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Protocol of Zion (Jew) #6

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Jew Protocol #6: These were written perhaps a century ago and on the Henry Ford “International Jew” site also. Note just as I wrote from my common sense reasoning and writing I said we have not advanced as Whites. When I was young, my husband bought home, cars, we had babies, home cost $22,000, car about $4,000. I could stay home with babies, (although had little jobs on side to contribute towards our expenses for even Mama having 12 babies, breastfeeding, taking care of Daddy, Grandpa, like Kings, she always worked and not for herself, but for us. Jews forced up wages, through Jewish unions, strikes, anything to break the White Protestant businessman’s pocketbook to destroy them so Jews could  buy them up and “merge” them and gain control of “mega-corporations.” Oh yes, Jews are behind that too. Now a White man might work 94 hours (driving 4 each way?) Wife works, plus.. she has to do all the work that I did. Her wages cannot compete with a black woman pampered for 400 years like Michelle Obama, Jewish princess, all the other races.

Jews encourage “anarchy” against government. why I’m not sure, but I read that a long time ago. I suppose then the Jews are always “Supremacists” at the top and have no competition from any side. Jews encouraged use of alcohol as I wrote before having the distilleries, and even inventing the bottles to make sure they get the White man addicted, drugged up so he can’t think straight and worse yet, can’t study!

The Sixth Protocol —
“We will force up wages, which however will be of no benefit to workers, for we at the same time will cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of production by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy and encourage them in the use of alcohol, at the same time taking measures to drive all the intellectual forces of the Gentiles from the land.” Jew Commies really slipped up by showing their true colors when they killed the 20,000 smartest Whites in Poland at Katyn Massacre.

Jew Holohoast at Schools

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Jew Holocaust Brainwashing? Where’s the debate? No one is denying it, but Jews are not admitting they lost way less in war than my Polish White Christian people. The “work camps” were in my country of “Poland” not Germany. Germany deported all their Jews so they could create an all white society, not bothered by homos or lezzies as Jews planted in there after Jews got control of Germany after World War I.

School is about learning and facts, not Jewish hysteria, neurosis and psychosis. And they are driving us in that same direction for $$$ and to see us suffer not just physically in war and addictions (Jews are kings of sugar also since 1650 in USA, and must have been selling it to Whites before that. You can tell because the famous Austrian pastries were noted to start about 1660._

When I went to college recently I told them their “mental institution” (for crazy people) was cyanide to my brain for I still can reason a little between the Jewish 100% propaganda and control.

This cartoon is what it felt like to attend college. My head was in a vice, for not only were the articles I was to read by Jews, homos, lezzies, yellow chinese commies, etc. but the posters on the wall were for Latin “Mixers,” Black History, Jew this and Chinese that. My two teachers were not White! The Student’s association was all Black. The day to check in to see if one qualifies for welfare at school as even filthy rich Jew commies and yellow chinese Commie students are getting along with blacks, browns and reds, even 1/2 breeds like Black Obama all the way for “Free” up to Harvard (or did Jews who run it fake those documents too like his birth certficate)  The people of importance such as getting Veteran’s help as a widow, or school money was all Hindu, Arab, Black, Brown, etc. It was in a mostly White suburb of Vegas!

Even though the person in front of me was not Jewish, the person had no mind of their own but the mind of the Jewish agenda to wipe the White mind off the map of the world!

This is what it felt like going back to college after 40 years. The curriculum was all Jews and non-Whites1

This is what it felt like going back to college after 40 years. The curriculum was all Jews and non-Whites1

Pt. 1 International Jew by Henry Ford

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Henry Ford: “The International Jew.”

Just some comments. It’s said that Queen Isabella kicked out a whole slew of Jews from Spain. Obviously they gouged the people and were rich enough on White $$ to get on the ship with Columbus. Also smart enough for Jews “kick out” the Whites from our universities and take our place, also in business. Remember for ever White man’s business there will be two to destroy it or rob it from him. (New York Times, Edison’s movie machine, and even today, a KJ who died recently, asked a Jew to host his karaoke shows for a couple weeks, for he was sick. When he got better the Jew “robbed” ALL OF HIS KARAOKE JOBS! The German American KJ was furious, but could get no satisfaction from his former clients or anyone else.

The Jews’ reward for Christopher Columbus ( and I heard someone say he was Jewish but doubt it with name of “Christ”opher for we know how Jews hated Jesus.)

Jews rewarded Columbus by … what else do Jews do to the White man… play a wicked god and “punish Columbus by getting him “imprisoned,” just like sooo many of the pro-White survivalists I’ve heard of or met. Either that or insane asylum, fired from jobs, banned from others, screwed their women, as the Jew screwed my husband’s fiance (before he met me) while husband was fighting Yellow commies in Viet Nam and the Jew “didn’t have to go fight” because of his race which is Jewish Supremacists.

I may have sent somethings on this already. Jew in New World that went to Cuba is said to be the one responsible for the Jewish monopoly and start of “tobacco” to get White men sick, addicted, (that is why 2 of the 5 men on Columbus ship were Jew doctors.)

Peter Styvesant wanted to kick the Jews out of New York, but Jews had so much $$$$$$$$$.$$ invested in capital, he was forced to allow them in. Odd but “where di the Jews get that money.” Enslaving poor White Polish Christians, starving them, robbing them, turning them to drunks with Jewish distilleries and bottling which Jews either invented or perfected to distribute booze around the world, especially Whites their favorite victim to hate.

Jews already had monopolies in America for they had monopolies and connections in Europe. Who am “I” connected to in Europe? Where are all these White Connections? Or where are my Jewish connections as Jews used Whites we use them?

The very land of New York today is in holdings of the Jewish real estate. Once owned by Whites, taken over by Jews.

” The theatrical business is exclusively Jewish: play-producing, booking, theater operation are all in the hands of Jews. This accounts for the fact that in almost every production today can be detected propaganda, sometimes glaringly commercial advertisement, sometimes direct political instruction.

The motion picture industry; the sugar industry; the tobacco industry; fifty per cent or more of the meat packing industry; over sixty per cent of the shoemaking industry; most of the musical purveying done in the country; jewelry; grain; cotton; oil; steel; magazine authorship; news distribution; the liquor business; the loan business; these, to name only the industries with national and international sweep, are in control of the Jews of the United States, either alone or in association with Jews overseas.”

(If you are addicted to sugar, you know why. Don’t blame yourself, blame the Jew and Jewess.)

“The American people would be vastly surprised if they could see a line-up of some of the “American business men’ who hold up our commercial prestige overseas. They are mostly Jews. This may throw a sidelight on the regard in which “American business methods” are held in some parts of the world. When many different races of people can carry on business under the name “American,” and do it legally, too, it is not surprising that Americans do not recognize some of the descriptions of American methods which appear in the foreign Press. If the reputation of American business has suffered, it is because something other than American methods have been used under the American name.”

Difference between Jew and Gentile. Jews “love each other” and hate the rest of the world. White Gentiles hate themselves but love all the other races.

“It would be impossible for any Gentile coalition under similar circumstances to attain the control which the Jews have won, for the reason that there is lacking in the Gentile a certain quality of working-togetherness, a certain conspiracy of objective, and the adhesiveness of intense raciality, which characterizes the Jew. It is nothing to a Gentile that another man is a Gentile; it is next to everything to a Jew that the man at his door is another Jew.

(Note intense raciality or Jewish race.)

“”The British did this,” “The Germans did this,” when it was the International Jew who did it, the nations being but the marked spaces on his checker board. Today, around the world the blaming word is heard, “The United States did this. If it were not for the United States the world would be in a better shape. The Americans are a sordid, greedy, cruel people.”

“Why? Because the Jewish money power is centered here and is making money out of both our immunity and Europe’s distress, playing one against the other; and because so many so-called “American business men” abroad today are not Americans at all – they are Jews.”

Whites “prefer” Jews?  Citizens wake up with a start to find that even the white nations are hardly allowed to see each other nowadays except through Jewish eyes. Great Britain and France seldom see a special American spokesman who is not a Jew. That may be the reason why they reciprocate by sending Jews to us, thinking perhaps that we prefer them.


When are “Jews” going to apologize to Whites?

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Jews apologize to Whites? Blacks apologize to Whites? Browns? Reds? Muslims? Yellow Commie Chinese? Did you ever hear a Jew say “I’m sorry” for the genocide of our species. It is more like “I’m ecstatic” the Whites will soon be dead or degenerated into 4th world humans and then we will really be the “cattle” Jews call us.

I’m going to read the “International Jew” by Henry Ford of Ford Motor Fame that employed a hell of a lot of White people, not the 92% of the world and leave Whites with degrees without work and no self-esteem.

Ford wrote about Jews but… as always.. Jews bring White men down to the knees and Ford had to “apologize” to the Jews. Just as White Gov. Wallace went to a Black church in a wheel chair for he was also brought not only to his knees but without legs. Jews don’t apologize for killing 100,000,000 Christians, Whites, God, Jesus, Mary. Blacks don’t apologize for “shuffling” and lying to White bosses, raping their women, getting drunk on company time on the Plantations.

I also read today where a fellow from Canada, a White man, who Jew Warman persecuted and prosecuted for telling the Truth. He also… apologized to the Jews. Are the Jews waiting for an apology from me for invading Poland and turning my people into slaves for 900 years while they lived in the “kingdom of heaven” their own words, not mine. Do they want “me” to apologize for the Jew doctor’s raping me and when I believed him and forgave him, went to rape me a second time, then drug me with harsh drugs to cover up his crime? Do they want “me” to apologize to them, for killing 100,000,000 of my Russian ancestry people, robbing our treasuries so they can steal all the White man’s businesses, land, diamonds and gold in South Africa, etc. Do they want “me” to apologize for enslaving my Mama and Daddy, perhaps also raping my Mama for Grandma hated Jews with a passion and beat the one in 1930 who tried to break up Mama’s wedding to Daddy? Should I apologize to the Jew dentist who put his hands on my breast when I was about 11 as he drilled my teeth, not only committing a crime against me, but now giving me a fear of dentists for life! Perhaps from now on, all the other races that are dentists can do me a favor. When a Jewess gets in your chair, feel her up and be rude about it. Put her in her place. Or perhaps the non-White doctors could rape the Jewess women when they are financially broke, hated by the world including USA and Whites, and threaten them for life when they are suicidal as I was. Perhaps the Jewess will someday get the agony she put on me for 1000 years.

Wouldn’t you know I look for picture in google images for “apologize” and here the White Norwegians are apologizing to Jews.

Why don’t the White Norwegians apologize to the White Christian Polish who suffered more and lost way more people than the Jews but it is kept secret, like the Katyn massacre?

In this picture, none of the Jews look starved as the Jews starved me and my folks who slaved for them their entire lives. They all have hats on and look very warm. While slaves for Jews I had no hats in freezing, windy, Chicago, sometimes no shoes, definitely no boots, no mittens so my hands froze when I made snowballs or igloos with my brothers. All of these Jews are perhaps multimillionaires today, if not billionaires off so many schemes against Whites it is pathetic.

Jews are kicking Whites out of their own country, own skin, own mind, and they never “apologize” for they think they are gods and goddesses. Where did the White Norwegians deport the Jews to… USA????? !!! @@@@@ What a slick Jewish scheme to get “all” their people emigrated to USA and the entire Polish Jewish gang (probably the most deadly) to Israel.

President Eisenhower deported all the Mexicans back to Mexico after World War II. But at that time the Jews only started their takeover. It wasn’t 100% complete yet as it is today.

How do you know these kids are not White Polish or at least some of them? After all, Jews interbred with Polish for the “highest breeding” possible for their features, IQ, health.


Black Colin Powell, Jew Yiddish and 9/11

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Black Colin Powell and 9/11?! Colin Powell was selected by White George Bush as Secretary of State… which coincidentally… was during the 9/11 conspiracy against Whites.

Colin Powell, at the highest level during 9/11 tragedy which I’ve already demanded an investigation thru Facebook (Whites can’t get to talk to the top as Jews can for millenniums, even the powerful High Priestess Jewess on a pedestal for doing nothing.) But Colin Powell, as a Black man speaks YIDDISH which is old Jewish which Whites don’t even know to break the Jewish code as to how they managed to takeover an entire race, several continents, all the countries we live in, our banks, our women, boys, schools, land, mountains, air, medical, dental, Harvard, Yale, White Ivy league schools, newspapers, art, entertainment, TV, radio,… etc. etc. (any form of “communication” while silencing Whites.

Was Colin Powell the head of some army within the USA but that no Whites know about only Jew Communists, Black Communists and now Yellow Chinese Communists. And Whites are in some kind of a nightmare they can’t wake up from.

In this quote below about the “white sheep” being “mediocre,” Colin Powell tells Whites to “stop trying to get everyone to like you. It’s a sign of mediocrity.

So Whites. Let’s take heed from our Blacks who we are “supposedly” smarter than, but all the blacks know about the jews, but only a handful of Whites and those that do have either been murdered, fined, tortured, hacked, phones tapped, suicided, burnt out, fired from jobs, banned from other jobs, White Rights smashed to ashes like they did “7” World Trade Centers apparently a “Yiddish” affair. Whites have been imprisoned, some several times, forced into bankruptcy or lost homes to pay for lawyers to try to stand up to powerful billionaire Jews who handle 870 trillions dollars of global economy.

Let’s take Colin Powell the Yiddish, (Jewish) speaking former head of the entire State of USA, to stop getting all the races to “like us as Whites.” It’s over. This Jewish madness is now over. Whites don’t have to get Jews to like us. Not our lawyer, doctor, banker, art dealer, agent, Drug lord. We Whites can now vow and make a sacred pledge we don’t have to get “Blacks” to like us. We don’t have to look at them, or smile at their babies, or look at the sad faces of African babies with flies all over them to get bags of corn or $$. We don’t have to get Browns to like us. I have to admit the other races are sometimes more friendly and not as mean to me as Whites. I often border on quitting and hopefully I will finish my book and leave it at that. Whites have caused me too much pain and suffering even until today, and that is 66 years from my Mama’s womb and Daddy’s sperm. If Jews taught us to fight and hate, especially the good ones, there is no sense in saving that part of the White Race. It is not Christian, nor even sane for our species.

We don’t have to get the Hindus who do yoga and meditate to like us or give up our White identity to “imitate” them. If they really have something worthwhile fine, but almost “none” of the 1.0 billion Red/Black/Brown Hindus do yoga or meditate. They are taking courses to find out how to steal your job! Land. Doctor’s positions, engineer positions, computer tech positions etc. While we are out doing yoga. Although exercise is good, but be so wise as serpents, harmless as doves. (doing 9/11 to Whites is not harmless, but the ultimate crime against a Race and Country.)

We don’t have to get the Red Indians to like us anymore. I absolve Whites of any more guilt over Reds. Jews are killing Palestinians like crazy, smashing their homes, bombing them, faking suicide bombers and pretending the Palestinians are doing it when we “know” the bombers are Jews from Oppenheimer and his atom bomb, to Jew Menachem Begin, who bombed and murdered 91 at the… King David Hotel.. as a sign that the Jews are the Chosen Ones, self-appointed, even though the Bible says the Chosen will come from line of David.

We don’t have to get the yellows to like us. Just because they are now the #1 power on books, with all that money they sucked out from Whites, it doesn’t mean we have to worship them. Whites have nothing to lose. We are not going to be here in 100 years .The ones that are probably would be better off not being born for the other races are going so far ahead of us, while we are still being damaged intentionally.

“We’ve been down this road many times. Black “Conservatives” like General Colin Powel and ex-Liberals Jews were supposedly embracing New Conservatives/Neo Conservatism – giving up terrible Liberalism that just didn’t work. New Conservative Blacks, Jews, Gays, 3rd world immigrants were supposedly embracing American Conservative, family values and free markets. The sad reality turned out that Colin Powel was caught wilding celebrating Obama’s election with Black African students, Blacks continue to vote 95% Lib Democrat and American Jews continue to vote > 80% Lib Democrat, same as they have in every presidential election since the 1920s.

This week, the terrible, Jew Lib Democrat newspaper/rag the Washington Post has appointed a new writer to present an alternative “Conservative” point of view: meet Jennifer Rubin – a Jewess so ugly that even Bill Clinton wouldn’t try to have sex with her!”

Here’s Colin Powell the Black Yiddish Jew in charge of military for 9/11. Is that why the military didn’t catch the planes going into New York. Is Black Colin Powell the reason why no planes went to stop the planes that hit the 2 Towers containing mostly White people or the plane that hit the Pentagon or the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, which probably was supposed to hit Building 7 but the Communist Blacks, Jew Commies and Chinese Commies stopped any planes from giving help. It was soooo rigged. I read that some Blacks and Hispanics were killed in 9/11 but that was because their Brown Supreme Court Justice Soto Mayer voted “against” White men who thought their White Civil Rights were violated, so the colored were put in there for Points from the government and tax deductions etc.


Dr. William Luther Pierce on Jews in America

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9/11 and Is the White Race committing Suicide or Jews genociding us? Did you know White President Bush’s Secretary of State during the 9/11 Tragedy of 7 buildings collapsing with 2 small airplanes, was Black Colin Powell. Do you find it strange that Powell speaks Yiddish (or Jewish?) Just as Michelle Obama’s uncle is top Black Rabbi in USA. How do the Jews, the few of them, get so much done. This video below asserts what I had to learn soo painstakingly which perhaps cost me my health and maybe even my life. This sums up some very important issues.

Dr. Luther Pierce, physicist, deceased, tells clearly even back in 2000, the danger of the Jews for Whites.

Every thing he says I agree with, either from experience as slaves for Jews, or my research. Some highlights for me (although this is after 30,000 pages of soul searching into my identity and future of survival)… were that Jew Theodore Hertzl proclaimed there would be a World War to achieve Jewish goals… 17 years before it happened. So while the White person does their to do list to keep from thinking or reading these things, the Jews already have planned where the Whites will be in 17 years 2030. Nothing has come in their way. Even Hitler, inadvertently, fell into their hands for even he didn’t realize how diabolical they were until the horrors of World War II. Jesus stayed away from the Jews during  his entire public career. It was only when he knew he had to face the devil in human form, that he went to Jerusalem and allowed the crucifixion for 2 reasons. The resurrection and our immortality and also to show us just how wicked the Jews treated him after all his goodness: crucifixion!

After World War I the Balfour Declaration was signed but it was addressed to “Rothschild” the Jewish World Banking empire since late 1700’s. It is probably why we Whites went to war with England for Revolution to break loose of White control and have the Jews shove their genocide down our White babies throats.

It came even more clear, although I figured this out in my writings, that while the Jews had the major White countries battling each other to such horrendous degrees with World War I they were pulling off the Jewish Russian Communism Revolution and Takeover of White Russia.

But note the video shows the White boys fighting. That has been going on in Poland under Jews for 900 years. It was why the Jews, for example, in “comedy” labeled their 900 year slaves in Poland as “dumb Polaks.” Now I see, we actually were dumb not to get out of slavery for even Blacks got out, but blacks had the Jews using them as a weapon against Whites. Also, Jews must have instilled the White ethnic jokes like “Krauts” for Germans, “Mics” for Irish, “Wops” for Italians. Yet no one ever says “Kykes” for Jews. What Jews started against Poles in 1890’s is still affecting me as Polish today, when people degrade me and hate me for being Polish. Jews need to be held accountable for their evils against me.

As you can see that the Jewish leaders were affecting Presidents (highest level) in 1669 every law that was passed in Polish Parliament was for the “advantage” of Jews. The Jews already had complete control of government, churches and banking by year 1500.

Communism or Jewish?

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Communism? “There is no such thing as communism in the world! It’s proper name and only name is JEWISM, AMERICAN JEWISM!”- H. Wallace Butterworth

Jew-White War Fever in 1878 Disraeli Bismarck

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War Fever! War Frenzy: 1878: Britain, Jew Prime Minister leading the White British into war. I’m writing this to compare today’s ridiculous Syria War as our #1 White main concern when they are not going extinct nor are they damaged for 1000 years as Whites have been intentionally.

Here’s more on Jew Benjamin Disraeli, twice Prime Minster of England, and favorite of White Queen Victoria. (Do you see how Jews simply wrap the Whites, even the richest around their little finger. We are that weak.

I wanted to see if Disraeli was involved in war during his period in England and sure enough he was here’s pix. Although the Jews were joyous and $$$ off White wars and assassinating White Royalty, they made sure they were really in control under a pseudo King or Queen or even Church. Note the crowns and Disraeli is on right, Salsbury on left.

During his war fever which he whipped up Whites in a Frenzy as today in the Middle East (Do Whites really enjoyed being abused like this to “create” wars for White Entertainment and drain us and our $$$? It’s pathetic. If there was ever White shame it should be this.) See pix below.

“The Congress of Berlin was held in June and July 1878, the central relationship in it that between Disraeli and Bismarck.” From Wiki. Note the relationship between Jew Disraeli and German white Bismarck. It was “no” coincidence that the song “Sing the Bismarck” was Jew’s aim at both sinking that German Ship, destroying  Bismarck’s name in history, and making a song about it. Here’s song. Note date is 1941, right around the time the Jew sunk the ship, Patria, (like Patriot to enrage Whites to war) and the Patria had 1200 Jews on it trying to illegally emigrate into Palestine for their Chosen People takeover as Jews. (They are not Chosen; they are not from Holy Land but Turks). Jew bomber kills 246 of his own Jews as a ‘stunt’ to get World White sympathy. (USA would never in a million years let 15,000,000 Jews into America at once, when they were barred or limited. But the Jew Holohoax fixed that and they are now “all” here or Israel! Pretty Crafty those Jews are.)

The two ships in song. Hood from England. Obviously “Hood” is a name of criminal, hence the German Nazis are Hoods, criminals, monsters. (Jews think anyone that want to stop them from destroying us is a Hood.) And the Bismarck named after this famous Prussia statesman who dominated German and European affairs. So sinking the Bismarck to Jews was symbolic of sinking and hating Germany! (Same in Middle East today. It’s all Hollywood Jew manufactured or their imps.)


Here’s how the Jew D-israeli- was made a “sensation” (Idol) for White British and White USA to worship, (well when you want to takeover a country and destroy the host White people you have to always keep them terrified, entertained, amused, suffering, so we never think or unite or find out about them.

Apparently, a head of state should speak French in international but Jew Disraeli’s French was so bad he changed history by giving the war frenzy speech in English. (Jews are that powerful and lazy. Change the world’s language in a second for international conferences.)

“Disraeli left much of the detailed work to Salisbury, concentrating his efforts on making it as difficult as possible for the broken-up big Bulgaria to reunite.[206] Disraeli did not have things all his own way: he intended that Batum be demilitarised, but the Russians obtained their preferred language, and in 1886, fortified the town. Nevertheless, the Cyprus Convention ceding the island to Britain was announced during the congress, and again made Disraeli a sensation.”

 “Disraeli gained agreement that Turkey should retain enough of its European possessions to safeguard the Dardanelles. ” (Jews are said to be mercenaries who came from Turkey. Why should turkey retain European possessions unless Jew D-israel’i gave White possessions away and kept Germany, British, Russia in war, even in 1878, 60+ years “before” the same countries involved in World War II and no one suspected?!

“By one account, when met with Russian intransigence, Disraeli told his secretary to order a special train to return them home to begin the war. Although Russia yielded, Czar Alexander II later described the congress as “a European coalition against Russia, under Bismarck” (The Russian Czar blamed German Bismarck, but was it as before the same hoax of British turning against Germany as they did against the Nazis and the history books now blames Nazis for things they never did, like White Polish Katyn Massacre the “big mistake’ the Jews made, just like Building 7 in the 9/11 tragedy.

“The Treaty of Berlin was signed on 13 July 1878 at the Radziwill Palace in Berlin. For the first time, the title of Britain’s lead signatory was given as “Prime Minister”.[209] Disraeli and Salisbury returned home to heroes’ receptions at Dover and in London. At the door of 10 Downing Street, he received flowers sent by the Queen.[210] There, he told the gathered crowd, “Lord Salisbury and I have brought you back peace—but a peace I hope with honour.”[211][n 14] The Queen offered him a dukedom, which he declined, though accepting the Garter, as long as Salisbury also received it.[214] In Berlin, word spread of Bismarck’s admiring description of Disraeli, “Der alte Jude, das ist der Mann! ” (The White Queen makes a fool of herself falling all over Jew. I do not understand these words but I know “Jude” is Jewish!

Apparently this Jewish-White war fiasco in Middle East was going on even in 1878, under Jew Prime Mininster Disraeli…. does Take Over of country like Afghanistan sound familiar today after 9/11 which is where we went right after 9/11!? But 140 years of this nonsense and Whites pay for it in Russia, Britain, France, USA, Germany. I mean this horrendous. Whites need to think for ourselves but I do not see it forthcoming so I just write about it.

Jew wanted to incite war in Africa, (Zulus) and from Wiki: “As Zulu troops could not marry until they had washed their spears in blood, they were eager for combat.”

Just as I said Jews would have all 4 of Poland’s neighbors warring with him, the same here where the White British were surrounded from all 4 sides. Jews set up the Zulu as well as leading White Britain. But the White British were slaughtered horrifically and we never got pity for restitution but hatred for listening to every Jewish fart that comes out of their mouth called “words” or phony $$ off their unlimited printing presses.

The entire slaughter was just for news for Whites for then who comes as the “Messiah,” but Jew D-israel-i. Disraeli sent General Sir Garnet Wolseley as High Commissioner and Commander in Chief, and Cetewayo and the Zulus were crushed at the Battle of Ulundi on 4 July 1879.

WAR! 1878 & just as today. Jews at the top, Bankers, Whites as bodybags for their credit and debt. White Scottish Veteran & Jew Prime Minister of England, Disraeli.

Here’s one of the saddest pictures I’ve ever seen, yet the White Scottish man lived, so there is hope in it. But the Jew world wide syndicate should never have sent our innocent young men to war and stirred up “war fever” as I see in USA today, even with older women so we can see who Jews like to appeal to: White women, for that is how Jews get their money…. as Jew Disraeli got in really close with Queen of England, Queen Victoria.

Note the picture of the White Scottish man, probably a farmer or ploughman and slave because most of Scotland was like that. No one talks of the White farmers, slaves and ploughman, just the Blacks as if they are voo doo gods for Whites to worship and pay for. The Blacks…. never ever went to war. (don’t argue with a few exceptions for we have no time left. Consider the entire picture not one exception. Jews argue like that, not Whites.) The book I’m reading about Scottish Poet Robert Burns shows he was a ploughman and worked on a farm, and how he wrote from being poor just his observations of Nature and characters, places, as I do also growing up very poor. It is heartbreaking to use our White people as mere roadkill animals for the Jew and his sidekick both with crowns on. (See Obama’s crown. If he starts a war, like crippled President Roosevelt he will surely get a third term. Poor Whites. Poor Poor Whites.)

While the Scottish man is physically broken after forced to go to war for England (Jew Disraeli for both paintings are the same years) and the enemy arrests him, imprisons him, causes torment beyond imagination, and look at the F’ n Jew pounding the drum beats for “3” different wars for England in his time as Prime Minister. (Remember when I said Jews had Poland in war with 4 different enemies at the same time…. Looks like just a few powerful Jews and their imps did the same for England.) Now, there are other races doing part of the war. If you read what Jew Disraeli did he got the Hindus to fight a war for him. And Whites paid and were totally hypnotized into this war frenzy…. same for Hitler and the Nazis. Jews did the exact same thing only instead of a Scottish kilt, it was a Nazi uniform with a swastika or fertility arm band to help correct the damage Jews did to the White German men, women and especially the children. Jews conquered our smartest White people: the Germans, and we now have no one to lead us.

Scottish man goes to war for Jew Disraeli of England, around 1878. He's arrested, imprisoned, broken down, wounded and then returned home a broken man as the USA did to my Viet Vet husband.

Scottish man goes to war for Jew Disraeli of England, around 1878. He’s arrested, imprisoned, broken down, wounded and then returned home a broken man as the USA did to my Viet Vet husband.


Disraeli whipped up White British into "war fever" for Jewish Banks: Rothschilds.

Disraeli whipped up White British into “war fever” for Jewish Banks: Rothschilds.

Whites and Jew/Black Genocide

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HIV? Does this White woman know that blacks have high rate of HIV and could not just kill her but make her so sick the rest of her life, she’ll regret it deeply. Also her children with blacks have less IQ, and if she ever wants to save herself, or her species, folks, etc. she will have to look at the 1/2 Black child the rest of her life. She will have to give up even becoming a professional and trying to excel, just because she is a Jewish scapegoat to bring her down, (Dumb blonde started by Jews as Dumb Polak for Polish people). These were, are and will be hate crimes.

White Minority 8% of world. We’re supporting the other 92%. I have a good imagination but cannot even imagine where I or the rest of White race would be without that burden. But now the Black Obama administration wants to “segregate” the suburbs and cities even more thru HUD, (which gives mansions away when Whites are forced to flee thru Jewish real estate “block by block busting.” Mama told me this in 1955. Mama only went to 5th grade but boy did she know human nature, good and evil difference.)

Democrats want to take HUD authority and make all the neighborhoods of the USA proportioned according the different races. Not only did they do that in schools and it failed for it says if we don’t keep our White boys separate or segregate them, this will be a third world country because the Jewish damage has been so severe.

But what this bill would do is to “eventually” make the USA average neighborhood, 92% Jews and non-Whites and 8% White! They will devour us before breakfast for the $$ system of Whites has already run out. They spent it and are robbing this agency to pay that agency etc.

This is what Jews have been pounding into our White heads since they stole Thomas Edison’s movie machine after he did all the hard work and used the unlimited supply of Jewish $$$ (sucked from Whites). The first movie ever, 1927 and until today, The Jazz Singer with Jewish star, Al Jolson, painted with Black Face which was intentional race-breaking. That’s 80 years or more than 3 generations.

Remember the Black race is “not” going extinct. They are breeding worse than rabbits in Africa, having 9-15 babies each and waiting for our bags of corn to feed them while they lay around, screw their insides out, and wait till we Whites support them with those black baby faces that are “starving!” Not! Jews nearly starved to death my family with their tiny wages for my folks and did starve my ancestors in Poland, 50,000 a year, in one little town alone!

Now, Martin Luther King’s family, descendants do not want “segregation” they want a Black Race, probably Black Supremacists like Obama and Jew Supremacists, and now Yellow Chinese Supremacists! Yes after Jews sucked in our minds to their genocide of us, the Blacks want to be “separate.”  Let’s now unite for White Separatism! Since Jew Rabbi in synagogue made the law for Civil Rights against Whites, in return make another Law of Total White Separatism, and death penalty for anyone that breaks it or is involved in shady deals to destroy us, illegal drugs, TV, radio, news, books, billboard signs, using Blacks and Browns and other races against us, Jewish movies which have reduced the White man and race to ashes!

White Russian Putin vs. Black Kenyan Obama

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White Russian Putin vs. Black Kenyan Obama. (USA people are just like an audience watching a movie in our country. We have no control, at least Whites don’t.)

Note the body language of White Putin is straight forward, wears his countries pin, (assuming). Putin’s eyes as if approaching an enemy tiger looks into Obama’s eyes for eye contact. People that tell the truth usually do that… although some are such good actors, like Jews, can pull it off against their prey.

Black Obama’s eyes are looking away from White Putin. Hatred of Whites? Black Supremacism over Whites? Obama’s head would have to be cocked down for Putin is shorter. Also I noticed in Jew controlled music, Justin Bieber is not tall. Jews do that to intimidate shorter White men, by putting big, 7′ tall black rap artists next to them as just one more weapon used against Whites. Jews go for every weapon possible. Physical, size, mental, emotional (especially for that really ingrains their brainwashing on us) and financial. When I have seen two people read on stage behind podium, and one was shorter, they would get something to stand on, especially if a woman.

Obama’s either looking at the top of Putin’s head and talking to his fine hair, or looking at a Jewish teleprompter or signal from cameraman on how Obama the actor should talk. If they read this, and Jews read like crazy which is why they are so smart and Whites could improve their IQ up 5 points by reading, and then perhaps the next generation another couple points, until White IQ is the highest, given excellent nutrition, spirituality, diet, tons of mutual support.

In movies, when Paul Neuman (shorter) were in scene with woman, he was elevated or camera angle to make him look taller.  If Whites look back on the Jews movies of yesterday and especially today, see how they use their camera shots, even on advertising posters in stores, to make little the White man to “degrade” him. Since Jews know this, they are not affected if shorter.

I give Putin credit though because he does everything he can to work out, face dangers in Nature, to make himself be the best he can be at whatever height a person is. Women are not as tall as men, but can also do the same.