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Pt 7… con’d

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Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington

1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people.

1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, as Jews did to Vegas, New York Times, and all the businesses they own today. For every White man’s business, there are 2 Jews to steal it! I wrote that earlier in my research.

1993: 65 member United Nations resolutions… against Polish Jew owned state of Israel. Not Christians, but Jews, who now own land where Jew ancestors murdered Jesus Christ. These 65 resolutions against Israel are more than “all” the other nearly 200 countries combined!!!! And how many passed against Jew’s whore… the USA…. who Jews enslaved as they did my ancestors in Poland.

“ADL” Jewish Anti-Defamation League which persecutes and prosecutes only Whites who “de-FAME” jews from their so called god-hood….. Spying on “White Wing” Christians who want Constitution rights.

1993: More civilians in Mideast killed

1993. Jew Steven Spielberg gets award for his faked movie “Schindler’s List” about World War II Jews. But it is a “fiction” book, not truth. Just as he wrote fiction ET, for Extra Terrestials, the next Jewish hoax on Whites if we can bear it. Jew controlled Holly-wood, since they robbed White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine after he slaved on 10,000 inventions to perfect it, Jews fled to Hollywood with it around 1925, totally gouging the White man and robbing his business. All $$$ gotten from Whites for those movies, but be returned to a White Treasury, soon to start hopefully.

In Jewish Talmud: “If you save even one Jewish life it is as if you saved the entire world (of 7 billion non-Jews who in Jew devil eyes are nothing but cattle for them to devour, especially White species, Christians, the “opposite” of Jews.

On a Jew holiday, Jew enters in to Mosque of Arabs their neighbors and murders many of them while praying to their God. He is beaten to death by Arabs. Gold-stein didn’t act alone and didn’t match gun that was used on Jew’s victims. Now Jews go to his grave as a Christian would go to Israel for pilgrimage to Israel to view Jesus’ relics. Now Jews have 100% control of land where Jesus lived and Jews are Jesus’ murderers and killers as well as his disciples.

On his gravestone says “Here lies the Jewish saint (? meaning devil)… may “their lord” get revenge on his blood.” meaning Jews to keep killing more Arab Muslims and White Christians the “other” two major religions with Jewish religion (Mafia) as third.

1994: Poland demands the extradition of Jew Solomon for “crimes against humanity.” After World War II the Polish camp had women and children of German descent and had property seized by Jewish “Communist” authorities. Poles accused Jew of:

1. He murdered babies by bashing their heads against stone walls

2. He bludgeoned to death with stones and clubs

3. Committed torture on inmates his preferred methods was sticking objects up White German man’s anus!!! (Jewish obsession with the butt and poop, which is a species of insanity Jew doctors haven’t told us of yet.)

4. Jew Solomon forced White German women and children to walk around naked in sub-zero temperatures. (Remember Germans did none of these things to Jews, not even Anne Frank the Lesbian filled with Lice bugs and died of Lice bugs infested Typhus disease.

5. Jew made White Christians Germans to eat feces. Who makes the Jewish men, women and children to eat feces or poop! Why? aren’t they “equal” to Whites and shouldn’t they suffer as they made us suffer.

6. Jew Solomon starved inmates to death 2:20 in movie. Just as they starved each year 50,000 of my Daddy’s ancestors in Galicia Poland.

Jew flees to Israel, Jewish Empire of Crime Capital of World and all charges… dismissed… he gets off scot free, as all the rest of the Jews.

His last name is “Morrell,” and it was just a guess on my part that Dr. Morrell, man who never let Hitler out of his sight, was a Jewish agent, just as this Morrell.

Israel refuses to “extradite” their criminals back for punishment by White or Arab country, for Jews never get punished. Only Whites as Jews had me beaten, a senior woman, in Las Vegas and crippled me.

Israel is a “Racist” state and is “above” all other countries.

Book “Eye for an Eye” states: Stalin deliberately picked Jews as commandants for Jews show “no mercy” to inmates.

1994: Another book by Jew Israel Mossad former agent “Other Side of Deception,” “What is Jew racist Israel giving aid to Blacks in…..” Jews used Blacks to test medicine for they never test medicine on their own “privileged” Jewish people that Whites support as Whites have supported Blacks for 400 years and Red Indians, and not browns, while leaving Whites to die and starve.

1994: Black Mandella served in prison, 103 accounts of Terrorism. (Sounds like Jews are really good evil teachers.) He’s elected as President over Whites in South Africa for “terrorizing” White South Africans.

Mandella writes…. “How to be a good Communist!” Remember Jews will die if Communism isn’t completed. Now USA has Black Jew-led Communist President, Obama and his wife.

Jew Rothschild’s wanted control of Africa: Diamond and gold mines! And they stole them from both Whites and blacks too dumbed down to challenge or even think Jews crime like this against them.

Jew Harry Oppenheimer (same last name as Oppenheimer who invented and dropped atom bombs on Japan and Oppenheimer whose TV show “I Love Lucy” about a redhead with a “Latin” husband, getting Whites adapted to the Brown takeover of USA. Although Cubans are White, it was a ploy that worked for Jews. Jew Harry Oppenheimer owns 95% of Africa’s gold. Not a bad heist would you say? Jew media, tv, radio, didn’t tell anyone. All wealth of South African Whites stolen by Jews as Jews stole all of Russia, USA, France, Germany, Poland, etc…. All White countries. I would call those hate crimes and the entire world must know about this.

Karl Marx, Jew, Father of Communism, flooded Africa, and guided an entire nation by a mere 2 Jews ! That is quite powerful over our kinsman White farmers of Africa.

Communism in Africa was designed to concentrate all the wealth (Whites) for the few Jews at the top. (That they got away with this is quite astonishing.)

Jews incite Blacks to murder, pillage, rape the South African White farmers from Europe. I was told by a South African woman, Blacks massacred 40,000 Whites a year. Not a word in Jewish world wide controlled media!

Crime levels soar after Whites lost their country to Jews, just as after Civil War, the Jews freed blacks to commit horrendous crimes against Whites to “punish” Whites, Jew’s favorite entertainment past time.

Blacks rape 1 woman every 26 seconds. How else would these Black women have 15 babies each for White Shiploads of grain to support. Blacks rape babies less than 6 months old, and Jews gloat in that for their Talmud also lets them rape little babies up to 3 years old!!!!!!

1995: Jew former Mossad spy agent, Ostrovsky, appears on Canada show with Jew Israeli head of TV. (author) Jew wants Ostrovsky killed for writing 2 books against Jews of Israel.

Jew Publisher tells Ostrovsky “Sue us,” for Jews “never” lose a case. They created our illegal legal system and Whites and truth tellers just suffer, on and on and on.

The Jew Mossad agent’s daughter, denied her job in Canada. Seems like Jews burned his home to the ground as book on Jews “1888” which I wrote about on facebook and website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, where Jews of New York would over insure old places, put old furniture in them, burn them to ground and collect big insurance $$$ from White insurance companies, perhaps bankrupting them.

Jew Banksters Rothschilds control 80% of uranium supply giving them monopoly for Nuclear Power.

Current President of Jewish Israel regarding USA: “Once we squeeze all we can out of United States (Whites) it can dry up and blow away. Benjamin Netanyahu. And when he came to USA he got 29 standing ovations from our White Congress, who need to be rescued from this hypnotic devilish voo doo trance.

1996: Jews conduct the worse and most aggressive spying operation against USA. Again, they refer to Jew Jonathan Pollard, arrested, rightfully convicted by US law, sentenced to life in prison, not gas chamber for treason or hanging as Benedict Arnold probably got, and Jew-led Communist Black President Obama let him go free… free… free.. What abuse against White species, Christianity, and our sanity, is beyond comprehension. Jews use it as “shock treatments” constantly against Whites so we actually look forward to their next attack on us. It’s Jewish entertainment.

1996: Several more Polish Jews of Israel, caught in USA, stealing secret documents.

(surely those secrets given to Communist China, Jew Communists partners in crime against Whites as in Vietnam War against my White husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, who commit suicide.

1996: Jews launch rocket attack against “ambulance” (how cruel can a human or devil get) killing 6.

On April 18, commit another tragedy, just one week later at compound, killing 106 Lebanese. Their first apology “meant nothing” but “deceit” to get White Christians and Muslims to “love and adore them.”

Jews said it was a “mistake” just as their bombing, murders of 34 and injuring 276 White men on USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Just a “mistake” by smartest people in world? I’m not that dumb Polak for them anymore.

Jews have memorized litany of excuses which we buy each and every time!

Jew Amsel Rothschild strangled with his own rope of his robe. French leader calls to “close” investigation. Cover up! Jews have to have insane image “Jews can do no wrong; and made White man look “evil.” Entire world today believes White man evil, including White women and children. Jewish damage to our minds thru Jew mind control.

1996: Jewess Secretary of State of USA reports on TV, (Madelyn Albright) Broadcaster: “We have heard 1/2 million children have died.” Albright (again a Jewish play on their name as positive “all bright,” she exclaims the “price was worth it.” No conscience whatsoever. It sends chills up my spine to think I live in country controlled by cutthroat Jewesses and their kin and I’m as in Poland still a slave for Jews for 1000 years.

Holocaust of 1/2 million children “admired” by USA, for White Southern Bill Clinton appoints her to Secy of State. Where is his Southern heritage and character? He should be totally ashamed and spend rest of his life in restitution to White species and prosecuting Jews.

1996: Paper “A Clean Break,” (wrote about this before.) Removing Sadam Hussein of Iraq from power, even before 9/11 ever happened! All Jews behind this paper.

1996: Actor Marlon Brando states on Larry King live: Hollywood is run by Jews, owned by Jews, and should have a greater sensitivity about people who are suffering (perhaps as me and family not just Red people) Jews demand his star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1997: Army mechanical engineer, gave classified secret information to Jewish Israeli officials.

1997: Conversation recorded between 2 more Jews spying against White USA.

1997: Tap on Jewess: Monica Lewin-sky (sky at end Jew, ski at end Polish Royalty) at Watergate, same hotel, Jew Hammer, framed President Nixon, now frame President Clinton (both White) I mean don’t these Jewish shysters and criminals even have enough imagination to pick another location making so Whites don’t suspect. No, Whites never suspect, only each other, themselves, or people like me who would like to help them.

The major prosecutor is named “Ken Starr” a good character in this Jewish induced fiasco and hoax. Remember how Jews use names to brand our minds with their hot branding irons. 9/11, USS Liberty, Ken Starr, Showtime (Waco tragedy against White Christians and Jew run government holding our White men in hostage to them)

Jew Ed Bronfman extracts $1 1/2 billion for more Holocaust lies and Swiss pay it!!! Look at this woman screaming. Odd even this wouldn’t show a blonde woman who we now don’t trust thanks to Jews. It will be end of White blonde Aryans soon. Bronfman (liquor King Jew and President Clinton’s biggest backer. See how Jews get $$ they use… deception pitting one White country against another and we have never communicated to each other to know this. Jews blocked all forms of White Communication perhaps 2000 years ago, when even in Jesus’ time, Whites did not talk… “for fear of the Jews.”

Bronfman Jew gives none of that $$$, 99% overpaid by White Swiss, to “alleged” Holocaust Jews. He gouged his own like Jew Bernie Madoff!!!

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s tennis partner…. Jew.. who funded his campaign. Treasonous White Traitor. Both should be held accountable.

Jews make these White-Jew connections which is causing our bankruptcies not only of White people but White nations.

White Tony Blair makes these Jew donors…. “Lords,” which is unfit for Devils.

Death of Jew founder of Church of Satan and reveals “Protocols of Zion” for Jewish Satanic takeover of White world, Christianity, destruction of God, Jesus Christ.

I’ve written about this extensively website and even David Duke will now have book coming out about this.

Black/Jewess Rothschild marriage.

1997: Arrest “The Promised Land of Organized Crime.” Jew Miami, Jew Las Vegas, Jew Canada, Jew Israel. Drug Lords of world, cocaine, ecstasy, for and against our White people!! Jews don’t take it, just force it down our throats as they did baby formula.

1997: Jew White collar and computer credit card fraud. I was defrauded 6 times in Vegas, beaten and sent to hospital. 3 dead bodies dropped at different times 4 mobile homes down at front entrance.

1997: AMDOCS in Israel, telephone records of all of 11 leading industrialized nations including USA. Works closely with Israeli Jewish government.

1998: Michael Spector: (Jew) published article about White Sex Slaves in Jewish Polish Israel.





Jew Rabbi Dov Zakheim and 9/11, $2.3 Trillion Mystery Disappearance and he was “Comptroller” or “Accountant”

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Jews & 911: Rabbi Dov. Zakheim, US Pentagon & Missing $2.3 Trillion

I already mentioned that when I first awakened to the possibility of Jews as criminals using “religion” and even “Israel” as fronts to shied themselves, I asked myself what to check Jews for on google.com. The very first question I asked google was “Jews” and “9/11” and already posted the 9-11 Stranger than Fiction which also had video on Jew Israelis and USS Liberty which is 100% certain. Although the 9/11 not only was pulled off, left building 7 standing as a sign of its conspiracy that the planes didn’t bring them down, but it is not only still hidden and secret until today the ultimate “Who Dunnit?” mystery, but another attacked occurred on 9/11/12 recently and it could be another stab in our backs by the same people. Until we get the first 9/11 solved, the second one would be showing us just how bold they are. If Jews didn’t do it, they should be working on it to clear their names. Also these White readers of mystery books, “Who Dunnit?” type should gather together on a website and start figuring it out for they have a good idea of mystery, espionage, and can use their mind to find the killers of 3,000 mostly White people.

Here’s notes from recent observations on Jews, 9/11, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the odd thing is that the 9/11 Truth Movement is already infiltrated with Jews for at the meeting their movie shows how we must “feel sorry for Jew Holocaust victims or we might end up like them.” In other words, the movement automatically clears the Jews of any guilt and the only ones. And if our Whites did it, we must find that out too for it is treasonous for them to be involved in the misery, addictions, pain, bankruptcies, foreclosures of their own White People


*Jew Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the “Comptroller” at the Pentagon when it exploded on 9-11. From what I read there is  no evidence of a plane that hit it or landed or burned the ground.

*Dov was involved or owned company that could use airplanes as “Termination” with remote control. Were the planes that hit World Trade Centers and had no people on them? If so, who murdered all the people on those airlines list? Why aren’t airlines pressing harder to find this out?

*Jew Rabbi Dov was involved in a missing $1 Trillion from US government from 5-4–1 to 3-10-04. He then was the “Comptroller” at Pentagon when $2.3 trillion was missing and even Donald Rumsfeld, who went to Presbyterian church across from where I lived at 777 N. Michigan,   had a conference just the day before 9/11 on 9/10/01 and said there is a missing $2.3 TRILLION from Pentagon Budget. But on 9/11 all the records were totally shattered and exploded not a sheet of paper of trace of evidence just as the 3 World Trade Centers because yellow Commie China had picked up all the pieces immediately after they cooled off.

(I wrote I used to be assistant to Jew Comptroller at Jew owned Production Tool in South Chicago, 1968. I did much of his accounting, Accounts Receivable ($$ coming in from the “top” US Steel producers, such as Republic Steel, Bethlehem Steel. And the money flowed in regularly.) I also did the Accounts Payable (vendors that supplied us with services and products) The Jews didn’t pay them. When I worked for Jew Jerry Rehaut he told me just to pay the “little” bills and leave the rest. The company was going to file bankruptcy, then Chapter 11, which would leave the (White) vendors unpaid or insurance which comes out of White $$$ eventually. So if this dishonesty was the practice by Jews, why wouldn’t it be practice for a “Rabbi” Comptroller. Since when do “Rabbis” infiltrate the US Government. Why are not they in synagogue? Was 9/11 done as a Jewish “Religious” act of terror. Beatles said: To be part of entertainment is to be part of Jewish “RELIGION.” And Whites are worshiping at their religion 24/7 without even knowing it. Also if internet is shut down, people should print out some of these records and websites and think ahead what we will do.)

*Jew Rabbi Dov was involved in charity “Blessed Relief” with Osama Bin Laden. Note the “names” Jews give their crimes and often skim 80% of what they collect. I mentioned not to trust Jews with anything. Better to be wrong, than not to suspect. I already said Jews are probably involved on “both” sides of Mid East Wars.They are with Muslims and perhaps want to make an empire over there for Jews to rule. And Jews involved on our American side using White bodybags, White $$$, White hospitals for injuries, doctors, pills, psychiatrists, psychologists for Veterans, which all goes back also into Jewish pockets or those non-Whites educated by Jews in universities.

*Another Jew con game was selling Israel planes as “Military Surplus” for a fraction of the cost. (And the money dumb Polak Jews of Israel used to pay was the $30 billion we give them for “aid” for they are soooooo poor and such ….. slaves?????!!!!” And you think “I’m crazy” when I at least “question” this? It is even mentioned the planes given to Israel are only “Russian and Polish immigrants” insinuating not “Jews” as Jews made us believe they are the Jews of the prophecy of the Bible and the “Messiah” we have been waiting for. White Christians believe that Jesus was the only Messiah. And even if you don’t believe that, think of “God helps them, that help themselves” and let’s save our own White selves, children, and “God will help us along.” Also “Russian” Jews probably edged over from Poland thru trickery of war where Jews lived on border of Poland and arranged for Russian to win and Poland to lose (since 85% of Jews came from my ancestral Poland, and Russian “won” the land and Jews that were on it. Otherwise, Jews were probably forbidden to enter White Russia. And observing what happened to Russia 1905 until recently under Jew Communism, we can see the wisdom in keeping Jews out. It only took a “few” to overturn an entire government. But if that is true, how many to overturn the Jewish dynasty and empire. If it is not true, then Jews shouldn’t worry. They should say as Jews taught me at Jewish Mind Clinic, under Jew Ben Belden, just say, “Big Deal, Who Cares? So what!” We will be saying that all the way into our White Grave shortly coming up, while Jews, yellow Commies, watch out for peaceful Hindus, blacks and reds will “inherit the earth,” which I think they already have.

*Jew Rabbi Dov had company that could HIJACK even HIJACKED planes and make that HIJACKED plane crash anywhere… (even into the World Trade Centers as a cover up and explanation while they really put explosives of thermite throughout the skyscrapers. I lived in skyscraper and mine was old and even then the buildings “swayed” just a little in order to absorb shock of plane, hurricane, high winds etc. It was said regarding Jew Rabbi Dov that they needed another “Pearl Harbor” to start another war. (With Whites going extinct why is our mind on “wars?”

*Jew Rabbi Dov’s Russian grandfather married relative of Jew Karl Marx (Father of Communism) and he played important role in the TURMOIL before the 1917 Russian Revolutions. Are the Jews setting us as Whites and Americans up for TURMOIL today for a World War III? Jews already have 100% worship of Whites, but Jews never stop and that is their problem. They can’t. They are addicted…. to $$$ and the crime that brought it.

*Rabbi Jew Dov’s ancestors wanted Israel for the Jews were tired of being chased by (Whites of Europe from country to country for their crimes. And it is up to Europe to trace this. I hear high figures of unemployment in Greece and Spain. Why aren’t those men, women and children uniting to find out these ideas I’m presenting? It is like the Whites in America that are unemployed. They have the time all day to unite and seek these truths for it is these “facts” that hold our nation together not Jewish crime and $$$.

*There were Jew gangs throughout Europe. I’ve already written plenty on website, kkkaraoke . wordpress . com. On Jew Meyer Lansky of Murder, Inc.

*Jews had a blood fest on British soldiers for Jews talked England into going to war with Turkey to get Palestine land for Jews even before World War I. Jews of Palestine then have been terrorizing the Arabs for 100 years.

*Jew Rabbi Dov talked Republican Ronald Reagan into buying bombers for $3 billion which flopped. Even the Republicans are in the hands of the Jews, and we will have to watch this no matter who is President.  (Dov makes it sound soooo peaceful. Jews #1 rule of war: Rule by “deception.” It would account for all the lies.)

*Jew Rabbi Dov’s firm “Tridata” oversaw the 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center, and had the structural blueprints, security system of the WTC. The company that was the security system, changed their name after 2001 and delisted off the stock exchange.

*Jew Rabbi Dov’s was involved in firm that could take 767 “Tanker” planes, and cover them to look like regular planes that were rebuilt.

*Here’s quote from White Republican Donald Rumsfield who made this comment questioning Jew Rabbi Dov’s earlier and then again on the day before 9/11 about $2.3 TRILLION that “disappeared.” Quite a(real) mystery for the “Who Dunnit?” buffs who should stop reading that fiction and solve this real crime with a united White “Who Dunnit 9/11” think take that intentionally targets the Jews and not having Jews the “only” ones couldn’t possibly have DUNNIT!

*Jew Rabbi Dov Senior studies for ASIAN (OR YELLOW COMMIE) on government Counsel on Foreign Relations.

*Jew Rabbi Dov PRIME ARCHITECT NEW AMERICAN CENTURY that has USA as Global domination. (did you forget about the yellow China Commies and Jews Mafia connection?)

*Jew Rabbi Dov an “Israeli” citizen that heads the US government Military $$$ which is about 70% of all the White Taxes that we put into Jewish Federal Reserve who then gives it to Jewish Pentagon and Military? That would mean “alllllllll” the other activities that Whites use government for, roads, DC, federal aid, foreign aid, roads, catastrophies, federal welfare, buildings, FBI and 16 intelligence agencies, TSA agents, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…. are only 30% of White tax dollars!!! Do you see “why” Jews demand a “high” military budget. But now that Jews got “Obamacare” with Jewish medical religion, that will probably be the substitute since we are drenched in military. Poor, poor, poor Whites and White Christians. Jews steamrolled over us.

La Raza means “My Race First” for Mexicans who are now the majority children in USA

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Don’t miss what the Jewish Harvard Professors think of the White Race below. And to think Whites built and funded and manned that school for what… 200 years? and white males are only 9% and are probably the only ones that have to pay “full tuition” while Whites tuition covers Jewish grants, yellow grants, Hindu grants, Pakistani, Africani, La Raza (My Race if first) grants, discounts, etc.
From: Wendy
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2012 5:13 AM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Fw: Holder At National Council of La Raza (“My Race is First”)

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012, 6:49 AM

—– Original Message —–

La Raza translates to The Race. The motto of the organization is, Mi Raza es Prima! (My Race is First!).

Can you imagine Holder at a Klan rally or Aryan Nations Congress? Well, this is the same thing only brown. Is there any limit to how gutless European-Americans are?

Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Jewish professor: “.The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacist.Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”


Rise of the Black Klan

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Jews brought in blacks to Americans as overpaid workers and leeches and “sold” them to us, when we could have gotten free laborers from Europe. That was 400 years ago. Since the Civil War, Black on White crime is a fact of life. Why my folks didn’t stay in Poland I will never know. But then the Jew Commies would have bulleted our White Christian Polish men to the brain (Jews hate intellectual competition. That is why the are #1 in intelligence) And then buried us alive at the Katyn Massacre!
Jews declared war on Germany, not vice versa. Jews were power in $$, and that is all that counts. Even Jew Rothschild banking magnet from England for 200 + years says he wants the $$$ power for him and his 5 Jew sons, he cares less who rules the nation. Jews destroyed Nazis and KKK in one year 1944-1945, and “that” was the Jews murder of the White male and White Race. Even Christianity.
Was listening to Coast to Coast radio and they talked of a book about Hitler. Yes, Hitler is now “mainstream.” Perhaps I changed history. But there were plenty before me that did the work, I just helped put the light on their truths and suffering as White people begging not to be killed in a genocide. The author talked of the Catholic Church siding with the Nazis. The Christians knew that the Jew Commies already controlled the entire massive territory and population of White Christian Russia and smashed God, Jesus Christ, Christianity…. with White American $$$ from Jews. Jews get their $$$ not from each other…. for they only pay 1/3 of the going price for things they buy from fellow Jews. The Jews gouged, did I say, gouged Whites with doctors $$$$, pills, lawyers, starving white artists or driving them to suicide and then selling their paintings for $80,000,000.00. You don’t call that “gouging?????” The Catholics knew they had to side with the Nazis to “save” Christianity, especially European Christianity. Any church can “give” their treasuries away to other races. That is a no brainer. Do the “Muslims” give their $$$ away… all that rich oil $$$ that Whites have put into the Muslim Religious Treasury for Allah! Or how about the Jews giving their $$$ away to all the poor of the world and deprive their own “religion” (Banking and Business trade that Jesus whipped out of the synagogue, only to multiply today to such frightening proportions it is mind boggling.)
I even believe that when the Nazis included Christian Scientists and Jehovah Witnesses in their prisons, it was due to the “Jewish” influence on Hitler. Dr. Morrell, Hitler’s doctor, and constant companion, was also the doctor to “Jewish entertainers,” and had many connections in USA. He never left Hitler’s side, and had “total” control of Hitler’s mind and body. Jews want, or shall I say “demand, dictate” 100% worship in their fields. And the Medical field is the #1 for that is where they not only get the most White $$$ but they dope us up to where we can’t think straight, lived in a drugged up state, and they can first use us as slaves for their Jew Fed Reserve Bank, and Jew IRS taxing system, to take “all” our money for over 100 years and do what they please with it.
As gods, they “’allow” only what they “want” and will smash whatever they don’t want. Jews’ medical demands “no” competition. And surely thru Hitler’s doctors the Jews rounded up those religions that “do not take medicine.”
Other than that, the Nazi regime was bent on “naturally” healthy White Christian children. No drinking, no smoking, no drugging, fresh air, exercise, vegetable gardens. But as Dr. Morrell played the prime role, he started to influence them with pills, injections, drugs, etc.
Where blacks are allowed to takeover our country, keeping us in constant fear and terror, Whites cannot assemble. I wrote before. I went to European American meeting in Memphis with David Duke and other speakers. If David Duke were calling for an all out war on Jews, blacks, browns, yellow Commies, Injuns, the Jew press would be wild, the government would bring home all the troops around the entire world to squash any White person or few people that want to assemble.
Yet the blacks do whatever they please and Jews let them. The White Spirit died with World War II when we Whites of America chose to side with the Communists. The Jew Commies won and we wonder why White Christianity the founders for 2000 years is dying. Especially since our $$$, labor, and even bloody martyrs, brought Jesus’ religion into existence.
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 3:21 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Rise of the Black Klan


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My blog site, wordpress.com, now puts a little parable each time one publishes their blog. Before it was just one word which complimented the author, such as “dazzling” “awesome” “fantastic.” But now they have gotten over just “1” word, and actually put quotes of famous people regarding writing to encourage the author. I like it.
Here’s today’s: I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. — Anne Rice

David Duke Radio: Occidental and Oriental

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I may write about my religion, not to proselytize or sell you, but to explain certain concepts as I would call and any and all references. And after all, Christian Science healing healed me, where all other means, and I mean I tried everything, failed.
I had been contemplating what the word “Occidental” meant as it is written in a Christian Science book by Mary Baker Eddy, that Christian Science spiritual healing thru the mind is the “Miracle of the OCCIDENT”. I never heard that term and looked it up. It specifically says the peoples of Western Civilization. Since it was written in 1888, (3 – 8’s makes it a neat number), that would mean the White people of Europe and America. Jews really didn’t emigrate here for their BIG TAKEOVER until, I think, 1899. At least that is when we White Polish Jewish slaves came in the country with them, only no one saw it like the Jewish slave ships of Africa. We Polish Jewish slaves had to pay our own way, the Jews didn’t con the White people to pay for slave labor as the Southern Whites paid for black labor starting 400 years ago, and still paying for not just with $$$, that would be bad enough, but with the crime and hatred against us for the good that was given them.
There are too many that I know that have suffered tremendously from black crime. I think since Jews have branded crime in your minds (I do not have much Jewish influence in my life, and what I’m studying now in music, via karaoke, I’m quite aware of what they are doing. I hope it doesn’t poison me, like the cyanide vials given by doctors to the Nazi leaders so that the White Germans actually killed themselves and could never show up at the Jewish Faked, one sided, Nuremberg trials after World War II.
We should do a collective study “for” Whites and the crimes we have suffered and item and briefly describe them, even those crimes that I suffered from, where I never saw the person who robbed me 9 times or broke my car windows 3 different times, stole my dead husband’s autobiography manuscript twice, they were either black, or perhaps Jewish Mossad-type agents trying to break me down in Chicago and get rid of me from the very pro-Jewish skyscraper I lived in. One would have to read the other 20,000 pages I’ve written and proof I’ve given how this works.
Anyway, according to today’s David Duke’s radio show, which you can find on davidduke.com, you can listen to him talk with Gary John an Englishman who moved to China and writes music, etc. for 13 years. There is even a children’s song in Chinese that is delightful. I share David Duke’s belief of wanting to preserve “all” different cultures, and not melting the rest of us into one grey blurb without any identities. (Leaving Jews at the top, as Supremacists, of course.)
Gary John has written a book on the Occidental and Oriental differences. I was shocked when I heard that the very extreme Jews, Chabad Lubitovich, has set up conclaves there in China. I have written this in my blog, that the Turkish Jews, (not the Jews that were related to Jesus around Jerusalem, which Whites are slaughtering and manipulating in the Mideast)…. but these Turkish Jews (my own words now) wandered around and were kicked out of most of Europe except for Poland. The yellow Chinese over a thousand years ago massacred them. So Jews were not in China, until the Jews killed our White Russian Royal Couple and family in 1917, took over Russian government 325 of 350 top positions, and then formed Marxist Communism which went on to slaughter 66,000,000 God-loving people. We didn’t Know” they were Jewish white slaves that did it, in fact we never put the entire picture together until recently.
These Jews got into China with $$$$. ($$$$ from where? How about all the $$$$ Whites have worked for over 100 years and went unbelievably straight into the Jewish pockets thru the Fed Reserve Bank, a Jewish bank, so Jews could count it, smell the $$$, which they just love the smell of money, and for Jews to spend it or loan it at Jewish will.
Sounds like a god or gods to me, for it excludes any other attempt for different ideas to prosper, and actually by omission of say loans to certain agencies, countries, churches, these agencies could either die out, or be crippled, while other godless governments like yellow China, can prosper.
These Jews intentionally went into China with the Bolsheviks Jews, and put that money into “both” candidates running for President or Premiere. Why both? To divide and conquer. It would then set the people at the head always fighting each other, while the Jews live off that garbage that foams up between the two fighting entities. Another example is World War II, getting the Whites to divide and conquer for Jewish benefit only, Whites not only didn’t gain, but lost so much, of our finest people, it is hard to say if we can ever recover from the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial damage done to the White Race.
I am not sure if there is a parasite in Nature that actually grows on the manure’s of other animals, and not only “thrives” but controls all of nature doing so. But that is the Jews.
This same Jewish influence has taken over our political parties. To watch the Jews get away with this is heartbreaking. I’m glad my Mama smashed our TV back in the late 50’s, and that I don’t have these images or words as part of my conscious or sub-conscious. I used to feel sorry for myself, not I feel sorry for everyone else for how does one get that out of one’s mind?

Elvis Rants on Stage in Vegas

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Surprisingly Elvis said this on stage, when he defended the horrible rumors and lies the “Press” was using against him. Nixon also said that daily the “Press” (Jewish as we know from at least 1898, surely way before that)…. but Nixon said that the press used to attack him daily worse than any other President. Nixon was probably the only President with balls enough to cast aspersions against the Jews… the “only” one, and what happened, he was somehow caught in a scheme of spying at a Jewish psychiatrist’s office. A “Psychiatrist.” No, Nixon and the Plumbers were framed.
Here is Elvis ranting. He rarely had a temper, but his Southern pride for himself, his wife and child, and even his doctor, came out in this temper rant, right in Vegas. I wonder if he was killed shortly after this?

Celebrate David Duke’s Radio Show

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I think for karaoke I will dress up as Daisy Duke. I have the little car from The Dukes of Hazzard Show, “#01”, and will sing this song to celebrate. In video, you can see many gals in audience with bra tops, although they might not have the cleavage and I can’t be punished for larger ones. Also note the fun Billy Ray Cyrus has at the end when he really works out! I’ll also continue my theme with Elvis from now until his birthday January 8. (and they say the Jew, Bob Dylan, dethroned the King!” Where is Bob Dylan today, and who cares? I like my White Southern Man, Elvis. And if he knew we were going extinct, I bet he would make a large donation, exceptionally large, for he was like that. He just was taught to think that blacks were the only ones “singing the blues.”

Miss Piggy, My Mentor

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I’m looking thru this book I have on Miss Piggy, and it is loaded with pictures, costumes and gowns. I never realized it, but so many of these are already in my 217 self-made/designed costumes, that I think I will do just a “Miss Piggy” day today and bring her book with me.
Just some facts about Jim Henson, the Christian Scientist, who created the Muppets, Sesame Street Characters. The Muppets and Kermit are now owned by the Jews of Disney, and we know that Walt Disney was the “only” White Gentile in Hollywood practically that was able to hang on, and even he was driven “bankrupt.”
I did a tribute to him yesterday on stage and mentioned he was a Christian Scientist. I had a poster of him I made up 3 feet high, with an elegant poster frame. I was dressed in my most spectacular gown as Miss Piggy one of his beloved characters, and will probably do another song about her today, for I have a book, “Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life,” which has many photos of her. Also are some of her famous sayings:
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a “black eye!”
On finance: “The essence of managing money is managing to have enough of it….”
On Eating Chinese Food: “You do not sew with a fork, and I see no reason why you should eat with knitting needles.”
In the book Miss Piggy gives her advice on “conversation.” The first thing she does when invited to someone’s home is to go into their medicine cabinet and sneak a peak at all their allergy pills, ear drops…. “ooooh, there is plenty of good conversational material in here!
(And it is true, people love to talk about their medicines, (Jews) doctors (Jews) hospitals (Jews) tests (Jews and their ilk.) The women learn that from Jewish soap operas, where a woman’s greatest fantasy in life is to screw a Jewish doctor and lie in a hospital bed waiting for him. After having been raped by one, I don’t find it “entertaining.”
Miss Piggy says that to enter the conversation bring up what was seen in medicine cabinet and being informed by the “teensie details of their lives.” “That hair dye seems to be working wonders, Mr. So-and-so,” you might observe, or, “Tell moi, Mrs. Such and such, do you find that the new denture creams are more effective than the old powders?”
“If for any reason the conversation seems to lag a little, you can introduce your hosts to your clothes. “This is my latest hat,” you could say. “It is from Paris.” Or, “I would so much like you to meet my shoes—they are very stylish, as you can see, and they only cost $20.00.”
When I listen to people talk of their medicines, etc. “no one asks me about my dazzling over-the-top (but not covering the top completely,) costumes, my self-made hats, my characters, etc. Unless “Moi,” as Miss Piggy says, starts to mention it. It is almost as if talking about these things makes them “nervous.” Elvis’ manager not only talked about him, but snow jobbed the world. For Christmas they would put a snow man in front of his house as a symbol of just how he marketed Elvis over the top. (he wasn’t Jewish.)
Miss Piggy Medicine Cabinet I have to laugh for a woman that used to live in my 777 N. Michigan (Jewish) skyscraper, but was White and elderly, said that when she dated a man she first ran secretly to his medicine cabinet. She wanted to find out what pills and drugs he was on. She studied side effects, and then could determine what negative things she had to deal with in his personality. It would be same for women (must consider women “equal” and not better, so no more special privileges for women, especially for those that don’t breed white babies or worse yet race break.)
Miss Piggy Pink DressMiss Piggy is wearing the famous “Pink dress with bustle in back.” As did Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Anna Nicole Smith, and now Barbara Ann, Queen of Karaoke. I think if people understood that so much of what I do is in the Miss Piggy style, they would understand me. Although I do not like getting typecast, as Elvis was, or Dwight Frye. Life is too infinite and one must stretch their creative talents.
I have to laugh at this, but it helps to laugh at myself, although it hurts when others do it for they don’t laugh at black or brown poverty, just mine. Matter of fact it doubles my kleenex use for tears when I see all the perks, privileges, and special love the other races get and the kleenex would now be up to the White Mount Everest. Picture the entire mountain range whitened with kleenex not just from “my” eyes or Mama and Daddy’s my sons, or my deceased US Marine husband, but “all” the Whites who suffered for the loss of “greed” thru war, intentional illegal drugs, being wiped away of their businesses, children, land, talents, and now live in the state of catatonia just to freeze their tears or their emotions from coming out about what has and is happening to them.
Miss Piggy KleenexHere she is in all her dark eye make up (like I wear) hair pretty much the same, furs and rings, and a ton of kleenex for her “depression.” Here is a video I sent to the “Carol and Marilyn” show perhaps 10 years ago, for a contest using a “kitchen appliance” and a “friend.” I chose this Christian
Science lady since I didn’t have friends but she agreed to do it, although I never met her before. She used to be “Miss Kleenex USA.” I’m not lying, for what could a constant weeper like me want more than Kleenex, although I usually don’t mop up my tears, I’d have to use a mopstick and a bucket on my eyes and face each day, I just let them roll. (I didn’t win but they made a commercial similar to the video! It was my cousin Margie who I got the James Dean Lifelike that saw the commercial that alerted me to what they did to my “ideas.” and that was perhaps 20 years ago!
In this youtube.com video, “queenofkaraoke1” “Hey Good Lookin” the kitchen appliance is the free standing Mixmaster. Oh yes we both had to wear leopard. Her name was Dr. Cody Sweet and she re-wrote the lyrics to this song for the contest. Jews work together, so that when one sees a White idea from a contest that is good to sell back to the Whites as if “Jews” thought it up with their “smart” “dumb” Polak Jewish minds, the Jew sends it off to a completely different company who then uses it. This is where the Whites haven’t even begun to realize the “Jewish Monopoly!” No wonder my Polish Russian Grandfather took the entire Monopoly game we were playing and threw it in the furnace to burn alive for he wanted “sleep” and we were excited as we played the game. But sadly, the Russians led by Jew – Commies then turned on their “own” & killed 66,000,000 God-loving people so Jews could be the new “gods,” and if you look at society today, Jews “won” the BIG TAKEOVER.

Ron Paul & Son

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It is 5:43 p.m, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve, and I’m saying that because if Ron Paul and son get to run, I was one of the first not only to write about it, but give proof of “what” I wrote.
An email like this about the father/son yellow North Korean leaders was sent to the Jewish media, perhaps 8 years ago by me, stressing the wonderful things this dynamic duo were providing for their Communist country. If Communist countries do better than Christians, that isn’t good for Christianity.

A North Korean voting booth containing portraits of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il under the national flag. Below the portraits is the ballot box.

Ron Paul should win president and have his son, Rand, for Vice-President. If it happens, remember you read it here on New Year’s Eve. That surely would give us a “New” year, challenging the evil banking, (Fed Reserve, as I protested “End the Fed) his interest in children, (although his standards are not as high as mine, with “no drug childbirth”, “breastfeeding,” no circumcision, but at least he is aware & could be convinced easily.)
What brings this to mind is that the North Korean Kim Jung-il was the Father that ran the country, and his son, helped.
I have written about this extensively several years ago, that the White USA needs a father and son image desperately. We need someone we can relate to with a “good father and son image” for role models, which we do not have that we can relate to in the present tense.
I wrote that this North Korean father and son had their pictures “everywhere” blanketing North Korean on every street corner.
And it seems to have worked. What I read was that by 3 years old the yellow Korean children are already playing musical instruments and by 5 have mastered them like prodigy’s. Is that what is the average for the white boy or girl? Or are they taught to sit in front of TV box and watch others entertain. One thing about karaoke is anyone is free to sing, dance, cheer, clap, chat with other humans. TV does not offer that.
It doesn’t even mean they would be “good” as “Paul-father and son,” it means that they don’t run the country anyway. They are just there to take pictures, and sign bills they probably don’t read and can’t understand. I would like someone to give Obama a long bill, and then give him a test and see if he understand what he read, or is he just signing the bill like a star signs an autograph on a piece of paper.
I taught my sons to deeply love their father, even though I got the opposite in return. My husband taught the kids I was ‘crazy’ and in their minds they believe so today. They were taught to disrespect me, for example, when my son with genius mentality started to get homework, I was told by English teacher brother that the Asian mothers stand by the child the entire time he/she does it. This goes on for years. If the child needs help, she is there to ask. Do White mothers do that today? No they have to screw their Jewish bosses at work, and give 1/2 of that $$$ to blacks, browns, etc, not her own children, so the black and brown mother can assist their offspring to “get ahead,” at Whitey’s tax cost!
When my husband came home from work and saw me helping my son, my husband went beserk, told my son to go run out and “play” and that he didn’t have to listen to me because “she’s crazy.”
I doubt the yellow mothers, the Jew mothers, black, brown, red, 1/2 breed mothers are told constantly they are “crazy” as their kids take the highest grades, valedictorian, and “free grant $$$” which Whites pay for them, while they get 0.
Here is Wiki on the father that died. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Jong-il