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Thanksgiving: Pastor Emry Sheldon

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WHITE THANKSGIVING: White Sheldon Emry’s essay on Thanksgiving as I found in Pastor Eli’s book, “The Great Impersonation: The Mask of Edom, “How the anti-Christ has deceived the whole world. (the Jews.)There are many actual transcripts of those concerned with the Mayflower but how it was founded on Christianity and God principles even fleeing from England and Holland where Whites were persecuted for their “beliefs” as today, Whites like me, have been persecuted and denied my White Rights as well as others. Oh and by the way, Red Indians didn’t save the Whites; from what I read they were savages and ravaged the White men. After a while when it seemed as if a plague wiped many of the Red’s out and a brilliant comet passed over the skies that the Red men thought that these new White men might be from a “God.”



White Thanksgiving: The people that suffered coming over from Europe were all White and we don’t own the other races, including Jews, a damned thing except an apology and a guarantee they will leave our shores so we can begin to work on saving what Whites have built up for 400 years, including our minds, values, relationships.

Some notes from Pastor Emry Sheldon’s view on (White) Thanksgiving (my own emphasis on White for no one writes like that. They will say “Jew,” “Black” “Hispanic” but few write “White” but we need to read things like that. We cannot save something that doesn’t exist.

The First White Pilgrims that came to US on Mayflower were persecuted in England, then Holland. They were non-drinkers, and England was pretty boozed up. Prisons loaded as in pre-Hitler Germany. The Puritans didn’t imbibe. They had to suffer perils of lack of diet for the White men, White women, White children of the Mayflower. They suffered perils from their “own nation” of England persecuting them, as USA and other European countries persecuted many, many Whites today, as I have been seeking White Rights or White Identity. The White’s own brothers persecuted them. As today, family members can be a White’s worse enemies when trying to become White, although some of my family has been tolerant a little.

The food was sometimes spoiled; the water contaminated on Mayflower.

The Government imprisoned the White Pilgrims for their beliefs. I know many pro-White men and women who have been sent not only to prison, but solitary confinement, their lawyers imprisoned, pro-White lawyers serving life time sentence in prison for crime they never commit. And if there were millions of us, it would be a number’s game, but there are so few and we’ve all suffered either persecution, denied our rights, or when Whites witness the shutdown of meetings, other Whites sent to prison by Jewish led government, the Whites get afraid and go back to sleep for safety. The White mind shuts down; it cannot bear the realization of our genocide and the intentional shutting down of the people who at least try to write or speak the truth, let alone organize. Howbeit it Obama the black was given plenty of $$ to organize blacks in Chicago. Where is $$ for me, tripled, to organize Whites in Vegas and around the world. I’d like an unlimited checkbook this Thanksgiving.

The government sacked the homes of the Pilgrims. The Canadian government sacked the homes of White writers on the internet for posting pro-White comments and exposing Jew comments.

The government confiscated or destroyed the White Pilgrim’s possessions or destroyed by authorities anything that was not authorized by the “Crown.” Today the “Crown” is the “Jewish Kings and Queens, and their Blacks, etc.” that rule Whites today.

It was written that the White Pilgrims left England / Holland for a wild land that was “ravaged by savages.” So in 1620, these “Red Injuns” didn’t “save” the Whites, but killed, chopped and boiled them.

Here’s mayflower history . com, and they now have a picture of book of my White husband’s ancestry, Stephen Hopkins, on the front.

From mayflowerhistory.com

Mayflower Ship, 1620, coming from England and Holland


Homosexual King James. When I write that the first White Pilgrims fled England for the “religious” were persecuted them, imprisoned the White Pilgrims, ransacked their homes, confiscated their possessions (as done to whites today). And it was a Homosexual King James they were running away from. So obviously this USA was built by Whites who were escaping Homosexual ruthless rule. And today, we make laws “for” them by Black Homosexual in the White House and their Jewish perverted Masters who we adore. We are not Thankful at Thanksgiving unless we realize what a White Thanksgiving by Pilgrims really is and not the Hollywood Jewish story for Red Injuns. The Bible the Pilgrims brought here was the “Geneva Bible.” It is not to say that the King James Version is not good. But every word cannot be construed as from God. It needs to be studied to pull out the divine meaning and especially for Whites at this time, what is beneficial for our survival.

White Thanksgiving Mayflower and Whites from Mayflower. The Whites issued the Mayflower Compact. Here’s the words. It is worth thinking that these Whites that fled England from religious persecution were being persecuted by King James and King James was homosexual. So our founders built this country on a high standard of God and Christianity and not homosexuality and never black and Jew homosexuality who we never had to let in to begin with. Whites, please don’t feel guilty about using word “White” when the other races don’t even learn about our sacrifice, history and certainly aren’t saying Thank You at Thanksgiving, when 80% of them voted for Black Obama the Commie Jew & Muslim combo who did nothing for us but aggravation. We lost 4 years under him in trying to have White survival.

The (White) MAYFLOWER COMPACT made by Whites, for Whites and of Whites.


White Thanksgiving: Mayflower. I was inspired by this from Pastor Emry Sheldon, quoted in Pastor Eli’s White Identity book, “The Great Impersonation: the Mask of Edom. How the Anti-Christ has Deceived the Whole World.” (the Jews.)

Here’s painting of those on the Mayflower. It shows a young White couple deeply in love as White Pilgrims fleeing England’s Homosexual ruthless King. Whites haven’t begun to see the ruthless side of the Homos, but as they get more power, just like Jews, blacks and Mexicans, homos will join them to make our White lives pretty miserable. Since we have never resisted as I have, you don’t face their hatred and aggression.

In this pix a White man is bowing on his White knobby knees like my brother wrote in his song “We the People.” Thanks to the 19 people who watched it, and so does my deceased brother thank you.

There is a White woman with a baby there. Here’s my husband’s relatives on the Mayflower:
Stephen Hopkins.  From Hursley, co. Hampshire, England, about 42-years old.  Minister’s clerk and shopkeeper.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins.  Probably in her late 30s or very early 40s.
Constance Hopkins.  14-years old.
Giles Hopkins.  12-years old.
Damaris Hopkins.  About 1 year old.
Oceanus Hopkins.  Born on the voyage, while the Mayflower was at sea headed for America.

Since Oceanus was born on Mayflower Ship, it could be the White baby in the arms of White woman in pix.
Here’s website to see pix of the Whites on the Shores of the Mayflower Ship.

It’s on page 8 of 18: http://www.sheldonemrylibrary.com/thanksgivinginamerica.pdf



In the name of God, Amen. We whose names are under-written, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereign Lord, King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, etc.

Having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine our selves together into a civil body politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the Colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod, the eleventh of November [New Style, November 21], in the year of the reign of our sovereign lord, King James, of England, France, and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth. Anno Dom. 1620.


White Thanksgiving: Mayflower: Our White ancestors faced “prison, scaffold hanging adn death, burned at the stake for their (White) Civil Rights and (White) religious Rights. Now Thanksgiving is a day for Whites to honor and worship “Blacks” playing football with White $$ that goes to Jews. There is not a damned thing White and or Christian about Thanksgiving! Even my deceased eldest brother, Bert the Polak, said he couldn’t understand how they could get 100,000 Whites to pay Jews big buck$$$ to watch blacks on the field. Jews have stolen our rights as well as our $$$$. In the painting I refer to below, I should add that there is a very sickly White woman that a White man is carrying in the picture.
The message from Pastor Emry Sheldon speaks of our (White) Children’s Rights and not “bartering” them away. And that is what Whites have done. See if Jews of Israel will barter their children’s rights, or yellow Commie Chinese, or Blacks and see if Obama will “barter” his daughter’s rights away, or the Mexicans, Hindus… no.. just Whites have bartered their children’s rights away. And if I didn’t love them, even though I don’t know them, nor can they love me, I sit here and type away for those White Rights are from God, or the Divine, however you wish to believe.
He further states that before we barter away our White children’s rights for a “mess of pottage,” let them know of the “sufferings” of the (White) people on the Mayflower both back in England and here in America. Not the blacks on the TV screen with Jews in the background grinding their hands with all the $$$ they make off of Whites as the Superbowl football game when Black Janet Jackson’s nipple fell out but the Jews copied it from me when mine fell out on the Jenny Jones Show as you can see on my website you tube queen of karaoke. com.
Here’s how Jews use both the Black and Whites to rule us, replace us, genocide us on Thanksgiving day football.

Jews use Blacks as SuperStars as Role Models for Whites in Thanksgiving Football

Jews control Obama and Biden as puppets for their Jew Rights to rule the world.


White Pilgrims: November 19, 1620 (tomorrow 392 years ago of hard White slavery history) the Pilgrims landed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is believed by Pastor Eli that we Whites are the Chosen People and this is the Promised Land for Whites.
Note the last line says that the greatest freedom the Whites accomplished was the “FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD!” not worship the Jews, or the blacks as Obama’s picture is everywhere wallpapering Europe who once tried to save the White Race but now have no alternative but to see his Black Face everywhere. I bet there isn’t a picture of Jesus in sight for Jews killed him all over again.


by: Felicia Dorothea Hemans (1793-1835)

HE breaking waves dashed high
On a stern and rock-bound coast,
And the woods against a stormy sky
Their giant branches tossed;

And the heavy night hung dark,
The hills and waters o’er,
When a band of exiles moored their bark
On the wild New England shore.

Not as the conqueror comes,
They, the true-hearted came;
Not with the roll of the stirring drums,
And the trumpet that sings of fame;

Not as the flying come,
In silence and in fear;
They shook the depths of the desert gloom
With their hymns of lofty cheer.

Amidst the storm they sang,
And the stars heard, and the sea;
And the sounding aisles of the dim woods rang
To the anthem of the free.

The ocean eagle soared
From his nest by the white wave’s foam;
And the rocking pines of the forest roared–
This was their welcome home.

There were men with hoary hair
Amidst the pilgrim band:
Why had they come to wither there,
Away from their childhood’s land?

There was woman’s fearless eye,
Lit by her deep love’s truth;
There was manhood’s brow, serenely high,
And the fiery heart of youth.

What sought they thus afar?
Bright jewels of the mine?
The wealth of seas, the spoils of war?
They sought a faith’s pure shrine!

Ay, call it holy ground,
The soil where first they trod;
They have left unstained what there they found —
Freedom to whorship God.

“Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers” is reprinted from Historic Poems and Ballads. Ed. Rupert S. Holland. Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs & Co., 1912.


A LITTLE band of English men and women, who had left their homes because of religious persecution, sailed from Southampton, in England, on August 15, 1620. They had two vessels, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. The Speedwell soon proved unseaworthy and had to put back to Plymouth for repairs, while twelve of the thirty voyagers were added to the ninety who were already on board the Mayflower.

Nine weeks later land was sighted, and on the evening of November 19, 1620, the pilgrims brought their ship into what came to be known as Cape Cod harbor. Two days later the Mayflower dropped anchor off what is now Provincetown, which is the extreme point of Cape Cod, and a band of sixteen men, headed by Captain Miles Standish, landed to explore the shore. The first actual settlement was made a month later, on December 21, 1620, at Plymouth, a more protected harbor than that of Provincetown.

This desire of the Pilgrims for a place where they might be free to worship God as they pleased was the cause of the founding of the first colony in New England.


White Thanksgiving: the Mayflower: The Mayflower ship was designed for “30” people, yet “102” escaped the Homosexual King James of England’s persecution. They huddled together with hardly any air to breath on the bad days. The main beam buckled which meant the ship would break into two.
Yet it seemed as if God or the Divine wanted these White people, (The real Chosen of God, “NOT” the Polish Jews of Israel.)

Only 5 of the 18 White married women survived. Meaning 13 died of starvation, diseases, perhaps frozen to death. Remember Henry Collins on the first ship before the Mayflower, ate his dead wife and baby in her tummy for all the rest of the Whites perished except for 4. The Red Injuns chopped and boiled many. And today we can’t do enough and all that is mentioned is how Red Indians “saved” Whites. Not according to what I read. The White Captain and Governor made a special trip to tell the Red Indians to stay away for they “had to survive.” Do you think Whites would have the courage to do that today? Tell the blacks, browns, reds, yellows, Jews to get away, Whites have to survive?” The Red Injuns wanted to party and play while the Whites did all the work. Look at this painting where the White woman is waiting on the Red Injun hand and foot. What has the Red man done for the White man in 400 years?

Only 10 of the 29 young White men lived.

Note in painting the White woman is White slaving for the Reds who are sitting and lounging around. Just as Whites had to feed Jews for thousands of years for they won’t do hard labor but lived off of us in Europe and now America. The Whites do the same thing today with the welfare programs and food stamps. It is like the White woman was forced to go to work thanks to Jew Gloria Steinem and Jew Betty Frieden of Feminism. And what that means when White women are in work force and pay taxes they pay so the Brown and Black women can stay home or get preferential treatment. Browns can make $50,000 a year cleaning White homes and they can’t read a label. I cleaned homes and made minimum wage at 4 hours a day. Because I was “not connected” in USA. Blacks can make double what I can and what other White women can and White women don’t see it.

White women feed the Jews with all the free sex Jews want not just from them but their White boys that came out of their womb. White women have these strange Jewish jingles in their heads like “He was born that way,” Or “I still love him,” or just hide it instead of demanding a Congressional investigation at why our Boys are being manhandled and their minds poisoned.

The essay I refer to on Thanksgiving below says that  the (Whites) had to face the “cruel” hearts of the barbarious (Red) Indians. Doesn’t sound like Red Injuns were too helpful. Why did the White Mormons who built Fort in Las Vegas to put the wall up to guard against the Red Savages. And when I face some of the Red savage descendants called Mexicans, they have that same aggressive spirit no matter how much $$$ White Christians waste on them instead of their own White people.

The Whites still had to pay the “debt” to England. Sheldon refers to Whites as “God’s People” and it could be that we are indeed the Chosen of God and America the “Promised” land. It is not “promised” to any White today for our genocide is at hand. The overwhelming election of the Black man by Jews determined that. While our last two White men, both President Bush and Romney went down in shame for the world to see! It is Jewish propaganda into the destruction of the White male.

He writes that there were gentle showers that seemed to come down miraculously that revived the dying produce in fields and help the tiny seeds gain roots for food. Don’t forget the USA soil for them was dead for it had no worms. There were no fruit trees here except for paw-paws, cranberries (not too sweet) and blueberries. Even the worms the Whites brought later on ships to aerate and fertilize the American soil naturally. The blacks didn’t do it. The Jews sure as hell didn’t do it. The Browns didn’t do it, they can only do what they are told and not a single thing more. Yellows didn’t cultivate and build USA, nor the Hindus. The Genocided White Race did and all 80% of the Jews and non-whites voted “against” White Romney as their defiant way of saying “Thank You” to Whites for even allowing them in our home. How many people do you let in your home that are defiant, drunk, murderers, rapists, takeover your home and push you out? And then make TV shows laughing at you and calling you “dumb” or “jerk” for the entire World 92% to laugh at you. Doesn’t that hurt?

The foundation of  America was built on Jesus Christ.
It was for Liberty (for Whites) no one says it is for Jews, blacks or yellow Commies.
It was for Law (The law that is to the advantage of Whites not Jews as been the case since 1669 in Poland until now in USA now that they have illegally immigrated here under lies and deceit of faked Jewish Holocaust.) Needs to be investigation so that “all” the Whites get seen in a true light and not killed off as if Whites didn’t lose 60,000,000 fighting each other for Jew rights.
The foundation of US from Mayflower Whites persecuted under homosexual King James of England, White Pilgrims wanted “morality,”
The foundation was to be for White “education.” Yet today Harvard is only 25% Whites and I bet they pay full price while Jews give other Jews the free grants, or to browns, yellows, blacks. They gouged us in education. See my other post on the horrors the Jews teach in our schools; it is poison to the White mind.
The foundation of America was for the tribute to our White ancestors and White children. Nowhere did I read a word to share everything the Whites had with Jews, browns, blacks, reds, yellows, Muslims, Arabs and Hindus. Nowhere. Jews invented that as a devilish scheme to rid the world of the Whites once they sucked out our last drops of blood like the Jewish first horror movie of Dracula when he turned the typical Aryan co-star Dwight Frye into a raving maniac. Jews enjoy when Whites go mad, whether thru booze withdrawal, drug withdrawal. They make big $$$ and feed us more which is why illegal drugs in the #1 business in USA while China Commies have foods, manufacturing, cars, even IQ’s.

Our White America was founded on Science and literature. Meaning we were smart, inventions, and our literature should be of the “truth” for our survival and growth, not genocide or Jewish Hollywood fiction not fact to drive us mad and confused.

Sheldon equates “Literature” with (White) Civil Liberty, White Rights.

He writes that the “happiest” (White) society which partakes of the highest degree of mild and peaceful spirit of Christianity. yet the Blacks, Jews, Commies have used our gentle and peaceful nature as a tool against us to takeover without saying “no” to them.


Mayflower; First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving: Mayflower: White woman caters food to Red Injuns, not the other way around.


White Thanksgiving: Mayflower. Here’s painting of White women and men waiting on the Red Injuns not the other way around. White slavery. And how did Reds pay us back after 400 years of this wonderful treatment. 89% of Red Indians stabbed Whites in the back by “not” voting for White Romney but voted for Black Obama who didn’t do a damn thing for them. Remember that when you pay White taxes, White donations and sacrifice your White time for the Reds or any other Jew raced preferred people in USA.
I finally found the one I mentioned in earlier post and it is by “Currier and Ives.” The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Dec. 20, 1620. (They had to live in the ship for about a month on shore, all cramped up, cold, wet, hungry, thirsty, cramped, starved.) Did any of the Jews, browns, yellows, reds, Arabs, Muslims say “thank you” to the Whites at election time? No! 80% of them voted “against the White man” Romney so Jews could show a “weak” White man as they world divides up the USA and our White people can only sit by and watch or even cater to them as our White woman does below. As I mentioned in other post. there is a White woman with a baby, it could be Oceanus Hopkins, my deceased US Marine husband’s ancestor.
Or there was a family named “White.”

Here are their names:
William White
Susanna White who was pregnant and I think had the first White baby on American soil, (other than Whites who might have been here 20,000 years ago, but when the more aggressive Red Indians found there way here, killed them off, as the other aggressive races led by Jews are doing to us today.)
Well guess what the William and Susanna White names their baby:

“RESOLVED WHITE.”  Doesn’t that sound hopeful? Who ever named a baby “Resolved.” Let’s look up:

We have to watch and there is a lesson here: Resolved can have two meanings:

to come to a determination; make up one’s mind; determine (often followed by on  or upon ): to resolve on a plan of action.
to break up or disintegrate.

As a verb it would mean to “make up one’s mind or a plan of action.” What is the White’s plan of action for survival? Certainly not voting for those that voted against White Romney need help and 7 years of prison to just watch pro-White news and films as Ernst Zundel had to watch 7 years of Jews news in solitary confinement in Germany because he challenged the “6,000,000” number of Jews killed.
But #14 shows that “resolved” could mean to “break up,” as our White race and Christianity is today; although I see signs of improvement.
But also it says to “dis-integrate.” “Integrate” means to have Whites break down their race and “integrate” with Jews, browns, blacks, yellows. but to “dis-integrate” means we don’t have to do any such thing. If we have to do business with them then we do so. Once it is over, we stick together like White Glue, or Superglue.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mayflower White People Pilgrims

White Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth from Mayflower Ship, December 20, 1620


Arab Muslims, Yellow Commie Chinese, brown Jews Unite Against Whites and Christians

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Arabs buying up Las Vegas. Because the White dollar might tank, Arabs buying up with their $$$ from gasoline high prices, much Vegas property. I heard that 3 years ago, when the homes were first for auction that the people buying up property had turbans, not White people. Now they are buying up commercial centers like the German restaurant, Heidelberg, Marie Calendars, for their “Arab” (Muslim?) use. So we have Jews running Vegas, and now the richest are in cahoots with yellow Commies who also are buying up Vegas thru black Basketball stadiums. And the Arabs are buying up more.
What does this mean to the White species as Jews cut up the “American Pie” and give it away to the other races for pennies on a dollar in many cases? It is happening so fast and coming from so many directions like a racquetball in steroids. Are Whites aware, and what do we do when even two of us can’t unite without being shut down?

We know 40% of billionaires are Jews from White $$. And now an Arab is richest man in world thru his home and dealings with Mexico. With Jews united with yellow Commie Chinese and Arabs, what are we doing like fools in the Middle East when Jews are siding with Israel and Muslims in an effort to destroy White species and White Christianity.

“The Jazz Singer” Jew Al Jolson, Black Face: President Obama & Rahm Emanuel, gay?

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Jew Al Jolson: First movie ever as talkie. Jews stole White man, Thomas Edison’s movie machine and fled to Hollywood. Almost all movies we have ever seen were made and are made by “Jews.” They had an agenda to takeover the USA and world, not Hitler. Jews used mind tricks, called reverse psychology on us. Just like the Jew is a “Supremacist” but will punish and beat Whites mentally by scaring us with “White Supremacist.” Whites are not supreme. Our White boys can’t even get into advanced math and science, and Jews and other races, not intentionally damaged have replaced us. Our Women will do all right for Jews will use them as sewers for their sperm and the other races our White women will “gladly” have their babies for White women have been conditioned, hypnotized, brainwashed to “hate” the White male and “love” the devilish Jew. That is what Jesus called them.
So in this movie, you can see how Jews used your “feelings” and a single word “Mammy” to begin to destroy your White consciousness, even Christian values, and most of all, our natural instinct to survive and thrive, and protect our White mothers and children. Jolson the Jew was not allowed to be in movies. Edison probably didn’t want any for he knew they were trouble and agitators and back stabbers. So in this movie, it was a double whammy, have the Jew perform in front of White audience without knowing he was Jewish to “break” down White standards, and then to have a black face for Jews would soon begin the NAACP, the most racist group ever imaginable with Jewish lawyers, Jew bankers. And where did Jews get all that money to fund NAACP: White slaves, 1913 Jewish Federal Reserve Bank, Jewish doctors and Jewish lawyers grabbing White $$$.
Now, with the last video I showed you I pose the question, did the Jews pull the ultimate heist on the White population by having a black gay President and his lover, his First Lady… not Michelle, but Rahm Emamuel? Can it be possible? No one would think of it. We were so worried about having a black president, that who would have thought a gay couple as President and First Lady?

Catholic White Poland saves Europe, Christianity, White Species

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Poland, 1683, saved the White Species as well as Christianity, but all of White Europe was threatened and may have been wiped out hadn’t it been for one Polish General, Sobieski, with just 3000 Polish Christian White Soldiers. It’s odd but where Jews had propaganda that Hitler wanted to conquer all of Europe and he was a monster, it was only decades later when the Jews would conquer Europe. They made it into the European Union and put Jew Sarkozy at the head. I wrote about this in my blog, and for the last election Jewish Sarkozy was defeated, which is rare for Jews in politics, in both Europe and America.
But what happened under Jewish Sarkozy was a flood of Muslims into Europe. You see the other video  what Europe will look like in 2029 under Muslim occupation. To me it seems it might the will of the powerful, rich Jews, to destroy white race in both countries, even Australia which is very “diversified.” While Whites are fighting our hearts out, China and India will be peaceful, with civilizations so far ahead of us, Whites, if still alive, will be 4th world countries we will be so broken down. Worse than 3rd worlders for they might be poor but not “damaged” intentionally as Whites have been.

Before 1096, Jews?

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I’ve repeatedly sent the painting when the Jews arrived in (White) Poland in 1096, and since then Jews say they lived in “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Paradise” and “Golden Age.” They brought that same “Heaven” here, while they put many of us in hell. And surely genocide of White Race is beyond hell. Check the different species, great dinosaurs; can they be brought back?
I came across this Wiki site on the “persecution” of the Jews. But from my eyes, do the Jews today need persecution after all the crimes I wrote? Of course. If crime is not punished it increases. It’s only because the Jews convinced us, like used car salesmen that Jewish crime is “good,” especially for Christians, when we are opposite religions.
Since the info below is from Wiki, and is Jewish, one has to read carefully.
I’ll just summarize. If you don’t have time to read email, I can sum it up in one sentence: Before Jews “TOOK OVER” Poland, they were being massacred by the White Christians all over Europe. Just as the Chinese yellows did. Only the Chinese yellows did it in such a way the Jews were so afraid to go back until 1949: Jewish Commie Revolution of China. While the US was embroiled in World War II, Jews were already in China, preparing the way for Chinese $$$. Knowing how easy it was to rule the Whites, they just did the same things, knowing we’d accept it, especially after tiring us down.
For some reason, my computer won’t let me copy & paste. I’ll just re-word it. Notice in map below Poland is at the center. I never “read” the Jews of Poland just used Poland as an address to start mischief all around Europe…. I “reasoned” it. But here lies some proof. Poland never kicked the Jews out. Hadn’t Hitler come along, or the Jews’ desire to leave Europe which was “old” and wanted to now suck the blood of American Christian Whites, Jews would still be in Poland today. That was their “world capital.” The world was the Jews’ home, not a country, or even a building. I don’t think there is such a predator in nature with bugs and animals that can compare. This map does “not” reflect the 106 times Jews were kicked out. But once the Jews get “Kicked” out, the remaining country finds it cannot function, since their molded minds were addicted and dependent on Jews, worse then heroine, or nicotine. Those are “physical” Jews are “Mental.”

Expulsions of Jews in Europe from 1100 to 1600.

Here’s the “White Crusaders” with Crosses and White garbed horses, like the KKK outfits. Boy these guys were sure bent on preserving the “Cross & Suffering of Jesus” and themselves, women and white children. They didn’t see Christianity as a form of being white whipping boys for Jews and the 92% of the rest of the world who have already split up the American Pie and marked our destiny.
    • Jews like to blame Christians that we are “jealous” of them. I’m sure that is why Obama put in that guy with the last name of jealous. That Christians kick Jews out for killing Jesus. I think that might be a starter, but it is the Jewish crimes against unsuspecting and not as smart whites that is the reason. Whites don’t seem to have a defense for Jews.
    • It mentions that Jews committed the ultimate crime: “Deicide,” killing God. And, not only did they do it in Europe, but since Jews’ assassination squad killed the Czar, Czarina, of Russia, 200,000,000 of God’s Christian or religious children were murdered brutally, (1917 until today.) By witnessing all the murders, whites have become “terrorized, afraid,” and certainly seek the booze, pills, drugs to ease their pain. Or to dull the senses, for no one wants to realize they are dying, but can feel it.
    • 1096…. that is the magic number… the year Jews arrived in Poland according to painting you can find on google.com/images. I asked “Where were they just before?” And Bible says, “Ask and it shall be be given unto you. Seek and ye shall find.” I asked, as I wrote, silently, and I find. More is yet to be found.
    • Our dear German friends, were the ones to “figure the Jews out.” Just as Hitler Germans and Nazis. The persecution hit its first peak during the Crusades. In the First Crusade (1096) flourishing communities on the Rhine and the Danube were utterly destroyed; see German Crusade, 1096.
    • Germans fell into the Jewish money scam… for weapons… sounds like USA today?
    • Oddly the “churches” really wanted to “protect” the Jews and sided with them against their own people. Do churches “protect” Jews today against their own people or descendants? But the citizens who were being victimized and defrauded took matters into their own hands and Crusaded “against” Jews in Germany and France.
    • Jews have it made out that Christians are “nutty” and we attack Jews “only” because he killed Christ. That was more than a good reason, but now we are looking at how Jews usurped White America and became our official Masters, as surely as they did to my Polish people for 1000 years.

The extent of the era’s anti-Semitism is apparent in Godfrey of Bouillon, who swore

“to go on this journey only after avenging the blood of the crucified one by shedding Jewish blood and completely eradicating any trace of those bearing the name ‘Jew,’ thus assuaging his own burning wrath.”
  • Jews were “deprived” of their “goods” for their “goods” were gotten illegally, immorally, and to the degeneration of the host people. Same as Jews in Germany, World War I and II.
  • Now Jews call on “God” to save them, but does God tell them to hurt us, commit crimes, genocide against us as they did to Him? Are we praying to the same God and becoming Jew’s object of prey?
  • As Germans attacked Jews, the Jews fled East….. (It doesn’t say, but let’s reason: Poland, unsuspecting and perhaps isolated for all the other countries knew to kick them out.)
  • It was “mobs” that formed out of nowhere that went after the Jews in the entire area.
  • The “mobs” could have been excommunicated from church for doing so, yet somehow these “mobs” were angry about something, and took off without any higher up approval. Same as Germany, only German government sanctioned it and formed it. They tried to do it in a decent way. Expulsion, deportation. And Jews were only “too happy” to get to their real destination:::::America, Israel. We were suckers and never suspected anything. And paid in the trillions upon trillions since.
  • The mob believed the Jews to be sooo evil, that anyone that preached “mercy” to the Jews, as many gave mercy to Jews in World War II, were considered “treasonous.”
  • Here again is “1096” right before Jews invaded Poland. The largest of these crusades, and the most involved in attacking Jews, was that led by Count Emicho. Setting off in the early summer of 1096, an army of around 10,000 men, women and children proceeded through the Rhine valley, towards the Main River and then to the Danube. Emicho was joined by William the Carpenter and Drogo of Nesle, among others from the Rhineland, eastern France, Lorraine, Flanders and even England.
  • Again, the Roman Emperor ordered the Jews “protected.” The same would happen here for “everyone loves the Jews,” but “hates the evil White man.” (It’s called Jewish propaganda against us, and now we can all feel the “Dumb Polak” joke syndrome Jews put on the world towards us. Only instead of “Dumb Polak” it is ‘Evil White,” which is certainly “hateful” of the Jews. I feel bad, cause Chinese people didn’t have to go thru what we did for 1000 years, nor Hindus, nor even Hispanics or blacks. Even Indians fought “physically” but this Jewish mental warfare, and financial ruin they bring is worse than any plague in history.
  • The article says that the Jews were forced to be “baptized” into Christianity. But that was to stop Jews from their crimes. Sort of like the crimes the blacks were doing in the South and now all over America. It says later in article that Jews agreed to “Baptism” but went right on in their Jewish rituals believing that “God” was telling them to commit these crimes. Sounds more like a “Devil” talking to them, not a God, unless my idea of God is all wrong.
  • Jews tried to bribe a crusader leader with Jewish gold, but nothing could dissuade this White man and a White massacre against Jews followed in May of “1096.”
  • Other people in area were “doing business” with Jews (sounds like today?) and therefore “Hid” the Jews.
  • Finally, even the bishops who were “protecting” Jews fled and the Jews were massacred.
  • Mainz was the site of the greatest violence, with at least 1,100 Jews and (possibly more) being killed by troops under Clarambaud and Thomas.[4] One man, named Isaac, was forcefully converted, but later, wracked with guilt, killed his family and burned himself alive in his house. Another woman, Rachel, killed her four children with her own hands so that they would not be cruelty killed by the crusaders.
  • What needs to be documented is “why” these White crusaders were so “angry” at the Jews. We don’t even know that about Germany or America. And if I write, it seems to be crazy compared to your reality who adore and worship the “One True Jew,” (god) who is a “collective human, mortal, criminal god.”
  • The crusaders wore crosses on their “White” cloaks and took off after the Jews unrelentlessly. Can you imagine our White people being so angry? or having “anxiety?” As soon as someone is “anxious” a step before “anger,” bam! they jab them with a needle of dope to knock the person out as I was in the ambulance before I got to the hospital, and believe me, I was quiet, but mentioned my husband’s suicide that I was writing about. Perhaps 2 sentences… and bam…. there goes the f’n needle in my arm to shut me up. But then they did that to my Mama when I was in her womb. But they didn’t use a steel needle with physical drugs, they used “mental weapons.” Just as my Viet Vet husband did to my sons when I tried to help them with homework, “You don’t have to listen to her (your mother) she’s crazy.”
  • Says later in “1096” Godfrey of Boullion collected tribute ($$$) from Jews so Jews were not slaughtered. That is why Jews have gotten to “take over” USA. Whites “love” Jewish $$. If Jews make $11,000,000.00 an hour as in Vegas, and Whites can get $10.00 of that, we think we are doing “good.” That is not “good,” we are being “used.” Or “usury.”
  • The crusaders went to Jerusalem, where even Jesus wouldn’t go until the week of his death. And the crusaders went to kill more Jews. What the crusaders must have reasoned was learning perhaps of how Jews killed Jesus, the $$$ issue, crime issue, rape issue of their women, and then put their “own” experience, to the Bible experience and that makes “true believers” for it isn’t by “faith alone” any more but are present day witnesses.
  • Here we have the “poor” Jews… soooo ‘poor’ that they have plenty of $$$ to finance more wars, as the Jew from Poland had $25,000,000.00 for the Revolutionary war against England. 25 billion by todays’ standards, and must have been all “slavery” $$$ from Polish slavery.
  • The Third Crusade was the attack the Jews and to take their “$$$.” Well, let’s see in the world today. Where did Jews get their $$? How did they get it? Who has made us on the road to extinction? No other race or religion is facing this. And to Jews it has always used America, our home, our church, as a “joke,” or “enemy” while Jews felt “justified” in committing these crimes against us.
  • The “Muslims” were also the Christians enemy, and I think the Muslims tried to overrun Europe around 1500, but the Poles saved Europe from them.
  • If we look today at our present reality what do we see? Whites (Christians) have spent $trillion, for Muslim rights and wars. Left our White male to die. Whites give Jews their entire worship, lives, alliance, support, “Oh I have a good Jewish doctor, or a good Jewish lawyer.” Whatever field that Jews are in. That is cause Jews are “connected” and it is an illusion that we need them.
  • Now we find the Jews “scared to death,” being chased all over Europe… and somehow… found a home in Poland. I’m waiting for Poland to write the rest of this story from 1096 to the present day.
  • Here is a further article that Jews are “Chosen” and that it was a “disgrace” to die for their crimes by the hands of the “uncircumcised.” How did that horrible amputation ever get such roots as making us “evil” if our men and boys didn’t have it. People think I’m crazy, but look how this looks in my mind knowing my son is not circumcised.
  • This article above talks of the Jews killing each other rather than take punishment for their crimes from the Whites.
  • The Jews placed huge amounts of $$$ (probably Gold, etc.) in the Bishop’s treasury, but Count Emico could not be stopped and his crusaders smashed the wall to get to the Jews, even under Christian protection. Sounds like angry Whites.
  • What would Whites do today if they knew Jews took all our $$ for 100 years into their own treasury, not the USA treasury and did with it whatever they pleased? And degenerated us, genocided us, and Deicided our God and Jesus? And ruined the chances of our white children to ever be able to complete world wide with races who have “not” been damaged for 1000 years.
  • The Jewish mothers slit the throats of the babies at their breasts.

Joins nunnery to help “Polish Jews of Israel.’

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I’ve written about this before, and rarely repeat, but much can be lost in 10 years of writing.
When studying Elvis I mentioned Dolores Hart his leading lady in King Creole. Elvis used to take his Jesus, God, metaphysical books to bed when he went with stars. (although I think they exaggerate how many he screwed.) No one else wanted to listen to him since Commies took over our spirituality and religiosity. But one leading lady, Dolores Hart.
Here’s from wiki on the movie: King Creole is a 1958 American film directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Hal B. Wallis. The story was adapted from the Harold Robbins novel A Stone for Danny Fisher (1952) and featured Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones, and Walter Matthau. The film tells the story of a nineteen-year-old who gets mixed up with crooks and involved with two women. Presley later said that this was his favorite acting role.
She started to think about doing what Elvis wanted to do: leave Hollywood and become a cloistered monk. That was 1958, and I had prayed for Elvis with my crystal rosary beads March 28, 1957 during the Chicago concert my sister took me to see. I was 9 & had already taken a vow of silence and prayed and just listened. And within months, Elvis and Dolores Hart, would do King Creole, (1958) and both were going to leave Hollywood to become cloistered “monk” and cloistered “nun” respectively.
Col. Parker hypnotized Elvis and I think hit Elvis on the head. When Elvis awoke Col. Parker said that Larry Geller, his Jewish hairdresser that had sold Elvis 1000 books on spirituality, had done it. Geller was Elvis mentor and Elvis wanted to take what he was learning further. But Col. Parker said that Larry Geller, the Jew, could mentally hit people, and hurt Elvis. Elvis fired Geller, although Geller returned later. And Parker convinced E to marry Priscilla. They only has sex one time on their honeymoon. (Perhaps they played around, but he promised her father that he wouldn’t have sex until they married.But after that first time, he never desired her again. He apparently saw her as his mother whom he adored and wouldn’t have sex with.
Here is video interview of Dolores Hart as a Catholic Nun. She states clearly that she had a “calling” and had seen the Pope, but it was not the Pope that changed her mind to leave Hollywood. It was a Jewish movie called “Lisa,” about a Jewess in a concentration camp.! Dolores then left Hollywood to go to Israel to pray her entire life to “help the poor Jews.” I feel so so so sorry for that woman who was misled, or is it that I am misled. I get no feed back in a positive sense, so I doubt myself, not another. She gets the world’s adulation and love for being so brave to sacrifice her fiance and entire life for the “Jews.” Perhaps Dolores should pray for me; I sure could use her prayers.
If what I read is true about Jews lying at Nuremberg of Jews turned into soap, and Jews turned into lampshades, and Jewess hair cut off (not to get rid of deadly lice that caused Typhus, ) but to make Nazi mattresses???!!! or the lies at Nuremberg trials that said Jews died in gas chambers when gas chambers were only made for Jewish clothing to get rid of lice. They wouldn’t have a hospital on the premise to “heal” Jews if they were going to kill them the next day. Even Anne Frank, the modern day, Jewish saint, her father was cared for generously in a hospital for “free,” to help him with severe illness. If Nazis were as rotten as Jews made them out to be, the Nazis would have just let him suffer and die in his room. But they didn’t. Jews lied and said that Nazis shrunk their heads, but that was shown up as lie. Jews said that Nazis turned them into lamp shades, but that was a lie. But I heard these things just a few years ago on Jewish Michael Savage radio show that if we don’t stop Muslims, they will do to us what the German evil (white Christians) did to the poor, did I say “poor” Jews. With all these lies it is “Not” from God Almighty, or Jesus our Christian wayshower, that a woman gives up her life for another religion’s people while we go extinct. Someone should forward to Pope and they must tell her the truth. She can still stay in convent but she cannot be there under a Jewish (devil) lie. She can begin to prayer for the saving from genocide of White (Christians). “Not” the Jewish religion (business) or the Muslims their brothers thru Abraham, and his two sons, one a Gentile and one a Jew. Don’t believe they are just “fighting”. It is all a show for Christians to become afraid and frightened, terrified. The Jews control us 100% like that.
When I was recently in ambulance when I collapsed from 118 heat in noon sun, the paramedic asked me if I was having emotional turmoil before I collapsed. And I said, “yes, I was beginning my autobiography at Starbucks regarding my deceased husband’s, US Marine’s suicide. I had 200 items that I had written down. I had a few tears for it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart just thinking of it. When he heard the word “White Suicide” since I told him it’s in the Purple Heart Museum.. and then shed some tears, but not hysterical, he pulled out a needle and vial and stabbed my arm with a drug. I told him I was a Christian Scientist and I don’t go to doctors nor did I have $$ to pay for them! But by that time, I was incoherent, and was far away. He didn’t want me saying a word in the Emergency Room. Perhaps that is how they drugged up the Colorado Shooter as soon as they picked him up. When you and I are in their hands, we will bend to their will.. or else.. .they will do it forcefully. And in a “Nice” way so you think they are helping.
Note in video, and I’m not criticizing her, I will pray for her like a cloistered sister, she says that she prayed “to” her doctor. Not “for” her doctor, but as if the doctor were “God!”
Also, note that during the call someone calls in from “Colorado” and asks about Elvis singing “Miracle of the Rosary,” and that is how I prayed for Elvis when I was 9 when I saw him… with my rosary beads to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Batman Shootings

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I had just put my pictures of my Batgirl costume, (the hood and bat monster) on my website. I don’t do a lot of scary stuff, but try to encompass “all” avenues of life.
I heard on Alex Jones radio show that this Batman Shooting was a “false flag” “inside job.” (Jaimie from White News Now listens to him and Stormfront) You can hear him on infowars.com or prison planet. He is big “against” Big Pharma and exposes how badly we are drugged up. He also has been protesting against 9/11 for ages, like I have been writing and still stifled as when I went to the 9/11 Truthers and was cut off. Even one of the people in audience asked me what I was going to say, about the woman who was blown up in Buffalo airplane crash who was one of the only resisters and did not take the (Jewish?) Insurance $$ after her husband lost his life. You can read more about him. In conclusion, it will boost Jewish Hollywood sales of this movie, and we Whites will just “accept” this mental punishment of these 14 deaths… committed by a White man.

I had Batgirl costume done and performed weeks before the Colorado Shooting. I had 6 premonitions similar in my life.

It is again like a premonition before 9/11, Katyn Polish Massacre and now this shooting. Did I “collapse” and have to go to hospital for I somehow felt there was danger at the Batman opening? I didn’t even know there was a movie, I just did the Batman costume to give tribute to Christian Scientist, Val Kilmer.
Here’s some pix of Batgirl costume I just performed a few weeks before I collapsed and was in hospital from “heat: Batgirl Back of Wings
Note in Jewish TV, the people who scare you to death, or “obey” is a “blonde woman” and a black man and all you can see is the pix of a Crazy White Man who killed “innocent” victims for you to “Feel sorry for.” Play on White Christian Emotions and you can do anything to them. They will probably pass a gun control bill as Alex was predicting even before this incident. You can see my pix below if you don’t read this, where the nearly last performances I did in karaoke, were of Batgirl. I had “no” idea there was a new Batman movie. I sewed the costume to do tribute to Christian Scientist “Val Kilmer”. In fact, it was almost as if, I could not sew or think about it. I kept wondering in my mind “why” I was paralyzed starting or finishing this costume. And then I just left it to God, for His time. Yet all the laws that I’ve seen since I started writing and studying this country’s behavior, have been “against White men and our species” and then it came clearly not only the White species but White Christianity. It probably goes deeper. Anyway, see pix of me as Batgirl. They can’t blame me, for this neuro-science student under mind control techniques, was involved in this for a long time according to his arsenal. But is “that’ why I had to wait to display this costume. I don’t think so, anymore than my studying Polish movie of the Katyn massacre and sent it to anyone that would watch it “before” the Katyn airplane crash recently. Or the severe pain I was in before 9/11 while they were wiring up the buildings. But perhaps, “all” of us pick up these false flags whether in our white bodies, behavior of our Christian or White children, but we run for a pill, or a new religion, or more Jewish TV brainwashing to handle our “anxiety!” When we can’t explain why we are so unsettled as they take away our White rights and as Alex says “our guns” or whatever else they want. They took away our God, our women,our sons and daughters, our $$$, soon our entire fortunes, but the Jews already did the same in Poland for 900 years.!
ALL THIS WAS DONE WITH BATMAN SHOOTING FALSE FLAG TO TAKE AWAY (WHITE) GUNS. (Alex doesn’t use the word ‘white’ very much. But he is White.)
Jones had been predicting that a ‘false flag’ might happen regarding the Batman movie. He has the replays from his radio show. It is scary, for just as I wrote that the government is already contemplating a confrontation with “aliens” like a Hollywood Production, we can really see thru it and see how it could happen. When almost my entire class of creative writers… except for me….. were writing fiction like Sci-Fi and got the biggest claps not “true autobiography” that I was tearfully writing and sharing. The White Christians are totally primed today for a false flag “alien invasion.”
Batman Belt and the saying written on it: “A terribly familiar mournful voice floats over the wire.” Just as I said how the Jews mock Whites continuously, use Muslims, yellow Commie Chinese to replace us and to have us give all our secrets to them.
"A terribly familiar mournful voice floats 'mockingly' over the wire." Is written on belt Iused for my costume just two weeks before Colorado Shooting. I've had about 6 premonitions like this, major ones.
If you don’t get to listen here are some highlights. I will use these as sketched in quotes from Jones whose ancestry goes back to Mayflower and is passionate about saving America from “Tyranny.” Yet anyone that studies history knows that “Tyranny” follows Democrazy. And we are in it, and have been for years. We just think we are “free.”
Think of it. Right now we listen to the radio on Batman shooting. But we stay still, perhaps write, or talk, hopefully pray, but we will assume our “schedule” or routine. It is as if our “reality” is blurred with this what I call “Jewish Hollywood Production” that passes for our reality. And certainly the Jews are pulling this off with Whites or perhaps Red Chinese Commies. They are not only “smarter” they don’t have “beliefs” which abuse Christianity to take advantage of us. That is the greatest crime in history, for Christianity should be the “Highest” of beliefs and not made “victims” for greed, power, wealth, rape, genocide and takeover.
  • Alex Jones discusses the drug “Devil’s Breath” that is a powdered mind control drug that can be blown in one’s face. The victim will do “anything” the “Master of the drug” tells them. Who are the “Masters of Pharmaceuticals and Doctors?” From Europe and USA history: the Jews and their imps. I know “Arabs” that are big into drugging up White Christians thru Pharma. The entire world will do “anything” to takeover White garden that we planted and worked for… (My own words at end.)
  • The drug leaves the victim coherent but has no free will.
  • He mentions Osama Ben Laden as a hoax. I agreed even before I heard him. As soon as I heard of the shooting (and I rarely listen to mainstream news but happened to turn it on this a.m.) the first thing I think of is “False Flag.” The Jews and their imps are going to pull “false flags” once too often, and then if China or a united 3rd World “does” do something on their own, we will respond the same way. Because it seems we have masterminded so much violence, we will have the same response. Pretend it is a movie and then be told what to do like robots.
  • Jones predicted a major false flag. There’s a bill in United Nations “not to save Whites” but to give the “UN” (Which has 1200 of 1800 Jews running it) the power to take away American White males guns. Oh yes, the blacks too, but when it comes to gun confiscation the whites will be “scared and terrorized” and will gladly yield them as in Chicago where the blacks, our workers, are “tougher” than we and won’t give them up. Laws are made only for and against Whites, and Christianity as a result. Jesus never said “the Weak shall inherit the earth.” They have assaulted our “beliefs” and used this against us.
  • Jones, like me, sees thru much of this. He doesn’t “believe” billboards, advertising, and when he sees a movie, he analyzes it. He said the Batman movie as all the other violent movies where a single hero “saves” the population like Gotham City, is funded by the Department of Defense for “mind – control.” Then when they want a “war” like the Middle Eastern “revolutions” and we know Jews are at the bottom of revolutions & Civil Rights throughout history. It’s the White Species and Christianity on the chopping block and has been. For Jesus, Christianity, and White Species to be abused is a “sin” before God and Mama must have seen this in the 1950’s and would get furious smashing everything in sight. And even beating Daddy to “make him” tow the line that the USA was “destroying” him intentionally.(My own last words.)
  • He says that when we watch these movies, it is “propaganda” and mind control. We “sit still” while these things are happening.What did we do at 9/11… nothing. We sat still. Pined a few days. The powers that be wanted us to “feel sorry” especially women to send their sons or approve of the war (funding thru White Taxes $$) and I did call both of my sons and told them to join. Even though I suffered with their US Marine father I never learned the lesson. “My husband” did from Viet Nam. That is why he voted for George Wallace that is why he bucked the system in the Veteran’s hospital and wrote 2 autobiographies on White and Homeless in Chicago… both stolen. Let’s face it, when Chicago Emergency rooms are filled with blacks that have just been shot, bleeding, or crazed from drugs and are loud and upsetting it is the “blacks” that get the best treatment in hospitals, just to keep it quiet. The police once told me ‘The squeaky wheel gets the most oil.” The blacks not only “squeak”but scream, howl, and just with their “looks” make us afraid and again we are good little White Christians. But are we obeying “God” or this Jewish Takeover as gods?
  • Jones really rants and he barely has a voice left, which I can understand. Mama would scream at the top of her lungs that even Hitler would have run from her. I called her “crazy” and was ashamed. It didn’t take 20,000 Jewish and Arab pills to find my answers, it took painful, painful writings, and total exclusion from society. And I’m left feeling like I am crazy and you all in the world, especially the Jews who have defined “sanity” are sane.
  • As with other shootings, this Batman shooting has “multiple” shooters. Alex says that the government is intent to make the “White man” a dangerous man. Most of my fellow Christians believe that and then go help other races even other continents and their people to get away from White men. Even White women have been terrorized against our own species. There is nothing like it in nature or in my garden.
  • He says that Americans (Europeans) live in “suspended” disbelief.
  • He talks of mind control drugs and vaccines that our psychiatrists (who charge $300 an hour) are the nuttiest people around.
  • He brings up John Lennon and the guy who shot him was in “government brain and neuro-science research.” (my own words the lawyer who defended Whites was framed by a man who had “government” contacts as an informant not just some wandering handyman. This Edgar Steele is now in prison for life for being framed for a bomb found on his wife’s car, which the government informant put on!!!
  • Jones says same of uni-bomber.
  • He says same of Tim McVey who blew up Oklahoma Bombing that killed so many. Even Cher’s husband, Sonny Bono, was investigating that, but was found dead after a “ski accident.” Sonny was “ok” with media as I was when I would “love everyone” and the biggest race-breaker entertainer in Chicago. But once I started to write and research I am now a controlled outcast who not only entertains but wants to save the Whites in audience or at least live our last species days in a little unity and joy, not at each other’s throats or afraid of each other worshipping only Jews and other religions and races.
  • Tim McVey’s doctor, (and this was “later” published in mainstream media) was the #2 doctor “Ewing” who was kidnapping children for mind control experiments with drugs, etc!. But like the recent Zimmerman Shooting of a black thug, the stories get spun out of control until Whites don’t know if they are coming or going but like a hamster on a wheel keep spinning around in a glass cage which in truth is our reality today. (my last words)
  • He quotes a recent supposed Muslim attack that shows that the Muslims were drugged up and that it was a “CIA” Operations. Central (Israeli?) Agency?
  • Apparently there is a new movie “Manchurian Candidate” and I have written about that many years ago. See Jews “read” my emails, just like they watched my Jenny Jones tape when I was on it, and then made “American Idol” from it. Dancing with the Stars which is going up for most awards with another dancing show, surely was taken when I was dancing like Ginger Rogers with a Fred Astaire when I first moved to Vegas.
  • He talks of the shooting of President Reagan and the patsy who was under drug influence or government neuro-science research.
  • It must have been the same for the (white) man who shot George Wallace only Alex doesn’t get into race.
  • These drugs work perfectly, 100% of the time. Once they blow into your face, you will jump off cliff, (how many suicides or deaths are really as such?) Unknowing victims will give the jewels or $$$ to robbers. Do you think the blacks and browns and even now Philipinos use drugs against us since they all work in hospitals, nursing homes, (my own words)
  • Alex screams that Sirhan Sirhan did “not” kill Robert Kennedy. And that was reported by mainstream news… but who really cared… The Jews and their ilk wanted to scare and frighten and terrorize White Christians. Isn’t that what the Jews did to Jesus. Not only to beat and scourge and crucify Jesus Christ, but to frighten, terrorize all the bystanders… and now Whites for 2,000 years. It’s an assault against Jesus, against White species, against Christianity, but makes God look weak to have such lawlessness as Jews did to Poland when they ruled there. (my own last words.)
  • They made this killing look really bad by “shooting baby in face.” Well, to propagandize against White German Nazis, they would have pix of Nazis with babies on their bayonets, which was not true, but like Jewish shock treatments to the brain, the Jews keep shocking us, over and over and over and over again. While we are in a state of delirium, the rob us blind, rape us, and takeover our society.
  • He talks of 8 Government agencies united together to pull off these “false flags.” He and his assistants study this constantly.
  • He says that after movie “Jaws,” about shark that eats people, the beaches there were vacant. Even someone from Stormfront used to walk the beaches of USA coastal lines and wonder where all the people are. Empty. Get us to hide in our homes waiting for the next electric volt of Tyranny and control against us.
  • He talks of a man with red painted hair fooling the audience in New York.

Obama, Muslims, Jews… what about White Christianity?

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I have written before the Jews are united as one, as a major religion, Muslims united as one brotherhood and “Not” damaged as White Christians have been for our millennium history, and they don’t drink, smoke, drug, eat well, and they themselves haven’t been damaged severely by wars, over and over and over again, as our White males.
To me it is a guess but Obama is controlled by Jews, so to me the Jews and Muslims have united “against” Christianity, the 3rd Major Religion. We will be able to stay alive as long as there is money in our treasury and energy to bring in taxes and buy their products. And once that is taken from us, as Jews did to the Polish: debt, rape, murder, death by starvation, robbing our corpses to get the last ounce of blood they can suck from us.  See message below:
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2012 4:55 PM


— On Thu, 7/19/12, Stewart Lewis <stulewis@att.net> wrote:

— On Thu, 7/19/12, gtramusack@msn.com <gtramusack@msn.com> wrote:




Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 12:46:38 -0700
Sean Hannity has been asking us to view his special Barack Obama presentation this past weekend. The following is what the administration has worked very hard to suppress and was eventually scrubbed from Fox due to unrelenting pressure on Fox’s management by that same administration. Please read below and view what you were forbidden to see…………………….
Pulled Fox News Sunday

Now we know why Fox News never broadcast it as they originally planned to.
*I encourage you to please send this to everyone on your email list ASAP.*

*Remember all the notices we kept getting to watch Fox News on Sunday at 9PM? What Happened?*

*This is the clip that got pulled due to pressure from the Administration.*

Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Sean Hannity* *airing this piece.

*This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks.*

*Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet! *

9/11 and Jews

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Short, concise, superb! The very first thing I looked up when the “Jew” question started in my thought about 7 years ago, was to look up “Jew” and “9/11”. There I found much of what I see below, but so, so, so much more. I truly want to write like this. I’m hoping this goes to the 9/11 Truth Movement of Architects and Engineers. For when I went to their conference in Vegas, they had the “Jews” right in the middle of the hour and a half movie, showing to “feel sorry” and “love” the Jews. They compared if we don’t stop our government (insinuating it is like Nazis) the Holocaust will hit all of America. But, wait, I thought the “Jews did 9/11,” how could they be the only “innocent ones?” It would be like giving a case to Sherlock Holmes and he could suspect everyone in the room “except” the killer. He would be told by his superior that the Jew was innocent, based on lies, and not to question him. It is the kind of page to study word for word!
Most of this I take for granted, but here’s few notes:
  • Remember if there is this much on the Jews who are master criminals, think how much we “don’t” know about. They nearly got away with 9/11 tragedy, hadn’t it been for Lucky Building #7. It is said if a robber is arrested, it means he may have commit 1,000 crimes before that. (Against whites I wonder?) Now this criminal is not as “smart” as the smartest people, religion, and race in the world. So imagine what they could have done, are doing and will do.
  • Some of the Israeli terrorists are shown from Nazareth. Can you imagine what Christians have done in fighting to give our Jewish enemy imposters a “home,” in Israel and America? The land of Jesus is now filled with Terrorists. There’s a holy song, “What Would Jesus Say?”
  • Odd that 9/11 was filmed by Jews as Jew Zapruder filmed the assassination of Kennedy even though the parade took a different route. Also, Jack Ruby, Oswald’s killer, was Jewish and that “closed” the investigation of the Kennedy Assassination.
  • We need new laws in America. Aimed right at the Jews. Not Jews “making the laws” or debating as in Jewish Supreme Court.
  • It makes me scared to think that a Jew would operate on me, or a non-White person (most of the medical field) even though these people really would like to replace us, our land. I mean our country is already built. Why stay in China and build it up when any nationality on earth, including the not so smart Mexicans can invade and take over. Hispanics now have all of South America, Middle America, all of Southern United States. And please don’t argue when I use the word “all.” Argue that it is happening and what can we do about it. Easy to throw stones at me, instead of the Jews or those that are killing the White race, especially White Christians, and descendants.
  • What if the other two major religions, Muslims and Jews, have already united? And Jews just convinced us Christians that we need to send White bodybags and $$ and donations to fight for Muslim religious in helping Jewish religious. People say “I’m crazy,” but this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of on a dying race and religion.
  • The PTech is quite interesting, and the links attached, showing the computers sold to US government agencies concerning 9/11 were Jews and Muslims $$ and labor.
  • One wonders why the Israeli dancer had a flame toward 9/11 when they were taking pictures as we do in concerts.
  • Israeli government business in World Trade Center breaks their lease, takes a $50,000.00 loss, and the place is empty. Where did the Jews or those that brought down the 3 skyscrapers hide all the explosives and people. There had to be tons and hundreds. We keep thinking that someone will ‘talk’ but that is a “Christian” concept that Jews think like us. It is known that even Jews have words that cannot be translated into English that Jews use when in our government.
  • The video 5 Dancing Israelis has a Jew aggressively speaking openly how Jews have had to ‘smash’ all the (White European American gods.) Well, that means our God that we pray to and worship too. I have written that already. The Jews are killing Jesus and our God all over again and we send $$ to the Jews, spread our legs and anus’ for their sperm, and worship the Jew-god 24/7. Naturally Jews want to smash our God. I’ve explained that before. The Jews want us to “worship” them. And we do 24/7. I think when I pray today, I will just pray to the same god the rest of the White race is praying to. My prayer will start like this: “Oh my dear 24/7 Jew god. Please have mercy on me and the White people and let us keep our Christian values, and our White faces. Please don’t reign your punishment and vengeance on us Whites anymore, the way you terrorized us on 9/11. If we were bad Whites and Christians, dear Jew 24/7 god, then we will try to obey you even more. Do you want all our $$$. (the Jew-god has already had it since 1913 Fed Reserve.” Do you want our women and boys? (Jews already had that since Europe, Germany, Poland, Russia.) Do you want our land, dearest Jew-god, 24/7? (Jews are the real estate agents.) Rather than write too much, you can figure out all the other ways we worship Jews.
  • Disturbing: The Jew Rabbi Zakheim, was responsible for the $2.5 “trillions” missing from the Pentagon. Did the Jews just transfer our “White” $$ into an Israeli, or Dubai bank account in Jews’ name? Or some local bank in Haiti, who Jews seem to love. Don Rumsfeld, who worked for George Bush, mentioned this on 9/10 that the money was missing. Do Whites have that much $$$ that a mere $2.5 trillion is missing, the 3 world trade centers are demolished, and we sit here and pretend it is “good.” This same Rabbi worked on the 1993 explosion at World Trade Center and he knew the entire set up.

White Germans get tough on Criminal Jews in Germany

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Wow! Wait till you read some of these.  If you don’t want to read I’ll make it short.
  • Civil Service jobs, (like all these Federal, State, City and Country jobs were to go to White Germans, and all the Jews were fired.)
  • Jewish activity as doctors and lawyers stopped.  (Even before I read this I’ve reasoned out time and time again the Whites have to break this addiction to Jew doctors and lawyers.  The Jews that wrote this for the Holocaust museum think these are “atrocious.” I think what they had done to Germany and now Whites in America is beyond atrocious.
  • In Berlin, not only were the Jews nixed from being lawyers but couldn’t even be a notary they were so untrustworthy for what was best for White Germans and not having an entire country become mere White slave animals for Jewish interests.
  • Public schools were for White Germans only, no Jews.
  • All Jews were denied admission into any medical schools.
  • All Jewish tax consultants were fired.
  • The limit was 1.5 quote for non-Whites in any school.
  • White Germans forbade “any” Jewish actors in entertainment.
  • Jews couldn’t slaughter their animals for their religion so it stopped the Jewish religion.
  • White Germans forbade Jews to have citizenship in Germany, vote.
  • (Get a load of this:  Jews could “not” have sex with White Germans!  That ended the Jewish rich married men from raping White German women, leaving them pregnant and not supporting the bastards the Jews left behind like trash after a picnic.)  This was the “only” law that would have protected me and even prevented the Jewish doctor from raping me.
  • German Whites prohibited Jews political rights, no public office.
  • White German judges could “not” consult any Jewish author.  Today in America, we have an entire legal system already padded with so much Jewish legal decisions that our whole idea of justice is thrown out the widow, against Whites, and “for” Jews and any other race “except” Whites. It is a way of transferring wealth to “anyone” and “everyone,” and the Whites just allow this. I can’t get over it.
  • Jews couldn’t take exams to become doctors. (No Jewish doctors in White German to treat White people!  Does that tell you something about America’s Health Plan no matter who runs it although the Jews are so adept at squeezing trillions out of the Washington Bureaucrats, they will probably get more with Obamacare.
  • German Whites took all names of Jews off of any World War I war memorials.
  • Germans refused to let Jews earn “any” living in Germany at all.
  • All businesses were to be transferred to White Germans and Jew workers and managers were fired.
Well, here is the website.  If Jews at the Holocaust Memorial think this is “bad” they better out of decency and respect for themselves, shut this museum down.  Today, in America, we Whites are suffering the same things as Germany did.
I’ve literally accused the Jews, just from my own reasoning, experience, and study, almost all of the above as they have criminalized all the above institutions.  Then they feed us so much violence and fiction on TV, even making up news, that we think it “normal and ok,” because someone in authority, some Master said it was ok.  Hitler and the Nazis had to wake the people up to realize that this crime of Jews and Corruption was not only going on but had infiltrated every possible important section of White Germany’s industry, culture, business, churches, medical, schooling, media, legal, government. And this is exactly how I wrote it just writing from my head.
The Jews treat us like trained dogs in an act.  They amuse themselves by feeding us a few crumbs and we will bark, roll over, and now even not only “Play dead,” but actually die a slow death and watch our loved ones sink into some oblivion that I don’t know where they are at or why. I only know they are not serving the common White interests, heritage, culture and race.