You Gave me a Mountain 5-17-09 Elvis

Part of 10,000 pages I wrote to media both in Chicago and Vegas over the last 7 years which constitute my personal autobiography.

On the next email, I’m sending Lyrics of Elvis, “You Gave Me a Mountain” because my White Daddy just had too many mountains to overcome, with my mother’s beatings, and the Jews stripping him of dignity, masulinity, and $$$ where he worked at Fawcett Publishing in the city of Skokie Illinois, (which is putting up a Holocaust Museum it is sooooo Jewish.  and believe me every brick of that museum came from my Daddy’s sweat and blood working for Jews as an accomplished maintenance man in Skokie Illinois for 40 years, leaving our White Polish Slave family, starving, depressed, and ‘not united,’ but fighting one another until today.  The Jews are said to be ‘entertained’ by this, since they have no sense of humor, except to ‘laugh’ at their competition, the White’s misery.

My Daddy lost his mother in childbirth when he was only 9, and before she died she screamed in pain, “Joey, go get me help.  It was about 1 a.m. and the town was ‘sleeping’ so he could find ‘no help,’ and when he came back his mother and the baby in her womb, (her 5th) was dead.

If you listen Elvis screams “You took my reason for living,” and I think he screams for a lot of White men and women.

Lyrics and Elvis song.  My Daddy, whose ancestors died 50,000 a year in White Poland, while the Jews walked around in gold, glittery, robes, robbing the dead Polish bodies of any valuables, had many, many, trials in America.  I think the hardest of all was to see his mother, die in childbirth.

Elvis Presley – You Gave Me a Mountain

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Born in the heat of the desert
My mother died giving me life
Deprived of the love of a father
Blamed for the loss of his wife
You know Lord I’ve been in a prison
For something that I never done
It’s been one hill after another
I’ve climbed them all one by one

But this time, Lord you gave me a mountain
A mountain you know I may never climb
It isn’t just a hill any longer
You gave me a mountain this time

My woman got tired of heartaches
Tired of the grief and the strife
So tired of working for nothing
Just tired of being my wife
She took my one ray of sunshine
She took my pride and my joy
She took my reason for living
She took my small baby boy

But this time, Lord you gave me a mountain
A mountain you know I may never climb
It isn’t just a hill any longer
You gave me a mountain this time.

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