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Superman – Super Hero. St. Louis Cardinals

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Super Hero! SuperMan!

What a guy! What a way for a woman to wake up knowing this superhero in costume will “save” the day or save the White men from killing each other… (2,000 years of wars will testify to that especially Poland where Jews had their empire and us as slaves and bodybags since before year 1025… and Jews thought they got away with the perfect crime, as they did killing Jesus Christ, his 11 disciples (buddies) and all the first Christians. (Jew’s victims).


Beheadings Faked or Staged by Jew News?

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ps Beheadings faked pr staged for Jew news! See below. It says to save our White men, race, species, children, Christianity, Jesus, God, the White women must change. Yet who destroyed the minds of our White women so much so it was White women who chased me from Chicago into Vegas. And a White woman (or transvestite dressed as woman) who beat me severely into hospital in Vegas before I went on stage to sing karaoke.

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Jewess beheading of St. John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. Are Mexican and Muslims beheadings faked by Jew Commie news. (Also I recently talked to a college girl nearby who says in school she is learning that Vietnam Commie president when my US Marine fought was “good.” But Commies hate God and won and took over USA and Europe. Doesn’t that make at least one White or White Christian stop and think.

See two posts below. I’ve been writing of this beheading for over 10 years, and noticed in news, suddenly, Mexican beheadings were splattered all over news, even finding heads in airplanes. But who was doing it? Jews for their news. Muslims. Mexicans….. Just to keep Whites terror-filled in our own land. If Mexicans were beheading people, why are we letting them in and not deporting the entire lot of them for their deceit. And the horrible way brown Mex’s treat Whites as in Vegas, once they take over neighborhood.

Jewess, Salome, had John the Baptist, First Christian, beheaded.

Jewess, Salome, had John the Baptist, First Christian, beheaded.

Jewess calls for St. John the Baptist, Jesus’ brother, beheaded.

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Jewess Beheading continued. Here’s from Bible on the painting below. As I wrote, in my 12 years, 40,000+ pages of blogging and emailing, I wrote about this and this picture and sent to Jewish media, even when I was back in Chicago, which would be over 11 years ago.

It is possible, Jews are faking these beheadings, as well as the Mexican beheadings, to keep Whites (Christians) terrified. Remember there are three major religions. Christians, Jews and Muslims. If Jews put Whites (Christians) against Muslims, then Jews takeover the entire world and destroy all other ideas of God, except to “worship” them!

What bothers me is that in Vegas I knew 3 older women, retired, who watched the news channels. And when I would talk to them all three were terrified with that day’s headlines and pictures. Jews did it to me right after 9/11. I immediately called my sons and asked them to go to war. Jews need to “affect” women, to destroy their counterpart of our species, the White male. And Jews like “slow torture,” worse than anything we can imagine, but is our history. I know for sure it is mine in Poland where Jews had their empire for at least 1000 years and even used Christianity to infiltrate so all laws would pass both in government and church for Jew’s benefits only. You see it in business and sports all the time, trying to destroy competition or win over them. Only Jews use wars, assassinations, fraud, rape, spying as Obama recently “pardoned” #1 spy in US history, Jew Jonathan Pollard.

Matthew 10… First Jesus says  “Even if they call me, the Master, Dungface,’ what can (you) the workers expect. (And yes Jew art depicts defacement of both Jesus and his Immaculate Mother Mary, being effaced by urine and feces. Jews control 80% of art, and keep White artists .. in any field… starving.”…….”Done be intimidated. Eventually everything is going to be out in the open, and everyone will know how things really are. So don’t hesitate to go public now.

“Don’t be bluffed into silence by the threats of (Jew) bullies. There’s nothing they can do to your core being. Save your fear for God who holds your entire life-body and soul-in His hands.

To go back to John the Baptizer’s birth, Mary, Jesus’ mother, cousin, named Elizabeth, found she was pregnant in her late life, as she so wished to have a baby. Her husband, Zachariah, didn’t believe her, and he became “mute” he couldn’t speak anymore. After he wrote on a board the name of baby was to be “John” (a rarely used name) he was healed of being mute or unable to speak. Mary went to visit her and help with her childbirth. When she entered into cousin Elizabeth’s home, the baby Jesus in Mary’s womb “leaped” at the joy of being near John in his cousin Elizabeth’s womb. (I hope I understand that right.)

When John became older he went into desert, wore camel haired scratchy clothing for repentance and ate locusts and honey as penance.

When John was baptizing and preaching, a bunch of Jew Pharisees and Sadducees (as rule USA today even unto the design and implementation of Civil Rights Act forced on Whites for Jew domination and adoration)… a bunch of Jews were showing up at these baptismals for it was becoming so popular. But when John saw them he screamed at them “Brood of snakes! What do you think you are doing slithering down here to the river? Do you think a little water on your snakeskins is going to make a difference? It’s your life that must change, not your skin! Being  a descendant of Abraham is neither here nor thee. Descendants of Abraham are a dime a dozen. What counts if you life. Is it green and blossoming? Because if it is deadwood, it goes into the fire. (Holocaust is name for fire, and no live Jews were put into fires. Only dead ones who died from the highly contagious disease, Typhus.)

John teaches the people, (probably Whites since the area was mostly Greek and Roman, and Jesus probably White but Jew by religion.)… that John is just a stage hand. Jesus is the main character in this real story.

It was then Jesus went into wilderness for 40, tempted by the Devil, (Jew thoughts) even to attempting suicide by leaping off tall building. Jesus refusal was curt: “Beat it Satan!” “Worship the Lord your God, and only him.” In other words, as I said, stop worshiping the Jews who control us 24/7.

Then, Jews arrested John the Baptizer. No one can speak out against Jews, even until today. In Germany, Ernst Zundel, deported from Canada, kicked out of USA where his wife lives in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, where Dollywood is, and he was in solitary confinement for 7 years, as was his attorney. Why? For debating 6,000,000 Jews were killed. Jews made up the #, and we memorized it. How many Christians have memorized even one prayer to God or say it to defend ourselves against Jews? Yet we all know 6,000,000 Jews were killed by White Christians…. It is a lie, and Christ is Truth and it must be exposed just as Matthew in the Bible exposed Jews.

After Jews arrested John the Baptizer, John sent word to Jesus to ask if he was Messiah. Jesus told them, “Go back and tell John what’s going on:
Blind see
Lame walk
Lepers cleansed
Deaf hear
Dead raised
Wretched learn God is on their side.

Jesus said to crowd, “John came fasting and they called him ‘crazy.’ ” Yes a 6,000 year old Jew trick, get others to call one “crazy,” as I’ve been done to my entire life. Yet Jew Sigmund Freud says who is crazy and who is not. Do we “believe” the Jew as some sort of god? I don’t. Jesus said, “I came feasting and they call me lush, friend of riff raff.”

From Wiki: The day commemorates the martyrdom by beheading of Saint John the Baptist on the orders of (Jew my emphasis) Herod Antipas through the vengeful request of his step-daughter Salome and her mother.

“On August 29, 2012, during a televised public audience at the summer palace of Castel Gandolfo, Pope Benedict XVI maintained the discovery of Saint John the Baptist’s fragmented head for the second time attested to the historical veneration of his sanctity dating back to the Apostolic Age. In addition, the Pontiff also noted that the religious feast particularly commemorates the transfer of this relic, now enshrined in the Basilica of San Silvestro in Capite in Rome.” (Aug. 29, Viet Vet deceased husband’s birthday, as was Katrina hurricane, first day I went on talk radio with my blog writing in Vegas KDWN, now bought out by Jews and all White radio talk hosts fired.)

Yes, I have been writing openly about this Jewish horror-caust against the very first Christan, John the Baptizer.

Jew King Herod arrested John because John blamed Herod of divorcing his wife and marrying his brother’s wife. John “Exposed” the Jew King, as I expose them, but do not know who the “King” of the Jews is today. Certainly not Jesus which Jews admitted when they crucified him. Crucifying and Beheading, Jew’s style. Can’t blame the Whites for this.

“On Herod’s birthday, Herodias’s daughter (whom Josephus identifies as Salome) danced before the king and his guests. Her dancing pleased Herod so much that in his drunkenness he promised to give her anything she desired, up to half of his kingdom. When the daughter asked her mother what she should request, she was told to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Although Herod was appalled by the request, he reluctantly agreed and had John executed in the prison.”

“The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus also relates in his Antiquities of the Jews that Herod killed John, stating that he did so, “lest the great influence John had over the people might put it into his [John’s] power and inclination to raise a rebellion, (for they seemed ready to do any thing he should advise), [so Herod] thought it best [to put] him to death.” He further states that many of the Jews believed that the military disaster that fell upon Herod at the hands of Aretas, his father-in-law (Phasaelis’ father), was God’s punishment for his unrighteous behavior.”

The Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches also celebrate this feast on August 29. (Again my suicided Veteran’s birthday, his death occurred on Veteran’s Memorial Day, May, 30, 2004.

So, again, are the Jews for their faked news, performing this beheadings for Whites, (especially White women) to terror-fill. The Jewess is not afraid or terror-filled, but $$$$-filled. White dollar-filled.

Jewess has Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, beheaded

Jewess has Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, beheaded

Jewess Beheading of St. John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin

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“Jewess Beheadings!” I remember writing the media in my long emails, (40,000+ pages,) about “beheadings,” and showing pictures of Jews beheading Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptizer.

It seems all of a sudden I start hearing or reading of Mexican beheadings and now Muslim beheadings. Jewish instigated? If the Nazis weren’t real, and Jew news invented not only pictures, but Hollywood (Jew) newsreels to push the USA Whites into warring for “their Jewish” cause. Complete immigration into USA and takeover, and same for Palestine. As President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, said, “Jews were only winners” in World War II, (actually World War I but he didn’t look that far back as I did.)

Jews know to keep their takeover and Communism going, they must keep Whites damaged, terror-filled, scared to death, agitated. It was as I wrote in the Civil War. President Jeff Davis and the entire Confederate government would convene as our House and Senate do. But the White men would come in all gloomy and fearful, for they were seeing their South, (which had most money in USA not the poverty stricken North) being destroyed and 6,000,000 of their White Southern men either murdered by horrendous means, suicided, addicted, families suffering also. And the Jew man who was Davis’ sidekick as Obama’s first sidekick was Jew Raum (Emmanuel, which means Savior to the Jews but Devil to White Christians). The Jew #1 man, Secretary of Treasury and War, Judah P. Benjamin, would come into the government sessions, smiling, happy and cheerful. Yes. Everything was going the Jew’s way, and has for 2,000 years since they murdered Jesus until now. And Jews finally admitted recently in #1 New York Times newspaper, Jews rule the USA. They didn’t say it but figure it out, if Jews rule USA, they rule Christians, Whites. Yet Jews are the anti-Christ.

Here’s picture I sent to media many years ago. Remember Jews made American Idol from my video on Jenny Jones on karaoke, and the Jew told me so. I never paid attention for I don’t have TV and when I watched American Idol it is way beneath me. They are doing the same thing Jews have done for 100 yrs. Nothing new. Jews just do things over and over and over to keep us hypnotized so we can’t wake up. If I woke up, anyone can wake up.

So do Jews or their Chinese Commie counterparts have paid mercenaries doing this. Especially since Jews can get “videos.” Muslims having nothing to lose but the USA and Europe to gain. Somehow, Whites need to stand up, unite and protect our own interests, which even animals or a one-celled animal, amoeba, would do.

So if these “beheadings” are recent, even in last 10 or so years, are Jews using it to keep us terrified and keep funding Jewish wars. I for one am tired of it since Jewish bankers kept my Polish White Catholic-Christian people in wars since even before year 1025. Odd no Jews are getting beheaded. It was same in French Revolution. Jews created a false plot to accuse Queen Marie Antoinette of buying most expensive necklace in world. Prior to this, they ran banks etc, government, as Jews do in USA, and actually forced her to “spend like crazy.” She insisted she didn’t need the extras, but they wanted to create this image. After the supposed attempted sale to buy the necklace, year 1787, approx. (from two Jews see my earlier facebook posts two three years ago.) Even involved the Catholic-Christian cardinal, so Jews could destroy royalty, Christianity, and takeover France. Did same to Russia, entire East Europe, since 1917.

I will write on next blog the story from the Message Bible of the beheading of Jesus’ cousin. Here Jewess is beheading John the Baptist.

Jewess Beheads John Baptist, Jesus' cousin. Are the beheadings of today done by Jew paid mercenaries to keep White Christians "terror-filled?" I was writing about this beheading perhaps as far back as 10 years ago. I remember also, after I wrote it, seeing Mexican beheadings... Again... to keep Whites, even White Christians, terror-filled. No Jews get beheaded, and even if I read one in Jew news, I would know it is a fake or put on for Jew controlled news.

Jewess Beheads John Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. Are the beheadings of today done by Jew paid mercenaries to keep White Christians “terror-filled?” I was writing about this beheading perhaps as far back as 10 years ago. I remember also, after I wrote it, seeing Mexican beheadings… Again… to keep Whites, even White Christians, terror-filled. No Jews get beheaded, and even if I read one in Jew news, I would know it is a fake or put on for Jew controlled news.

Jew Sings “I Can’t Be Broken Down,”

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Whites: Jews Can’t be Broken. I happen to use my Grace Radio, which can pick up Warsaw, Poland, my ancestry as slaves for Jews and bodybags for over 1000 years.

Nick Uhel-sky brags against Whites, which breaks down White man, (Jew for name ends in “sky” meaning they conned their way into White Polish Catholic Christian Royalty for highest breeding while breaking Whites down and damaging us intentionally, even genociding us…) He was singing a song on Warsaw Radio, and it was a ballad “You Can’t Break Me.” And I thought, yes, Whites have been unable to break the chains of Jews or break them down. Yet they have broken us down, White men, women and children. Christians and Christian descendants. Even the so called Holocaust, found Jews “protected,” in camps. Pretty convenient. they had to sacrifice about 300,000 “not” 6,000,000. And above all, it was the White Catholic Christians who lost the most people and endured the most suffering, “not” I repeat the Jews. The Jews in the camp were low class and the Jewish race could easily afford to let them die. How? Jew Allieds such as USA, England, Russian God-hating and killing Communist Jews, blockaded Germany at end of war. Germany even had to blow up new bridges to keep the Russians from taking over. Hence there was no food, no medical. As the Jews began starving to death, (skinny bald headed bodies) I think it was Himmler who out of compassion for he couldn’t bare to see them suffer, had them shot and killed. Wow! It sure made impressive and scarey even terrorized sites for White USA men to find when they opened the camps. It was a really clever Jewish Hollywood trick, and up until now, at least in my thought, they commit not just a perfect crime, like a murder or their 9/11 heist of the World Trade Centers, all 7 of them, Jew Silverstein got “double indemnity” or double the money insurance was going to pay. They “can’t be broken down,” as the Jew song sings above. Yes, no one gets near the Jews and their stronghold world-wide Mafia. Especially now that they have 1.3 billion hungry yellow Commie Chinese ready to do Jew’s bidding for $$$ or USA land, or White women to breed with, while White men are annihilated. Yes, Jews keep singing “You can’t break me,” and he means “White Christian Heterosexual Man,” You can’t break me. But if there is justice, the Jews will get their day.

Jews made sure they “broke down the White male.” I read book about Vietnam, “Soldier’s Story,” and one chapter talks of how the fighting was so horrific, it wasn’t just to “kill” the White man, but to first drive him to a nervous breakdown, which man of them had right in the middle of the battle. Oh, yes and support these Jew and Chinese Communists. My husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, knew he was fighting ‘China’ for he could see the dead bodies after he mowed them down with his machine gun. Different than Vietnamese. But what he couldn’t see was the “mind” behind the war and the $$. Jewish money. Or should I say, White $$ Jews confiscated for Wars since their Jewish Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. (1914 was World War I.) Oh yes, Jews just can’t be broken. I have never seen a Jew squirming and screaming in terror in the middle of war. No, quite the opposite. As my husband was valiantly killing the yellow Commies, my husband’s friend, a Jew, who didn’t have to go to Vietnam but got a cushy job in Alabama, army, which led him and his two sons to become millionaires after war. This same Jew would go back to Chicago to screw the insides out of my husband’s fiance. My husband used to beat this Jew up when they both attended South Shore grammar school together. Jews can agitate and instigate as they do in unions, revolutions, whatever… as I wrote above, the Jew Nick U-hell-sky, sings very very confidently “I can’t be broken.” Yes, I’ve seen that throughout history. But now the entire world know. I’ve left my internet unsecured for a long time so “any” one could read these posts or my autobiography.

Jewess certainly “can’t be broken,” or hasn’t up until now. Just greedy sucking all the White $$ for her and her children for doing absolutely nothing but watching their kin steal, cheat, rob, lie, murder, assassinate, war, annihilate as Jew Oppenheimer dropped the two atom bombs on Japan in World War II… not White President Truman… as our history books state.

Can you imagine someone signing up for a college course and saying “I’d like to learn as many lies as possible. I’ll take World History, or US History.” How really sad, so sad, I feel so sorry. But I can’t feel sorry for White Species anymore. I read that the Scandinavian countries of Whites are really happen and doing well, rich, etc. They don’t seem really Godly, but, “role models.” Well, then, it’s time their women pick up the agony and suffering of saving the White Species. They are just sitting ducks for Chinese and Muslim troops, African troops to just walk over in a blink of an eye. Kill off White men, use White Scandinavian women for breeding as Jews raped me and Polish women for over 1000 years, left us with unsupported babies, starving, desperate, while they Jewess women were “Jewish American Princess’ on Pedestals,” JAPP’s.

I can’t imagine the Poles being as smart as they are, haven’t figured this out and once they do realize they have been Jew slaves for 1000+ years how they are going to respond once it becomes “common knowledge.” If Jews stole the newspapers or defrauded the owners and founders, they Jews will just have to give them back, and pay the Polish “with compounded” interest for their thievery. How can one put a price on 100,000,000 White Christian lives, Jews are responsible for taking, and the suffering of those that lived as my husband who the Jews ‘broke down’ into alcoholism and suicide. Odd I know no Jews or Jewess’ who are alcoholic or drug addicted and the horrible suffering of withdrawal when one tries to kick those habits Jews used against us to “break us down.” Elvis knew it. He studied Communism and it’s evils for 10 years, but, was unable to figure out the “Jew connection. Even if he did, little could he do since Jews control entertainment entirely, like a religion, as Beatle’s John Lennon said.

This “universal brotherhood of man,” is a Kosher name for “genociding” the White Man and his species and robbing every cent the White man worked for in USA and Europe for our entire existence. Jews “broke down the Polish people” but no Polish person broke down even one Jew.

Jews Infiltrate the White New Testament: Ephesians

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White Christians and Jews. I watched a DVD series about the New Testament. Many, many Christians worship, literally, the Jews of Israel as god. The Jews are faked, forgeries, and murderers of Jesus Christ. Jews took over my Polish White people even before year 1025, as I have written on earlier posts. Jewish bankers. All it took was just one Jew banker “family” that worked together to enslave an entire Polish white tribe, but worse, to get us to constantly fight one another. Those Jews turned Poland into their hidden empire of crime and death against White Christians, not just in Poland, but across the globe as we can see here in USA where Jews financed the American Revolution to “bring down White pure bred Kings and Queens,” and be replaced by pure bred Jews who control us. We only were “told” we are free.

On this DVD series, the teacher, says clearly on the 4th DVD that the books of Paul, II Thessalonians, Colossians, are….. Forgeries… Faked as black Obama’s birth certificate or illegal browns documents.

But who might have done that forgery which is now in New Testament and believed by almost all Christians as gospel from God. But Jews are not God, but claim to be the “collective” Messiah. Someone, somehow, “must” get to the heads of these Christian churches and people, which soar to millions upon millions. Don’t they know Jew Communists killed millions of millions of Christians, Whites and only white Christians. Not a synagogue, or mosque, or Chinese Commie center, or Hindu Temple was burned or destroyed. None were starved to death a brutal murder, as Jews even starved their own in the Hitler work camps to gain illegal immigration into USA when before this we had a prohibition on them.

The New Testament Book of Ephesians, in particular, gives away that the author is not Paul, for Paul never ever ever wrote about uniting with Jews!

Yet the lying author, who got away with it, until today, writes how (White European) Gentiles…. must unite… Jew and Gentile…. One happy family. Even blaming God as designing this. The author claims that White Gentiles must stop “Lording” over Jews and act Superior to Jews. The writer puts down the White Gentiles as being “inferior,” saying White Gentiles should be “grateful” that Jews “allowed” the European Whites to join.

Now, as I said before, I have studied much where the European Whites are the lost tribe of Israel and are really the Chosen of God. But Jews had to smash that image down and elevate themselves. Hence, it is why black Obama chose Jew Raum “Emmanuel” (now mayor of Chicago) as his first appointee. It was a Jewish indication to spit right in our Christian faces that the Jews are “Savior” of the world, which is what Emmanuel means. Jews may have “saved themselves, their wicked Jewess wives and children, the blacks, browns, yellows, reds… But Jews not only are genociding Whites, which nearly all descendants of Christians for 2000 years, but making us suffer in the meantime. Jews call the USA as they did in my Poland for 2000 years::: Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, Paradise!! White Christians have been fooled into thinking we have to suffer and die to enter Kingdom of Heaven. A good Jew tool to make us “accept” all the terror, suffering, lies, robberies, rapes, wars, atrocities, terrors like 9/11 and World War I, II, and Vietnam War, and think it is from “God.” It’s blasphemous! It’s deocide to kill our God, the highest of good we can comprehend at this time, and put Jewish evil as our Lord and Master. It is sinister beyond anything one can imagine.

The faked author, impersonating Paul, first starts Ephesians with how wonderful God is and the people he’s preaching to, who have lived bad, bad lives, but God forgave and now gives the world to them. But the author trips up for he says “he had many sins of the flesh and ways of the world like the (white) pagans. But Paul was a strict Jew Rabbi who converted and repented, not a White sinner. (Only Whites I think can be sinners, not Jews or any other race or religion.)

Then the faked author says the it was a great “gift” for non-Jews to be united to Jews (who claim to be Chosen of God, but imposters.)

This faked author (must be Jew) states in Message Bible how God started with 2 people, (Jews and Gentiles) but now they are one! They were separated (rightfully so) by centuries of animosities and suspicious but now God created a “New” human. Jew/White Christian. Only the Jew keep his/her identity, White becomes not only Jew slave but body bag for his/her wars.

The faked author talks of the “new” order. Which is really Jews “Lording” over White Christian slaves. In the DVD, the teacher says that the author complains that at present the Whites are “Lording” over Jews and Whites believe themselves to be “superior,” to Jews. Today, 2000 years later, Jews are not only Superior to Whites, but way higher in IQ, verbage IQ which is reading and writing, 143. But then Jews “silenced” my people of Poland as producer of movie “Katyn” where Jew led Commies killed 20,000 of my smartest men of Poland, and then silenced an entire huge, huge nation. It seemed impossible. But it is fact.  Jews claim that much power. Whatever Whites have today, will be taken from them, as Jews already did in Poland. They can’t be any other way than who and what they are. Also Paul in one of his true letters speaks that when the End Times come, it will be in a flash. No warning. Think of that, USA, and White Race. There won’t be a slow warning to go into survival mode and live like animals or 4th world. It will happen instantly. Jew newspapers will shut down. Jew TV. We won’t know which way to go or what to do.

From Ephesians biblecc.com

“New International Version
This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.”

Note that Gentiles are “heirs” …. with…. Israel.. Meaning Israel Jews were “only” chosen ones, but now they adopt us. Nonsense. We were original chosen of God being chased by other races till we fled for our dear lives into Europe. Where are Whites going to go now, when Jews turned world against us and even the poorest of Europe don’t want to ever touch American soil again! Jews intentionally encourage violent behavior of blacks and browns against Whites to keep us terrified.

More on “Jews and Gentiles (Whites) united.” (As were are today, Jews genocided white slaves. If Whites want to be united with their destroyers or devil, it is really a shame. From Ephesians in New Testament

49.6     Christ has made us alive spiritually     2:1-3
49.7     We are saved through faith in Christ     2:4-10
49.8     Gentiles were excluded from God’s plan     2:11-13
49.9     Now Jew and Gentile are brought together     2:14-18
49.10     All are building blocks in Christ’s Church     2:19-3:1

Picture Jesus Christ telling us to unite and become slaves of his murderer. Remember he “never” forgave Jews. On cross when he said “Father forgive “them” for “they” know not what “they” do, the next sentence reads the White Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus’ one piece tunic, which was very expensive and could not be cut up for each soldier. White soldiers had no idea who they were crucifying, but Jews planned Jesus crucifixion since he was in Mary’s womb and would have stoned her to death for she was 11 years old and not married.

“Ephesians 2:11-13 – Do not lose sight of the fact they you were born “Gentiles”, known by those whose bodies were circumcised (the Jews) as “the uncircumcised”. You were without Christ, you were utter strangers to God’s chosen community, the Jews, and you had no knowledge of, or right to, the promised agreements. You had nothing to look forward to and no God to whom you could turn. But now, through the blood of Christ, you who were once outside the pale are with us inside the circle of God’s love and purpose.”  Lies….. Jewish murderers were never the Chosen people of God, but imposters and bankers who Jesus thru out of the Temple, but my Poland kept them as their Lords and Masters since before year 1025, according to my in depth 40,000 pages of writings.

“Ephesians 2:14-18 – For Christ is our living peace. He has made a unity of the conflicting elements of Jew and Gentile by breaking down the barrier which lay between us. By his sacrifice he removed the hostility of the Law, with all its commandments and rules, and made in himself out of the two, Jew and Gentile, one new man, thus producing peace. For he reconciled both to God by the sacrifice of one body on the cross, and by this act made utterly irrelevant the antagonism between them. Then he came and told both you who were far from God (the Gentiles) and us who were near (the Jews) that the war was over. And it is through him that both of us now can approach the Father in the one Spirit.” (Again, Whites have kicked Jews out at least 106 times that we know of. And now that Jews and White Christians are “one” as in world today, where they by their own admission now control us entirely, we are servants of the devil. This faked writer, not Paul, talks of “peace!” Jews kept my Poland in war alone for over 1000 years, including being the guinnea pig of World War II which Hitler fought over and lost to Jewish God-hating communists.

” It is in this great cause that I, Paul, have become Christ’s prisoner for you Gentiles.” (Paul didn’t write this chapter according to “The New Testament” DVDs by Professor Bart D. Ehrman. seems like faked author of Ephesians wanted to put a “guilt” trip on Whites like Jews put on the entire White species for a Holocaust that never happened as Jews wrote it. The “Winner” of a war “writes” the War history. Whites lost, hundred million White men and destroyed women and children families. Jews “won,” and even President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, said “only winner of World War II were Jews.” Do you suppose that is why Jews killed President Kennedy, his brother Robert, and President’s son, John-John? Do you suppose the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s secretary in a lagoon was staged so Edward would be so off guard and upset he automatically cow towed to Jews when they forced the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to be passed right after his brother’s President Kennedy’s death. Remember, the Civil Rights Act against White Rights, was drafted in synagogue by Jewish Rabbi. Where it was written separation of church and government, it is only for “White” Christians to obey as slaves. Jews control our government and us. Jews claim to be a “religion” but are a higher bred race, while at the same time, damaging us with their addictions to the medical, illegal drugs, the top two businesses in USA. Yes, even Elvis knew of the dangers in 1970, but Elvis who studied the horrific effects of Communism for 10 years by his own hand written letter to President Nixon when he made personal visit, knew the Communists were destroying his audience (Whites) from within our own country. But Jew dentist who was last stranger to see Elvis before he died, probably killed him too! Jews build up; Jews destroy. Beware those who think they have plenty of money now. As Paul said above, in a flash, destruction will come without a warning.

More lies, written by a faked author of Ephesians. Yet we have believed this for 2000 years: “It is simply this: that the Gentiles, who were previously excluded from God’s agreements, are to be equal heirs with his chosen people, equal members and equal partners in God’s promise given by Christ through the Gospel.”


Ephesians 3:7-13 – And I was made a minister of that Gospel by the grace he gave me, and by the power with which he equipped me. Yes, to me, less than the least of all Christians, has God given this grace, to enable me to proclaim to the Gentiles the incalculable riches of Christ….” (So in other words, if one becomes a “Jew” one will get rich. How many Whites read self-help books on how to get rich. But we can’t ever achieve it for we do not have the Jewish world wide international mafia to connect to. Hence they become our gods and idols, and we are constantly unhappy, unable to become as rich as them and never will be. Those rich, like Bill Gates, have already had their $$$ taken by Jews without the least bit of suspicion as I wrote years ago would happen.

Jew author further states Gentiles (Whites) should be “grateful” we were allowed to “join” up with Jews. Take a look at the destruction of our species,our churches, Europe, our morals, IQ, $$$, and see if we should be “grateful.” Whites must now sort out what is our true nature, not the Jewish imposed mind, thoughts, body, they grotesquely formed on us, ancestors and children. Our true nature, that of God, is still here. We just need to dig for it and get the Jews off our backs. It seems were are going to die anyone, so their bloody race wars, or whatever their next catastrophe upon us, shouldn’t really frighten us, not should they be allowed to get away with it for even a single minute more. Thousands of years of persecution by Jews towards White Christians, even until today, where Christians actually worship Jesus’ murderers… is enough!

Hitler’s Diaries

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Jew Publishers: Since we know Jews control book publishing and our entire thought as I have previously posted, I just “wonder” about the so-called “Hitler Diaries.” They are said to be fraud, and man who wrote the 62 volumes was a White German Christian fraud.

Now that may or may not be the case. But since Jews also control news since late 1800’s and surely before that, Jews had a field day around the world (selling lots of news papers and again forming our thoughts, opinions, even our loves and “hates.”)

But what caught my eye was the newspaper who was going to promote these Hitler diaries, was called “Stern.”

And I will write again, as in my autobiography posted here on Facebook around 2012, October, for I could not go to my grave with the 40,000 typed pages about the faked Jews and faked Blacks, who have taken over USA along with Chinese Communists, a “World Organization.” Whites never knew it was coming. My autobiography book draft, “White Slavery to White Rights: Growing up on Euclid Ave, Chicago, 5 blocks down from Black Michelle Obama.”

I wrote in my autobiography draft (here on Facebook) that when I was about 10-12, I went to a Jewish dentist, a Doctor Jacob Stern, on 90th and Commercial. While I was in dental chair he illegally and pervertedly felt my breasts up sexually as he had him terrified in the chair. (As you see above, “Stern” was name of news magazine, which was going to publish “Hitler Diaries.” He said, “Oh you are sprouting nicely.” In my days, in the late ’50’s, no one talked of sex but would be “ashamed.” Yet Jews got away with those crimes, as far back as my Poland, which was their empire for 1000 years. These Jews now bring in all the illegals, for Jews were responsible for all the blacks that came in USA… not white Southern men. Jews crushed the white Southern man, woman and child in their “Civil War,” in which they confiscated the great wealth the White Southerners accumulated!!! But first…. Jews annihilated them … controlling the North also in 1865. Jews were so powerful, as President Abraham Lincoln would walk around White House, Jews could easily on a first name basis walk up to Lincoln to “advise” him. It’s said they killed him, as it seems Jew Mossad killed White President Kennedy.

Now, my Grandmother, Helen, went to see dentist Jew Dr. Jacob Stern’s cousin, also Jew Dr. Jacob Stern, who was right across the hall from the dentist. Her death certificate shows both that she went to visit him on Halloween, October 31, 1939 (right at the beginning of World War II) and was found dead the next day. Her death was reported by and written by the same Jewish doctor. Did he give her something on Halloween: A slow release poison? I mean his brother, molested me sexually later in time, and I wonder if this cousin had molested or even raped my grandmother and then perhaps she mouthed off to him, and he administered a drug to her.

Also, my Mama was going to marry my Daddy, a poor but holy White Christian. But a rich Jewish man was in love with my Mama. It was 1930 and the stock market had crashed in 1929, but only for “Whites” to suffer, go bankrupt and lose their jobs. This Jew was richer after stock market. Today, Jews control Stock Market, and in fact, they made it as they did the Federal Reserve Bank, in 1913, Jewish bank, which holds all the Christian White $$$ and taxes since 1913. We’d be billionaires today and Jews would be homeless poor if they didn’t pull off that financial swindle.

Anyway, on Mama’s wedding day, the Jew came to Mama’s home to stop the wedding. Banging on the door, “Anna, don’t marry him, don’t marry him.” But Grandma got to the door first and with her heavy broom batted him out of the door front and he is still probably running away in hell today with all his devil Jewish friends below. The so called Holocaust victims which Jews are responsible for their own people’s deaths, not Hitler. The Allies, (Jew Communists who took over Russia and USA) were ones who blockaded Germany so the people in the “work camps” not “death camps” were starved to death and turned into those bald headed, skinny corpses. Jews also were responsible for blowing up a ship in World War II the Patria, whereby 276 of their own Jewish people were killed. Jews did it to gain the land of Palestine so Whites could not only turn over all their $$$ to them. Jews already had that since 1913. Jews demand we “worship” them as the Devil demanded Jesus to worship him/her, but Jesus refused!!! Who do Christians worship as “Jesus?” Certainly not the Jesus I have prayed to my entire life. Only now, since my study of exposing the Jews, as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did in the Bible, I love Jesus even more, for I see how the Jews made Jesus’ life a living hell from the moment of his Immaculate Conception, where Mary conceived Jesus without sex, to the point where Jews crucified him and killed him brutally. It was not enough for Jews just to shove Jesus off a cliff as they wanted to, but to make Jesus suffer.

The yellow Chinese Communists and Jew Communists were responsible for the Viet Nam war. My Veteran husband said we could never have won the Viet Nam war… we were fighting God-hating Communist China. He didn’t know the Jews are the $$$ and the brains behind Chinese Communists, both smarter in IQ than us. In fact, a high IQ might be say 109, but their “talking and writing ability” is 143! If I write a lot and talk alot I’m called “crazy.” But if a Jew or Jewess does it it is “genius.” Go figure. A male Aryan school teacher who lived in the mobile home park where I used to live taught at a Jewish school in Vegas. But when he met me he told me that my IQ was “off the charts,” it was so high, just from talking with me. Well, if he taught Jews and associated with them, perhaps in thinking anyway, not faked PHD degrees, I can think better than them. That is until they assuredly had me beaten up and hospitalized in Vegas over a year ago!

The Jew-Chinese Viet Nam war against White male and USA, was not just to “war” against the White male, but to annihilate him, pulverize him, reduce him to ashes. It is said to save our White male, our White species, the USA, White Christian 2000 year descendants, it is going to take 21 mentors for each male and the “female” has to change. So who is talking about this? Who is educating our white female? The Jewess? I doubt it. She’s been on a pedestal worshiped for she took the pedestal down of Jesus’ mother, Blessed Virgin Mary.

Anyway, whenever something surfaces such as “Hitler’s Diaries,” we can’t have all Jews are people taught by Jews calling our shots. We do not worship Jesus’ murderers and our own White genociders.


Jews Rape of Palestine, compared to German “Rape of Belgium”

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JEWS’ Rape of Palestine. Is it time for war against Israel? Judging by what Wiki (Jewish) broadcasts as the German Rape of Belgium before World War I, it looks like Jewish crimes are definitely war crimes and horrors by the Jews own pens and keyboards to own and run Wiki. Jews better make sure their cohorts who have nothing to do in Israel since we support those rich bastards and bitches who are so lazy they stink, literally and figuratively….. erase or destroy… what I find on internet for Jews leave “no clues” behind. yet all their clues are right in front of us. That is really dumbing down.

Since a Jewish doctor raped me at University of Illinois affiliated hospital, and threatened me for life, saying he had a Jewish wife and children and this would ruin him for life. He had just graduated from the college and was starting a very lucrative career. Today as he had prophesied his wife and son own an entire clinic in Fort Lauderdale. Jews stick together. Since Jews force their men on White or even black women, etc. their marriage is not one of “love” but of “hate.” She hates him but wants his money only. Her object is to spend money. When Mama worked for them while she raised 12 more slaves and breastfed, took care of Daddy and her Daddy, she said the women had so many clothes and would buy so much, they had to give Mama their old clothes so they could buy more. It’s how we got lice in our hair. Too poor for the $.25 bar of Fels Naphtha soap to stop the horrible itching. It was “lice” not Nazis that killed off most Jews. Lice bugs form Typhus, the deadly killed that even the fraudulent Anne Frank Autobiography, is attested to. She didn’t die of German Nazi beatings, or ovens, or didn’t turn her into soap, or take her hair for mattresses, or gassed, or they didn’t kill her or shrink her head, she died of Typhus around 15. And from what one of the guards at Poland whose website I went on admitted that it was (Jew) doctors who injected them with Typhus to create an “epidemic,” so Whites of USA would “feel sorry” and let them all emigrate to America en masse. Illegally.. yes, the truly diabolical Jewish illegal immigrants who are bringing the brown Mexican illegals in here to USA today. I’ve witnessed it in Las Vegas, where radio commercials (radio is run by Jews, in fact all forms of communication) would broadcast for illegals to work in casinos and they would give the illegals, citizenship, free food at their mile long buffets, ability to buy a home, union jobs, medical, loans for cars, etc. Sounds like many poor Whites can’t afford to even “think” like that.

Anyway, I found this term Rape of Belgium, which was one of the horrors the Whites supposedly commit in World War 1 by German White Nazis. yet if you look at what Jewish (Polish descent not Christians) are doing to Palestine today, where Jesus’ relatives are from, it makes this look like nothing.

Look at the statistics that are in this article: Now since Jews lie like rugs and every word that comes off their tongue is a lie or exaggeration or manipulation, these statistics or if it were even done should be debated. Even Hitler said the USA papers and England just typed up lies about him and hid their true agenda to save the White children who had been damaged by Jews thru homosexuality, lesbians, distilleries, breweries, garbage food, cigarettes, education that was against their survival and health, media propaganda by Jews. I mean who wouldn’t get mad if their entire reality was Jew controlled. That is the opposite of freedom as Jews are opposing or opposing Christians by their very nature. Don’t try to “convert” them. The popes have been doing that for millenniums and Jews use to to their advantage to “become” Popes and then rule White Europeans every way they could. Ship Jews to AFrica, en masse, and let the Obamas and Jews rule there without a single penny from the rest of world. It’s time the entire world knows these things or at least debates them.

Statistics of supposed… German Rape of Belgium. 6000 killed.  How many killed by Jews, God-hating, in Palestine. Here’s statistics and I believe the Jews invent these suicide bombers. Were you or I there to witness it? Then it is what we “believe!!” It’s an abuse of Christianity using the function of “believing” to make us idiots. Jews killed nearly 9,000 Palestinians, brutally, not with rocks or taking their own lives, as Palestinians have had to do. I guess White Christians enjoy watching this as they have their TV dinners and watch the news. 1,000 Israeli’s killed.

25,000 Belgium homes destroyed before World War I, which was Jewish propaganda admittedly to get Whites of Europe and America into World War 1 for Jews rights and their banks.

30 Jewish soldiers of Israel commit suicide. Ah! it didn’t only affect my Viet Veteran, White Christian descent.

Jew Wiki says 27,000 homes were destroyed. Odd but 25,000 is figure Jew Wiki said the White Germans destroyed in Belgium. We will one day have to use computers and honest people to do statistics in a Excel Report. I know both Obama and his wife are too dumb to even read an Excel Report let alone make one, but we cannot put lies into a computer or guess off the top of our heads. Especially if the head is Jewish filled with lice and hatred. Like the 6,000,000 number Jews grabbed for how many were killed.

On a different know, it is why Agatha Christie invented her Hercule Peroit character as a mystery novel detective for the entire world was feeling sorry for Belgium. Jews already had owned the New York Times when the defrauded White owner into bankruptcy and then bought it… like Vegas… pennies on a dollar. Jews had stolen Thomas Alva Edisions (White Christian descendent)’s movie machine so movies and news reels were in Jewish Monopoly. Yet Monopoly is illegal in this country. Jews used that law to break the rich White man’s businesses. But like the French Revolution when all the White Christians were getting decapitated, not a hair or head of the Jews were touched. They became billionaires by today’s standards.

So now let’s use the “Rape of Palestine.” Think if Jesus knew his murders were caretakers of his land and that Christians didn’t want to be bothered just run away. Let the Jews run out of there. It doesn’t belong to them, the are not the descendants of those people, but are from Poland. If there are jews from there they are the wicked and evil Pharisees who haunted Jesus and perhaps when it says the “devil” tried to convince Jesus to commit suicide by jumping off a high roof, that “devil” were the thoughts of Jews manifested in his mind as “his” mind. We think our thoughts are “ours” and Jew psychologists preach in their religion that we Christians “choose” our fate and destiny. Oh really? I know Jews are nutty, psychotic, neurotic, patriotic only to Israel, psychopaths, rapists, their women deadly to control their males to be able to pull this off so she doesn’t have to work and just get supported for her and offspring…. But I didn’t choose to be born a Jew slave nor did my 1,000 years of ancestors, my mama and my daddy, the 50,000 Galicia Poland ancestors who Jews first turned into drunks thru their distilleries, taverns, credit, foreclosed on homes, destroyed their minds so Poles didn’t realize they could grow food but had to rely on other countries, and then Jews starved them to death. Did the White men of the South treat the pampered blacks that way? No! In case you don’t know the answer, take my word for it.

Jews are the Rape Kings of the world, but Jews made illegal sex, illegal. Like when Jews controlled Poland, it was “lawless,” only laws put into effect which helped Jews in their Polish White Parliament. How shrewd? is there an animal species that is that shrewd for survival and not have to work? Israel is the King of Abortions. More abortion there than anywhere in world. Since Jews like to ejaculate in their Gentile victims, as jew doctor in me, when he should have known better… he was a doctor…!….. Jews make these women pregnant. More abortions in Israel than anywhere in the universe!!! Jewish women don’t get abortions, they get sterilized. Once they get their one baby to get their husbands fortunes, they turn their sex maniac husbands on White woman. Today White woman of America are now the most sex crazed on earth. More than the primitive African women having 15 babies. Whites are taking birth control pills, deadly in forming embryos, and abortions also cause sterilization. Then we wonder why we are having children that need to be on pills practically at birth. Jews rape the White women from Eastern Europe: Israeli Jew sex traffic White slavery trade. Those poor women have to service an assembly line of Jews who crave White sex and it’s used to put us down worse than animals. Even animals have rights. Poor White women and it says if we are to save country we have to save White male of our species (intentionally pulverized by Jews and Commies) and our White woman has to change.



Jew Comedy Against Whites: Jack Benny as Meyer Rothchild, Banking Richest man ever lived.

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Old Time Radio show 143,  #25 on list below, Jews entertain us their slaves with attacks against us… hidden ones. I wonder if anyone in world or audience picked this up. I suppose so.

Show starts with Jew bragging about another Jew. Great violinist and talent. They chat about Atlantic City New Jersey, and recently the the New Jersey government officials were in cahoots with Jew Rabbis who were taking the organs of dead Palestinians and selling them for $100,000.00. Big Bucks off misery. Perhaps Jews just pretended war to kill off Palestinians Jesus relatives (although they were White then that bred with other races.)

Jew Benny’s wife in real life and this radio show during World War II (to keep Whites laughing while our misery overseas was unbearable.. for Jew rights…)  Jewess Mary Livingstone, of Jewish Romanian traders. She was related to 4 Jews named Marx Brothers, (same name as Communist Manefesto Author, which Julian Hammer used to kill off 100,000,000 in Russian Revolution against White Christians. )

They mention Jean Harlow (White sex symbol first one) didn’t win Miss America but the rabbit did. Perhaps meaning the rabbit died if she was pregnant. She was conned into marrying Jew who wrecked her life.

Jack the Jew Benny is laughing his head off and pulling off the insults against Whites and Whites paid $$ or time to worship him. These same whites won’t support Whites, for Jews have not taught us that yet.

Commercial “General Tire.” Jews are famous for making $$ off tires, for they have to be replaced. Knew French Aristocrat lady who came to USA as wife of Jew Tire Owner. Jews get royalty like President Clinton’s daughter and President Kennedy’s.

He mentions staying at hotels, and if it was the “Marx brothers” (Jew hotel) he would have played plenty $$.

He announces the show is the “House of Rothchild.” Mayer Rothchild, from the late 1700’s, was richest man who ever lived, and got so from living off White bloody body bags of our men, women and children in wars.

Jews would instigate and incite, we’d pay, and hefty too for 40-50 years sometimes.

I wrote before Jew comedians before performing in Vegas or wherever would rehearse thinking of the most hateful things against Whites and then vomiting at white audience who paid good money to see them. Even Elvis never went back to Vegas when Jew Shecky Green opened for him. He must have humiliated poor Elvis a good man, so bad, it took 14 years and getting 50 people on stage with him to go back.

Rothchilds were from Frankfurt Germany. Jew Benny mentions how Rothchild spread his 5 sons over Europe and India.

Mary (and Jewesses must change their names and not take name of Jesus’ mother for murderess’ associates shouldn’t do so.) Jewess Livingstone makes a jab at White Loretta Young, for Benny Jew referred to wife as horror film star, Boris Karloff. Livingstone says it was Loretta that looked like monster not her! Jewesses sure know how to fight and to rake in all that dough for doing nothing but instigating trouble.

“Rise of the House of Rothchild.” The usher is selling magazines. Jew Benny says he doesn’t want the one that says, ”

When audience asks for program for show he mistakenly gets… “Men in White!” You see how it is all coded. It’s even more than I can understand nor want to. All this is evidence against the Jews and we have every movie, TV, radio show, song, court case, painting sale, real estate deal, book, they ever wrote or published in America and Europe… to convict them. We’ll set up our own World Court with all Whites who have been educated into the truth so they can come up with a clear conviction. Not like putting a White man who they arrest for being pro-White and having an all black jury with Jew lawyers. Our white men never had a chance. If we don’t save White male, third world country. Women must change.

Jack is very sarcastic and rude, and perhaps it has rubbed off on me. I hope I can change my disposition. I don’t want to go down to their level, which is not kingdom of heaven but hell. Even Shakespeare said, “Hell is empty, all the devils are here on earth.” At that time, British whites were falling over drunk, nursing babies falling out of mother’s arms, milk filled with deadly gin which makes fetal syndrome babies. Ask Russia what Jews did to them, and perhaps myself.

Jew Benny mentions White Sgt O’Hare and he had to do with famous battle of White British against White Germans. Lively dancing music is played to get White hypnotized into thinking what they are hearing about Jewish robber bankers … as if it were good. And Whites call jews genius. At what? Hate? Crime? Rape? Assassinations? Foreclosures? Wars?

Radio Show music: “Farewell to Arms” about World War I (Jews first success at obtaining land of Palestine and sympathy for complete illegal emigration from Europe to America/Palestine for Jews. It’s why we have brown and other raced immigration against Whites in our own territory. Even dogs get to mark and claim territory.
By the way, if you look at entire list, mainly Jews or blacks. Al Jolson, Marx brothers, etc.

Play begins in household of Jew Banker Meyer Rothchild (richest man in history) and his wife Sarah, the Jewess who is the real villain for she gets all his $$ for her and offspring. What a conspiracy Jewess’ pulled off against the men they hate! Waltz music playing in background.

Mayer: Wants book to read. She hands him ” First National Bank” or “Guaranteed Trust,” he already used them up and wants the book called…you guessed it the dreaded US Federal Reserve Bank, which they started in 1913, for their wars. The last 3 chairmen were Jews and now a Jewess “Yellin!” and they pull it off right in front of us today and we didn’t have a clue. All our tax money went to that bank and not to our own Treasury. We have to pay Jews interest on our own tax money. Several presidents tried to stop it, but Jews killed them off. Kennedy, Jackson, Lincoln etc.

Rothchild’s had $200 million goldens. He laughs evilly, “In Money is Power.” “If it is White French General Napoleon begging for more war money against England, tell him he can’t get it.” Now a prince from Eastern Europe comes begging for money to gamble against Bulgaria, and gets $35. Can you imagine a White prince selling their country and people down the drain for $35? he comes back a second time for more. He lost it in a “crap” game. Jews favorite word to humiliate Whites… crap.. But the joke is on the Jews for crap is a good word and is used for fertilizer instead of poisonous artificial fertilizer. I’ve used all kinds of crap or manures: human on grass only, chicken, cattle, sheep, but the best is worm, and most expensive. Jews are not only “dumb Kykes” but “moronic, idiotic and stupid Kykes!” got it back with compounded interest for labeling me and my people in your comedy as “dumb Polaks” and “Dumb Blondes.”

The prince offers World Series ticket for “White” Sox against Cincinnati. Note how Jews squeeze that word “White” in but erased in from our consciousness as if it is evil and they are gods to be worshiped. Only the divine should be worshiped.

Jew Mayer actually tells prince after he loans him $35 to gamble that Jews will expect “favors” from him in his White country. It is a fact that in 1300’s, White Bavarians from Austria, Germany kicked Jews out for “gambling.” My husband’s grandmother was princess in Lithuania. Jews must have managed to fix her up with artist who she fell into their hands not suspecting. He lost the entire castle, clothes, money, jewels in a gambling game. They had to live as slaves in cottage. Russians came when their sons were teens and took first one for war. The grandparents escaped into Germany then USA.

Jew Mayer Rothchild tells Jewess wife Sarah he made a good investment for you never know when you never know when he will throw something our way.       Sarah says “Just so the audience doesn’t throw something our way.” She earlier talked of box of tomatoes, something which was used when audience didn’t like an act. If Whites knew what Jews were doing in comedy would the really “laugh” and pay money and time for this and adding nails to the White species coffin?1

Jew Mayer tells in radio play he has a great idea to make him and his wife the “power of the world.” And today, it is still so. The Jewish Rothchild Empire.

He says to bring him the King of France, Spain, President of Cuba. Yes, Jews have commanded them and ours. Jew dictators while hypnotizing us into being free and abusing word “Patriotic.” It’s why Jews in World War II to gain White sympathy for their devious Holohoax, had a Jew bomb their own ship with over 1000 people on killing 276, named “Patria.” They wanted to force emigration into Palestine from Europe and British Churchill said “no.” Jews never take “no” for an answer. 2000 years will prove that. Did they take “no” from even Jesus? Jesus didn’t have to die on a cross. He could have showed us immortality thru his own death, but he had to show us how evil the Jews, as sons and daughters of Satan, really are.

Now the singers pull off another joke against not just audience in studio but around the entire world even our troops could hear these insults directed at them while they were getting blasted away in war, nervous breakdowns on the battlefield, addictions, families suffering beyond words.. all for Jewish banks and their wives, kids, descendants until today. That is why if I hear a person is a good Jew I would trace their money and what crimes their ancestors commit knowingly or unknowingly.

The singers blast our “London bridges falling down.” Jews instigated Germany into war, when the Nazis not only didn’t want it but begged England to stop their war advances. Hitler admired England and wanted to become like that. So even though we thought we were fighting “for” Britain, in actuality, Jews were laughing singing “London Bridges falling down!” What a horrible, horrible, satanic sense of humor.

The 5 sons of Rothchild are named and they are “playing” and having fun in yard, doing nothing, while Whites are slaving in factories, women working, white men and practically only White men dying in battlefield. All a big joke for Jews.

The Jew father gives them each money and they make money back. His first son says he is “67” and Mayer Rothchild says it is fine time he goes to work and begins to make a living. In other words for 67 years the Rothchild son just sucked the blood of White men and money, raped their women in sex, for White women were taught to adore money. As Marilyn Monroe for example with Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Yet all Marilyn’s money, every thing she owned, went right back to Jews on her death. She got nothing but was their sex and business slave. They murdered her with an enema so it wouldn’t show up in autopsy.

He repeats “Let’s make the House of Rothchild, the House of Power.” Sarah, Jewess in play, says.. “You mean the House of David.” Jews lied to us and said they are people from Bible and line of House of David, which was supposed to produce Messiah and did produce Jesus genealogically speaking. But Jews consider themselves collectively as Messiah, it is why Obama’s first choice after being elected was Raum Emmanuel, meaning Messiah. Again, Jews and blacks were spitting their lies in our face. Especially since Whites are probably the lost tribes and chosen people from line of House of David. for he had red blushing cheeks which only Whites have.

Jew father teaches them to be “shrewd.” He tells son Solomon to go to Hollywood to become a “Roach child!” What the sub meaning is Jews were already planning this mighty Brown invasion over the border and Mex’s are noticed for their roaches. This was done during war in 1940’s. What salt to rub into our misery and laugh at us!

Jew father says to be a “cocky Roach Child,” meaning Jews use their penis more than any other race. Leave us with their bastards as Jew doctor raped me and ejaculated in me. Or in Israel today more abortions than anywhere in world. Their wives have tubes tied so it is the White European women sex slaves who have to continually have sex with Jewish men from night into day, for Jews are cheap, evil and devious. Those women have abortions (Palestinians probably too, but more White women the object of Jewess hatred. I think White women who hate me are only victims of the Jewess who have molded their minds for I don’t hate. I may expose like Matthew Mark Luke and John in New Testament, but I don’t hate. Just Justice.

Mayer Rothchild is going mad for he hasn’t made enough billions, and wants trillions of White $$$ and women, boys, land, art, government, awards, worship, etc.

A strange calls comes in and Mayer says this is House of Rothchild, and the caller quips, “Oh I’m looking for House of Goldberg.” Goldberg a Jewish name, perhaps the head Jew in the world. Jews won’t tell us that for they killed off our heads of state who interfered with their banking crimes, Kennedy, Lincoln, Jackson, nearly.

The boys come back from their investments and first Jew boy says that in Saratoga every person there has debt, an IOU, made out to Rothchilds. I think Jews involved in horse racing gambling. Horses are beautiful animals and shouldn’t be used as part of Jews plots.

The Jewess gets the last word in. After all the Jew Rothchild males make their crooked deals, she ends the show with Mary Livingstone, Jewess, telling Jew husband, where’s my “power” for the week, meaning her money for being the hidden actress in this conspiracy.