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“Must Watch “Synagogue of Satan” full by Andrew Carrington, Pt 2

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1. Looks like Jews assassinate their own also. Wiki: Yigal Allon served as Interim Prime Minister following Levi Eshkol‘s death, as did Shimon Peres following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. From book I read “Final Judgment” Jews were all over assassination of President John Kennedy. Perhaps his son, in mysterious airplane crash, John Jr., his brother, Robert, the death of Mary Joe Kopeckny, secretary to Ted Kennedy, who was so upset, he automatically moved to pass Jewish Rabbi draft in a synagogue of Satan, “Civil Rights Act,” 1964. All Jew mind and murder against Whites and our beloved USA.. Here’s leaders of Stern Gang, notorious assassins, mentioned in prior post: Jews: Leader Avraham Stern
Nathan Yellin-Mor
Yitzhak Shamir
Israel Eldad

It was Jew murderer Yitzhak Shamir, who assassinated white British Harold McMichael, high Commissioner of State of Palestine. Jews decided they were gods. When in fact, they do not pertain to Old Testament for their blood line is not from there. They study the occult or devil worship of ancient Babylonian Talmud. Jew Shamir, for his killing gets to be Prime Minister of President of Israel. I wonder if Black Commie Obama had to kill his White grandmother as a sacrifice to the Jewish god-devils. Also murdered and assassinated White Bernadotte…  http://mondoweiss.net/2012/07/shamir-ordered-count-bernadotte-assassination-to-save-jerusalem-for-jews-but-will-his-obits-tell-you-that.html

2. Jew mentioned how their Jews get into country and then devour from within like a Trojan Horse. That name is used for viruses on computer so what Jews can do to our computers, they can do to countries, even White men.

3. Jews get control of all White banks: first Bank of England, then USA Bank into Jew Federal Reserve Bank, then “World Bank” and “International Monetary Fund.” Already wrote about this much on my website on facebook, Anna Kopaczewski. Jews control US Census for a fact. Whites have no idea our children are minority, all laws against us. Brown children majority, August 2012. Jews control US Treasury, Fort Knox with all our gold. United Nations.

4. Jew Oppenheimer is given credit for atom bomb but I think Jews stole White German scientists after World War II as if pulverizing that country wasn’t enough. List of Jew crimes is endless. Oppenheimer from my own notes is only signature on dropping bomb on yellow Japanese: 220,000 melted away as when 1000 bombs were dropped on just one German White city, Dresden, killing 100,000+ and it was innocent White women, men, children, pregnant mothers with white baby in womb.

5. Writer who defected England to Germany said after World War II when arrested, “I defy the Jews who caused last war & I defy the power of darkness (devil) they represent.” Jews had him executed when Communism took over Germany as black Communist Obama took over USA for final nail in White man and race’s coffin.

6. The Jew Stern gang sent telegram as they were going to assassinate and murder Prime Minister of England at the top, White Bevin.

7. Jew Bengurion who master minded murder and bombing of “King David hotel,” killed 91. Up until that time and and 60 later later, the “worse” terrorism in all of history! And for that he becomes Prime Minister of Israel. Jews of today have no ancestry to Israel. Whites do. We are Chosen of God or lost 12 tribes of Israel.

8. Jew Menachem Begin, who pulled off the destruction of King David Hotel is given awards and made Leader of Israel. In interview, reporter asked him, “Do you think you are the father of terrorism in Middle East,” and in typical Jew arrogance he replies, “No Father of Terrorism throughout the world!” Why did they bomb “King David Hotel.” It is said that the descendants of King David are the Chosen of God. Jews know they are not they are hypnotizing us into worshipping them, devil-gods. They bombed it for King David represents the White Race, White Jesus, White Noah, etc. Jews would never have done that to their “sacred” hotel. the did it to spit on us and show how powerful against White Christians they really are.

9. Here’s website where current Jew Israeli Prime Minister shows “how easy” it is to be jewish Terrorist. We Whites just fall over even before they shoot at us. It’s a state of fear mankind has never before experienced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63jwS_MQeBw

10. 3 Jews bomb Palestine Headquarters. They were supposed to be “hung” but if you have read any of my old posts, Jews always get off scot-free, as Jew Meyer Lansky of Murder Inc. of New York, 1920-30s, and fled to Israel murder capital of the world. Even Jew Jonathan Pollard, most notorious spy of US History, sent to prison for life, (not executed for treason as Benedict Arnold was in history books. When are our White history books going to show these Jew terrorists against us?) while the entire internet radio was focusing on the Brady cattle confrontation, Black Communist Obama opened the prison door for Jew Pollard and let me off scot free!!!!!!!

11. While the 3 terrorists’ Jews were going to be executed on hung, Jews had in custody 2 White British and Jews arrogantly threatened if the 3 Jews are hung, Jews will at the exact same moment (for Hollywood Jew movie effect in real life against Whites) execute the 2 British. As it was, you can see pix of the two dead White men. And Jews went further for they not only “Kill” White men, but pulverize them, and hooked up bombs to the corpses going off when someone tried to take them down!!!!

12. Jew Einstein that the world says is smartest man, yet stole his ideas, as did Martin Luther King, said … “All governments will be destroyed (USA, Europe, South Africa) to make way for one World Government..” run by his own Jews. Jews got away with that in Poland taking us over in 1096, actually 1025, and had their secret Jewish Empire headquarters there, my ancestry shows. All of counties and states of Poland crumbled at the laughs of Jewish Masters. My book, “White Slavery for Jews to White Rights,” will only begin to uncover that.

13. White President Truman said that my White Polish, Latvians, Estonianians, Germans, were mistreated even murdered (Jew Morgenthau demanded that Whites not only be killed in World War II but pulverized and tortured.) Truman said only “Jews get special treatment.” And it is everyone in world today. Somehow Jews set up our reality which has that built in to worship them 24/7. Truman: “Stalin and Hitler had nothing on the Jews who are cruel to the underdogs.” (under dogs are Whites, even Christians, who they were responsible for killing off 100,000,000. My friend in youth, Irene, grew up in Displaced Person’s camp, (she and folks from Poland who worked to deport Jews who enslaved them for 900 years.)

14. 1948:  Jews bribe $2 million to for President Truman’s campaign to immediately recognize State of Israel for Jewish World Control. Nothing in movie video about Jew, Polish, who bribed White Winston Churchill with $2.5 million to settle (Jew incited debts) and start imagined hate campaign against struggling White Germany who absolutely didn’t want war, not even Hitler who “admired” White English. Only “Jews” hated Germans, and all Whites, for they are of the devil.

15. Jew symbol on flag: Jew Banker, 1770’s from England, notorious Rothchild family can be seen as promo on this 4 1/2 movie video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPgrDrdQKlg

16. 1948: Jew Yitshak Shamir in cold blood murdered 200 Palestinians, men, women and children… (While sleeping!) Heartless,hateful, devilish Jews. He was “awarded” bountifully for his murders!!! Award the murderers and punish and beat good women like me as I was severely beaten and hospitalized in Vegas. Jews consider all these 100,000,000 White Christians to be sacrifices to their Blood Devil-god.

17. Nothing in video is mentioned of Jew dockworker who bombed his own Jewish filled ship and murdered 276 Jews who were on ship “Patria’ to drum up “feeling sorry” from Whites to get land of Israel.

18. Jews raped, beat a 104 year old woman. How man Jewish women in our enslavement history of 2000 years have been beaten. I do not know of one, not even under Nazi Whites who were “kind” to them, not cruel. Jews chopped off ears of Palestinians (and these could have been Jesus’ relatives who race-mixed) so Jews coudl et the “gold” earrings. As I wrote of my genealogy of Galitia Poland, Jews bankrupted my ancestors, make drunks of them intentionally, raped their women, then starved us to death: 50,000 a year. Then Jews put on golden glittery robes perhaps as part of their Satanic religion ritual and robbed the corpses of my Polish ancestors!!! who has done this to Jews? Not one. Yet Jews convinced world intentionally that White man is “evil.” I watched several episodes of sitcom from England, “Keeping up Appearances.” Yet Jews got into this one too. The White men are totally emasculated, women crazy and over sexed. On the star’s car in show the license plate reads “D541 EFL.” for “EFL” evil, or with D in front Devil. in today’s episode season 5, episode 6, female star bids on auction of goods from a famous White Lord. You can imagine the White man acquired all those material possessions being co-depend3nt on Jew criminals destroying their own people. Then Jews take back everything and put in their world-wide treasury.  Like Marilyn Monroe who said “I can’t wait to get rich so I don’t have to suck another Jewish c o c … k.” Yes, she got fame, diamonds, furs, even President Kennedy, but when she died, she lived in an ordinary home, no glamour, Jewish housekeeper, Jew doctor, Jew psychiatrist, Jew pills, Jew poison in her enemy to kill her. After her death, the Jews got “all” her $$ and all her belongings, rights to her name, etc. She lost; Jewess won… again. Back to TV, Show, Keeping Up Appearances, star Hyacinth, goes to bid at auction of Lord and Ladies’ possession, but husband stops her.. until end. and she bids and buys… 4 bottles of wine and gets drunk. Which is what Jews had done to England, Scotland, my Poland, for at least 500 years. Jews invented one thing… the bottle… yet they don’t touch a drop of it but use it as weapon to damage us beyond recognition.

19. 800,000 Palestinians flee their own land, leaving behind buildings, homes, businesses, everything they worked for for 3000 years and Jews confiscated. And yet Jesus’ relics are there… which are owned by Jesus’ murderous Jews, who harassed him, tortured, him, maimed him, humiliated him,… and yes beat him in front of a crowd as they had me beaten and did nothing to stop it. Then covered it up. Jews put Palestinians in slums as they rape their women and the White sex women from Europe. Remember, most abortions in world: Israel. yet the Jew women do not have sex with husband but push him to rape White women. They don’t want any children from their husbands they hate them so much. Just one for his $$$. Jews are supposedly smartest in world, so they know about birth control so it is not the Jew woman having abortions.  These Jewess and Jews are the cruelest in history and nothing less than “Synagogue of Satan” is sufficient, if that, to describe them in our words today.

20. 1948: Austrian document shows that no Jews were killed in any of the Polish camps (there were none in Germany for most Jews from Poland. Hitler tried to do my people a favor for Jews enslaved us for 900 years and like America, we can’t fight them back or deport them. Just like I didn’t fight back the woman (or transvestite) who beat me in public…. The Confessions were extracted thru torture. No gas chambers.. no poison..  Including #1 work camp, (misnamed death camp) Auschwitz Poland where guards admit it was built “after” the war and scientific studies done on walls… no gas! But Jewish hot air and all we Whites do is smell their farts all day long until we are ready to pass out. Other races have not been damaged like this.

21. Jews need to be charged and punished.. not rewarded or awarded as White Christians do constantly.

22. Jew Jacob Schiff funds $20,000,000.00 for Jewish Revolution against Whites in Russia. Good article: http://www.takebackourrights.org/docs/StoleAmerica.html

23. Jew “married” into White banking and then took over using his White wife as weapon against her own White father and taking over bank to takeover America.


Autobiography Draft Chapter 29 – White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, Chicago, same street as Black Michelle Obama

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Chapter 29

Even from a famous black man one can see that he “exposes” the Jews. But look how the “Muslims” unite in research to “back him up,” something we Whites are not capable of doing anymore.  We have been too trustworthy.

From Louis Farrakhan,  University of Illinois at Chicago Pavillion
“The Black Man Must Do For Self or Suffer the Consequences!”
Chicago, October 7, 1991

“In my hands is a manuscript, brothers and sisters, that arose out of the controversy between me and the Jewish community. I want to tell all of you I have never been anti-Semitic. I have never been a hater of Jews, nor am I now that, but I discovered in my tussle with them that they were on me because I had the nerve to pull the cover off of some deceitful practices that they practice on us and on others. And so they tried to make me the worst Black man in history. When they did that, some Muslims in the Nation rose up to defend me and went into libraries and did research and compiled a manuscript of over 300 pages from their own writings not from us. And not one scholar that we quote is an anti-Semite. Here are Jewish rabbis, Jewish scholars, Jewish writers. They document their own hand in the slave trade. They document their own hand in owning the ships, running the ships, buying and selling our fathers – it’s here.

“They tell how they supplied smallpox to General Amherst (Secret Relationship, pp. 111-114) to send the blankets among the Native American – it’s all here. I’m going to send this to every Jewish person that has attacked me – FREE. I’m not going to ask them to pay for it – with a letter from me asking them to comment on what we have discovered in our research. I’m sending this to the Black Caucus, to Black leaders and Black preachers. I want you to read. This is not to create hate, but what it is to do is to rearrange a relationship that is not beneficial but detrimental to us.”

“With the help of God we intend to put this everywhere and this is just Volume One. We have three volumes of it….I’m telling you what you read in this, it will make you to know that Farrakhan was not wrong. I stood and I stand on principles of truth and by the grace of God I will never back down from truth. I want this in the Senate because the Senate voted 95 to nothing to censure me saying that an anti-Semite like Farrakhan has no place in America. I want my day in court in the US Senate and I want that expunged from the record and my name cleared.”

How much more important for us Whites to do “research” band together and investigate and expose what the Jews have done to us.  Also, as the Blacks rallied around Farrakhan, how much more should “loving” Whites rally around the likes of the pro-White men and women around the world,  and “all” the legendary men who have withstood unbelievable pressure in this country and around the world as “White men and women standing up for our White rights.”

Again, I’m surprised but enlightened and I don’t feel as dumb as I used to now that I’m teaching myself, and not letting Jewish run schools do our teaching.  Here is a website with many proofs of the above.


And if the KKK was getting $$$ from the Jews and the war, it was the Whites fighting for “Jewish rights” and “Jewish wealth,” and not our own. And one must watch when they take Jewish money for what Jews create, they can destroy.  The Triple World Trade Towers owned by Jewish “Silverstein,” who got “double indemnity” or twice the amount the skyscrapers were worth. They actually were worth “0” since they were filled with asbestos and had to come down anyway.

I met a White Nationalist named Paul Fromm from Canada, and although he probably has many examples, I will site just four, since I only recently became interested and had to juggle three jobs, plus the Queen of Karaoke costumed karaoke, sewing and designing the 247 costumes, even new website. He is also a concerned citizen for regarding the immigration problem in Canada. Because of his positive White Rights stance, he was stripped of his teaching license to teach in Ontario. It is instances like this that silence and paralyze other Whites just as Jews put Jesus on Golgotha Hill, the Hill of the Skull, as an example for others not to follow his example. Jews have been effective for 2,000 years.

Fromm supported several other Canadians that were being harassed especially by a Jewish man with the last name of “War-man.” Since Wikipedia is owned by Jews we can’t get a White’s point of view, so I will share what I know. And Whites have no way to spread this information to our fellow Whites. From supported Ernst Zundel, Terry Tremaine and Brad Love.

Ernst Zundel: One of the first White men I found on the internet was a few videos by Ernst Zundel from Canada. At first, there were only a few, but I commented on one. Then I got a response that many more would be added, and I think it was perhaps 100 more. Here is his website that his wife made and maintains for him in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, also home to Dolly Parton. http://www.zundelsite.org/

The Canadian Tribunal harassed Zundel because he questioned the 6,000,000 figure that the Jews used to describe horrific deaths of Jews by White German hands. He spent nine years in and out of courts, tremendous legal expenses, someone bombed his homes and he lost many of his research records, as I have today. The White man was kicked out of Canada, barred from the USA, where 60% of our White descendants are German as he is, and deported him to Germany for trial. Not only did Germany find him guilty, but his attorney and both were sent to prison, with Zundel getting seven years of solitary confinement. While in there they used re-programming techniques such as watching mainstream Jewish news, which is all Jews will let us listen to or watch! There are so few of us that crusade for White Rights and this is another example. Yet even in Poland, Auschwitz the sign at the “Work Camp” not “Death Camp” has the number of Jews killed lowered from 4,000,000 to 1.5 million and soon to be lowered further for hopefully the Polish Christians are more honest than lying Jews. Also, I heard that the first hearing done on the Auschwitz Poland camps said there were only 300,000 people that died total. And that was from disease, illness, Typhus. Also it wasn’t “just Jews,” as if they are the only race on the planet that matters. It was Christian Poles who outnumbered the Jewish deaths drastically for all the camps were on Polish soil but it is “hidden secrets.” So statistics prove that Zundel was correct, but Jews have their own set of laws and manipulations to silence the White people who have caught on to their charade.

Then there was Terry Tremaine of Canada who posted on Stormfront and was accused of “hate speech.” Do you think “I” am the hater for reporting to you the facts of my life and the crimes of the Jews or are the Jews the “haters” and have gotten away with hate crimes this entire time through Jewish reverse psychology? Richard Warman, a Jew, can put out as many cases he wishes for it is “free” for him; he has nothing to lose. But he wrecks the White man’s life forever. Tremaine was a “math instructor” and just the kind of man the Jews want to destroy as their competition in any field. It is why Whites are not the smartest today, or at least one of the reasons. I have mentioned other White men I know personally, straight A students, that either couldn’t find work, had to leave the country or take menial work. Each Jew is fully employed and as soon as a job opening comes up in one of their conglomerates and monopolies, they will either fire the White man or non-Jew, drive them to quit with bad treatment, and replace with one of their own Jewish tribe.

Here’s a letter from Paul Fromm regarding a certain White man with the last name of “Love,” who was harassed, arrested, imprisoned, his possessions ransacked, computer taken away and “why” because he wrote letters to the Canadian government about “immigration” in Canada and wondering why he had to work 80 hours a week to support the welfare of these people who he didn’t even know.

“…from the age of doublethink–greetings!” – George Orwell, 1984

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Brad Love Case

Open Letter to All Ontario MPPs

Abuse of Process Keeps Non-Violent Letter Writer in Ontario Jail

I’d like to introduce you to Brad Love. He’s a prolific letter writer, non-violent, non-threatening letters, I must add, and he’s now in jail for the second time for writing letters to elected officials.

That’s here in Ontario, not Cuba or North Korea. I’m writing to urge you to investigate a real abuse of process and suppression of free speech here in Ontario.

Mr. Love is a 44-year-old Etobicoke construction worker and bricklayer. Over his morning Tim Horton’s coffee, he reads the newspapers. Often, he’ll react to the news of the day and fire off a few short pithy letters to the editor, to MPs, to MPPs, to municipal officials.

This inveterate letter writer reckons that, over the past 15 years or so, he’s written over 10,000 letters. He has a few pet peeves and the massive immigration that is changing the face of his native Toronto is one of them. Brad Love is outspoken and he doesn’t like what he sees. However, it must be emphasized that his letters do not threaten; he merely expresses his opinion.

Until very recently, such letter writing would have been considered the mark of a responsible citizen. In a parliamentary democracy, a citizens is supposed to take an interest in public affairs, make his views known and, if he has a concern or grievance, bring his views to the attention of the responsible authorities. Over nearly two decades, Brad Love has done just that.

However, instead of being given a good citizen award, Brad Love now languishes for the second time in an Ontario prison, for nothing more than writing letters to elected officials and policy makers, the latest time perhaps even letters to you, as an Ontario MPP!

In the Spring of 2003, while working on a school construction site in Cambridge, Mr. Love was arrested at gunpoint by police. He was charged by at least four police forces – York Region, Metro Toronto, Peel Region and the OPP -for writing letters, mostly to MPs, the Chief of Police of York Region and other elected officials about immigration. He was denied bail, and, after four months in jail, very ill advisedly (in his current lawyer’s opinion), he consented to a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty, under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code (“hate propaganda “) for writing over 30 letters to public officials.

In the stiffest sentence ever handed down under Sec. 319, he received 18 months in prison.

In an example of the ongoing police overkill in his case, his Mississauga basement apartment was raided by the York Region police complete with their special mobile command post several weeks after he had been arrested and jailed. The cul de sac on which he lived was blocked off by the police in a massive show of intimidating Rambo-like force. His apartment was trashed and all his worldly goods left in a big heap in the living room for his parents to pick up. Nearly two years late, after the case has been heard and Mr. Love has served his time, he has still not received his seized goods, including a typewriter, back from the police.

Mr. Love got out of prison in March, 2004. He immediately got a job and an apartment. As required by his parole conditions, he has regularly reported to his parole officer and has not communicated with a list of politicians and others who were the recipients of his earlier letters.

However, Mr. Love has continued to enjoy his morning coffee and has written many letters to public officials, including too many Ontario MPPs, about his favourite topic – immigration. Typical of the letters complained of was a July 27 letter by Mr. Love to Ontario NDP MPP Rosario Marchese. The mailing consisted of a newspaper clipping “Cecilia Case Cracked” referring to the arrest of a suspect, a male from Red China in Canada on a student visa.

Love allegedly wrote: “Thank you Immigration Canada and the wonderful lady Judy Sgro. Seriously, why do our cops even bother?” Now, this is an opinion. Surely, such comments should not be the stuff of imprisonment and police charges.

Yet, on March 2, he was arrested as he left his probation officer’s office. He was charged with 30 counts of breach of probation, writing “hateful or scurrilous” letters, mostly to you, Ontario MPPs.

Mr. Love remains in prison at the Metro East Detention Centre. His initial bail hearing stretched over two and a half days! The normal bail hearing, even for violent crimes, lasts less than half an hour. His lawyer, Peter Lindsay, tried to negotiate a huge $250,000 surety.

At first, the Crown agreed and then reneged, reporting that “their team leader wanted Love to remain in prison.” By way of comparison, there are people accused of murder out on $100,000 bail. A man accused of gunning down his teacher wife in Brampton some months ago is also free on bail. Yet, the Crown opposed bail for an entirely non-violent man, Brad Love, accused of writing inappropriate letters!

At his first bail hearing before a Justice of the Peace, representatives of no fewer than four Ontario police forces were present. Veteran observers of the Ontario justice system report that over-worked police frequently miss bail hearings, allowing the accused, often persons accused of very violent crimes, to go free or to receive a very modest bail.

Mr. Love returns to Ontario Superior Court for an appeal of the JP’s decision on April 22. He will have been in jail nearly eight weeks, costing the taxpayer doubly: for his keep and for loss of taxes that he might have paid had he remained free and gainfully employed.

I must complain of the injustice of charging and hounding a man for the non-violent expression of his political views. People like Brad Love, outspoken curmudgeons, used to be cherished. Their voices, sometimes crotchety, sometimes shrill, were useful antidotes to complacency. The notion than any elected official would go running to the police to complain about receiving a Brad Love letter is disgusting. It’s hard to believe that any elected official would be so wimpy as to complain of a little bit of verbal heat from a citizen.

There seems to be a vendetta by the Ontario justice system against Mr. Love. The huge amount of taxpayers’ money spent to prosecute him for letter writing in 2003 has now been compounded by more expenses in police time and prison to harass him for further letter writing since.

I have told the earlier part of the Brad Love story to several U.S. academic audiences. In each case, I was questioned: “This story happened in Cuba, right?” I had to tell my American listeners that, no dissidents and letter writers are being tossed in prison in their northern neighbour too.

I hope you’ll agree that such political correct policing must stop and the political censors in the Crown Attorney’s office and the Attorney General’s office (which had to approve the initial Sec. 319 “hate charges”) and some southern Ontario police forces must be reigned in.

I write this in a non-partisan way. Mr. Love’s problems began under the former Tory government and continue under the present Liberal one. It is not a matter of party politics but policy. Some police and senior law officers have lost all perspective and all respect for freedom of expression in this province.

Please work to free Brad Love!

Sincerely yours,
Paul Fromm

Picture Brad Love Arrest

Here’s another White Arthur Topham, from Radical Press, arrested by the Crown (Queen of England) for calmly speaking and writing his mind. Don’t the Jews want the White men to have “minds” anymore? How can we save the White male who has been so battered? We are not just saving a White body with White skin, but his White heart, that gave so generously through Christianity, his White mind, and all the creative inventions, for it was that mind that built the USA as it is today. And of course we must save his White soul and spirit, for I can’t believe that Whites who developed Christianity and Jesus Christ’s teachings and healings, will be abandoned by the God that we so loyally served almost to extinction for both! Here’s the Jew War-man again who has nothing better to do with his time that follow White men, even provoke them on the internet, using an alias name, and have them arrested and convicted with some rich Jewish synagogue or “organization.” It’s how Black Obama got to be president as a “Black ORGANIZER.” Yet Whites are not even allowed to organize as a couple anymore our race is so broken down.

“The warrant for his arrest read “commission of hate crimes” and was endorsed by Arthur’s special “friends” and professional denunciators Richard Warman and Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith, Canada.


And then there is White man Jim Traficant who made the mortal sin of standing up to the Jews in Israel. I guess I admire these White men so much for Mama wanted Daddy to be able to stand up to the Jews at the book publishing company where he slaved for them for 35 years at minimum wage and Jews never gave him a raise. The starvation my family suffered, the agony, the domestic violence, depression, suicidal attempts, mental hospitals is all because we were “White slaves for Jews!” Traficant became famous because when he was sheriff in Youngstown Ohio he refused to execute foreclosure papers and evict the people in them when the steel mills closed. (The steel mills, jobs and salaries all went to Japan, now Yellow Commie China.

White Traficant was involved in the case where Jews from Israel arrested an Ohio man and accused him of being Ivan the Terrible who supposedly was a mass murderer in World War II in the camps.

From Wiki: “For almost a decade, Traficant (along with Pat Buchanan)[9] insisted that Demjanjuk had been denied a fair trial, and been the victim of mistaken identity; in 1993 the Supreme Court of Israel overturned the conviction, on the basis of doubt. Demjanjuk was later deported to Germany on May 11, 2009, after the United States Supreme Court refused to overturn his deportation order. Demjanjuk was tried and convicted by a German criminal court of being an accessory to murder, but died before the German Appellate Court could hear his case, thereby avoiding the conviction.”

From what I read, when the Russian government opened up the records that were kept secret behind the Jewish Iron Curtain, they proved that Demjanjuk’s innocence. But Jews had already ruined his life and it is swept under the rug and just “dismissed” in the collective White human conscience which is starving for “Justice!” The second time the Jews of Israel arrested him, he was 88 and on a stretcher and near death. The Jews forced him to be transported back to Germany for trial. One thing you must know, after World War II anyone who was in favor of saving the White species, called a Nazi, was put in prison, fired from their jobs and replaced with Jew appointed Communist friendly employees. So “who” judges our White valiant men who seek to revise history or at least “debate” it without terror, persecution, and prosecution and prison so that the White man is forever broken down?!

By the way, Wiki mentions “Pat Buchanan” and I read his book, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.” The title explains itself. World War II was completely unnecessary and all the Jews would still be living in Europe instead of the billionaires and Czars of the US that they became. There would be no Israel so you can see who really “won” the war.

And then there was the arrest of David Irving of England. He studied and wrote about a different view of World War II then the one that blankets the world, the one written by Jews, and not for Whites. But what intrigued me about White Irving is that he painstakingly studied the actual documents, diaries, letters, forms, etc. Since most of the writing done about World War II is from Jews who are smarter than Whites, we just accepted it. Chinese just memorize what they read for it didn’t involve them. Jews fool the Whites by saying we are Holocaust “deniers.” No we all believe World War II happened, but not the way Jews dictated it to us. Since Whites lost all the men, suffered the financial hardship and emotional agony, don’t we owe it to the White cemeteries that contain all the remains of these men who “scream out for justice and truth!” What worse insult and damage can you do to an honorable Veteran than to make him believe lies about what was going on. I think even my husband could have dealt with the truth, but not the constant spinning lies that just multiplied.

The Austrian government framed him and lured him there to a lecture and once he got there arrested him. Austria is the home of Adolf Hitler and Jews must forever make him out a madman and keep his name to make us afraid and terrorized. One cannot think straight when one is under that severe stress and that is our problem today. Jews overdose us on stress for $$, power and fame for themselves. Haider had to spend 400 days in solitary confinement in Austria’s prison. Jews know that if even ‘one’ White unites with even ‘one’ more their entire 1,000 year piece puzzle will drop to the floor and be seen for what it is. http://www.fpp.co.uk/Austria/arrest_2005/index.html

While I was researching for my own study and emails to the (Jewish) media although I didn’t know they ran everything, I accidentally came across the Nuremberg Trials and found all the fraudulent Jewish witnesses and evidence the Jews presented. As I read, the entire Nazi and Hitler propaganda start to unravel. I read Irving’s book on the Nuremberg Trials, his book on his arrest and prison in my home country of Austria, and the tape of Hitler and his doctors. All of the World War II leaders were either drunk or doped up. (My own opinion.) President Roosevelt drank 12 dirty martinis a day and perhaps medicine for he was a cripple. Jews like to put someone in office the Whites can feel sorry for and then use their strategy against us for war or revolutionary ideas and actions against us and laws like Civil Rights Act written by a Jewish Rabbi for “Colored” Rights only, which discriminates against us!

Here’s another mysterious incident of Joerg Haider who was elected to office in Austria, (Hitler’s and my ancestry) and Haider had mentioned a few comments favorable about Hitler and was found dead in a car accident. Similar to General George Patton in World War II who made the comment that the Jews were the filthiest people and that we fought on the wrong side, meaning we should have fought with Hitler against the White Russian (and Jew) Communists! http://majorityrights.com/weblog/comments/jorg_haider_killed_in_car_crash

There were other White men that I became acquainted with through radio or internet and even a few in person. There was Tom Sunic a professor from Croatia that lost his position in a California university because of his White survivalist views. He’s an extremely intelligent man, speaks several languages, had his own radio show, and is now unemployed because of his views he is black-balled from the universities. But I thought that school was for “knowledge and improvement” of the student and should be also for our race. That is just common sense.

And then there is the older White man who died in the prison, James Von Brunn. He was another disgruntled American just as many of you have become, but only recently. You didn’t have Tea Parties or Occupy Movements or Immigration protests and concerns several years ago when I became involved in 2005. There were pioneers before you that even though behind the scenes stirred up our country and people.

Now this case is a little extreme but let’s look at it in retrospect. Here’s from the internet: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/06/james_von_brunn_a_profile.php

Brian Beutler and Zachary Roth June 10, 2009, 3:18 PM 413

On December 7, 1981, a man named James W. Von Brunn pulled out a sawed-off shotgun at the Federal Reserve Board headquarters, claiming to have planted a bomb and threatening to take members of the Board hostage. That was 40 years to the day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, though it’s unclear whether that’s a coincidence or not.

Years later, he’d describe the entire incident somewhat differently.

In 1981 Von Brunn attempted to place the treasonous Federal Reserve Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizen’s arrest. He was tried in a Washington, D.C. Superior Court; convicted by a Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys, and sentenced to prison for eleven years by a Jew judge. A Jew/Negro/White Court of Appeals denied his appeal.

Note his own words reflect how the Jews run the courts who judge White men.  I don’t think we’d have these problems if we were working on restoring to the White man that has been taken from him, and his White species. We are looking at genocide and death of the White race square in the face and this is no laughing matter.

It is only in the last few years that the Whites and media even bring up the Federal Reserve Bank as Ron Paul did. I wrote about it ten years ago in my emails to the media because I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 231 South La Salle. Ben Shalom Bernancke is the chairman, Jewish, the last one Alan Greenspan, Jewish, and it is a “private” bank that has taken White money since 1913 instead of going into a US Treasury. We have to pay Jews to use our own money! They can do with it as they will, make loans to any country they please, or withhold funds at their discretion. If this is not true, then the hardest part is getting it down on paper. It can always be corrected and I’m open to that. I haven’t found an editor for even the pro-White people think I’m too abrasive perhaps. But if you think I’m abrasive, Mama was 1,000 times more for the husband and children from her womb were degenerating right in front of her eyes and the only way she knew how to stop it was force!

Von Brunn, also German Austrian descent, then went to the Holocaust museum and was accused of shooting a guard. He was 89 years old. He secretly died in prison and the event was hushed up for they had no one alive to prosecute .

Many are begging for the Holocaust History to be revised or debated. We cannot go further and build on lies. The lies must be emptied out and built on truth alone. You worry about leaving your children your money, but are you leaving them the truth and the thinking process that can question it? There is Michael Collins Piper and I read his book “Final Judgment” which points out many Jewish coincidences in the assassination of President Kennedy with many references that he cited. He comes out strong against the Jews of Israel and is finally back on internet radio on Republic Broadcasting.  And he is friends with Mark Glenn who headed the “No More Wars for Israel” conference back in Irvine, California.

There have been many instances in Canada, Europe and USA where the government infiltrates groups like the Nazi parties, or White Survivalist meetings, even encouraging violence as the recent near bombing at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. They work to make sure Whites do not unite like the other races so they can split up our dear beloved “American Pie” it took so long to bake and if continued we won’t even get a crumb of it.

John de Nugent is a man who wants to unite Whites in a party in Pennsylvania. Like my deceased husband he is a former US Marine and struggles terribly to stay afloat in a White cause that Whites don’t seem to think or believe they need.

It would be my hope that these different sects of White influence would somehow melt. Perhaps we can have a “White melting pot,” with all our diverse White and Christian beliefs that are so many we’ve gone off the charts. Then there is the White man of the American Renaissance Conference, Jared Taylor, another victim, for not too long ago his conference was also shut down!! Furthermore he had Jewish sponsors that donated and his only stance was to highlight the White Nationalists’ agenda. He had many good speakers, although I never attended for they were on the East coast. He was not a “White Supremacist” and like the other Whites they would have a Red Indian, PHD, Charles Yeagley, that through his education, he could see the handwriting on the walls in the dying culture of the White Race. He would speak about the fact that just as the Whites came to US and took it away from the Reds, so are the other races (I add Jews) doing to us and Whites are even more unaware than the Red Indians that fought to keep their territory as even animals do. I don’t think the fight has to be violent, nor do I thin the Whites have to allow any violence towards us whether wars, economy, takeover, replacement, Affirmative Action, rape of White women and boys, etc. And I’ve followed all these different White people in the media and lecture circuit and I never heard of violence, either spoken on stage when they spoke nor privately to me, nor on their websites or blogs.  The violence is in the minds of the Jews whose scientists invented the destructive atom bomb, whose Jewish doctors applied small pox molecules to spread the disease on the Red Indians in America. They think the violence and lay it on us. Even Hitler begged not to go to war. Germany was suffering miserably after World War I but was “forced” into it! And for a nation, like the USA, that has forced their White men to go to wars for 250 years and suffer the repercussions of the most violent acts in history, these men are very restrained, calm and patient.

Black and Communist Video: I sent other video showing that Joerg Haider was killed in strange car accident same day elected. He was “Austria First” and that is seen as Nazi (whose symbol means fertility but then Jews lied to us). This video CHEERS THE DEATH OF A PRO-WHITE RIGHTS. I can’t believe I’m living in a society that has accepted our demise while we are still alive. It reminds me of someone I knew growing up who had money and the children and grandchildren would argue while he was alive right in front of him who gets what in the will.

You will see that different White survivalists as I call them, that I met, read their works, or listened to, have suffered terror, prison or in this case of Joerg Haider, death.  This video is done by IraqMission and cheers the death of the only pro-White person in all of Europe. They call him “Nazi” (Jews say think fear and terror) because he thought the fact that they brought complete employment to German, saved the floundering economy, sobered up the people and brought character and dignity, “evil.” Jews live off our misery and the other races are joining in.  Note their answer is a Black woman. Perhaps this is a joke, but then the entire race is laughing at our genocide with the Jewish master comedian leading the way.

Here’s some videos with the report of the death and it seems like the car reports about what caused it.


Pro-White mysterious death on day of his election. He is the ‘only’ one in the entire world to win and few run. He was elected “two” days after Obama who was received royally. This man from Austria, my ancestry, was killed, and it has been hushed up. Now there are “0” pro-Whites and it doesn’t look good for our race when we can’t even elect one candidate without a mysterious killing like this. His mistake: Austria first, heritage, culture, people. Blacks can do it, Jews are masters, but if a White resists our genocide, you can see what happens. The rest of my last two chapters speak of not just this tragedy by almost “all” the White men I’ve encountered that were arrested, imprisoned, fired, ruined, driven practically crazy and we barely survive. The world should have a red carpet rolled up for these brave men who fought not for themselves, but for Whites who are on the drawing board to be replaced and it isn’t going to be a pretty picture.

Funeral of only pro-White candidate in all of Europe. Sadly, he was killed in a mysterious car accident day immediately after his celebration speech after being elected. Now there are “0” pro-Whites that want to live in our ancestor’s country of Europe.

Biden’s False Teeth

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Biden Debate showed laughs at White problems

Biden’s fake smile in debate laughing at America’s problems.

Biden’s False Teeth! I think the debates yesterday would make a good Jewish commercial for Biden’s False Teeth! I thought they would pop out of his mouth at any minute and I couldn’t concentrate sometimes on what they were saying waiting for the white ivories to clank on the metal desk where the they kept their notes and pens. I mean Paul Ryan was talking intelligently, and I was impressed that someone so, handsome, big blue eyes, intelligent, creative, caring, could talk so freely and knowledgeably. Neither could talk about my subjects, but that is cause of “Fear of the Jews” as the New Testament screams to break the silence societies have against Jesus’ healings. AMA, American Medical Association, founded by a Jewish clown who couldn’t find work, won’t let any alternative medicines. But Biden’s false teeth were the center of the debate. I can’t for the life of me think of one word or topic that impressed me for I think Jews created all our problems, then broadcast them on Jew media and we believe it for what else do we have to believe. Whites cannot keep hoping and believing that “Jesus or God” is going to do the work and we just have to sit and wait. The other races are in full throttle in their race car going around the NASCAR track and the Whites haven’t even dressed or put helmet for the race.

My Daddy had false teeth. (I supposed Mama smashed them too!” He used to take them out of his mouth with his tongue and make them “flip” over and catch them in his mouth. Now “that” is entertainment to a young girl as I was who had no TV, and nothing to distract me from Mama’s abusing my Daddy. It was little things like that I will always remember.

But then I pictured Biden jabbering away laughing off all the White problems. When I suddenly pictured him toothless, (LOL) with not a single tooth, no to make it better have just one tooth in his mouth as my Mama had. She had one tooth left, she lost the rest. And the last one remaining was the sharp tooth in front smile in the upper mouth, the one that comes to a point like an animal. It used to dangle because it didn’t fall out yet, and she would take her tongue and make it go back and forth for me like a swing. Talk about “entertainment,” you Whites never had it so good, for my folks were smiling and making fun not through good times or even drunkenness, but starvation, poverty, hatred by those around us.

I’m laughing my head off. I mentioned on Facebook that chatters were knocking down Romneys’ smile saying he was “smirking.” So now today everyone is talking about Biden’s smirk and laugh. It’s true, LOL, I watched some of the Vice-Presidential debates for the first time in laugh, and Biden was laughing at everything, (I’m sorry I’m laughing so hard I can’t stop and can’t type!” Paul Ryan is talking about how Obama got us into trillions of dollars in debt. Biden starts laughing his dead off! It means nothing to the Democrats, nothing at all but a big belly laugh. Paul Ryan talked about the bad jobless rate, again, Biden, Barach’s White Traitor, was… throwing his head back, and laughing his ass off at all those Men and women in unemployment lines, soon to be bread lines the Communists of Poland did to my people and Jews did for 900 years. Biden would laugh his ass off at that too.

Where did the Democrats ever dig up Biden? He’s a cute man but I wonder how he looks without his teeth if a woman had to go to bed with him or does he kiss with those and the woman tastes “Polygrip!” I think you can see why I have all my teeth. The way my folks teased about false teeth focused my attention on saving my own which I have now. Picture on a dating site all the questions and facts people give. But picture my single’s ad with “I have all my own White teeth, and I’m 65!” It is something breeders of babies need to think about to stay away from Jew$ medical and science and to simply breed naturally.

Voting, White Suicide, Obama

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Voting, White Suicide & Obama.

Whites are voting for Obama because they hate themselves and want to die. It is the “extreme” of what the result has been of 85 years of Jew movies, Jew TV, Jew Radio, Jew government, Jew infiltration of churches to genocide White race. Only Jews call their genocide: suicide.

It seems there are a lot of Whites voting for black President. Yet hardly one black is voting for White Romney. So perhaps Whites are sooooooooooo dumbed down by Jews, that we now have to try to raise ourselves to the position of, at least, being as smart as a black. And that is something not taught in Jew Communist USA schools: survival. There is nothing more basic, not Jew gold, or Jew Stock Market. If we’re gone none of that matters. Look at those in cemetery and ask them about Stock Markets, or business, or food even. It’s too late.

From what I can gather why Whites looooooovvvveeee a black man so much, especially White women, but men also.  Also the Whites voting for Obama will readily say, I mean with gusto and enthusiasm and with utmost certainty they are voting. Not sheepish as if one is voting for White Romney. It’s almost as if they will fight you like the White Civil War for Black Rights. (Think of that $$$ that could have went into improving and developing our White boys and not one of these Whites even will listen to the fate of our White male.)

We need “gusto” in voting for White candidates and we need 100% of Whites. And if one needs a reason “why” they are voting for white candidate, just simply “because he is White, for if blacks have that right, I am as equal as blacks and not lower, so low, it is White suicide.

It’s not because of black President’s accomplishments for when I ask them they can’t name one. But what I’ve heard over the last few years is that when it comes to voting for black Obama, the reply has nothing to do with black Obama. It has to do with Whites hating themselves. And why do Whites hate themselves so much. Because, like Jews convinced us of Hitler and the Nazis as being “evil” monsters, Whites not only believed that about “Germans” but themselves. Whites can’t even look at themselves in a mirror, they hate their white skin, white ancestry, white history. And the #1 cause Whites hate themselves, and World War II is an example: Whites and War!

Ask these same White people about “Jews,” and they “loooooovveeee Jews,” like they “looovveeeee blacks.” (soon it will be yellows, oh yes red Indians for let’s feel plenty of guilt about that, browns, Hindus, oh yes trillions of dollars for Muslim rights in our wars in Mideast).

And if I try to show how “Jews,” their banks robbing our money for 100 years, their assassinations, their Communism subjecting Whites to slavery but always having themselves at the top, I’m a …. what?… I’m a “hater!”. Even in the Quality Movement which transformed Japan and China to become superpowers while we languish in bankruptcy bloated with so much debt we are sinking to the bottom of the ocean right with Bin Laden. (another hoax to cover Jewish Israeli involvement in 9/11).

So you can see why I attempted suicide 3 times, I’m hated that much, just for “loving” in a very hateful country thanks to our Jewish masters who “molded” our White consciousness.

I will repeat, Whites need to vote White, and to raise our consciousness and self-respect at least to the level of Blacks, and why can’t our consciousness raising be higher than yellow Commie Chinese, or higher than Jews. Why can’t our consciousness be the “highest” in the world? It can.  But not while we are committing suicide (genocide and Deocide, the murder of God) by voting for a black because Whites are evil and all our history of Wars. From everything I see, these “wars” are connected with (a) Jewish $$$ and (b) alcohol abuse.

Jew’s Wife to be Represenative for United States in United Nations

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On David Duke, renseradio.com, he warns whites & other races, of wife of Jewish Zionist, “Egyptian-Israeli” being USA’s representative to the “United Nations.” USA used to be White until we were taken over (my emphasis). And “Christian” born and paid for nation. Egypt is Muslim, Israel is Jew.  Aren’t those the “other” 2 major religions. Did Jews “wipe” Whites and Christians off the map of today by replacing us? Where was the “White” Christian male or female appointee, or don’t we have billions of dollars for Obama’s campaign like the Jews do both thru “cash contributions” and above all, Jewish “volunteering” which would be equivalent to more $$$. And the #1 asset Jews bring to either candidate “Jewish Mafia Monopoly” world wide that can make or break any person. Jews play “God,” and Christians should and must be offended by that. And Christian descendants of Whites also. Example of Jewish power. Try to get in to see the President of the USA. I couldn’t even see governor, either senator, for help with Medicare Part B.

Yet as far back as 150 years ago, Jews would stroll up to President Abraham Lincoln and give him advice, perhaps $$$, who knows. So if Jews were controlling decisions in North during Civil War, who was controlling them in South? Hayam Solomon,

We are in grave danger, and worse danger, if Jews who pay 50% of both Democrats and Republicans’ $$$. Obama the Black appointed this Jews’ wife. Saban, Egyptian-Israeli Jew, is #104 Forbes “Billionaire list of 400 richest.” 40% of those billionaires are Jews, but Jews only make up 2% of USA, and .02% of world! And those that are not billionaires are multi-millionaires. And it is off of white $$$ from Poland, 900 years, also preying on Europe who didn’t realize Jews had a world headquarters in Poland, and now in USA. Do you know if Whites didn’t give all our taxes to Jewish Federal Reserve Bank since 1913, (nearly 100 years next year anniversary on “Christmas Day,” which was Jews way of stabbing us in the back on Jesus Christ’s celebrated birthday……every one in USA would be millionaire, so perhaps we need to “share” in the Jews’ wealth and distribute it back into white hands where it came from. Also, why do whites have to share or support anyone else except our own white offspring. Haven’t we got enough problems for whites to handles?
1. Genocide of our race, our Christian heritage
2. Damage done to us thru Jew TV, excessive pills, Jewish international Israeli drug Lords destroying and paralyzing our children’s bodies, minds.
3. Laws put into effect that are “pro-Jewish, non-Whites” and against White survival.
4. Destruction of White Europe, White USA, White South Africa.
5. Jewish Supremacism over Whites for at least 1000 years.
6. Our White treasury which has been vultured by Jews and dispersed to any and every other race on the planet as if these other races came out of our womb.
7. White business in USA.
8. White males that cannot compete in advanced math and science.
9. Whites that cannot compete with Jews smartest, yellow Communist God-hating Chinese second smartest. And I think even our White scores are padded with IQ, for Jews who run Census Bureau (Bernstein, same name as spy, Deep Throat, who brought down white President Nixon, in “Watergate Scandal” when it was a Jew, Armand Hammer who mastered minded and paid for it!! with Jewish millions gained from White misery.
10. White education, where we need separate education for our White boys and separate education for White girls, only allowing few classes together concerning family, preservation. I heard on a radio show in Vegas, a business radio show, ideas that I write about to you and blog: Obama gets on ABC radio news (ABC and all of the TV run by Jews, just check the names after show. Some you can’t tell for Jews changed their names, to make White fools out of us as if every day in USA was April White Fools Day! What a crime against the white children who served God, Jesus, Christianity even with our martyrdom & lives, for Jews to make fools out of us… deliberately. Anyway, Obama gets on air yesterday and says “America should not ony “survive” but “thrive.” Something I have been using for 10 years. Also on same show was a business minute honoring…. you guessed it… Thomas Alva Edison who they applauded that he “invented the movie machine.” Was this business radio show run by Jews who flaunted it in our face that they stole his invention, totally destroyed the white man, Edison, and totally destroyed his wife who spent their whole lives in Jewish run legal courts for justice, but Jews broke them down, while they ran Hollywood. And by running Hollywood, every movie you have seen, was nothing more than filling your mind with Jew’s agenda. Polish Jews.
There are more ways to save the White mind, values, species, health, seniors, people, children, just add to this list for I have another post I just found.


“The Jazz Singer” and Neil Diamond, Jew

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See other posts today. This is additional.

Jewish Neil Diamond: a remake of the Jazz Singer. Note in clip that the Jews have “all men,” for they hate women and don’t give women rights, besides being Jewish racists in Israel. Jews push race-breaking and feminism on us, but won’t dare contaminate that for their own beloved Polish Jews of Israel.
Also, it seems that Diamond (Jews always have names: Diamond, Gold, Silverstein,(Jew owner of 3 World Trade Centers he had insured for double indemnity if terrorists attacked and won twice the amount of money the buildings were worth.) … seems that Diamond has married a White Gentile woman. That is prohibited for Jews have tried to keep their race pure. If they do racebreak they take the cream of the crop of White women and leave the White man leftovers for his own species. This is diabolical.  Also, note how they address the fact of a “baby” born to Jewish Neil Diamond and how Jews are ever so conscious of breeding. I think Jews are up to their heads with problems, and Hitler wouldn’t have to exterminate them, they are exterminating themselves. Controlling the world is a bit too much for them, even using 700,000,000 Whites as their slaves to do it. We didn’t know before: We know now. They may try something really bizarre for a cover up for they will never give up their power, $$$, glory, women and white boys. Jews know to just ‘wait’ it out and wear the White men down as they do in court cases or in Congress.

9/11 Stranger than Fiction, Part 5, 1 of 2: Jews and 9/11

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Jews,Israelis & 9/11: part 5, 1 of 2. I’m really tired for its been about 10 hours. I want to finish this all today on 9/11. See other posts today, or my other website: kkkaraoke.wordpress.com.
Notes: another Dominick Suten, Jew, Moving Company mystery, also “fled to Israel.” (Showed many many more yesterday Facebook and blog) …. 3 more Jewish movers in van; have video with Sears Tower Skyscraper, Chicago. FBI found false travel logs, documents. No name of person they worked for. Caught red handed. …. Oct 10, 2001, Mexican Parliament bldg. 2 Jews caught with explosives, high powered guns, C4 plastic for demolishing buildings; they were Jewish Israeli Mossad-faked Pakistani passports…. Nov 2001-6 more Suspicious Jew Israelis, boxcutters, oil pipeline plan, nuclear power plant plans. Jews go scot-free by Justice Dept boss, Jew, Michael Chertoff, (mentioned him earlier today.) … Dec. 2001, Jew terrorist plot to blow up by explosives Arab US Congressman Darrell also Jews to blow up Mosque. … May 2002, another moving van with Jews. TNT, RDZ, explosives great for blowing up buildings, by 2 Jewish Israelis. ….2000-2001, prior 9/11: Israeli spies arrested. Largest spy ring in US history, names included regarding 9/11. Fox TV pulled it but videos circulating internet. Many Israeli Jew Veterans, electronics and explosive experts. Jews tipped off Israelis so that “0” were killed in 9/11 tragedy. (My computer keeps making explosive sounds for flash floods on Weather Channel as I type! It’s spooky!)

9/11 Stranger than Fiction Part 2

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By the way, Jewish mayor who took over and squelched any further investigations is Mayor Bloomberg, who even changed laws so he could run 3 terms to make sure the 9/11 investigations into Jews never surface.

This set of 5 videos were “My Awakening” as Dr. David Duke speaks of his 700 page autobiography and audio tapes you can get free of his own life.

I put words “9/11” and “Jew” into search engine. I had little to no knowledge and memories were buried deep, deep in my sub-conscious. I was so startled that I would bring people to my computer to watch this. It was as if my mind of lies that I learned had exploded and little tiny nuggets of truth dawned on me.

Here’s some notes:

Woman with disguised voice talks of how Zionists (Head Jews and their ilk) are planning World War III. She names top people and has narly 200 references.

She mentions Jew Perl, Wolfowitz, Here’s from Yahoo a rant:

Is there a non-Jew American qualified for Paul Wolfowitz’s job, President of the World’s Bank-?

main arctitect of Iraq war and former number 2 of Pentagon? Why there is a Zionist-Jew in control every American Agency, Bank, University, Hospital, Department and institution?

Why all politicians (Dems. and Cons. alike) have to bow to AEPAC and other Jewish masters, before they get elected? Why there is a Jew in control of every Gov. Agency, Department, University? Why all (almost all important) Ambassadors in American mission abroad are jews? Why Richard Perl, Michael Chertoff, Carl Roe, Paul Wolfowitz’s, and … are running USA’s Stat’s and Foreign policy?
Among those mentioned as a possible replacement for Wolfowitz are:
Robert Zoellick, (Jew) ZIO
Robert Kimmitt, (Jew) ZIO
Henry Paulson (Jew) ZIO
Jim Leach
Richard Lugar (Jew) ZIO
Stanley Fischer, who once worked at the (Jew) ZIO
International Monetary Fund and is now with the Bank of Israel.
Just Googled!

Jews killed of White Kings and Queens because all positions of authority in Europe were going to White Christians. In many countries, Jews could not hold office. By killing our royalty off, Jews began taking over biggest positions with either themselves of non-Whites who will do their will for Jewish $$$ and Jesus kicked them out of the Temple with a leather whip with 9 tails!
She mentions Jew “Edgar Bronfman” of the ADL (Anti-defamation League). Here’s from Wiki on him. He is from “Canada-American” so you can see why Jews are allowed to terrorize and imprison any White person that writes these debates and facts. This Jew bought up “Seagrams” Liquors and distilleries, the largest in world. In Russia, Jews were shoving alcohol down White throats so badly, that there were White Russian laws prohibiting Jews from owning distilleries. Same in Poland only we were not as aware. Jews owned distilleries, breweries, factories or work, taverns, then “credit.” Jews would get White Christian Polish men to work for Jews. Jews would destroy businesses of White men as Jews destroyed Thomas Alva Edison inventor and entrepreneur of electric movie machine. When Jews had only business, Polish men had to work there. In was a silent code that they were supposed to drink at Jewish tavern, which supplied Jewish hard liquor and beer. (today they also have illegal drugs taped under neath pool tables). After getting Polish White Christian drunk, Jew gave him “credit” and “loans” for more booze. Jews probably lied about those accounts and drunken man was victimized for he didn’t remember. Jew boss at company would eventually fire him, but not until Jew drained every ounce of slavery, labor and toil while Poles who are now insecure as result of effects of alcohol, were being insulted by Jews regularly. It is how they treated me at Donco Paper Supplye, Jewish Robert Mendohlson owner. Jews in Poland then confiscated all the property Polish man owned, his home, land, farm equipment, women, boys, and then drove my Daddy’s people in Galicia Poland to starvation, a horrible, slow death that even prayer couldn’t deliver then. Jews then took off their “normal” dress they use to camoflauge themselves and donned “golden glittery robes” to rob my Polish White ancestors corpses….. all due to Jewish takeover of Poland’s distilleries as Jews did in Canada and America with Seagrams. Also the Jews are noted for injecting us with illegal drugs as international drug dealers, even trying to force opium into China during the “Opium Wars.” Yellow China fought back and won, but lost later to Jewish Communism, 1949. That sealed the doom of White Europe for manufacture after bombing the hell out of White Christian Europe and opened the door for Chinese yellow Manufacturing and their trillions of dollars surplus in their banks!
Because of Edgar Bronfman, Jew owner of Seagrams, 400,000 Gentile Palestinians, probably Jesus’ relatives, had to “flee” the land around Israel for ‘fear of the Jews’ to make room for more Polish Jewish world wide criminals as I wrote about yesterday. Jews rained bombs on these innocent people, women and children. When Jews rained “White” Phosphorous it was very arrogantly done. I had been writing them (our enemies but I didn’t know that) of saving the White male and voila: Jewish White Phosphorous makes headlines. It is how Jews ‘create’ news not report it and we Whites the victims for Jew $$$ and power and White sex.
The disguised woman tells of President Clinton saying that he loves the (Polish) Jews of Israel so much he will himself get a rifle and fight for them. That has been echoed and repeated like a Transcendental Meditation Mantra, which is a senseless word but used to effect change in one’s consciousness, over and over again, onto a blank mind. It is an especially dangerous Jewish mind tactic for I know of 3 White older Christian women who have said those words to me: these White women would get a machine gun and shoot down Jews’ enemies. Yet it is ridiculous for these White women’s descendents, ancestors, herself, is enslaved to be their weapon against the White male. Hence Jews successfully accomplished the World War “III” between White male and female. Jew rule: Divide and conquer Whites. Takeover everything they worked for 2000 years.
The woman on 9/11 Truth videos mentions “Butcher Sharon of Jewish Israel.” He was responsible for pumping 5 bullets into former Prime Minister of Israel’s “Rabin,” who wanted peace with Palestine. Sharon the Butcher went into exile for 20 years. (Jews have patience and wear us out.) It was a “Jew” that killed “Rabin” the earlier Prime Minister, “not” a “Gentile” Arab. Ariel Sharon (called Arik “King” for Jews destroyed our White Kings and Queens and even White Christianity which bonded us together. Jews are now Kings and Jewish Supremacists.)
Yigal Amir, Jew, killed and assassinated Jewish prime minister. (does it now sound familiar that Jews are linked to assassination of President Kennedy and my Polish King in year 1200, and then enslaved my people thru banking, plots against us, crimes using Polish as victims.)
Arabs call Ariel “King” Sharon: butcher, terrorist, killer, war criminal. He slaughtered and raped Gentile Palestinian people, women. One such rape victim by Jews, like me, turned to “legal” courts when she escaped into Belgium to investigate war crimes.
This “Gentile Rape” Victim when to NATO to present her war crimes against Jews, Israelis, and Butcher Ariel (King) Sharon, pronounced “Sha-rone.” But the 3 witnesses magically were killed suddenly. It was like the White man from Austria, and his name escapes me now, was running on a pro-White platform. He would have been the first to be elected Pro White Rights in Europe. The day of his election he drove home and was “killed” in auto accident. Let’ see if I can resurrect his name to show you how white men and women are facing death, prison, arrests, hacking of computers, spying, getting them fired from jobs and ruining reputation, burning down their homes, throwing acid in their faces, deportment, ruining not only their lives but their sons, daughters, granddaughters. I wonder if they will do that to me. I sit and shudder in fear. And this is USA not North Korean Communists. (I found his name White Austrian politician, Jorg Heider and just posted info about him.)
Back to Butcher Jewish Polish Ariel (King) Sharon.
Sharon, the Israeli butcher, fled as they usually do and went into exile. Where he “Miraculously” is resurrected right before 9/11 after 20 years, in 2000. He “instigated” riots at Temple and frightened even his own Jewish people to elected him as Prime Minister, (even though he was responsible for killing a previous Jewish Israeli Prime Minister.) And our White Tax dollars support all these crimes. In Alcoholics Anonymous we Whites are the “enablers” for all these world wide crimes of other races against us for we give $$$ and support to them. In Congress we only have white faces with Jewish minds. They are not capable of thinking in terms of White survival. And if Jews cook up a scheme to now save us knowing they want to save their own asses, gold, diamonds, $$$, power, all the free sex they can handle from White women and boys. But Jesus tells us that the devil who made the crime cannot use power to destroy the evil or heal. Only God, good, can heal which is the opposite of the Jews and their ilk.
The video says that poor Palestinians only weapon is suicide against Israeli Polish Jews who have 200 nuclear weapons and the arsenal of 8,000 USA nuclear weapons. (Obama wants to bring that down to 200 so that we don’t have adequate protection for a World War III to destroy USA, Whites and Christianity.)
My husband, US Marine Purple Heart’s, only weapon was suicide in trying to get his message out and Im the “only” one who believed him and who he was going to give his autobiography to (first was stolen, so was second.) The pen didn’t work. Arguing verbally at Veteran’s hospital only made him appear more crazy, so he took his life in suicide, his weapon against what had happened to him in war, in business getting fired, no help for “White man” was his exact words. Being kicked out homeless to make room for 80% of VA’s patients, blacks, although there was only small amount of blacks that served in most prior wars. What weapons do Whites have today to secure our survival, when our enemies have atom bombs, Jewish Israeli White phosphorus, spying, trillions and trillions of dollars, but worse of all, our fellow White minds.
(I just heard a scary explosion right on my computer like thunder right after I wrote this: I think it was the weather channel warning me of flash flooding.)
The disguised woman’s voice said 3 things:
1. Before 9/11 Gentile Palestinian cause gained world wide sympathy. The world was seeing Jews of Israel as criminal agitators and a white Catholic nun once taught me at St. Mary Magdalene’s Polish grammar school, “Tell me who your friend is, I will tell you who you are!” USA is friends with criminals of Polish Jewish Israel.
2. Even Jew Israelis were tired of all these crimes, wars. Jews need “others” races or religions to live off of. In a country of all Jews they don’t have a prey to vulturize.
3. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was a Champion of Palestine and we know what happened to this Israeli enemy; he was hung. I’ll post youtube of the hanging where his neck cracked.
Here’s video of Hussein’s death by hanging a Palestinian champion which Israel could not tolerate.
I don’t have deaths in my mind for I have no Jew news, books, magazines, Jew TV, Jew radio, Jew movies or Jewish college in my White thought. But Jews have instilled 21,000 murders a year in your minds as well as your children, which is why we easily accepted 9/11 and Iraqi wars.
Also, woman on video on 9/11 speaks of all the warnings to US which “linked” Osama bin Laden even before he did it.
She talks of a “False Flag” to get us into another White war for Jewish banks and power.
There were 200 Jews rounded up around USA afterwards, but thanks to Jew Michael Chertoff head of “Homeland Security” these Jews all fled… back to Crime Capital of the world: Polish Jewish Israel.
Even people like “Willie Brown of San Francisco” was told not to fly on airplanes.
It might not say in this video but Donald Rumsfield told on news day before 9/11  that $2 billion was missing from Pentagon budget. $$$ for 9/11?

Pro White Jorg Heider’s Mysterious Death

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Death of Pro White Austrian political candidate Jorg Haider, who dies in car crash on day of his election. There are “no” pro-White candidates and for him to get elected was a miracle. Short lived. He died in car crash right after “election celebration. I remember when he was running and felt such a sigh of relief that at last the White species might survive and govern ourselves and not Jews. When I write, I write alone, and don’t bring in other White groups, but am sooo grateful they were there for me. I have too much written and touch on many subjects that might be taboo. But should “truth” be “taboo?” Or should it be our normal course of conversation, not “political correctness.”

“Inglorious Basteurds:” Jews Bash the Brains out of White German Man.

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Please see my posts which are public on facebook.com.I want to get to my autobiography soon, and need to post my costumes also which I’ve sewed and designed for karaoke.

In this youtube, the Jews bash the brains out of a White German soldier. The movie was made after I wrote the Jewish media about all the Jews raping German women, leaving them pregnant, and unsupported. I wrote that Jews left behind “Jewish bastards” as would have happened to me after Dr. Rejtman raped me.