judging them by the German-speaking Jewish com mercial traveler.
To make a list of the lines of business controlled by the Jews of the United States would be to touch most of the vital industries of the country — those which are really vital, and those which cultivated habit has made to seem vital. The theatrical business, of course, as everyone knows, is exclusively Jewish. Play- producing, booking, theater operation are all in the hands of Jews. This perhaps accounts for the fact that in almost every production today can be detected propaganda, sometimes glaringly commercial adver tisement, which does not originate with playwrights, but with producers. The motion picture industry. The sugar industry. The tobacco industry.

“but it would be impossible for any Gen tile coalition under similar circumstances to attain the control which the Jews have won, for the reason that there is lacking in the Gentile a certain quality of work ing-togetherness, a certain conspiracy of objective, and the adhesiveness of intense raciality, which character izes the Jew. It is nothing to a Gentile that another man is a Gentile; it is next to everything to a Jew that the man at his door is another Jew. So, if instances of Jewish prosperity were needed, the case of the Tem ple Emmanu-el, New York, might be cited, which in 1846 could scarcely raise $1,520 for its budget, but in 1868, following the Civil War, raised $708,755 from the rental of 231 pews. And the rise of the Jewish cloth ing monopoly as one of the results of, the same Civil War might be cited as an instance of prosperity plus national and international control.”

Jews fail at farming for they are lazy and want their ‘slaves’ like Whites to do it. Just as Whites are slaves by feeding the entire world.

Jews Suppress Any Book in White Countries Which Tell the Truth about their Crimes

Jews Suppress Any Book in White Countries Which Tell the Truth about their Crimes

Jewish Devilish Art

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Here’s something I posted on Facebook. I found accidentally.
Jew Devil Painting:
I was looking to sell some nude original paintings which I bought and some acquired from a woman in the Who’s Who of Art.
While looking on ebay the paintings go as high as $999,999.00.
But as I’m glancing I see a “Jewish” name of the artist ending in “sky” for Jew, “ski” for Polish Christian as I am.
Immediately I recognized the “Adam and Eve” in the Bible and wondered what the Jew artist was trying to say and communicate. Remember when Jews take over the first thing they went after was “communication.” That stopped us from talking to ourselves, each other, or in prayer, but to adore and worship only Jews. But they are the devils on earth.
And sure enough the painting has the Jewish devil. But it is hidden on the bottom, as Jews hide in the dirt like the snakes that they are which even John the Baptist said of the Jews when they were spying on him looking for even a small thing to arrest him. They not only arrested him on false charges (and he was White too like Jesus) but they had him beheaded and his head on a platter as Jew King Herod wanted it.
In case you want this painting by this Jew: I’m sure all Jew followers will want to grab it up thinking they are “cool” like the Jew Fonz in Happy Days that twisted our minds that Jews are “cool” but Whites are not cool and it’s ok to hate parents and love your friends more. It broke the most natural bond that all races have.. especially Jews… who will disinherit their young in many cases for marrying a White (Christian.)
Since I’m an accomplished artist having studied with Who’s Who of women privately for 7 years, I can also “read” paintings.
I think the Jew artist chose the German Shepherd dog to be the “devil” for that’s what the Jews did to Hitler, Nazis, Adolf Eichmann, etc. Made “devils” out of them for Whites to hate, hate, hate. But Jesus taught us to ‘love, love, love’ and we have made a disgrace of ourselves, each other, our ancestors, descendants, but most of all God, Jesus, Mary, Bible etc.
The woman in painting is White and pregnant, but she is pregnant with the Devil’s child, which is how the Jews got started according to Christian Identity when she had sex with the devil. They became the Edomites, down Jew Pharisees that harassed John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, Jesus, and all the way down to us only they are now known as ADL Anti-de-fame-ation League. (Jews insist we keep them fame’d at all times or else they come after Whites ,and Whites only with their 300,000,000 dollar treasury. And if they don’t do it the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center (Jews are not in poverty but it is a Poverty Palace, again, to only defame, hate, arrest, White people, or rather “men.”
But the man in picture is not White. It is the same what I see in ads, TV, internet, White woman with a darker man. Jews will keep making the actor darker and darker until all ads will only show Black men screwing White woman against to terrorize and pulverize to white ashes, the White male.
In the painting, the man with sunglasses disguised like a Jew spy like the most notorious spy of all time, who is in prison now, Jew Jonathan Pollard, who even a black famous star (Star of Jewish David) went to Israel to “plead” for the criminal’s release. And Jews who own all media broadcasted it everywhere. IF “I” saw it and I don’t have TV etc. everyone in the world saw it. Don’t you just get sick of Jews doing this to us all the time and we have nothing in our reality that is White or even saving for us in our last days?
The Jew “Adam” has a cell phone in his hand. (spies.) Although in real life Adam was not Jew but a “White” man for he had a ruddy complexion or red in the cheeks. Adam had Cain, hence Jew line. Adam had Abel, who the Jew Cain killed, and Abel’s line is the White Race or “Israelites” which Jews are impersonating according to Pastor Eli’s book, “The Great Impersonation.”
Jews are so pathetic and think they are so “above” us and Supremacists that we can’t figure things out. Since Jews are obsessed with poop (that is why Jews stick their thing in a White man’s dirty butt and then make the White man lick his poop off in oral sex. There is nothing conceivably worse the Jews could have done to the White man, but they did it and it is spreading like wildfire to burn our people to ashes while still alive. Especially to destroy our White gene pool which Jews, who are the smartest and scientists since they broke our White men down, Jews breed towards the highest, and push us towards the lowest or not breed or have unhealthy babies, or kill our babies thru abortion while letting in 50,000,000 illegal Brown immigrants so there are enough Blacks and Browns to form an army and kill off the White race, men, women, children, and pregnant mothers.
If you look at the ass of the Jew man, right between the cracks is a leaf, which is shaped like a penis, to sneak in code, how Jews and their imps laugh at the Whites when they advertise their Homosexuality to destroy our heterosexuality… The leaf is a penis about to go into the butt. That ends the pregnancies of the White woman. And so many of the homos are rather good looking. Take them out of the gene pool, says the Jews, quick. We don’t have a minute to waste.
There’s an eye in the painting strategically placed, one eye, and I think that represents some sort of cult, for there is a one eye on the back of the dollar bill which the Jews put on their Jewish Federal Reserve Bank worthless dollars.
Annuit Coeptis: On the seal with the eye, means “He nods or approves.” “The undertaking. (Do you think the Jews mean the death of White race like a funeral “undertaker?”  Since God doesn’t approve the Jew’s genociding us Whites there must be a head Jew that we know nothing of for fear of assassination as they have done to many, many European White Christian Queens and Kings, Presidents, Archdukes, etc. We haven’t even begun to enumerate how many they were responsible for. Why? For “they” want to be the “King” “Queen” “Archduke” “President,” and above us all. I refuse to worship them as the Whites have done for 1000 years if not more.
Even if a White man proposed it, the Jews were behind it as they were with the American Flag with all the 50 Stars  (of David) for Jews own and control all 50 States.
“The New Order of the Ages,” is the Jewish New World Order. People think and are scared that it is going to happen…. Wrong…. Think 1776!
    NOVUS means new, young, novel, or renewed.
    ORDO means order, row, or series
    SECLORUM means ages, generations, or centuries.
An accurate translation of Novus Ordo Seclorum is “A New Order of the Ages,” but the meaning of this motto is better understood when seen in its original context.
Discover the Source of Novus Ordo Seclorum.
Eve the White woman is pregnant and the painting destroys her blood line as well as her identity and self-respect.
When you look even closer at the painting in the bushes are a bunch of eyes… Jews spying on everything a White person, says or does, and would spy on our thinking if they could. Jewish eyes are everywhere, Now Jews have yellow eyes, brown eyes, red eyes, 1/2 breed eyes, black eyes, all watching the Whites to see how they can gouge us, rape us, take our homes, our jobs, our mountains, banks, parks, schools, universities, etc.
On a positive note, President and General George Washington said:
“In his June 1783 farewell letter to the Army, General George Washington wrote: “The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period.”
He hit it in the bull’s eye when he said this should not be a “gloomy age of Ignorance (dumbness, stupidity, insanity, Jews trashed our White minds with) nor Superstition, Whites are probably still some of the most superstitious people in the world and Jews have taken advantage of that with astrology, or potions, or black cats, (black people maybe, but not black cats), etc.
The Jewish devil is wearing a uniform as you can see on his shoulder. On my Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart’s Club band costume, there is a golden shoulder pads like the one the devil is wearing….
Sadly, the White child in the painting is about three years old and doesn’t have panties on. The Jew raped the little girl also. In the Jewish holy (devil) book a Jew man can have sex with a little girl (baby) until she is 3 years old and her hymen will grow back!!! Yes, it probably has happened in our Jewish hospitals for centuries since they control the medical and we superstitiously believe and trust them.
The Jew Devil on bottom has an apple that both he and the White woman have eaten… had sex…
The White woman’s breasts seem disfigured for Jewish women didn’t want to breastfeed their Jew children and started “baby formula” which used to be a prescription that only their Jew doctors and their imps could give out freely. Breasts are for babies and mother’s milk. Not Sex as Jews have sold them into a trillion upon trillion dollar industry… against White men! Again, superstition.
Jews always give codes within their movies, paintings, news, to each other to keep ahead of us at all times, so I do not even know how many other signals the artist is communicating to his fellow Jews and we don’t even have a clue but to give them or all money, sex, land, mountains, banks, entertainment, etc.
Jews “believe” that “any” advertising even “negative” is good, but we will break that spell and know that what I write in exposing them will educate the minds of the entire world or people like me.
More below: I write as I see and I am not sure about even being correct, but then I’m led to another painting by same artist and sure enough it is about “Jewish symbols!” I just took a “guess,” on what I wrote, but it is deeper than even I suspect or care to.
See more below: I was writing and just going with my instincts but was I really sure that Jews were using Jew code words. I never saw the painting before… and then… I looked up “more” paintings by same filthy Jew artist, and indeed it shows the Jewish symbols.
Now do you believe me?
Jew Adam and EveJew Art Symbols
See more below: I was writing and just going with my instincts but was I really sure that Jews were using Jew code words. I never saw the painting before… and then… I looked up “more” paintings by same filthy Jew artist, and indeed it shows the Jewish symbols.
Now do you believe me?
I care not to decode for I don’t want to concentrate on them for too long a time. But I think the book is the evil Talmud from Babylonia like the Whore of Babylon I wrote about. The pouch with a crown is the Jewish man who is King of the World, today, which is why Jews had to kill Jesus for they called him “King of the Jews.”
The pouch… ? Some secret pouch.
The next is Jew Russian “Israel” art. The wall that has been bombed to schmithereens is the Wall that used to guard the White Race, and thru us Christianity, White Jesus, God, Mary.
Jew Russian Art
Con’d. One more Jew Art and I’m not making him “famous” with my negative truthful comments.
See below for more:
The Jewish Russian Man is wrapping some sort of elastic over his arm? What could it be? That they will addict the White people with heroin and drugs? Hmmph?
There is a bright light which is the star of the picture and the book is the deadly Talmud, which says they can rape little White girls up until 3 for their hymen will grown back, the Jew Talmud book says poor White Jesus whom I adore, but who is not God, is boiling in a Jewish hell in hot excrement and his White mother is a ‘whore.” Is “that” the kind of book or painting you want on our shelves? It’s so awful and low class but gives me even more reason to avoid the Jews like the typhus plague which took almost all of the deaths of Jews in World War II, not the Nazis or Hitler! Jews have some apologizing to do and forking some $$$ over to me and the Poles, Russians, Germans, Americans, but only if they go a total re education program.
Do you see why my autobiography as a White book cannot make it in the Jew-S-A or world? Take off the shelves the lies and lesbianism of the Jewess Anne Frank who died of lice bugs and typhus probably injected into her by Jewish doctors as I was told by a guard at one of the Nazi camps in Poland!
Jew Art Man book  It’s astounding how many avenues they attacked us with…. But I have faith and trust in the “Good” that is here and now, we only have to see it.

The Russian Jew is showing the viewer the Talmud a Babylonian Devil worship book.

The Russian Jew is showing the viewer the Talmud a Babylonian Devil worship book.

The Occultist Jewish Artist painted these figures of Jewish Adam, White Eve, and German White Devil? Jews made the Jews a Devil to use as a Red Herring away from their true devilish identity.

The Occultist Jewish Artist painted these figures of Jewish Adam, White Eve, and German White Devil? Jews made the Jews a Devil to use as a Red Herring away from their true devilish identity.

Jew Artist Devilish works and symbols.

Jew Artist Devilish works and symbols.

Jews Control 80% of all Art. (White Art.) As Jews controlled the art field of Whites, they made sure the artist was left destitute, as the “starving artist” goes as I was in entertaining and art. I would have to live on $.25 a hour when I was an artist. Jews fostered these ugly paintings of “Modern Art” which is so ugly poor Adolf Hitler said that anyone who would even paint a green sky and blue grass belongs in an insane asylum. (I told you Jews all belong in insane asylums and let the blacks of Africa who Jews loved so much and used as human weapons against Whites, let the Jews go live there in African insane asylums and administer to the criminal Jews. We are not paying for them either.

Jewish Neurosis and Psychosis: Erich Fromm, Communist Lover

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Jewish Communist Psychosis and Neurosis: Just happened to come across the Jew, Erich Fromm, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. When the Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago, he said he would never do it again, and he would be cured for he entered psychoanalysis. He lied, for even though I fled him, I returned to him 7 years later to get help for my Viet Veteran, US Marine, as well as myself. He attempted to rape me a second time, but I fled for good. It was then my spiritual counselor told me to send a letter to him ending my seeing him. Thank God.

But here’s some of Fromm the Jew’s evil thinking:

“Fromm considered love to be an interpersonal creative capacity rather than an emotion, and he distinguished this creative capacity from what he considered to be various forms of narcissistic neuroses and sado-masochistic tendencies that are commonly held out as proof of “true love”.  (Since when is sado-masochism “true love?”) I have written extensively the Jews and the Christians are in this sado-masochist relationship right now. Jews enjoy inflicting pain and as bizarre as it sounds, Christians enjoy and get sexual pleasure when Jews beat them or hurt them, take our money. It seems Christians enjoy pain, and Jews also get sexual gratification whipping us in any way they can. It’s truly sick on both ends. And we thought Jewish pedophilia and Jewish homosexuality and Jewish lesbianism was bad. Jewish-Christian sado-macho.

“Lastly, destructiveness is any process which attempts to eliminate others or the world as a whole, all to escape freedom. Fromm said that “the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it”.  (Isn’t it strange this Jew is teaching about the “destruction” of the world and how he wants to save “himself” from being crushed by it.) I thought these Jews are getting these $400 an hour prices, often on White insurance money, for thinking up “common” sense to heal Whites not hate us further.

“For example, in an addendum to his book The Heart of Man: Its Genius For Good and Evil, Fromm wrote as part of his Humanist Credo:” (Well, it doesn’t surprise me he writes of the “Genius” of “good” and “evil,” for the Jews are the Masters of Evil, not on a Hollywood Jewish screen but in real life. Jews use their “smartness” for evil against Whites. They will someday remember these words for they are voracious readers and regret it and it will be too late. NO RACE, with even the least intelligence would put up with the Jews knowing what we now know about them for they will have to suffer the misery for selling their souls to the Jew devil.

What we Whites learn in psychiatry etc. is from the Jewish “religion.” We have to abandon our European or Christian identity and become part of the Jewish religion as Beatles, John Lennon, said that to be part of any form of entertainment (1960’s on) was to be part of the Jewish “religion,” (not business.) The so called Jews aren’t from the Bible or Old Testament, but use the book the “Talmud,” which states that Jesus Christ is boiling in hot poop for eternity!!!! Also that his mother was a whore…..!!!! And Christians worship these sinister figures. Even the Muslims’ Koran states in 27 different places that Jesus was good, a prophet, his mother was good. And who do Christians go to war with:::::: Muslims!!!!!! And adore and send big fat checks to the Jewish murderers in Israel!!!! I believe it is in the Talmud, or one of their books of the occult that a Jew can rape a girl under 3 because her hymen will grow back. And since he dare not touch his own Jewish women who can’t bear to be in the same bed with them let alone give them sex as my Mama had 12 babies and gave my White Daddy all the sex he wanted and then some…… the Jewish men must have raped White little girls under 3! The book says that Jews can treat Whites like animals, and their G-d, which is how they spell whoever they worship, will forgive all the crimes they will commit in the future!!! No conscience whatsoever for all they have done to us.

Here’s Erich Fromm’s about his study of the “Talmud” where he bases his work which they get $400 an hour from Christians. “Central to Fromm’s world view was his interpretation of the Talmud and Hasidism. He began studying Talmud as a young man .”

Last but not least, for I don’t even want to wallow in this Jewish mud but would rather lift my thought into good realms, Erich the Jew Fromm was a Communist lover!!!! Karl Marx, father of Communist, another Jew. Responsible for killing 100,000,000 White Christians, but also responsible for the Yellow Chinese Communist who threw a grenade at my husband and blew off his testicle. Or the Chinese Commie in Vietnam who threw a grenade at a Christian friend of mine and blew off half of his White face and one blue eye and his skull!!!!!

Fromm contended that Freud was one of the “architects of the modern age”, alongside Albert Einstein and Karl Marx, but emphasized that he considered Marx both far more historically important than Freud and a finer thinker.

Jews consider “bad” writing “good” for it is only when we don’t write about them that they are not “Famous” but if people start to think and reason, bad advertising will be seen for what it is and warn people to protect themselves.

Jews & White Lesbianism

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Lesbianism. On my fb advertising page I keep seeing pix of Ellen Lesbian Degenerate kissing another women. Jews who control advertising do that to shock Whites like their deadly electrical shock treatments given to depressed patients. (probably damaged thru Jew system. So rather than just consent to those pix I will a. write about it, and b. imagine Degenerate kissing a weasel or Black Bear male ready to attack. Since Lesbians “hate” the White male and generally the White male alone, perhaps if she kissed a male Black Bear it would make her happier. Also, I can imagine Degenerate kissing a Jewess like Barbara Boxer (a household word) or the Jewish Star (of David) Pink, or the Jewish woman who forced me to get on my hands and knees and scrub her dirty floor while she looked “above” me like the JAPP, Jewish American Princess on a Pedestal. If anyone knows how to get those pictures off please let me know. Hitler said the most dangerous person to the White Race, was the deviless lesbian.

Jewish American Ghettos

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Jewish American Ghettos. Whites are blinded to what is happening to their home. So we barricade ourselves into our houses with several locks, alarms systems, etc. Worse than animals in a zoo.

As many of our cities turn into ghettos we think this “natural,” but it isn’t for White people. Jews brought their ghettos with them. Jews make them. Then when the homes degrade to the point of being uninhabitable, Jews rent them or sell them to Blacks, hence Jews are slum landlords.

Here’s from Henry for the USA Ghettos even in the 1920’s. What we do not stop and allow only increases. There was once just one Black on White rape in USA. The White Southern Men would have executed or at least punished them or whipped them as the Jews apparently whipped the Polish White slaves in the Jewish empire. Now that the Jews enslaved the Whites and freed the Blacks, themselves and all other races, we have 37,462 Black rapists battering 37,462 White women in USA “each year.” What about Africa, even Finland where Black thug Somalians are gang raping White women and if a man speaks up the White man is “punished” and sent to prison. As I said before. “All” Laws today are only for Whites to obey and for Jews to play a mean God and punish us. Jews are not God. Nor does our God punish us but protect and help us.

Whites must “stop” paying in any way shape or form for Jewish ghetto landlords and the Jewish International Illegal Drug Syndicate which has ruined so many of our White people today especially Youth.

From “The International Jew: “The ghetto is not an American product but the Jews’ own importation.”