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Thanksgiving 2012: Mayflower, Husband’s ancestor, Stephen Hopkins

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WHITE THANKSGIVING: the Mayflower. Some posts regarding the White Christian people on the Mayflower Ship, the first to arrive at Plymouth Colony. Since all we learn is “die-versity,” and cherishing all other races “above” our own, I will focus on the “White” aspect of our history, or White History 101, that digs up all the “good” that we have done and not the “evil” such as the wars, that we are still in and under Jew $$$ banking and debts.

Here’s biography of my White deceased husband (US Marine’s) ancestors from Mayflower… “The Hopkins.” I wrote about the Jew TV sitcom “The Goldbergs,” (and the word “Gold” should have given away what the Jews’ real intentions were) but we don’t have a show about the “Hopkins.”

I’ve read the book and it mentions how the first ship he was on “Sea Adventure” went off course and crashed into island of Bermuda, which was called the “Isle of Devils.”

In this biography of White Hopkins he goes back to England and then comes back with his family. “Oceanus” is the only baby born on the ship. Will show you a pix that might be of her.

When my husband threatened suicide to the Veteran’s Hospital before he did take his life, he said out loud (screamed at the staff) where I could hear on phone, “I’m going to take this money and kill myself. I’m going to drink myself to death.” He had fought for disability according to hospital records I have from 1968 until 2003 for his disability. While Blacks “automatically” got “preferred treatment since Civil Rights Act of 1964 made them “super-humans” for Whites to worship with time, $$$, devotion. Yet Blacks have done nothing: Look at Obama and he didn’t even have to lift a finger for Whites they gladly voted for him for doing absolutely nothing. No worse, he did “everything” for Jews, blacks, browns, brown Muslims, Arabs, immigrant citizenship for our highest paying jobs from Yellow Commie China, Pakistan, etc.

But my husband came back from Viet Nam with a drinking problem. He wasn’t that kind of drunk that would fall over; he held his liquor. He was able to get off the harsh drugs, but couldn’t kick the booze. (Just remember Jews and Muslims the “other” two religions don’t drink, but sell it to us, and twist our minds into a peer pressure society making us “believe” we need it.)

In this essay below about husband’s ancestor’s biography, Hopkins from the Mayflower has several run ins because of his bringing booze to America. Booze has been a problem in England for centuries, unlike French who can drink and it doesn’t phase them. Even the first settlers who came to US en masse were emptied out of England’s prisons, so we can see how far back our need for healing goes back to.

Here’s some quotes:
“Stephen was an assistant to the governor through 1636.”
“Stephen began to occasionally run afoul of the Plymouth authorities, as he apparently opened up a shop and served alcohol.  In 1636 he got into a fight with John Tisdale and seriously wounded him.  In 1637, he was fined for allowing drinking and shuffleboard playing on Sunday.  Early the next year he was fined for allowing people to drink excessively in his house: guest William Reynolds was fined, but the others were acquitted.  In 1638 he was twice fined for selling beer at twice the actual value, and in 1639 he was fined for selling a looking glass for twice what it would cost if bought in the Bay Colony.  Also in 1638, Stephen Hopkins’ maidservant got pregnant from Arthur Peach, who was subsequently executed for murdering an Indian.  The Plymouth Court ruled he was financially responsible for her and her child for the next two years (the amount remaining on her term of service).  Stephen, in contempt of court, threw Dorothy out of his household and refused to provide for her, so the court committed him to custody.  John Holmes stepped in and purchased Dorothy’s remaining two years of service from him: agreeing to support her and child.”
We can gather that the people from Plymouth wanted to restrict alcohol for they saw the deadly effects it had on the men, wives and children, as today. I know in Poland and Russia the Jews were definitely involved in distilleries as in 1639 in USA with 22 rum distilleries in Rhode Island alone. It would be like an alcoholic anonymous meeting and the people running it would serve all the alcohol the people could drink, and create a meeting where if one “doesn’t” drink, labeled as “crazy, ” or “There’s something wrong with him/her.” Jews & Muslims don’t have that in their religions but make $$$ off this misery.
Note the harsh treatment that was giving his maidservant’s lover who murdered an Indian and then executed for killing the red man. We didn’t tolerate crime and were decent towards the rights of the Red Man. In fact, almost too much, for England bragged like crazy about how White Captain Smith married Red Pocahontas, and raved having a ship named after her. Seems like there were Jews in this to get Whites to “race-break.” And Whites fell for it, even until today as Jews put White Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez in romantic videos that get 1 billion views! Jews teach out young to “race-break” at every turn of the head. We then “think it is our own thoughts or beliefs,” but it isn’t. It sounds like our  minds, but it is Jewish pictures and images in our head.


Whites are the Chosen People of the Bible: the True Israelites

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“Whites are Chosen People” of the Bible! The “Israelites” that you read about are “not” the Jews of Israel. “Whites” had more DNA linking to the “Israelites” and “Whites” are linked as the “Chosen People” of God. Please tell all those Whites (who probably voted for Black Obama) to get off their knobby old White knees, and stop worshiping the Polish Jews of Israel. Those Jews are the “true dumb Polaks” as they named me and my Christian Polish ancestors.

Polish Jews of Israel are “Khazars,” from Khazaria. I just looked up “Khazar” and Wiki points to the fact that there are “3” locations for “Khazar”: Khazar ‘1’ Khazar ‘2’ and Khazar ‘3’…… all in ……. IRAN….. the place that Jews like Israel Net his yahoo wants us US to bomb! Perhaps Jews secretly know this. Here is Jew Hollywood scenario. Jews know their ancestry is “Iran” not “Israel.” And Jews get Whites to war for them and do their dirty work as Jews got Whites to do the physical labor of whipping Jesus and pounding him to cross. Jews don’t do labor, they have “slaves” and Whites are their slaves even more than blacks ever were.

After Whites bomb Iran and war with them, Whites then “feel sorry” for Iran from White Guilt, and Whites then “pay for the entire reconstruction” of Iran. Then dumb Polaks of Israel will rule “with” Iran, their “true” ancestors, not the people of the Bible.

“Whites” are the lost tribe of Israel who wandered into Europe. Jews convinced Whites that we are “sinners” and “fallen” and Whites believed it and still believe it.

Beware of Democrats trying to pawn of war with Iran for Whites to pay for with more trillions and more  White bodybags. If anyone has felt sorrow over Veterans this past Veteran’s Day than Whites have to stop this war and prevent one more White man from being blown to bits, or to hurt any Iranians who are none of our business. They never came out of our womb or penis and we owe nothing to them are the phony bastards of Israel.

Veteran’s Day Tribute – Army – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B

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Lyrics: Army Veteran’s Day – Song is about a Chicago soldier in the Army. It’s from World War II. I love all the Veterans from the wars. They didn’t get an entire picture and we must never hold the truth from them. They are strong; they can handle it and perhaps help affect the changes the USA needs, the White Race and worlds.

Here’s the lyrics:

“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”

He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way.
He had a boogie style that no one else could play.
He was the top man at his craft,
but then his number came up and he was gone with the draft.
He’s in the army now. He’s blowin’ reveille.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

They made him blow a bugle for his Uncle Sam.
It really brought him down because he could not jam.
The captain seemed to understand,
because the next day the cap’ went out and drafted the band.
And now the company jumps when he plays reveille.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

A root, a toot, a toodlie-a-da-toot.
He blows it eight to the bar in boogie rhythm.
He can’t blow a note unless a bass and guitar
is playin’ with him.
And the company jumps when he plays reveille.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

He was some boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.
And when he played his boogie woogie bugle
he was busy as a busy bee.
And when he played he made the company jump eight to the bar.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

Andata toodliata-toodliata toot toot
he blows it eight to the bar.
He can’t blow a note if a bass and guitar
isn’t with him.
And the company jumps when he plays reveille.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

He puts the boys to sleep with boogie every night,
and wakes ’em up the same way in the early bright.
They clap their hands and stamp their feet,
’cause they know how it goes when someone gives him a beat.
Woah, woah, he wakes ’em up when he plays reveille.
The boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

A root, a toot, a toodli-a-da to toot toot toot
he’s blowin’ eight to the bar.
Yeah, he can’t blow a note if a bass and guitar
isn’t, woah, with him.
And the company jumps when he plays reveille.
He’s the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B.

Send Viet Namese Women back

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Yellow Viet Namese Women sings her heart out about being “born this way.” They have “pride” and the Jews are not only developing their “pride” but to educate them to “hate whites.” Terrible feeling to have 92% of the world against Whites! But the elections showed that clearly. For all the good we have done them, they hate us and vote for a black race who has done nothing. As you know my VHS tape to Jew, Owen Robbins, in Chicago, turned into American Idol, by his own admission to me on the phone, and now it is all over the world. Jews got trillions from my White idea as I live in poverty! But it isn’t me but all their ideas and it is to replace us and enslave us. The rest of the world can have “pride” and “dignity” but if I say I was born “White and a slave for Jews,” everyone runs in different directions.  I’d deport all yellow Commie Viet Namese. We don’t need nail parlors for our White women need to work, and the other races have to earn their keep and keep up or suffer accordingly with less money or no more benefits.

Elvis & White Male

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Elvis-a and Elvis “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”Elvis & Veteran’s Day. (very busy yesterday, will write more later) I cried when I did this video, but nowhere to the extent I cry at home at my computer. Here is a video of when I was on TV doing a tribute to Elvis for his 25th anniversary. It seemed as I look back on my karaoke autobiography, (which is not included in my current autobiography draft for there is simply too much info and will have to write later or here on FB) I was always some place special to do a tribute to Elvis in a large audience. For example, I had been Elvis in local karaoke bars around Chicago when someone told me about Karaoke TV Glamour Productions. I then did this performance (and for Chicago this was really like being shot out of a cannon since it is a “business” town and “very conservative.”)
In vid, I cry, for I already was walking in his footsteps thru 16 biography studies and many of his DVD and VHS studies, and I got into the “heart” of Elvis as well as  his mind, and I realized there was a totally different character that existed and the heartbreak he went through.

I wore these “bra tops” with decorations as the Brown Mexican girl singer, Selena (not Gomez who is a Jew clone of the real Selena) and her mother made them. It was “then” that the women of Chicago really started to crucify me and gang up against me. But they gang up against White men also. When I went to a 2 day single’s convention in Chicago the lecturer spoke of the fact that when a (White) man goes to a bar he needs about 3-10 drinks to get nerve to ask a girl to dance. When he finally does, the (White) woman is sitting with a bunch of girlfriends (a cackle of hens he called them.) She uses “psychology” to put him down and the other girls stick up with her against him. (Jewish divide and conquer – World War III between White male and female of our species) The (White) man is so depressed, first from the 10 drinks which is a depressant, secondly the cackle of (White) hens shot him down with their collective bullets both with “words & body language) and “dirty looks.” They form a collective opinion against White male that he is not ‘good” enough or “rich” enough, “powerful” enough, “successful” enough. Only things that “Jews” are and they got that way thru White $$ and cheating us.

Black Obama to visit Yellow Chinese on his first visit after election

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Black Obama & Yellow Race. As I wrote in length earlier, the entire election was won by “hate” crimes against Whites by the other races who voted for a “Black” candidate and the blacks did nothing but leach for the last 400 years. The Jews got filthy rich off Whites, yellow Chinese Commies and Japanese got rich, Red Indians now own casinos and none of them work because when Whites first got here they “chose” not to work but to be “free!” The Browns are now at the highest levels both in population of children, welfare for Whites to pay and all the “Free sex” they can have with White men, Jewish men, any race just to get themselves a baby to take to the White tax $$$ welfare office. (While Whites masturbate to Jew porn on a screen or stay celibate!) The Blacks reaped for 400 years off Whites.

And how do all these races pay back the Whites, with revenge and hate. They vote “against” the White man Romney, whose race exhausted themselves in White slavery for all these races, and these races put Black Obama in office.

Here is Black Obama and what does  White taxes as he uses up our gold in Fort Knox for we will have to pay? The USA can’t declare bankruptcy with all the gold. I wonder how much  the Jews etc, heisted away.

Black Obama doesn’t go to help “Whites” who put him where he is thru education and White grandmother that spoiled him and her daughter who was a race-breaker. Black Obama goes to a country of Asians who used to be called a “pariah!” He goes there to help “Muslims and Buddhists.” (Wonder why Christianity and Jesus’ story is dying, Whites help pay to bolster other races “and” religions, while we go extinct.)


Romney / Obama Percent of White and non-White (Jew) voting

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Romney/Obama Breakdown of Voting by Race %

Here’s the breakdown of how many of these races voted for Romney and Obama

For White Romney:
White Race: 71%
Hispanics: 25%
Yellow Commie Descendants 24%
Blacks: 4% (if that, that is probably an error for I’m sure they voted 100% for Obama; they are black racists on White welfare.)
Jews: 22%
Red Indians 11%

For Black Obama
White Race 29%
Brown Hispanics: 75%
Yellow Commies: 76%
Blacks: 96%
Jews 78%
Red Indians: a Whopping 89% (do they hate Whites or what.)

In other words the non-whites (united) and voted a whopping 80% for a candidate which is unheard of for any President. Even the Whites didn’t come anywhere near that. The end of “White Rights” in America.

All the above show “hate crimes” against Whites or the symbolic Romney.
Think of allllllllllllllllllllll the Whites did for the other races, through White government taxes, through White Christian churches, through manufacturing and all the $$$inventions, patents, business personnel to Yellow Commie China and Japan. Think of 400 years of blacks on our White payrolls, after Jews made a killing of $$ selling them to us when we could have gotten Whites for free. Not only that the Cotton Gin was invented and we didn’t need black slaves as much and had to start a Civil war to disperse the blacks. Here is from about. com on White inventor, Eli Whitney, and how others stole his invention (Jews were all over the South and had many slaves?) just as White Thomas Alva Edison, whose movie machine the Jews stole and fled to Hollywood to escape the “justified” White wrath of the inventor.
Eli Whitney Business Woes
Eli Whitney failed to profit from his invention because imitations of his machine appeared and his 1794 patent for the cotton gin could not be upheld in court until 1807. Whitney could not stop others from copying and selling his cotton gin design.

We civilized the Red Indians and the whipped us at the Polling place on Tuesday, “89%” of them turned on White Romney to vote for a Black man who did absolutely nothing in 400 years for them.  Look what the Jews and their “Civil Rights” have done to imprison you and me as Whites and our entire country.

White Eli Whitney: Cotton Gin Stolen like White Thomas Edison’s Movie Machine Invention

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Here’s article about how this White man’s invention was stolen, the Cotton Gin, which replaced the necessity of needing black slaves, but were still given room and board and a good living by White men who didn’t need them as much if any. See Romney/Obama post below.

Black Obama: Other Races Stab our White Candidate in the Heart for all the good we did for them

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Black Obama Votes: Jews, Browns, Blacks and their vote for Obama. Considering Whites are responsible for the Jew$ wealthy and World Monopoly, it amazes me how they turned against a White candidate: Romney. Same with blacks and browns. Whites gave black a home, civilized them, educated, gave up their own White Male of our species to prefer the Black male. Same with browns, who will soon rule as majority. Just use a computer and figure out the $$$$, since Jews and Whites 900 years Poland, 100 years here. Figure out Blacks and how much Whites gave in time and labor and material goods for 400 years. Same for Mexicans for 100 years and more since we supported them in Mexico. Add that and get a grand total. And then look at Tuesday’s elections how all three stabbed the White male presidential candidate in the back! It wasn’t just him; they stabbed us all and put us in our place at the bottom.

Black Obama got Jewish vote: 78%. Blacks voted pure racist with 93%, and Hispanics voted for Obama 75% and only 23% Romney. Even the yellow Commie Asians voted 73 % for Obama. Yet the Blacks did “absolutely nothing” for the Jews, blacks or browns or yellows. The Whites did everything and the entire world, especially those Yellow Commies are laughing their heads off at us for we look that stupid! We will continue in helping them genocide us and “reward” them with more welfare, or government jobs, when Whites should have all government jobs for it determines our survival. All the other races, stabbed us in the White back. They “united” against us to hurt us and we are already severely ailing. What a bunch of monsters we have occupying this land.

When I went to the gym on Wednesday after the election, I heard a different song over the speakers it was called “Whip It,” the song I put on Facebook and wrote about where Jesus whipped the Jewish Bankers out of the Temple. It seemed as if it was the Blacks, Jews and Browns, Yellows who “whipped the Whites and whipped us bad on Tuesday, and they are “celebrating our White defeat. ” If Republican Party is ailing, it is only because Jews control our minds to accept their filth and trash. Also the Republican Party should have been “saving” the White Race outright and not being cowards and pretending it doesn’t exist. The other races just steamrolled right over us in our “own” country. Since this has been going on for so long in our history we don’t even see it.

I’d be damned if I raised a son or daughter in my home and they turned on me with protest signs, criminal assaults, even murders, and take over of our country. They should be ashamed and Whites should be ashamed for allowing this insult. Even if we die soon as prognostications show, we die in dignity, not as dirt for the other races to step on and pulverize. It is disgusting what our “Home” has turned into. But Jews did the same with “lawlessness” in Poland for 900 years. No decent business would allow this behavior but Whites have to “accept” this abuse. Why? Who said? Who died and left Jews boss?

Remember when you see this Hispanic Demand list of blackmail to the black President, that Whites have to pay for it as we have for 1,000 years and got nothing in return. Look at what they have done for us. Wash a floor or two? Rob our banks? Murder us and terrorize us? helped build a railroad then stole all our patents, inventions, business technology? And Whites “Reward” these people these treasonous traitors overthrowing our government day at a time and we are helpless to do anything?


White Germany, Jews and Circumcision

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White Germany, Jews and Circumcision. When I had home birthing the Jewish doctor did not believe in circumcision. It is a religious practice, from what I learned, only for Semites, like Jews and Muslims. Or the Jews circumcise their male slaves, as our White men have been made to have their foreskin amputated for absolutely no reason at all.
Here’s article where White Germany is prosecuting Jews for doing bodily harm to their male offspring with circumcision! This is really something I’ve been crusading about. I even mentioned adding an amendment to the Constitution for it is incredibly horrific to have that done. If God didn’t want a boy to have foreskin, He wouldn’t have put in there! Jews are not “god,” they may have brainwashed us White Christians and descendants to worship them, but I don’t worship them.

That is really brave of Germany. Ending circumcision and checking up on the gold in USA. This is all “historic” at least since 1945 for Germany was always “on its knees” after World War II and they are beginning to develop their own values and identity. They don’t have many Jews in Germany left I don’t think since all the Jews invaded the USA like the brown Mexicans do. White Germans are beginning to walk “upright” again and not crawl on their bellies as the Jews made them do in World War I, 1914, until today. 100 years of harassment against our smartest White people. But even our smartest White people were intentionally brought down with tobacco, heavy drinking, drugging, perversion, fighting, etc.

I have crusaded for these people, yet I have never known them, nor did the White German American in family or friends treat me nicely here in USA or when I call the German Embassy. But now I know “why” it happens. That understanding gives me peace of mind.

When you see this article cursing Germany for “religious” rites of Jews, think of what Black Obama did to “Christian” rites and there are several instances of his hate crimes against White Christians. This article was written by Jew “Bernstein” same name of Jew who brought down White President Nixon, as Jewess Lewin-sky nearly brought down White Southern President Clinton. Are you beginning to see somethign fishy that stinks with these Jews bringing down White men?

Also the American Pediatric Society states:

In a 2012 position statement, the academy stated that a systematic evaluation of the medical literature shows that the “preventive health benefits of elective circumcision of male newborns outweigh the risks of the procedure” and that the health benefits “are sufficient to justify access to this procedure for families choosing it and to warrant third-party payment for circumcision of male newborns,” but “are not great enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male newborns”. The academy takes the position that parents should make the final decision about circumcision, after appropriate information is gathered about the risks and benefits of the procedure.[8] The 2012 statement is a shift in the academy’s position from its 1999 statement in that the academy says the health benefits of the procedure outweigh the risks, and supports having the procedure covered by insurance.[9][10][11] The policy shift was criticized by anti-circumcision activist Georganne Chapin.[12]

In April 2010, the academy revised its policy statement on female circumcision, with one part of the new policy proving controversial. Although condemning female circumcision overall, this statement suggested that current federal law banning female circumcision had the unintended consequence of driving families to perform the procedures in other countries, where these girls faced increased risk. As a possible compromise, this policy statement suggested that physicians have the option to perform a ceremonial “nick” on girls as a last resort to prevent them from being sent overseas for full circumcision. This particular position proved controversial to advocates for a full ban on female circumcision under any circumstances[13] and concern from other medical groups[14] that even a “nick” would be condoning this widely rejected procedure. One month later, the academy retracted this policy statement.

Note the American Pediatric Society says that they advise to have it done for boys because of the “health benefits.” Why do doctors lie so much and get paid such colossal salaries? There is no reason a boy needs to have that skin removed. In fact, older males are having foreskin sewed back on for it helps the erection and sensation of the penis to have it protected! Do these dumb doctors know this? In the article below, the (Jew-led) doctors right away say they want it for …. “insurance purposes,” just another of the bazillion ways the Jews suck $$ form Whites and sell Whites something they don’t need. Jews need to be exposed. Breastfeeding came back and I crusaded for that, but it was never exposed why we were brainwashed into using that dastardly product of baby formula for infants. Just “covering” up these past crimes against new born White babies, is not enough. We are beginning to see that so much is covered up which explains our White helplessness today in survival or even electing a White man for President. Did God make a mistake in covering the male penis? Or is man demanding a girl get circumcised also, and why? Perhaps birth control.